Reference Desk

Global resources for tracking tropical weather, including hurricanes and cyclones

World Meteorological Organization - Global severe weather information center

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology - Aussie current tropical cyclones

Canadian Hurricane Center - Canada's official tropical weather center, located in Nova Scotia

Fiji Meteorological Service - Official source of "first-level" information on tropical cyclones occurring in the South-West Pacific Ocean

India Meteorological Department - India's official weather bureau

Japan Meteorological Agency - Tropical Cyclone Information

Meteo France La Reunion - Tropical cyclone center

New Zealand Meteorological Service - Kiwi weather service

National Hurricane Center - The United States's official hurricane center

Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook

Pacific Tropical Weather Outlook

NASA Hurricane /Tropical Cyclone Web Page - Daily storm updates and satellite images, latest research, stunning video animations, educational tools, scientist profiles and historic storm information, on all storms going back to 2005, including monsters like Katrina.

Stormpulse - American ingenuity, courtesy of the private sector, has produced world's greatest mash-up of tropical weather information. Absolutely everything you need on one screen. When will Google buyout these guys?

Weather Underground - Worldwide tropical weather

Theoretical Model Plots for Hurricanes

South Florida's Water Management District's hurricane path models - The GFDL & HWRF models seems to be the best.

Colorado State's hurricane model data

HurricaneTrack.com - News, commentary, and live reporting from hurricane sites.

Hurricane Hunters - Home of the Air Force Reserve 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, aka the "Hurricane Hunters".

Historic Weather / Statistics / Hurricane Tracks

Historic charts of tropical cyclones and hurricanes - Archival charts on the track of the storm plus a text based table of tracking information. Includes latitude and longitude, maximum sustained winds in knots, and central pressure in millibars.

Extreme Weather - World cities having the most unique weather over the past three hours.

National and local weather radars from around the world

Australian Weather Watch Radar Network - Australia national and local weather radar

British Isles Rainfall Radar - Great Britain national and local weather radar

Canadian Weather Radar - Canada national and local weather radar

Guadeloupe / Antilles Radar - Weather radar mosaic for Guadeloupe Island and the Antilles

Hong Kong - Hong Kong local weather radar

Jamaica Meteorological Service - Jamaica national weather radar

Korea - Korea national and local weather radar

Mexico Weather Radar - Mexico national and local weather radar

New Zealand Rain Radar - New Zealand national and local weather radar

Panama CanalAuthority - Panama Canal time lapse weather radar

Puerto Rico (Haiti to Antigua) - NOAA's Puerto Rico weather radar

South Africa - South Africa national and local weather radar

Taiwan National - Taiwan national and local weather radar

Thailand - Royal rainmaker radar mosaic

U.S. radar.weather.gov - NOAA's national and local weather radar covering all of North America

Sea Surface Temperatures

Global sea surface temperatures - Current sea surface temperature plot

Global sea surface temperature anomalies - Anomalies in the sea surface temperature plot

Atlantic/ Caribbean / Gulf of Mexico sea surfaces temperatures

Coral Bleaching Monitors

Hot Spots - Areas that have exceeded the maximum monthly mean SST by at least one degree Celsius.

Virtual Monitoring Stations - Provides near-real-time information on thermal stress that induces coral bleaching for 24 selected reef sites around the globe.

Degree Heating Week Charts - Degree Heating Weeks (DHWs) indicate the accumulation of thermal stress that coral reefs have experienced over the past 12 weeks.

Sea Surface Heights

Sea Surface Height Anomaly (doc)- Data relating to the difference between the best estimate of the satellite-observed sea surface height and a mean sea surface.

Significant Wave Height (doc) - Data relating to the wave height from the shape and intensity of the altimeter radar echo.

Ocean Color

NOAA's Chlorophyll, Algal Bloom, and Ocean Color products

Sea Ice

Global Monthly Sea Ice Composite


Worldwide Tsunami Buoy Stations - Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunami (DART) stations

Oceans, Reefs, Scuba Diving
Artificial Reefs - Canada

British Columbia - Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia's mission is to create environmentally- and economically-sustainable "artificial reefs" in British Columbia and around the world

Artificial Reefs - United States

California - The Yukon. At 366' feet in length, it is one of California's largest wrecks accessible by divers

Florida - Resources from Florida's artificial reef program. Includes information on the Oriskany.

Georgia - Resources from Georgia's artificial reef program. Includes information on Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary & U.S.Navy TACS Tower

Louisiana - Resources from Florida's artificial reef program, which largely takes advantage of obsolete oil and gas platforms.

Mississippi - Resources from Mississippi's artificial reef bureau.

New Jersey - Information on New Jersey's artificial reef program, which largely consists of old ships and barges, concrete and steel demolition debris and dredge rock sunk on the sea floor within designated reef sites.

New York - Information on New York's artificial reef program, which largely consists of rock, concrete, or steel, usually in the form of surplus or scrap materials, sunk at specific sites.

North Carolina - Guide to North Carolina's artificial reef program.

South Carolina - Information on South Carolina's artificial reef program, including locations of artificial reefs and wrecks.

Texas - Information, reporting, and research from the Texas' Artificial Reef Fund.

Virginia - Information on Virginia’s Artificial Reef Program

Reef Ball Foundation - Publicly supported non-profit and international environmental NGO working to rehabilitate marine reefs.

Marine Life / Oceanographic Research Institutions / Coral Reef Research

Aquarius Monitoring Station: Conch Reef, Florida - Conch Reef Oceanographic Monitoring Station is located at NOAA's undersea research laboratory, Aquarius.

BeachChairScientists.com -Two marine scientists bring a simplified perspective to the questions you have while relaxing on the beach.

Census of Marine Life - Global network of researchers in more than 80 nations engaged in a 10-year scientific initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the oceans.

Tagging of Pacific Predators

CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research - CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research (CMAR) houses Australia’s leading regional climate change modeling research teams.

ISAF (International Shark Attack File) - The International Shark Attack File is a compilation of all known shark attacks that is administered by the the American Elasmobranch Society and the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Mote Marine Laboratory - Florida's Mote Marine Laboratory is one of the world’s few remaining private marine research laboratories.

Ocean Now / National Geographic - National Geographic's Ocean Now is a project to study the last healthy, undisturbed places in the ocean. Follow Dr. Enric Sala and a team of scientists as they explore the pristine waters of the southern Line Islands.

Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - The Santa Cruz, California, based Pelagic Shark Research Foundation is an independent research, education and conservation group which specializes in shark research and management work in addition to generalized marine conservation efforts.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Scripps Institution of Oceanography is one of the oldest and largest centers for marine science research, graduate training, and public service in the world.

Shark Research Committee - Founded in 1962 scientific research organization, the Shark Research Committee's primary goal was to assist Leonard P. Schultz of the International Shark Attack File (ISAF) in documenting shark attacks from the Pacific Coast of North America. This initial objective was soon broadened to include conducting original research on the general biology, behavior and ecology of sharks indigenous to waters off the Pacific Coast, with particular emphasis on potentially dangerous species.

University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science - The only subtropical applied and basic marine and atmospheric research institute in the continental United States

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - Massachusetts' WHOI is the world's largest private, nonprofit ocean research, engineering and education organization.

Research Tools

Algaebase - Listing the world's algae.

Cephbase - A database-driven web site on all living cephalopods (octopus, squid, cuttlefish and nautilus)

Fishbase - A search-driven global information system for fish

Reefbase - A global information system for coral reefs

Webcams - Underwater Web Cameras

Bonaire - The Bonaire webcams are home of the world's first permanent underwater ReefCam

Georgia Aquarium - Various webcams from the Georgia Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Various webcams from the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Underwater Media Resources

marine.earth-touch.com - The "marine channel" of Earth-Touch, a wildlife documentary company.

Outdoors 720 - David Strege's outdoors blog about all things outdoors...A recipe for an outdoors blog: Take adventure, extreme sports and a fishing/hunting mixture, add a pinch of nature and wildlife, with a dash of action sports and expeditions, stir in some wild and wacky, and slowly savor the tales. Read until done

Pete Thomas Outdoors - Outdoors, action and adventure - Pete Thomas & company provide the inside scoop on what's happening outside

Southern Fried Science - Founded in 2008, Southern Fried Science is a blog by some marine science graduate students in the Carolina’s who love the ocean, science, conservation, philosophy, education, debate, and controversy.

Underwater Journal - Electronically-distributed (pdf) dive magazine with an emphasis on southeastern U.S. and Caribbean locations.