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Ancient Shipwreck Found Off Dominican Coast; 'Finding Sunken Treasure Is A Fantasy'

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MIAMI, Florida -- Marine Exploration, Inc. and joint venture partner Hispaniola Ventures, LLC recently located a previously undiscovered shipwreck on the North West Reef of the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic.

The artifacts recovered during the proofing excavations have proved to date the ship between 1725 and 1745. Burt Webber, the Company’s treasure hunter was interviewed about the find.

“An exciting video of Marine Exploration divers working the wreck area uncovering the ship’s anchors and priceless items appeared on FOX TV News and CBS TV News in Palm Beach along with Webber’s interview,” Business Wire said.

Mark Goldberg, CEO Marine Exploration notes, “We have additional coverage pending through a major worldwide TV news service, another South Florida TV station, and widely circulated newspapers in the New York market. Finding sunken treasure is a fantasy many dream about. We are doing it and at the same time sharing the excitement with others.”

Marine Exploration, Inc. and joint venture partner Hispaniola Ventures, LLC headed by Webber expect to continue the surveys and anticipate locating and recovering historic shipwrecks with valuable artifacts and treasure.

“Working under exclusive contract with the Dominican Republic, the Company has plans in place to pursue multiple notable shipwrecks in Dominican Republic territorial and jurisdictional waters,” the report says.

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