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Chinese Restaurant Shells Out $75,000 for Lucky 'Golden Cash Tiger Fish'

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GUANGDOG, China -- A Chinese restaurant has paid $75,000 for a giant golden-coloured tiger fish, a symbol of wealth and good fortune, state media said on Tuesday.

China News Service said this tiger fish was caught on Sunday off the coast of Zhanjiang, in the southern province of Guangdog, China. It weighs about 48 kg (105 lb). It is about 1.75 meters long (5.8 feet) and its scales shine like gold.

The restaurant that is displaying this fish at the moment paid 580,000 Yuans (US$75,050), initially it was offered a price of 800,000 Yuan (US$103,500) but then it bargained down to its sold price. A similar thing happened three years ago, a tiger fish was caught at that time, but this tiger fish was paid three times the price for the older one.

It is about to be cooked soon, will be sold to diners at about 2000 Yuan (US$277) per kg, even though the restaurant paid about 12,000 Yuan (US$1552) per kg. They call this "Golden Cash Tiger Fish" in Chinese, the restaurant doesn't mind the loss, it thinks that the fish will bring lots of good luck to the restaurant.

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