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Vet Dispels Goldfish Three-Second Memory Myth; It's Three Months

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HOBART, Australia -- A conference of vets in Hobart has heard that fish are much smarter than is commonly thought.

Studies have found the concept of fish having three second memories is a myth and goldfish memories can last as long as three months.

Veterinarian Dr Richmond Loh says fish have been tested by making them use levers to get food.

"They further refined that learned behaviour by just allowing only one hour in the whole day that, when the fish pushes the lever that the food comes down," he said.

"So it didn't take too long before the fish actually figured out that."

Meanwhile, vets are concerned that many pet fish around Australia are not being as well looked after as they should be.

The conference has heard that people often do not get treatment for their sick fish.

Dr Loh says fish can get sick very easily because many diseases survive in water.

"Quite often we, because vets aren't seen as the professionals or knowledgeable in the area, we are the last port of call and subsequently the fish would be at near death's door before we get to have a look at them," he said.


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