Underwatertimes.com News Service - February 26, 2006 19:19 EST
aliya beluga

The aquarium now hopes to teach their other Beluga whaless to blow bubbles

A Beluga whale at an aquarium in Japan has been wowing spectators with her new trick, blowing bubbles.

The whale, named Allya by the Russian researcher who captured her, has been charming the crowds by aiming the bubbles at spectators as they peer in through the glass wall of her aquarium.

In the wild, some dolphins and whales blow bubble rings by inhaling air through their blowholes and releasing it through their mouths underwater.

But thanks to scuba diving equipment, Allya can do it anytime.

"She has long been blowing water through her mouth when playing, so we thought that if there was a way to get air into her mouth, we would be able to get her to blow bubble rings," said keeper Daisuke Hirano.

Her new skill was displayed to the public last December and since then, her fame has spread. Locals even believe that those who are the target of Allya's "happy bubble ring kisses" will have happiness bestowed upon them.