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Shark Wrangler, Stuart Cove, Featured On Shark Week's 'Ocean Of Fear', 'Shark Feeding Frenzy'

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NASSAU, Bahamas -- Shark Wrangler, Stuart Cove, featured again on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week in two separate shows including teaching Les Stroud, Survivorman how to feed sharks. The first show, a two-hour special, “Ocean of Fear: The Worst Shark Attack Ever,” aired Sunday, July 29, 9-11 p.m. The second show, "Shark Feeding Frenzy," with Les Stroud, Survivorman airs July 31st, 9pm EST.

According to Stuart Cove “working with Discovery Channel’s ‘Ocean of Fear: The Worst Shark Attack Ever’ was an amazing experience. We worked in various capacities during the in-water shark scenes, including Shark Wrangling, logistics and marine support.” Stuart Cove’s provided the in-water support and staffing to make the recreated shark attack scenes possible.

The feature is a reenactment of the worst Naval disaster in US History, the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in 1945. The ship was was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Philippine Sea and sank in 12 minutes. Of 1,196 men on board, approximately 300 went down with the ship. The remainder, about 900 men, were left floating in shark-infested waters with no lifeboats and most with no food or water. The ship was never missed, and by the time the survivors were spotted by accident four days later only 316 men were still alive.

The second feature on Shark Week is Stuart Cove teaching Les Stroud, Survivorman how to feed sharks in the show, "Shark Feeding Frenzy." Stuart continues “Working with Les was a real pleasure. He is a great guy and he took to shark feeding very quickly. We had a lot of fun, and Les enjoyed working with the sharks here in Nassau.”

Stuart Cove’s work for "Shark Feeding Frenzy" included location support, both in Nassau and Grand Bahamas, shark wrangling and teaching Les Stroud how to actually feed the sharks. Additionally Stuart Cove performed on camera interviews which will be aired during the segment.

For more details on either of these programs visit Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

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