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Fiji Government Blasts 'Sensationalist' Sea Shepherds: 'Radical International Groups' Are Not Welcome

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SUVA, Fiji -- The following statement was issued by the Ministry of Defense, National Security and Immigration:

"The Republic of Fiji takes very seriously the protection of its pristine environment, specifically with regard to the sustainable preservation of its waters and fisheries.

Government is currently working with local and international conservation organizations and the fishing industry, which are assisting the Fijian Department of Fisheries with monitoring, education, and awareness. Together with these partners, Fiji is committed to sustainable development policies that aim to protect the country's marine resources, while taking into account the socio-economic needs of Fijian citizens, in order to ensure sustainable livelihoods.

Radical international groups, such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, any similar organization or any other related party, which seek to sensationalist esoteric fishing practices, including on so-called "reality television," do so for purposes of self-promotion at the expense of disrupting legitimate conservation work. These groups are not welcome in Fiji and will not be tolerated by Government."

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