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Malaysian Angler Catches 'Lucky' Horned Snakehead Fish; 'It's Not For Sale'

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SARAWAK, Borneo -- A Malaysian fisherman, Saibi Ramli, is looking forward to good times this year because he has caught what he calls his lucky fish -- a snakehead fish with a 2cm horn on its head.

Saibi says he has never seen anything like it in his life. He caught the fish last Friday with hook and bait in the fish pond behind his home in Siburan, Kuching. He won't part with it because he believes it will bring him luck.

"I have received many offers from wealthy people but I told them it's not for sale".


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i baught one of these dragonfish not knowing what it is and it has eating everything in my tank.. i can't beleive it will get so big. i also did not nkow it is poisoness. they should have more info about fish in pet stores..
   comment# 1   - carmella · weston usa · Aug 14, 2008 @ 6:02am
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