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Shark Conspiracies: Cover-ups, Misinformation Exposed in Hawaiian Shark Sightings and Attacks

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SAN DIEGO, California -- The May, 2007 episode of Shark Conspiracies is now available for free download. Shark Conspiracies explores shark sightings and attacks in a new way, by exposing the cover-ups and misinformation sometimes generated from tourism and conservation interests. Shark Conspiracies claims to be both “pro shark” and “pro truth.”

The May episode discusses shark attacks in Hawaii, and features an exclusive interview with Randy Honebrink, the Shark Response Coordinator, and former head of the State Shark Task Force, for the State of Hawaii.

“I was fortunate enough to get an excellent interview with Mr. Honebrink,” Kevin Harris, the show’s host and creator said. “Some of the topics we covered include tiger sharks verses great whites, media coverage of shark events in the islands, and the current status of Hawaii’s State Shark Task Force, among others,” Mr. Harris added.

The 30-minute podcast is available to listen or to download for free at

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Reader Comments

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sharks are really cool, but killing them are not cool
   comment# 1   - julie r. · san ysidro · Jul 12, 2007 @ 8:49am

why are sharks cool?
   comment# 2   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska , Texas · Aug 3, 2007 @ 11:46am

Put on some diving gear and dive with them and you will understand. Never order shark fin soup.
   comment# 3   - Tomas Abrahamsson · Kalmar Sweden · Aug 21, 2007 @ 3:40pm

I have in Cozumel and the Grand Caymans but I don't see them as cool. I see them as a species of large fish that should be protected if endangered just like any other living animal be it reptile, mammal , bird or fish. I also view them as an unpredictable wild animal that people should not take for granted and should not keep feeding by hand or out of cages. I believe this will eventually cause them to associate people with food and there will be more and more Human tragedies as a result. It is against the law to feed wild animals in the U.S. for this reason but doesn't apply to sharks...hmmm. I also think sport fishermen have the right to fish and eat sharks up to the limits set by their State. Keep on fishing it's COOL
   comment# 4   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska , Texas · Feb 18, 2008 @ 4:26pm
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