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Michael Aw And Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Awarded For Outstanding Marine Conservation

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MANILA, The Philippines -- The Shark Research Institute (SRI) presented two awards to outstanding marine conservationists in Manila, Philippines.

Underwater photographer Michael Aw was awarded the prestigious 2008 Peter Benchley Shark Conservation Award by SRI president Stan Waterman. The award, sponsored by Rolex, honors the memory of the late Peter Benchley, a staunch advocate for protection of sharks. Each year the awards spotlight individuals working internationally for shark conservation. Michael Aw, director of Ocean Geographic, has been conducting a highly-effective and unrelenting campaign against shark finning in the Asia Pacific region.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, president of the Philippine Republic and a world-leader in protecting the ocean environment, received the award in recognition of her decades of efforts to protect sharks and the ocean ecosystem as the foundation for a stable, productive and sustainable society. President Arroyo, who recently designated the whale shark as the icon for marine conservation, has made unprecedented strides to protect unique marine resources throughout South Asia’s Coral Triangle. An avid diver for 30 years, she created and expanded marine parks throughout her island nation of 90 million people, funded marine conservation projects, and hosted marine conservation symposiums in the Asia Pacific region.

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Wow, interesting article. Interesting that it doesn't say anything about all the illegal fishing being done over there. It doesn't say what she has done for the falling shark populations, and the government pay offs for finning that is being done over there. Interesting that it doesn't mention what she intends to do about the marine mammal slaughters that are being done, while everyone looks the other way. I hope she doesn't cave to the pressure of crooked politicians and payoffs. You go, girl!
   comment# 1   - Kimo · Hawaii, USA · Aug 19, 2008 @ 1:37pm
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