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Hero Dolphin Seen Trying To Rescue Filipino Fisherman From Drowning; Survivor Swears Off Dolphin Meat

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MASBATE, The Philippines -- A dolphin rescued a fisherman after his fishing boat capsized Saturday in the wake of typhoon "Frank" off Negros, although both of them died upon reaching the shore of Burias Island in Masbate.

Online news site Visayan Daily Star reported Thursday that a survivor who witnessed the incident recounted the episode Wednesday.

The dolphin rescued Joseph Cesdorio, 34, a fisherman from Cebu who was among the crew members of the F/B Nicole Louise 2, a Cadiz-based fishing boat.

Caratao said he saw a dolphin, which was about the size of an adult human, drag and push Cesdorio, 34, toward Burias Island.

Unfortunately, neither Cesdorio nor the dolphin survived, he added.

The story of the dolphin’s heroism was corroborated by other survivors who were aboard the Nicole Louise 2. One of them told local radio reporters that because of what he witnessed, he vowed never to eat dolphin meat again.

The body of Cesdorio, which was retrieved from Burias Island, was among the four fatalities brought to Cadiz City and was claimed by his father who is a resident of San Jose, Cebu.


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Reader Comments

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   comment# 1   - James · winnipeg. canada · Jul 12, 2008 @ 2:08pm

Im proud of that Filipino dolphin that saved the life of my fellow countrymen! I do believe both of them are in heaven right now! =)
   comment# 2   - Marvin M. · Philippines · Jul 24, 2008 @ 3:18am

That is an amazing story and that goes to show how smart and compassionate dolphins can be. unforunatly dolphins do not know who jesus is and therefor do not worship him... which equals no entrance to heaven :(
   comment# 3   - Guido · Culver City, Usa · Jan 14, 2009 @ 8:14pm

good for humankind that animals are universally so much kinder and more giving to us than we are to there kind.
   comment# 4   - debbie catalina · grants pass usa · Mar 22, 2012 @ 10:01pm
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