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Did Canadian Seal Hunt Protest Lead to McCartneys' Divorce? Heather 'Not So Gracious'

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OTTAWA, Canada -- Canada's fisheries minister and the head of an Atlantic island province are taking credit for helping to break up rocker Paul McCartney and his wife, whose vitriol over the seal hunt angered locals.

Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn said tongue-in-cheek that he and Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams unmasked a sour side of Heather Mills McCartney during a fiery seal hunt debate on CNN's "Larry King Live" in March.

This likely changed the former Beatle's view of her, Hearn told reporters outside the House of Commons. "We'll take some credit for that," he quipped.

Hearn said Paul McCartney, an animal rights activist, seemed respectful of Newfoundland sealers' point of view, defended by Williams on the show, but his wife, an ardent anti-sealing activist, was "not so gracious."

Two months later, McCartney, now 64, split from the former model after four years together.

Initially they said their divorce was "amicable" but their relations have become increasingly acrimonious amid wrangling over McCartney's multi-million pound fortune.

The spectacular breakup was welcomed by many eastern Canadians who resented the couple's seal hunt protest on a Gulf of St. Lawrence ice floe in March.

The couple was invited by the US Humane Society to shine a spotlight on the annual cull of the marine mammals that have won the hearts of millions around the world since French film star Brigitte Bardot hugged a fluffy white doe-eyed pup for photographers in 1977.

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Reader Comments

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the hunt must stop. use red die again maybe
   comment# 1   - Amanda · herkimer · Nov 22, 2006 @ 8:47pm

that is rediculous. why the hell would anyone wanna hunt and kill baby seals?? honestly, i dont think the canadians would like it if we went in their homes and killed their kids, would they? yeah, they're animals... but they have hearts, and they run and talk to other animals, and have brains, and have kids, just like we do! only...we talk to other people, we dont talk to animals and actually understand them. i believe that the ONLY time an animal should be hunted or killed is for food, then u can use the skin and bones and crap. OR if it is seriously injured, then just kill it and put it out of its misery if you cant help it.
   comment# 2   - ana · u.s. · Feb 5, 2007 @ 10:28am

Killing defenseless, helpless, loving beings is sadistic and cruel beyond belief period. No one needs seal fur or seal penis to survive. Canada is showing is hatred of animals in dealing with a country that has given no rights to any animal and is now responsible for the poison in the dog and cat food. Russia and china are evil and this country (canada) deals with them more than any which shows the sick greed and disregard for life on this planet. To continue to slaughter a mamal species to extinction is sick and adding to the demise of our planet. To kill a helpless baby seal is like running after and pouncing and clubbing and hacking a small 6 month old child to death. This country deserves nothing ie filmmaking, tourism, or any product produced should be boycotted. China and Canada will be responsible for something horrible to come (disease). What you give out to the world comes backs to haunt you. Just wait Canada, when this piece of scat president is gone watch out.
   comment# 3   - carla mckizzick · tujunga, california (L.A.) · Mar 23, 2007 @ 5:21pm

I don't honestly see how any human being can look in those eyes and then do what they do. No one needs a fur coat these days! Stop the seal hunts!! I don't spend my tourist dollars in Canada until they do. Find other ways to make a living folks. We all have to make changes. Embrace it instead of hanging onto the old ways. WWJD?
   comment# 4   - JJ · Melba, USA · Mar 26, 2008 @ 7:28am

JJ Melba apart from spending tourist dollars in Canada, I think as individuals we should begin organizing more serious protests. I think the protests have been too peaceful. I have one of many suggestions, if you or others have a stuffed baby seal, cover it in red die and cow blood (if you eat meat) send it as a gift package to the Canadian consul closer to where you live.
   comment# 5   - Natalie · Argentina · Apr 1, 2008 @ 11:10am

i am i 15 year old boy from Canada and i would like to say that people all around the world kill and hunt animals less humane than in the seal hunt so why don't you go protest something else because a lot of sealers make there living off of this and other people kill different animals just for fun.
   comment# 6   - billy cambell · canada · Apr 14, 2008 @ 3:00pm

I think aside from the 15 year olds comment, the others are so unbelievably ignorant. People should actually look into the facts before they decide to share their opinion with the world. Newfoundland is one of the poorest provinces in Canada and they rely on the seal hunt (there's only two a year) to provide a much needed income in the winter for the population in the province who have a strong seasonal employment sector. The seal hunt has been declared humane by accredited agencies like the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)and normatively all of the seal is used, they are not just killed for their fur; not to mention the northen aboriginal population who use seal as a staple food. Countries all over the world have similar experiences but with different animals. Why not spend your time fighting an important animal rights cause like the bull runs? Or dare I suggest going after the disgustingly inhumane mass slaughter houses working to provide to big American fastfood corporations. Education fights ignorance people!
   comment# 7   - Katherine · Ottawa, Canada · Nov 16, 2009 @ 5:45pm
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