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Philip Demers with Smooshi

Philip Demers with Smooshi The Walrus. credit Fistacuffs, wikipedia

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of taxpayers' dollars have been spent investigating false allegations by Philip Demers that Marineland mistreats its animals and engages in criminal animal abuse. He continues to pursue the closure of Marineland, one of the world's leading aquarium facilities.

Marine Mammal experts appointed by the government of Ontario, marine mammal experts appointed by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA), OSPCA investigators, Niagara Falls Humane Society investigators, independent marine mammal experts, the Ministry of the Environment, independent experts from the Calgary Zoo and the Vancouver Aquarium, investigators from the College of Veterinarians, water quality experts, among others, have inspected, reviewed and examined all the records, equipment and marine mammals at Marineland, multiple times over the last three years.

All the investigations are completed and closed. No charges were laid, not one.

The result of the investigations, Marineland's marine mammals are healthy and there is absolutely no evidence of animal abuse at Marineland. Philip Demers' allegations are false.

So who is Philip Demers, why did he do what he did, why does he continue to attack Marineland, and what do we know about him?

  1. Animal Care Worker
  2. Philip Demers worked as one of numerous animal care workers at Marineland. He was at Marineland for approximately twelve years. In that job, he had day to day contact with our marine mammals. He was never promoted to any management position.

  3. No Relevant Education, No Qualifications, Not A Veterinarian
  4. Philip Demers does not have any educational qualifications that qualify him, in any way, to comment on the health or welfare of any animal.

    Philip Demers is a high school graduate and, as far as we are aware, has never obtained any other educational qualifications. Source: Marineland

    During his twelve years at Marineland, Mr. Demers never sought to educate himself further, unlike many of our other staff who go on to obtain degrees in higher education or qualifications related to the care of animals.

    Mr. Demers is not legally qualified to diagnose or treat a house cat or a dog in Ontario, let alone one of Marineland's marine mammals.

  5. More Than Three Years Since Philip Demers Was Last In Marineland Or Personally Viewed Any Animal
  6. Philip Demers continues to make allegations, despite the fact he has not set foot in the park in more than three years.

  7. When Did Philip Demers Leave And Why Did He Quit?
  8. Philip Demers quit in 2012.

    Why did he quit?

  9. Reality TV Proposal Rejected
  10. Philip Demers fancied himself a reality TV "star", the "walrus whisperer", and pursued a personal deal with a production company for him to "star" in a reality TV show about his work at Marineland. He didn't tell anyone at Marineland about his plan until the production company had prepared scripts and proposed shows.

    Marineland rejected his reality TV proposal for very good reasons. Creating reality TV "conflict" with Marineland's animals, is not healthy for the animals and not healthy for our staff or guests.

    So Philip Demers quit.

    Only after he quit did Mr. Demers make his outrageous and false allegations.

  11. Stealing Specialized Medical Drugs Intended For Marine Mammals
  12. What we have learned since, Mr. Demers has publicly stated that he illegally took specialized medical drugs meant for our marine mammals, while he was working at Marineland, for his own personal use.

    The extent of his theft of drugs and his own personal drug abuse problem was hidden from Marineland by Mr. Demers.

Marineland's Response

Marineland is taking legal action against Mr. Demers for the lies and damage he has done to the reputations of the hundreds of our employees who go to work every day with only one goal, the care and proper treatment of all our animals.

Marineland will welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors again this year to view all our healthy marine mammals secure in the knowledge that Marineland meets or exceeds the highest standards of care in the world.

SOURCE Marineland