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Charges Pending As Florida Angler Intentionally Snares Scuba Diver

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ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Florida -- Charges are pending against a fisherman who "intentionally hooked" a diver, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report.

Officer Kenneth Manning received a complaint that a fisherman intentionally hooked a diver at the Russian freighter wreck site.

Reportedly, the dive boat got to the wreck to dive after the fishing boat was already at anchor. This angered the fisherman and when two of the divers surfaced near his boat, he threw a jig at them twice. On the second cast, the fisherman caught the diver’s wet suit and ripped it on the arm.

Officer Manning interviewed and took statements from all the individuals involved. The fisherman who threw the jig stated that he was letting the divers know that they were on his spot and he was not trying to hurt them.

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