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Texan Angler Reels In Massive 500-lb, 10-foot Mako Shark; 'Oh My God'

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PORT ARANSAS, Texas -- A mako shark weighing in at more than 500 pounds was caught off the coast of Port Aransas on Friday. It drew quite a crowd back at the docks.

Jerry Samiferos and his buddy, Chris Cantu, chartered a boat to do some fishing on Friday and hooked the monster about 50 miles offshore. Jerry said he fought it for about an hour before he got tired and handed off to Chris.

"When I saw the fish out there, I said, 'Oh my God. I don't know if i can handle this, but I'm gonna try,'" Jerry said. "It's all about fishing, blue water and trying."

Chris said he was hesitant to take on the shark at first.

"When he got tired, he turned around and told me, 'You take the pole,'" Chris said. "I didn't want it, but he didn't have anymore, so he said, 'No you gonna take it, so I grabbed a hold of it and did what I could and finished it off."

It took seven big guys to wrestle the shark through the door of the weigh station. It measured 10-feet, 8 and a half inches and weighed 501 pounds.

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