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About UnderwaterTimes is dedicated to those people who have a passion for the life of the underwater world. As a long-time SCUBA diver and underwater photographer, I not only developed a keen interest in the world's oceans, ecology, and marine life, but also a healthy appetite for timely news related to those topics. As I discovered, there was a lot of news out there, but nothing that tied it all together. With that, the idea of UnderwaterTimes was born in April 2002.

The Idea was conceived as a lark, partly an excuse to play around with new technology, and partly an effort to bring together in one place the news about the underwater world. 

Launched with a simple, sparse style, was about the news from day one.  But building a news organization from scratch turned out to be a curious undertaking.  How might one start, you ask? started by scouring the world, literally searching through hundreds of online publications to find timely, interesting, and intriguing news stories--all related to underwater world. With that, "Page One" was born in April 2002 -- the first page ever published under the banner.

Though the technology has evolved over the years, one early lesson learned is that programs and machines can never trump the ability of a human editor to choose just the right stories and craft the best headlines.

Several years later, is still imbued with its founding principles: News offered the old-fashioned way, delivered everyday, without bias, agendas, or heavy-handed politics, edited with an independent-minded, witty approach.  Along the way, has grown to be the world leader in underwater news. Even today, no other underwater-related news outlet can touch the size of its audience or the depth and breath of its news coverage.

More About UnderwaterTimes...

Page One

Updated everyday, page one coverage is the news of the day. Broken up into three columns, with the left column, "breaking news," featuring big, high-impact stories. These are the banner headlines of the newspaper world. The other two columns, "top stories," comprise the rest of the daily news.

The Archives

Stories from page one are archived off after a few days. From there, they go to the archives, the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of news stories related to just about anything in the underwater world. The archives are divided into broad sections, "sharks," "whales," "scuba," etc.... All of the thousands of story headlines in the archives can be searched via the UnderwaterTimes search engine.

Wetlines News Service

What better way to share the daily headlines than a complimentary subscription to the Wetlines News Service. Headlines are delivered through a daily Monday through Friday edition or expanded coverage with the Sunday edition.

UnderwaterTimes Newswire

Our newest offering, the UnderwaterTimes Newswire publishes original content from the UnderwaterTimes news team. Stories are organized by the breaking newswire or by region.

UnderwaterTimes Forum

The forum is where the community of UnderwaterTimes readers come together and discuss the underwater news, events, and related topics in greater detail.

About The Editor -- Jeff Dudas

Jeff in Patagonia
October 2007

Jeff was born and grew up in Houston, Texas, where he graduated from the University of Houston. While working in the IT industry in Houston, Jeff learned how to scuba dive and developed a passion for underwater photography. 

Jeff lived for a year in Minneapolis when he jumped into management consulting.  From there, he moved to San Francisco, where he lived for six years.  During his stay in the Bay Area, was founded.

Jeff resides in Miami, where is based.

If you have have a news tip or want to contact Jeff, or call +1 (510) 378-3604.



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What Readers Say About

"I want to commend you for the work you do. I think this site is brilliant. Well done. I particularly like the items about pollution and what is happening out there. The news stations seem reluctant to report on these serious vital issues - so everybody thinks life is going on as normal - well done."

--Linda Thomas

"great site guys, stumbled on you by chance and glad i did. you cover all my interests especially sharks and mysteries of the oceans. brilliant. keep up the good work."


"Congratulations. I am sure there are more people around who use this great website as an information source. I love it that is caters for ANY aspect of life in and out of the water. Subjects I would have never really read about if I wouldn't have found it here. Keep up the good work!"


"I love this site! I'm an avid fan of the ocean and its wildlife, especially sharks! Thanks for putting together such an awesome site!"

--Kelly Gardner

"I love your website. Thank you for your time spent in making such a valuable tool for the community :)"


"Just want to say I stumbled upon and LOVE it. I've told my friends about it. Thank you!"

--Alisa Brown

"Love the site! Check it several times a week. Keep up the good work!"

--Gordon Firestein

"Congratulations, Jeff, on a great web site. Nicely designed, fast, and friendly."

-- cB

"Just wanted to drop you a 'thank you' for doing such a terrific job editing UnderwaterTimes. There is always something either new or educational or even shocking happening in our lakes, rivers and oceans and somehow, you manage to capture it all and condense it into one easy navigate website. I'm absolutely hooked and visit UWTimes several times a week!"

--Mark Jones

"I love this site and check it every day, sometimes twice...I need my underwater news. The dedication and love for the subject matter is totally apparent, and keeps me coming back for more. I am pretty obsessed with sharks and other marine life and this site saves me the having to search through google news everyday for "shark ", "whale", "fish" et cetera. Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I appreciate your site. I send links to my marine obsessed buddies. Keep it up"


"Just sending you a thank you note. Appreciate your site and daily email. Both my teenage sons log on to your site prior to leaving for school. Keep up the good work."

--John A

"I found your site quite a while ago and stop in everyday to check out the headlines. When I was in high school I wanted to be a marine biologist. I ended up following in my father's and brothers' footsteps becoming a teacher. I teach 5th grade special education and often times will incorporate some of the stories I read on your site into my daily discussions. Just wanted to let you know that your hard work is appreciated. Keep up the great work!"

--Mary Benson

What the Media Says About

"Next up, another brilliant website that this time fueled an existing passion of mine, life in the sea. But as well as being about one of my favourite subjects, this website is an excellent example of a really well maintained and considered portal. It actually describes itself as a news service, which I suppose is accurate for a daily updated portal of this nature. I certainly wasn't disappointed by the links it provided. Navigation is a cinch, though it took me a few seconds to work out that page one was the only place I needed to look for the homepage button. Nice touch since it is a newspaper format, though I did feel a tiny bit silly at the time. Other than that though, the sections are clearly stated for even the most novice marine biologists. Of course, because this is a portal whose content changes daily, no one can guarantee the links at the time you surf it, but from what I saw this week, I found the links to be generally informative, and clearly well researched."

-- Kate Russell, BBC Click Online Webscape


"According to published reports on (a site listing virtually every fishy story ever written like 'Fish Found to be Stimulated by Soft Porn,' 'Pet Owners Passionate over Horny Fish,' and my favorite, 'Sir Bob Geldof to Help Save Scotland's Fishing Industry: -- 'Fish Aid' Concert Planned'), a state fisheries biologist had a filling knocked out while boating and a Show Me State official was seriously hurt when he was hit by a giant carp."

-- Michael Korb , The Saratogian


" is a comprehensive news site dedicated to the ocean environment. Editor Jeff Dudas constantly scours the world’s news publications for stories that are related to everything ocean, from sharks to scuba ping and crocodiles to conservation. Since the site collects stories from all outlets ranging from university news releases, government agencies, and scientific journals to small-town newspapers, it allows you have an exact, unbiased picture of what is happing right now in the world of ocean science. Naturally, this also includes the sensational, the absurd, and the occasional plainly non-scientific sci-fi type story. Still in my opinion the best ocean news site on the web!"

--Maine Island Kayak Company, Blog


"I am trying to remember what I did for relevant news before I discovered Underwater Times. It is not a pretty memory! Thanks for the one source for all that is news in the seas. Brilliant job!"

--Judy Ann Newton    Field Editor & Photo Pro, ASIAN DIVER MAGAZINE
   Contributing Editor & Photo Pro, DIVE NEW ZEALAND & DIVE PACIFIC MAGAZINE
   Environmental Impact Editor, DIVERS - OCEAN PLANET MAGAZINE


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