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$500 for Fins: Tiger Shark Pregnant with 40 Young Snared, Slaughtered by Fisherman off Brunei

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JERUDONG, Brunei -- It was the catch of the day for two Indonesian fishermen, Muji and Kastan, when they hauled back a 500-kilogramme pregnant Tiger Shark to Jerudong shore from Champion 7.

The large and ferocious warm-water shark with stripped body measured at 14 feet in length and over nine feet in diameter. It was pregnant with more than 40 young sharks.

The fishermen found the shark caught in their net around 9am yesterday and it took the two three hours to haul the shark back to shore.

At the Jerudong fish market, the fishermen cut open the shark sold its fins at $50 per kg. They collected $500 for all 10kg of the fins.

The Tiger Shark is a species most feared by humans. It is second only to the Great White and reaches a maximum length of 18 feet and is found in temperate and tropical seas. Considered as one of the few true scavengers, it is powerful and extremely ferocious.

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Sharks are becoming endangered species, the great white shark at #1!!!! I think we should have a law stating, "No One, Under the penalty of law shoud KILL sharks for game or profit". Every year more and more sharks are being killed for fun and I think that is WRONG!
   comment# 1   - Hannah · Canfield Usa · Jan 21, 2007 @ 9:37am

As more and more people are making large profits off the oceans, mainly commercial fishing but also shark feeding trips, cage diving with sharks and others the large sharks seem to be swimming in shallower waters. I beleive not only will we see more large sharks caught but also more frequent attacks on swimmers and wade fishermen.
   comment# 2   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska ,Texas · Sep 18, 2007 @ 4:25pm
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