Underwatertimes.com News Service - April 20, 2015 22:40 EST

The Commonwealth Fisheries Association (CFA) encourages the public to see past the superficial messages circulated by radical green groups and look to the substance of the science around Australia's fisheries which are sustainably fished. CFA are supportive of developing new fisheries, and accessing new sources of protein and doing this through the most economically efficient means, whilst maintaining the highest standards of stewardship.

These radical Green Groups deliberately lie to mislead the community about the sustainability of Australian fishing. These green groups must be held accountable for their false accusations.

Senator Richard Colbeck (and the Australian Fisheries Management Authority) has actively engaged in robust consultation, time after time with stakeholder groups from the local governments to the green groups, the fishing industry and the broader public.

There seems to be no regard for the effort put in to promote the truth, and the sound science that underpins management decisions allowing the regulators to set fishing conditions which are fair and conservative.

There is, in fact, an extensive amount of research and science to ensure that a sustainable amount of fish is harvested, with minimal impact to other marine life. This science including that conducted by Commonwealth Scientific and Industry Research Organisation (CSIRO) is now being questioned to suit the green group agenda.

The industry support the process and the decisions made by Senator Colbeck, AFMA and CSIRO in managing our fisheries, and if radical, politically motivated protest parties continue to make outlandish statements that damages the goodwill of the Australian fishing industry there will be action taken.

The CFA will vigorously defend the rights of all Commonwealth Fishers, and the quota system in which we operate, our business investments and our jobs! The size of a vessel should not be the driver for fisheries management decisions, in quota managed fisheries. We will also defend our environmental credentials and stewardship of the industry for the resource. Commonwealth fishing vessels operate under strict management arrangements.

Mr. Anthony Ciconte, Chair of CFA stated "Holders of Australian Commonwealth Fishing Rights are continually undermined by radical green groups. These green groups are spewing lies to the public with mistruths about how our fisheries operate. We have the right to fish in an economically efficient way, under the regulations set forward by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

"These green groups continue to spin the line of uncertainties around the impacts of our industry on the environment, and run scare campaigns that are anti-progress and anti-business. Most of the green group's don't even understand the complexities of fisheries management and. These groups fail to attend meetings and forums to consult on the issues, and to discuss the science. They need to stop telling lies, the public needs to stop being lied to. Industry are fed up." Mr. Ciconte continued.