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Alibaba, World's Largest B2B Site, Bans Sale Of Ivory, Sea Turtle And Shark Fin

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BEIJING, China -- The International Fund for Animal Welfare ( announced today that Alibaba (, the world's largest business-to-business and outsource portal site for traders worldwide, has agreed to ban all online trade in elephant ivory, sea turtle, and shark fin. In addition, Alibaba has strengthened its internal control of wildlife products traded to accord to international and national regulations. Alibaba's announcement comes nearly a year after eBay, working with IFAW, agreed to ban the sale of all ivory products.

The milestone decision was made following a year long collaboration between IFAW and Alibaba's partner site, to raise awareness about the unsustainable and cruel trade of wildlife on the Internet. IFAW encourages netizens to report online wildlife crime activities and helps portal sites filter out advertisements of wildlife products. To date, 333 wildlife product advertisements and 5 traders registered from Cameron, USA, and Canada have been removed from the Alibaba site.

Grace Gabriel, IFAW's Asia Regional Director said, "From eBay to Taobao to Alibaba, a growing number of internet sites are taking responsibilities to protect the world's precious wildlife from the threat of trade. It is a very encouraging trend."

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About time they caught up with the rest of the world...did they run out of endangered animals to exploit or did their conscience finally kick it?
   comment# 1   - Sharkfin75 · Perth, Australia · Sep 18, 2009 @ 5:11am

With my increasing age and the unrelenting increase in following the sick dishonesty of politicians in bowing to the demands of business for greater and immediate profit, regardless of the consequences, I am very suspicious of such unconfirmed declarations. If you think I am wrong just take even a cursory glance of the state of the human condition today and then prove to yourself that we have made the world a better place than it was yesterday. I am 75, have enjoyed my life in this once wonderful world, but desperately pray that the born again freaks are wrong. Life deserves better than us.
   comment# 2   - George Clarke · Stonehouse, Glos. UK · Sep 21, 2009 @ 10:51pm
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