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Whaling Bombshell: Ady Gil Armed With Deadly Arrows; Sea Shepherd 'Willfully Polluting' Antarctic

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TOKYO, Japan -- Japanese whalers have accused the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of carrying weapons on the Ady Gil, rejecting claims by the protesters that their state-of-the-art speed-boat had sunk.

The Institute of Cetacean Research released photographs last night of four large arrows they claim were found floating near the Ady Gil, which collided on Wednesday with the Japanese vessel the Shonan Maru No 2.

The text of Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research press release follows:

The antiwhaling group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has apparently abandoned reported efforts to salvage or tow to port the disabled New Zealand watercraft Ady Gil. Japan’s research vessels monitoring the area have confirmed that an oily substance thought to be fuel is leaking from the Ady Gil and continues to spread over the sea surface, raising concerns that Sea Shepherd is willfully polluting the Antarctic environment.

The Shonan Maru No. 2 reported that the other antiwhaling ship which had been harassing the Japanese vessel with the New Zealand watercraft, the Bob Barker, initially seemed to be making efforts to tow the Ady Gil. However, the Bob Barker has left the scene abandoning the drifting Ady Gil by the early morning of December 8.

In addition, the Shonan Maru No. 2 retrieved today from the sea part of the severed Ady Gil hull as well as various drifting objects including several bowgun arrows. Bowgun arrows are weapons with the ability to produce casualties if used against a person or persons. The Sea Shepherd activists have been escalating the viciousness of their sabotage including hurling projectiles containing hazardous butyric acid and firing line-launch rockets against Japan’s research vessels. However, their carrying and possession onboard of a lethal-force weapon makes one ponder whether they would hesitate or not to produce casualties.

The Institute of Cetacean Research strongly condemns the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society actions.

The Institute of Cetacean Research urges again all related nations including Australia, the de facto home port country to the Steve Irwin, the Netherlands, the Steve Irwin’s flag state, and New Zealand, the now drifting and abandoned Ady Gil flag state, to take every means available to prevent the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society actions and strongly request that they observe their international obligations and deal with the Sea Shepherd in a strict and objective manner.

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Reader Comments

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oh sure, this has to be false, why would sea sheperd leave such evidence as arrows on the ship? they wouldnt so it has to be japan trying to screw with sea sheperd because they are screwed after the incident
   comment# 1   - zack · warric · Jan 8, 2010 @ 8:33pm

This story is propaganda from Glen Inwood in NZ as the public relations firm for the Japanese whalers. This is Mr. Inwood's press release and not news.
   comment# 2   - AC · Seattle, WA USA · Jan 8, 2010 @ 8:37pm

The Japanese whalers just keep getting weirder and weirder. Now they are claiming they are in fear of being attacked with bows and arrows? I'm glad to hear that the Australian Gov't, after viewing all the video concerned, has decided to send a bill to the Japanese Government for $2 million to replace the Ady Gil.
   comment# 3   - Christopher Siewak · New Port Richey, United States of America · Jan 8, 2010 @ 11:35pm

Thats rich. The the Japanese whaler intentionally rams a ship almost killing its crew. Then supposedly find arrows while looting wreckage. Can you say piracy? This same ship makes claims of an oil slick from the destroyed boat, yet takes no action to cleanup the mess created by there actions? Possession of arrows by the crew so long as not used in violence would violate no law. This is a bombshell? Or is the bombshell that the Japanese whaling ship claims that the ship it split in half is leaking fuel? The only bomb shell here is that Australia has not arrested the crew of the Japanese whaling ship full of poachers and now pirates.
   comment# 4   - Larry · San Francisco, USA · Jan 9, 2010 @ 12:17am

   comment# 5   - rico · SF, USA · Jan 9, 2010 @ 12:27am

"oh sure, this has to be false, why would sea sheperd leave such evidence as arrows on the ship?" Eh? read again and it says 'Found Floating'...
   comment# 6   - Jason Arthbothnot · Glasgow, Scotland · Jan 9, 2010 @ 8:41am

Hi have been watching this case as I am a scuba instructor and I see a need for change in the way we treat our home. in many websites I have seen lots of people saying the sea shephards are dangerous and are bad, in this case I have seen 3 sets of video clips and the Whaler changed course and increased speed and rammed the speed boat. The bit that is amazing me is everyone seems to go off on one about the sea shephards putting themselves at risk but the jap whaling fleet are killing whales in areas which is illegal. don't take my word for it look at these links. The fact is the Assuie Govrnment has ignored the Japs for many years and have allowed them to kill in areas which is illegal you have to ask yourself if the idoit piloting the Jap boat did not commit 6 counts of attempted murder would this be such a big story, I think not. I am sure there are people inside the Aussie Government that are taking benifits from the Japs so they can keep whaling in those areas. My view on this is killing Whales does nothing for man kind, it will not help us stop global warming it will not help us stop AIDS or 3rd world countries from starving so why are we killing them, I have a image of the jap government shooting tigers in a cage just because they can. it is pointless.
   comment# 7   - John Smart · Dartford England · Jan 9, 2010 @ 10:09am

Ummm has anyone looked at the video? The Ady Gil fully powered itself into the Japanese whaler, that's evident. The entire Ady Gil crew at the time were all crammed at the stern of the vessel in anticipation of the crash. THEY KNEW because it was a planned media event. Paul Watson even got a plug in for his reality television show "now we're in a REAL WHALE WAR." Look folks this was staged, the arrows are real probably from one of the crew personal belongings. The vessel is leaking 20K gallons of diesel into the ocean and SSCS has walked away to massage more conservation porn for their reality tv show. Saving whales? Bullshit. Creating an expanding oily mess for tv ratings? Yes. Wonder how the local whales will enjoy the fuel getting into their eyes? You call THAT conservation?
   comment# 8   - Whales First! · San Diego, USA · Jan 9, 2010 @ 11:33am

See what happens when you take the law into your own hands?! The Ady Gil knew the risks, and suffered the consequences...Was the Gil damaged last season...NOPE...Why not...It wasn't taking part in the Sea Sheppard's illegal activities! Property damage, assault, criminal trespass, Sabotage of vessels, ramming ships...the list goes on and on! I'm glad to hear that the Australian Gov't, after viewing all the video concerned, has decided to send a bill to the Japanese Government for $2 million to replace the Ady Gil. - Christopher Siewak · New Port Richey, United States of America · Jan 8, 2010 @ 11:35pm ~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you joking? You can't pull words out of your bum and spew them as facts! First of all Australia doesn't have jurisdiction, and secondly, Australia doesn't own the Ady Gil, so there isn't any legal basis for them to send a bill to Japan for damages.
   comment# 9   - Justice · Canton, USA · Jan 9, 2010 @ 12:42pm

This is just another hilarious attempt by the Japanese whaling company and their security forces to distract attention from their potentially lethal ramming of the Sea Shepherd's Ady Gil by the vessel Shonan Maru #2. All fuel and oil was removed from the Ady Gil by a salvage team from the Bob Barker and there will be video evidence of this by both SSCS and Discovery Channel cameramen. If there is any oil slick near the Ady Gil then it would have been caused by the Japanese deliberately to discredit Sea Shepherd. As for finding four arrows floating nearby .... I still can't stop laughing .... Unable to legitimately criticise Sea Shepherd, the Japanese waited until Sea Shepherd's Bob Barker left before creating some anti-SSCS 'evidence'. As for the Ady Gil sinking..... It was reported to Australian authorities as sinking wreckage fulfilling all legal requirements.
   comment# 10   - Rob R · Bedford, UK · Jan 9, 2010 @ 2:41pm

If we embargo the purchase of toyotas, they'll stop making sushi out of whales quick enough EMBARGO EMBARGO EMBARGO
   comment# 11   - Carole · PA · Jan 9, 2010 @ 4:43pm

You know, I really didn't think of this right away because I was laughing at the absurdity of the story. The Japanese Whalers are afraid of "Lethal force weapons" that the Sea Shepherd crew might have? For pity's sake, not only are they running around with explosive tipped harpoon cannons, but each and every catch ship also has at least one, and probably several high caliber rifles onboard with which to dispatch whales they have already harpooned. Now who are the ones armed with "lethal force weapons"?
   comment# 12   - Christopher Siewak · New Port Richey, USA · Jan 9, 2010 @ 9:24pm

Sorry, I didn't see the comments from "Justice" out of Canton, USA. I'm sorry to have to tell you "Justice, but unlike you, I actually like to research my facts before I pull them, "out of your bum" as you like to say. Heres a very easy to find link for you. The argument for Australia sending the bill is that it happened within what are recognized by international treaty as Australian waters. Arguably, New Zealand would have a good claim as well since the Ady Gil is registered there. If you want to continue being rude, I can happily quote you all the maritime laws broken by the Japanese in this incident. I'm not saying the Sea Shepherds haven't broken quite a few themselves, but in this case, The Captain of the Shonen Maru 2 is very likely to be charged with attempted murder.
   comment# 13   - Christopher Siewak · New Port Richey, USA · Jan 9, 2010 @ 9:36pm

"oh sure, this has to be false, ..." False? See for yourself. Ady Gil crew shot a bowgun arrow at Shonan-Maru2
   comment# 14   - Kujira Oishi · Kujira city · Jan 10, 2010 @ 5:34am

   comment# 15   - Curtis Proffitt · Huber hieghts · Jan 10, 2010 @ 11:16am

Interesting Video there Kujira. It does indeed seem to show an arrow being fired from the Ady Gil. It doesn't change what the Captain of the Shonen Maru 2 did being attempted murder, but it does raise a reasonable doubt about the issue of the Arrows and whether or not someone on the Ady Gil could be charged as well. What I do find curious is that no claim has been made anywhere that I can find about the Ady Gil shooting arrows at the Shonen Maru 2. The only claims I have seen are that they found arrows among the flotsom of the Ship they rammed. If the footage is valid, it clearly shows the cameraman saw the shot and followed it in as it struck the hull, and yet no official claim has ever been made about the Crew of the Ady Gil using a bow. Please understand, I am a former Police officer here in the states, so I get....uneasy when what appear to be facts seem to have odd inconsistancies. If you find more information on this, please post it.
   comment# 16   - Christopher Siewak · New Port Richey, USA · Jan 10, 2010 @ 7:13pm

The "slick below the horizon" that is supposed to be fuel looks like a wind-caused current to me, a common sight to anyone who's ever been to the ocean. Also, if it were fuel, why would it float in an area that looks like it's hundreds of yards away from the Ady Gil? Given Japan's track record in public relations, I am hard-pressed to give them the benefit of the doubt with anything.
   comment# 17   - Daniel · USA/Germany · Jan 11, 2010 @ 1:22pm

This looks pretty damning: Also Ady Gil is a pimp: Sea Shepherd as a Pyramid scam?
   comment# 18   - Peter · Ithaca NY · Jan 12, 2010 @ 9:34pm

I'm constantly embarrassed by the amount of Austalians who don't understand that the "treaty" designating these "Australian waters" isn't worth the paper it is written on because the majority of the population of the globe (including Japan, Russia and the USA) does not recognise it and considers this area to be neither a "whale sanctuary" or "Australian territorial waters" but the high seas. I wish our media and politicians would point this out so our population would be educated. Instead we hear about all this happening in "Australian waters" and everyone wonders why the hell the government (past and current) hasn't stepped in to take control and enforce our laws - The reason is they don't have a leg to stand on and absolutely no jurisdiction. The whole whaling issue is doing nothing but highlight what a sham the IWC is. It was ostensibly set up to allow whale numbers to be replenished with the vote taken every so often to decide whether this has happened enough to allow for a resumption of commercial whaling. People complain about the Japs with their laughably fake "research", but are we really any better being on a panel that decides the viability of commercial whaling when we no damn well that Australia will NEVER sanction whaling of any sort? This is just as much of a sham as the Japanese research. I hate whaling, really I do - but a nagging voice at th
   comment# 19   - Mike · Australia · Jan 13, 2010 @ 2:24am

From the video of Kujira, you can see a cloud of smoke when the arrow is "fired" from the bowgun... In my understanding, a bowgun shouln'd do that, because it's a BOW mounted like a gun... Isn't it stange?
   comment# 20   - Fred · Mtl, Canada · Jan 13, 2010 @ 10:14am

I think having environmentalists monitor the actions of whalers to ensure that they aren't destroying entire populations of whales is one thing, but all these "whale wars" are stupid to me and I can't help but cheer for the whalers when I watch the show on animal planet. Those guys are ridiculous and deserve to have lost their pretty boat. If I was Japan I wouldn't pay for it.
   comment# 21   - AC · Virginia Beach, USA · Jan 15, 2010 @ 2:02pm

The arrows appear to be target practice arrows. A hunting arrow would have a different arrowhead. Regarding the Ady Gil accelleration just before the impact; anyone who has operated a boat knows that you cannot make a turn without some headway. By looking at the timelines the Ady Gil began to accellerate once the Japanese made a turn towards them. Now perhaps the Japanese were only trying to get in range for the water cannons and the wave they hit pushed them even closer, but the Ady Gil had the right of way, and appears to be trying to get steerage to get clear of the whaler.
   comment# 22   - Steve · Orange, CA, USA · Jan 16, 2010 @ 7:34am

could those blow darts/arrows be from the survival pack of the million dollar ship? This wasn't a sunfish, or a rowboat, that black cat probably had those arrows secured in a life raft kit of sorts. They look brand new, like they were in a rescue survival pack. Would be nice to have if you were shipwrecked.
   comment# 23   - jim · des moines, ia · Jan 20, 2010 @ 3:30am

Just pure Japanese propoganda. Anyone wtaching all 3 videos should have a different opinion. The Japs are worried about fuel?? on January 5th, the Japanese tanker Hiyo Maru refueled the whaling mother ship Nisshin Maru south of sixty degrees latitude in violation of the Antarctic Treaty that prohibits refueling in the Antarctic Treaty Zone. The refueling took place off Cape Denison in Commonwealth Bay only 15 miles from a large Adelie penguin colony. Japan's continued and expanded program of scientific whaling is inconsistent with its obligations under the Law of the Sea Convention, the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling Convention, the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), and the Convention on Biological Diversity. This program is not legitimately "scientific" because it has not been peer-reviewed and does not have precise quantifiable goals. It is inconsistent with Japan's obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity because reduces the sustainability of whale species and has "adverse impacts on biological diversity." It is unquestionably an abuse of right because it invokes Article VIII of the Whaling Convention in a manner that certainly was unanticipated by the framers of the Convention and has been repeatedly condemned by the majority of the other contracting parties to the Convention. And they are worried about a couple of arrows [which they pro
   comment# 24   - Dave Head · Aotearoa · Jan 21, 2010 @ 10:23am

"but the Ady Gil had the right of way, and appears to be trying to get steerage to get clear of the whaler. - Steve · Orange, CA, USA · Jan 16, 2010 @ 7:34am " You know nothing about the rules of the road for seagoing vessels. The vessel with the most tonnage ALWAYS has the right of way.
   comment# 25   - Jeremy · Citrus Heights, CA · Jan 30, 2010 @ 8:06pm

Watch the wake of the Ady Gil- it clearly accelerates into the path of the Japanese ship. It was clearly a staged event and only a complete wacko would think otherwise. If SS ( a more then fitting acronym) had committed these attacks against any Western country, there would have been military intervention a long, long, time ago. The members of the SS are nothing more then common criminals and deserve to be treated as such.
   comment# 26   - Bill · Honolulu, HI · Feb 11, 2010 @ 9:31pm

THis is a joke, the Ady Gil was rammed by a secuirty vessel to whalers far off, not by the whaling ship itself first off. Secondly - I can understand bing upset by a misplaced nationalism thinking hte "whale santuary"" is actually our waters, but...these Ady Gil people are nothing but pirates who harrass legitimate maritime activitym the japanese borke no laws no matter how reprehensible you think hteir actions are. Its jus that, the Ady Gil pirates on the other hand were waging a campain of harrasement According to Darby, Andrew (9 January 2010). "Whale war whips up a perfect storm". The Age. Retrieved 15 January 2010 "The crew towed ropes in an attempt to foul the propellers of the Japanese ships and pointed photonic disruptors at the crew of the Shōnan Maru 2 while using a projectile launcher to fire capsules of foul-smelling butyric acid" and according to Debbie Guest, Natasha Robinson From: The Australian January 09, 2010 article "Sea Shepherd activists had been throwing rancid butter missiles at Japanese ships and attempting to interfere with propellers before the collision occurred." so the matter is very clear The Ady Gil are the pirates, according to martime law this type of subversive action falls under attepted piracy. The evidence i have given is true look up the articles if you
   comment# 27   - Bob Woodward · Melbourne Austrailia · Feb 27, 2010 @ 7:31am

Whatever we may think of the whaling, we should be clear that threatening human lives in this manner is unacceptable. It's tragic that we call ourselves 'civilized' and the whalers 'barbaric' all the while we're deliberately endangering people's lives. Paul Watson has always done this, to turn a perfectly good intention into a humanely questionable means. He himself ends up becoming the inhumanity he set out to defeat. All the words of morality and legality from his mouth sound so empty.
   comment# 28   - Calvin · London, UK · Mar 2, 2010 @ 12:40pm

This is bogus. The Japanese ship deliberately rammed and sunk the Ady Gil with crewmembers on board, the hosed them down with high pressure water cannons in Antarctica. That was attempted murder. The Ady Gil captain is being held in Japan for trespassing and 4 other trumped up charges including "disrupting business" (The killing of whales is supposed to be Scientific- thats the loophole) from when he boarded to speak to the captain that tried to kill them and serve him with a citizens arrest. Japanese Whalers finding arrows floating around Antarctic waters is unlikely, And a bow and arrow would more than likely be used to kill lethally injured creatures the Shepherds come across. With the kind of behaviour the whalers flaunt with impunity, allegations like this are disgusting. Even now everyone is calling SeaSheperd volunteers pirates like putting your life on the line for what you believe in is a bad thing. Laws aren't real, they're conceptual and drafted on paper. Whales are real and this crusade is real. Doesn't Killing Whales in a Whale Sanctuary seem perverse to you? These are people that actually care about something other than themselves. Putting their lives on the line to save something. When your children ask you why "they" killed all the whales, and why "they" didn't stop it. They're going to be asking why you didn't do anything.
   comment# 29   - Rhiannon · Canada · May 11, 2010 @ 8:28am

What a bunch of idiotic morons these tree huggers are that post here. Anyone with even modest intelligence, which leaves out all the eco-terrorists and green-nuts here, would know that the Ady Gil would still be floating safely today if they hadn't gone anywhere near the Jap whaler, which is conducting legal harvesting, whether you like the law or treaty that allows it or not. What the Hell do you expect to happen if you're a pint-sized, tree-hugging pipsqueak and you go up and start messing with a giant, Jap sailor? You're going to get knocked on your tree-hugging, whale-loving rear orifice. Anybody of even reasonable intelligence, again that leaves out all the treehuggers, enviro-terrorists, and green nuts, would see that the Ady Gil placed itself in harm's way on the orders of the terrorist and egomaniac Paul Watson, who suffers from serious Narcissistic Personality Disorder (just like Obambi). They knew what would happen when they try to take on a Jap whaler like a gnat or a fly taking on a tiger or an elephant. You buzz around too much, you're going to do it one time too many and you're going to get squashed. Whether you believe in the righteousness of the cause or not, the Sea Shepherd are nothing more than modern-day terrorists and pirates with no regard for law and order, only out to put them and thier names in the spotlight. The whales are secondary to their egos. Greenpeace is completely right to distance themselves from Watson and his terror
   comment# 30   - Sea Shepherds are Terrorists · Ft. Lauderdale, Florida · May 28, 2010 @ 2:14pm

Come on. Non-violent intervention/protest, civil disobedience and disruption IS how change is made. Not through a handful of rich guys coming to the table with their checkbooks and making "legislation". With the evidence at hand and even a little critical thinking, the Japanese whalers crossed the line and willfully destroyed the Ady Gil. Remember, this is also a nation that turned a blind eye to the inhumane slaughter of dolphins (see "the cove"). If those whales are being harvested for research, present the data being collected to the public or even what "research" the Japanese are trying to conduct. Bogus. If they won't stop whaling, we (US) should stop "protecting" them from N. Korean missiles - that seems fair enough. Boycott Japanese cars -
   comment# 31   - geoff · Deary, ID · May 30, 2010 @ 10:33am

The whaling ship purposely hit the Ady Gil and they (Japan whalers) try to make it sound like Sea shepard (Ady Gil) was at fault and then try to say that the host nations should take action, yes they should take action on the Japanese whaling fleet for attempted murder at sea!!!!! Just cause the Sea Shepard throws rancid butter on a deck of a boat doesn't give them the right to cut their boat in two for no reason while they were at a dead stop!!! If I was out on the sea and a Whaling Ship 10 times the size was coming at me to HARM myself or my crew why wouldn't you have the right to defend yourself! I wouldn't have a bow Id have something powerful enough to rip a whole through their hull! ALL the Sea Shepard and the Ady Gil are doing is disruption!!! They Don't hurt people, they don't instigate anything, they patrol the Damn whalers instigate by whaling, How the HELL IS IT research if I right now can find multiple websites in Japanese ( you have to translate it) that SELL WHALE meat, How is it research if your KILLING almost a thousand whales for PROFIT !!! THE WHOLE POINT OF Research is to have more good than bad come from it and to learn and move on. Thats like saying ALL the COWS killed to make Mcdonalds Hamburgers are killed for Research!!! DOESN'T MAKE SENSE !!! AND THATS WHY JAPAN WILL EVENTUALLY BE FORCED TO STOP WHALING!!! THE SAD part is that like 80% of Japans population is against whaling !!! I think its a PRIDE thing for Japan and I hope they
   comment# 32   - Chris · Ca Usa · May 30, 2010 @ 7:59pm

So let me get this straight if I tie myself up to a tree and the operator of the bulldozer hired to bring it down injures myself or my property it is then my own fault for standing their calmly? Then on top of that tell the press im polluting the ground because im now bleeding like the ady gil bled its fuel! I understand the J. Whaling fleet wants to kill whales but that doesnt give them the right to ram and/or destroy vessels. 3 country's not even questioning the other Captain.... I think the U.S.A. should allow our Flag to be flown on their ships under our registar! Nothing says whale WAR like bringing in the NAVY and our White House
   comment# 33   - Justin · Minneapolis, United States of America · Jun 6, 2010 @ 11:48pm

Wow!! Seriously? "I understand the J. Whaling fleet wants to kill whales but that doesnt give them the right to ram and/or destroy vessels. - Justin · Minneapolis, United States of America · Jun 6, 2010 @ 11:48pm". I watched an episode of Whale Wars (probably because I was bored) the other night and I remember the Skipper of one of the SS boats broadsiding the Japanese boat and being happy about it. Then there was a comment about Japanese using watercannon's on their ships??? Seriously. The U.S. Navy has been using fire hoses charged to 150 PSI to repel boarders for years now... It is a deterent, not a lethal weapon. The Ady Gil was a small and highly manueverable ship. She had the capability of getting out of the way of the larger ship. Only two people know the truth of what happened and unfortunately that is the skipper of both ships. Neither will accept blame. Don't get me wrong. I do not agree with the senseless killing of animals and I don't think that the Japanese are "Killing whales to collect tissue samples" as they claim but when a ship is purposefully trying to "Foul the propellers" of another ship then that is boarderline Piracy. Putting their lives on the line for what they believe in??? Remember... The Taliban and Al Qaeda are putting their lives on the line for what they believe in.
   comment# 34   - James · San Diego, CA · Jun 10, 2010 @ 1:43pm

WEll, I hate to say this because I am siding with the sea shepherd (as I think whaling is sickening), but if you watched the show last night it shows the captain of the Ady Gil preparing those arrows for battle actually. So, Pete Bethune had them in his possession and if these arrows were found and presented here before the show aired, they aint lying....
   comment# 35   - EdStevens · Colorado USA · Jun 14, 2010 @ 11:26am

Thats what happens when you take a bow and arrow to a boat fight... they made sushi of them. Makes for good television.
   comment# 36   - Mike Wafford · Houston Tx. · Jun 14, 2010 @ 5:17pm

sea shepheard society is a joke. they claim to be these do gooders, yet they are often on the offensive and have thrown bottles at other ships breaking the law. they are the biggest babies and cry like girls when someone does something to them. get lives and get real jobs. stop living in this dreamworld from funding by other no good dreamers. no one cares....go work like the rest of us.
   comment# 37   - unsympathetic · usa · Jun 14, 2010 @ 8:40pm

Lybia may sink them if they continue their newest efforts of interfering with the tuna fishing. lol
   comment# 38   - Brian · Mich, usa · Jun 20, 2010 @ 5:59am

This article was obviously written by the Japanese whaling industry.
   comment# 39   - Karl · Brookhaven, NY · Jun 20, 2010 @ 7:22pm

I have to wonder why people aren't standing in the way at the local slaughter houses stopping people from killing cows. Dont the Japanese eat whale? I think cows are cute but I still think they taste good. I watch whale wars from time to time and it reminds me of a bunch of over sized kids playing pirates. It's kinda funny to watch. Most of the people on the steve erwin look and act like they really couldnt survive in the real world as grown up adults,so they have to go out and play these silly little child games. hmmmmm. let go out and see if we can survive a major accident. what the heck are they thinking, or are they thinking at all. Maybe it all just an act to have an exciting tv show. better get some good actors that dont seem childish.
   comment# 40   - Ron Wilson · Ohio,USA · Jun 21, 2010 @ 11:13am

Ron, et al: One of the very first things all Sea Shepherd crew members do is take a pledge to put the whale's safety before our own. I don't expect you to understand, as anyone who cannot appreciate another creature's right to live will no doubt find such an idea unfathomable. These aren't games -- anyone out there in the middle of these confrontations can tell you as much. Pete may have been something of a loose cannon, but he was willing to risk his life for something he believed in. Don't pretend you known any of the crew, or how they live their "real" lives -- for us this IS our reality. If you don't like Whale Wars then don't watch it (FYI, AP doesn't really give a rats rear orifice for the SSCS or it's mission. It cares about making money, and Paul Watson has little say in how they choose to edit the footage) PS -- PLENTY of people stand in the way of animal slaughter houses, most often by people acting as part of Animal Liberation Front cells, as they do with fur farms. You just won't see it on flashy cable tv.
   comment# 41   - Ian · San Diego, CA · Jun 24, 2010 @ 10:31pm

maybe the japanese should stick to a whale-free rice diet and save all this violence and unwanted killing of sea mammals including dolphins
   comment# 42   - jim · australia · Jun 26, 2010 @ 1:32am

LMAO...yeah, the arrows were planted by the japanese...anyone watch the last two episodes?? Capt of the Ady Gil was having archery practice and potato cannon practice. Guess the arrows weren't planted by the whalers after all. And I particularly loved the footage of the Gil picking up speed right before it got are "rammed." Guys a liar saying that the engine stalled...wouldnt have turbulence behind the boat iif the engine stalled.
   comment# 43   - Michele · Fairfax, Va USA · Jul 2, 2010 @ 3:50pm

AC, unsympathetic and Ron, stop watching Animal Planet. You don't care about the world and its creatures. A shame that we cannot deport you to a country that you approve of in ways of methods and destruction. AC says HOORAY FOR THE WHALERS? I wish I could put a sign in your yard saying that is what you stand for. Ron, too bad you didn't mention the look on all the faces when they saw the whale harpooned right in front of them and how bloody the water was and how it was flailing, you should also have a sign... And unsympathetic...if you had a sign, bet you would only be able to get a job at a slaughter house, or how about debeaking LIVE chickens, ducks, geese, etc...should you ummm, have your "livelyhood" taken from you while NOT being sedated?.. YEP, call me a tree hugger...better than begin called a murderer wannabe. What comes around goes around, and more potent. Hope those of you in favor of killing endangered species and killing the earth with acidic air and water and soil, get theirs right after those doing the killings. Have a GREAT day, ya'll. Oh and Justin, thank you! Put beautifully!
   comment# 44   - KS · Big Country, USA · Jul 8, 2010 @ 8:42am

I LOVE Whale Burgers !!!!
   comment# 45   - Boston Whaler · Ukraine · Jul 9, 2010 @ 4:55pm

KS, I suggest you put a sign in your OWN YARD. A sign that proclaims you to be a supporter of anyone that "STANDS UP" for their beliefs. Then I'll send you a ticket, one way, to a country that you'll enjoy... hmmm how about the Palestinians strip in Gaza? or maybe Afghanistan.. Iran ? All these places support home grown groups like you do. Those that take the LAW into their own hands, mete out what "they" call justice. They evenhave names for themselves. Hamas, Fatah, Al Quaeda, Red Army. You and your type that support these terrorists, and yes, sscs is one of them, are scum, things that should be put out of OUR misery. Put a bumper sticker on your SUV dentifying yourself as an sscs supporter. that will give us a target to aim for.
   comment# 46   - Erik · Real World, USA · Jul 9, 2010 @ 5:25pm

Run around with harpoons killing large mammals in someone elses country, isn't standing up and acting out on their beliefs? Wake up! They need to be sent back to Japan and build fish farms. It'll provide plenty of food and jobs and not have to slaughter free swimming mammals.
   comment# 47   - Kobe Beef · Wide World, US · Jul 9, 2010 @ 7:12pm

You guys are dumb to think it was staged. And the Ady Gil was not leaking 20k gallons of diesel, their tank was running on empty by the time they were rammed . So if any diesel was leaking it would have only been a little, not no 20k. Get your facts straight. And the arrows were going to be used to shoot into the whales that were being dragged up by the harpoon ships. They were going to put some type of chemical on the tip to taint the meat , so the Japanese wouldn't be able to sell the meat.
   comment# 48   - Zoey · Los Angeles, USA · Jul 9, 2010 @ 7:26pm

Now that Whale Wars is being aired and the stories have had time to come to light, it is obvious that: -The Ady Gil was armed with arrows and air powered cannons. -The Sea Shepards abandoned the Ady Gil salvage so that they could get back to their terrorist activities. They left the Ady Gil to drift around as a sea hazard. The left the Ady Gil leaking oil polluting the environment they claim to love. -The Captain of Ady Gil made a fool of himself by boarding the Japanese ship, get arrested, indicted, tried and convicted in Japan. -The unlicensed "Captain" Watson continues to make up the most implausible lies at the drop of a hat.
   comment# 49   - Ifticar · Cupetino, CA, USA · Jul 9, 2010 @ 11:57pm

I'm shocked at this world today the whales are endangered specie list but threw a loop hole " ppl were allowed to do lethal research of whales under the endangered animals act" an that was in 1986 so instead of help keeping these endangered animals around these RETARDS kill them for food an say its research if they were researching well hell we would have more whales but we don't we still keep having less and there are activist for gorillas an tigers and yet no one calls them terrorists because they are trying to save these animals that are hunted by barbaric ppl who kill animals that are on the endangered specie list WHAT BIG PPL,those arrows had a nasty smelly putty like substance on the tip and it would be used to SHOOT INTO A ALREADY DEAD WHALE AND TAINT THE MEAT OF THE WHALE MAKING IT UNABLE TO BE SOLD ........ arrows a weapon really ha ya thats smart they will use arrows 2 shoot at the japs with harsh weather conditions how ridiculous is that what idiots in this world today really throwing rotting food at another ship is terrorist but the japs SHOT on of those terrorists the real terrorist are the whalers who are killing our endangered wild life
   comment# 50   - allizon · phoenix, usa · Jul 11, 2010 @ 3:27pm

It surprises me that so many bring up the use of the potato guns. The water that these bastard Japanese ships spray of the side of the ships, would do more damage than the guns themselves. I applaud what they are doing. It has already been proved what the Japanese whaling ships are doing. I wish more people in the states were more proactive as is those of our brothers in Australia. Keep up the good work Sea Shepherd.
   comment# 51   - Bryan · morgantown,WV,USA · Jul 11, 2010 @ 7:13pm

Ifticar, you're kind of a douche bag. Where exactly were they supposed to fit this 78 foot boat? Too bad you're dumb too...interesting that America is America due to terrorism, but now you have an issue with it. Already forgot 7th grade history? You are dumber than a 5th grader!
   comment# 52   - Archer · San Diego, CA · Jul 11, 2010 @ 9:05pm

I this report it says the AG was carring arrows which they found in the water and would cause harm to the whalers. If you watch series 3 ep 1 it clearly shows the arrows being brought from beneath AG to be used to taint the meat when the whale is dead they just try to spin everything they do and say. But tell me this if it is a danger to human life what is throwing large bolts or lumps of steal at the steve erwin called in the last series oh ye dodgebolt.
   comment# 53   - Rob · Bolton, England · Jul 13, 2010 @ 4:08am

Not to be a bubble burster but rob is right ,,, if you people watch the show the captain of the ady gil showed on world wide tv that he did indeed have a compound bow WITH arrows on board the ady gil. further more i would like to state that i lean more for the sea shephards than the walers but lets be realistic FACTS ARE FACTS !
   comment# 54   - Eric · ***********, Pa · Jul 14, 2010 @ 10:32pm

I can't believe that some people are dumb enough to say that at the last second the Ady Gil nailed the throttle. Yes when you watch the video it does look like the Ady Gil is starting to accelerate forward but lets think about this for a second. You have a small boat that is already slowly moving, then you have a boat that's obviously much larger going directly at it. What is it that a boat does as it's traveling? It's pushing the water out of the way, so as it gets closer to the Ady Gil it is still pushing the water out of the way with the front which ran over the front of the boat. so as it's pushing the water the water is going to start running past the Ady Gil faster. It isn't just going to stop. This is common sence stuff people. Not to mention that you can see the Jap boat make a dramatic right turn heading directly at the Ady Gil. You can tell this by seeing the Jap boat start leaning to the left. It's not rocket science.
   comment# 55   - Dan · Hagerstown, Md. USA · Jul 16, 2010 @ 8:17pm

The Institute of Cetacean Research is nothing more than a front for the Japanese whalers who claim they are doing "research" There is one way to see if they are doing real research. Make it illegal to sell any of the products gained by killing whales. If there was no profit, legitimate research would still go on. If it is a front to see whale meat, it would stop. As to the Old Gil, this boat was dead in the water and it could NOT have crossed the bow of the shop that rammed it. I wonder what would happen if the Japanse embassies had a few million phone calls, letters or e-mails demanding that whaling be stopped?
   comment# 56   - K Deemer · Marion In USA · Jul 16, 2010 @ 8:17pm

The Shonan Maru No.2 retrieved several lethal-force bowgun arrows drifting among the Ady Gil debris And the HARPOON guns on the whalers could not be deadly weapons?
   comment# 57   - K Deemer · Marion Indian USA · Jul 16, 2010 @ 8:27pm

So what if there were a bow & arrows on board? They're just as much of a "deadly weapon" as a bar of soap in a sock, a sack of doorknobs, or my fists for that matter. Perhaps they were for self defense in-case of life threatening attack (such as being blatantly rammed). As much as I dislike tree-hugers, the Ady Gil was attacked. -Using a portion of the sky as a reference point its clear that the ship *altered* it's course into the relatively stationary Ady Gil. -The Ady Gil was idling, with crew ON DECK, not at the helm driving into the Japanese boat. -The Ady Gil's last minute forward motion is a result of the bow current sucking the Ady Gil into the Jap Boat, not engine induced forward motion. I really dislike self-righteous tree huggers, but there is no question about it: the HMS slant-eye tiny-pecker (or whatever its called) INTENTIONALLY hit the Ady Gil.
   comment# 58   - NStone · Cincinnati, OH · Jul 16, 2010 @ 9:38pm

All of you people saying that the Ady Gil intentionally wrecked itself as a publicity stunt aren't thinking clearly. You do realize that the captain/owner mortgaged his house to 95% to finance the boat, right? You're basically saying he tossed his entire life down the tubes, AND compromised the operations performed by Sea Shepherd just for 15 minutes of fame? The idea is preposterous. It's like you going out and crashing your car into the front of a Wal-Mart because they wouldn't give you a refund and you just want people to know about it. It's just not logical at all. The man has no way to replace the boat. And now he's repaying nearly his ENTIRE mortgage to pay for a boat at the bottom of the sea. Seriously, get a clue.
   comment# 59   - Apollo · USA · Jul 16, 2010 @ 10:53pm

Seriously, Erik? Really? Law is made by man and, therefore, it is fallible in many instances. Oh, and in case you've forgotten, let me remind you of a little thing called the BOSTON TEA PARTY or the AMERICAN REVOLUTION! I seem to recall that the colonists "took the law into their own hands" and it worked out pretty well if you ask me. If, however, you think that THEY were terrorists, then I suggest you move. While I don't always agree with the SS's methods, at least they are fighting for a good cause.
   comment# 60   - Smart Student · It's About the Whales, USA · Jul 16, 2010 @ 11:29pm

I think someone should buy an old submarine, go down there and sink those japanese bastards. Also, I always knew they couldn't drive cars worth a darn, but I guess their inability to steer and follow the rules of the road/sea applies to whaling ships as well. Anyways, rock on Sea Shepherd, and I hope you get more agressive and get nasty with them and shut down their operation entirely once and for all.
   comment# 61   - Karl · San Francisco, CA, USA · Jul 17, 2010 @ 12:29am

The Ady Gil maintained her heading. The ICR harpoon ship changed her heading multiple times. Let's just say the Ady Gil did have arrows on it for the sake of argument. What does the ICR "HARPOON" ship have on it? Hmmmmm HARPOONS and RIFLES. Don't just limit your self to one sides or the others evidence look at both. Has anybody been to Japan? It's not hard to get one of these "research" specimens served with rice. Lastly the ICR claims the Sea Sheppard are interfering with "BUISNESS" . It's a buisness .....HELLO! ......the only research going on is how tastey is this years whale!
   comment# 62   - Jay · USA · Jul 17, 2010 @ 7:20am

If I was trying to feed my family and a bunch of tree huggers endangered my life and the life of my crew, I would stop at nothing to sink them all.
   comment# 63   - scott meehan · whitefish usa · Jul 17, 2010 @ 8:39am

Those arrows look like the practice arrows that I use with my compound bow if you want to see really dangerous arrows take a look at the arrow tips used for hunting. NOW those are dangerous they have razors that are retracted and expand upon impact. anyway if the Japanese fleet choose to shoot guns at them they should carry something to protect themselves like torpedos and if the japanese choose to take a human life the should be sunk
   comment# 64   - aturner · colorado USA · Jul 17, 2010 @ 1:26pm

Ok people, lets take a close look at all the angles here. The whalers: Are hunting whales in a protected area ( it is a whale sanctuary ). and say its for research, what a joke, if they are doing research on whales for migration there is such a thing these days as gps trackers ( they should have heard of them cause thier country makes most of them ) taging a whale or even more than that will give them all the info they need . The Sea Shephards: trying thier best to protect the whales and preserve thier sanctuary , its no diffrent than park rangers protecting outr national parks ! Only the shephards volenteer. now with that being said BOTH partys are guilty of doing stuff they shouldn't do, but the whalers are comitting a far worse crime than the shepphards are, killing whales in a protected area, ramming boats that they know would never survive a direct hit like the ady gil had done to it. The shephards are mearly doing what the world governments are too lazy to do ( protecting the whales in the area they all set apart for them ) The proof is out there for both parties. Do your research before opening forming your opionins as to right and wrong.
   comment# 65   - Eric · Stroudsburg, USA (sea shepphard volenteer) · Jul 18, 2010 @ 12:51pm

The "Sea Shepphard" volunteers are a bunch of wussies. The Ships captain has a deer in the headlights look like a fainting goat. I it's all propaganda. I supported the whaling ban until I saw it was manufactured by spineless wimps. The actions of the egotistical crew just prior to their engineered collision told the story. I want to know who was at the throttle of the Gyl at point of collision. The Ady prop wash was the key. If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.
   comment# 66   - N Senkel · Texas · Jul 18, 2010 @ 8:19pm

I would just like to know what the japanese would need to "research" such a high number of whales for. I mean come on. What is their interest, especially if they arent "selling" the whale meat. I'm surprised that the USA hasn't involved itself with this "Whale War". Maybe what these activist countries need to do, if they are truly behind their people, is get some undercover informants that hail from Japan. You want answers, get right to the root of it, in this case, the Japanese Market. I understand what the Sea Shepard's mission is and I am behind you 100%. All you non-followers think of it this way: Would you stand for the Japanese injuring and killing your own fellow civilians, your neighbors, or even your family, for the sake of "tissue samples"? I know I wouldn't stand for it. The difference between you and the whales is, you can defend yourself. The whales don't have that ability. It's very selfless of the Sea Sheapard's to be doing all of this and putting in so much time and money for these whales. As for the Ady Gil incident, it is clear that the whaling ship had negative intent toward the Ady Gil, not only because of the collision, I mean ok accidents can and do happen, but aiming the water cannon at such a close range toward a peron afterwards just shows that the actions were premeditated, and damage and injury was the intent. Good luck to you all Sea Shepards and I know if the whal
   comment# 67   - Dustin · Kutztown, USA · Jul 18, 2010 @ 8:50pm

Watching this show make me vehemently hate what the Japanese Whalers are doing. Hunting whales in protected waters under the guise of "Research" is immoral. Just because it's "legal" doesn't make it right. It's perfectly legal in Las Vegas for a driver to injure or kill a pedestrian not in a crosswalk, but try and explain that to the family of the pedestrian. It's completely "legal" in certain middle eastern countries for a man to beat, maim, or kill his wife, too. What if that was your daughter? What ever happened to basic human decency? I am afraid of the world my children and grandchildren will grow up in. Buddhism, which is practiced by more than 45% of Japanese nationals, states in it's 2nd truth that Suffering is caused by craving, and the 3rd truth states Suffering ends when craving ends. Thank goodness that most whale meat eaters in Japan are 50 years old or older, and soon will be extinct too. Then maybe whales will be safe.
   comment# 68   - David · Los Angeles, CA · Jul 18, 2010 @ 11:10pm

i hope the japanesse are going to pay for the ady gil to be replace that was a cool ship,
   comment# 69   - john reilly · san antonio texas · Jul 19, 2010 @ 6:56am

i love the whales!!! they taste like chicken!!!!
   comment# 70   - james · indian trail, nc u.s.a. · Jul 19, 2010 @ 1:29pm

Many props to Dustin from kutztown, i could not hve said it better myself and to N Senkel from Texas, lets see you run with the sea shepphards, its not easy work and being from texas I would think you would know what hard work and dedication is , but I guess everything isn't bigger in texas,, some are little and pathedic! ( Note to the texans this is not a stab at you mearly N Senkel )
   comment# 71   - Eric · Stroudsburg, USA ( Sea Shepphard volenteer ) · Jul 19, 2010 @ 7:05pm

After reading these comments I am still confused. Confused that we are arguing among are selves as to who falt it is and how irresponsible the other side is. The real question we should be asking are selves is this. What are the world goverment doing to stop this? Why doesn't the United Nations patrol the waters? And is it really inconcievable to use a satilite to watch the waters and have the UN ships board the boats to investigate what the ships are doing? And why doesn't the UN ask the Japanese government to show us the data that this research company is doing? Let the facts and date be presented and let's demand action of are world leaders at the UN.
   comment# 72   - john · usa · Jul 20, 2010 @ 1:02am

Those arrows were from the Ady Gil, they were to be used to poison whale meat to prevent the Japanese from harvesting it. The Sea Shepards hope to cost the Japanese so much that they will stop their illegal whaling activities, and if they cause any whales they capture to spoil then hopefully it will put whaling to an end. Also for informational purposes, they claim they are hunting whales for research but in reality they are killing them for a profit.
   comment# 73   - Brian · Port Saint Lucie, FL · Jul 20, 2010 @ 10:20am

Seriously, what would happen if the SS bolted/welded a giant lance on its bow pointing just below the water line, then rammed the factory ship at full speed? Would they be charged?
   comment# 74   - Stevie · Tampa,USA · Jul 21, 2010 @ 9:36am

The arrows really belong to the activists but they are used to shoot an already captured whale and to inject the whale with something that's suppose to make the whale meat unfit for consumption. This collision was just pay back for last season's crash when the Sea Shepard intentionally crashed into the whaling ship because they couldn't stop them from loading all them whales. Why are whales more important than chickens, cows, or even dogs for that matter?
   comment# 75   - Robert · Denver,CO · Jul 22, 2010 @ 4:47pm

first off an arrow is an arrow,target arrow can kill jst as a hunting arrow. 2nd the ady gil was illegal as far as being certified for maritime use, it had no radar rebounding technology onboard, it sailed illegaly in a big ocean, it went undetected, so how was the shonan maru supposed to detect it in the dark? One last comment, if you drive down the road next to an 18 wheeler, he won't see you nor does he have time to svere let alone stop. if you were to pull in front of it going 65 mph. Yeah they rant it's so quick & nimble, why did they stop in front of a tank going full speed? TERROIST AT BEST!
   comment# 76   - shamu · whale world usa · Jul 22, 2010 @ 5:36pm

@N Senkel: I have never heard of someone being so wrong and a** backwards in my life. There was no prop-wash on the Ady Gil because it was out of fuel and the engines were shut down. Also, maritime law states that a ship in a dis-stressful situation (no fuel or no power) has the right-of-way and ALL other ships MUST give way. @Dustin: Thank you for you clear explanation and asking an obvious question. What the Sea Shepards do is more than what you or myself are willing to do for "dumb animals". I too, want to know why the Japanese need sooooo many tissue samples.
   comment# 77   - klavius71 · Louisiana, USA (The REAL Cajun country) · Jul 23, 2010 @ 6:11pm

so it is ok for the japs to fire a gun and hit paul watson last season and they find 4 single arrows.the japs are breaking more rules than the protesters.just remember thoughs who do more harm to god and others will get hurt down the the road. and the ady gill was in plain sight. I think the japs seen them because docks do not have radar and they dont wipe out citys.keep up the good work to all steve irwin. bob barker. and for ADY GILL MAY YOU GET ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK RESTORD TO YOU FROM THE JAPS BECAUSE THERE ARE AT FAULT. GOOD LUCK LADYS AND GENTS.KEEP THEM FROM KILLING THE LOVING WHALES.
   comment# 78   - jeffrey punton · hesperia . california. u.s.a. · Jul 24, 2010 @ 2:50am

"If we embargo the purchase of toyotas, they'll stop making sushi out of whales quick enough EMBARGO EMBARGO EMBARGO - Carole · PA · Jan 9, 2010 @ 4:43pm" Thats real funny, most Toyotas are made here in the states. Here in San Antonio they make tundras and tacomas. Thats would work lets go ahead and loose a munch of jobs too.
   comment# 79   - Mike · New Braunfels Texas USA · Jul 24, 2010 @ 8:17am

I can't stand babble, it seems as if that is what we have here a bunch of folks that don't know what they are talking about! The arrows look like they come from a crossbow or in that family of hardware. They don't look like broad heads, which would be lethal force and prove to be " weapons of mass destruction" here we go again...however, I am pissed that minister Peter Garrett has not done his due diligence. He needs to divulge whether Australia will be taking legal action against Japanese Whaling! Yet, they claim to be pushing the case with all their force....don't believe them. And let us talk about just abandoning Ady Gil "floating trash" like nothing saying they can't do nothing about it. They need to be held to a better standard. Yeah, it is junk but don't leave it. And shut up people they didn't intentionally moved in front of Maru to get hit...rammed them then later Maru steals the arrows to expose easy to pass judgement on this one...get it...propaganda....but back to this, who just leaves their junk out there floating and says we cant haul it...even when your car breaks down on the street rather you want it or not somebody has to tow it away...we can't just leave "junk" behind cause it got with it! Then again, I do think perhaps the Whalers rammed the AG on purpose...cause they continued like it was nothing...could of killed those six men! Let's not get side t
   comment# 80   - Paula · Aurora, CO · Jul 24, 2010 @ 8:46am

Personally, I think they need MORE people like Pete Bethune. He's the only one with any balls. I find it funny that Paul Watson goes on about asking his crew "if they're willing to risk their lives" but I haven't even seen anyone willing to risk JAIL...LOLOL. I think they should wait until a whale is shot and then get a hold of the rope that is tied to the harpoon and rip the harpoon launcher right off the bow of the ship. I doubt they bring 'spare' harpoons. They need people that just don't give a damn what happens to them, whether it be jail or death, and then cause some 'REAL' issues with these Jap f**ks.
   comment# 81   - TommyKnockerz · Michigan, USA · Jul 25, 2010 @ 10:14pm

Anyone who wants to argue that a target arrow is sufficient cause to sink a ship, by ramming, and then leaving the scene of the accident, and refusing to provide assistance to the crew of the damaged ship is a fool. After all, the Japanese whalers have military grade LRAD units on their ships. They have high powered water cannons, all of these items had to be provided to them by the Japanese military. the Sea Shepard's have provided video footage of Japanese whalers on board the Shonan Maru No 2, Whaling Security ship carrying a military assault rifle. Since such weapons are illegal for civilian possession in Japan, then the Japanese military had to provide it. So lets stop pretending that the Japanese government isn't openly supporting the whaling effort. The Captain of the Shonan Maru No 2 is guilty of criminal aggravated assault. He should permanently lose his Captain's/Pilot's license. He should also spend at least 25 years in an Australian prison for his criminal actions. The gun crews on the water cannons should also spend at least 5 years each in such a prison for failure to turn there weapons away after the collision. Sooner or later, the civilized world will have to stand up to the barbaric acts of the Japanese commercial fisheries. Will it take the willful, intentional, and malicious murder of a human? I understand that not all Japanese support these barbaric acts, so it is time for the honorable Japanese people to rise against this c
   comment# 82   - Horse · South Central PA, USA/CWA · Aug 8, 2010 @ 2:10pm

Maybe Sea Shepherd, should nuke a whaling ship. That will get the japs attention !!!
   comment# 83   - Funky · Ohio USA · Aug 12, 2010 @ 1:08pm

Well nuking them may be a bit of overkill, but the Japanese are certainly not the aggrieved party they claim to be here. They flaunt international agreements they signed, and try to hide their clearly commercial whaling activities behind the guise of "Research". It is offensive when the Japanese cry at the UN that they are being attacked by eco-terrorists, when they have faster, newer, and better ships, military grade weapons, and equipment, and all the Sea Shepard's have is stinky liquid bottles to use in return. Quite playing the "pity me" card. If you believe that commercial whaling is OK, then be honest, and proud enough to stand up and say so. Have some honor, stop cowering behind name calling. Your ancestors had honor, and it was very important to them, so modern Japan, if it truly believes that whaling for commercial purposes is honorable, should stand up, and say so, then defend their position. If the Japanese aren't willing to be honest about what they are doing, and why, then maybe it isn't so honorable after all!
   comment# 84   - Horse · South Central PA, USA/CWA · Aug 13, 2010 @ 1:44pm

the Japanese claim they kill thousands of whales a year for research. How is it really research? They're weighing stomach contents? Why? And don't we already know what and how much whales eat. Also, they claim to be collecting tissue samples. The only legitimate reason to kill an animal for it's tissue samples and research said samples is to determine if it is a new species. Um, I believe we also know these whales' species. It was obvious the captain of the Japanese Shonan Maru No 2 blatantly disregarded the lives of all the men on board of the idled Ady Gil and needs to be brought to justice. They obviously have no regard for marine life.
   comment# 85   - jamie · texas · Aug 13, 2010 @ 9:37pm

i think the the research vessel should be awarded to th cpt. for the gil-for damages and suffering-then refitted and used aginst the whalers---just a thought!
   comment# 86   - ranger · USA · Aug 15, 2010 @ 6:51pm

Eco-terrorists. Watch their "reality" TV show, these people are idiots and a danger to themselves and to everyone on the high seas. They should all be arrested and prevented from ever being on any ocean going vessel. This isn't about whales, it's about TV ratings and money. The crew are largely moronic and are clearly easily manipulated.
   comment# 87   - Rob · Marietta OH, USA · Aug 17, 2010 @ 8:14am

Whale meat is delicious. mmmmm..... so tasty!!! thank God for the Japanese!!!
   comment# 88   - Me · Southern California, California, USA · Aug 23, 2010 @ 1:46am

So hunting mammals with large pneumatic propelled spears is OK? Just remember, that whale is probably smarter than most humans.
   comment# 89   - Horse · South Central PA, USA/CWA · Aug 25, 2010 @ 12:27pm

oh yeah its so damn lethal that 4 arrows will kill the entire ocean. god Japaneses people are so damn stupid and retarded at the same time. Did you guys do a test on the arrows to see what was on the arrows or dud you just assume there was a SUPER VIRUS that kills everything in the ocean??? DID you ever watch the whale wars season 3 at all??? if you watch they clearly show and tell that there sucking the gas and oil out and oh btw there was less then 50 liters of gas in there because oh lets see THEY WERE DEAD IN THE WATER FROM OUT OF FUEL!!! RIGHT BEFORE YOU WANTED TO RUN THERE rear orifices OVER YOUR SO GLAD YOU DIDN'T KILL ANYONE BECAUSE IM PRETTY SURE THEY WOULD COME BACK WITH EXPLOSIVE MISSILES OR SOMETHING LITTERLY!!! look your guys are so full of scat its not even funny i mean really come on people i thought you were smarter but now your so damn stupid. you will do anything to get attention. OK so lets let you hunt i dont know 5 years from now every single whale would be dead then... what next??? there nothing to hunt see thats why the sea sheperds are down there so they can keep life from going down the drain. so life on this planet dosnt die and if this planet dies you die, and we know you dont like dieing i mean we have to put you in a dieing situation litterly to get this across you god i hate you people and with a passion. litterly government need to step in and do there damn job or do we need to get rid of our government because there not doing scat.
   comment# 90   - Taylor · USA/WWA · Aug 28, 2010 @ 7:02pm

SHAME ON JAPANESE WHALERS. You and the Taiji Dolphin Killers bring shame to your great country.
   comment# 91   - Deep Diver · Honolulu, Hawaii, USA · Sep 6, 2010 @ 8:44pm

OK here we go. The arrows were from the ady gil, the Japanese have high powered rifles, or shotguns, and harpoons, all of which are deadly weapons. I suppose even an apple launched from an air cannon could be lethal. Thankfully no one has been killed (yet). The Ady Gil was not "dead in the water" because they were out of fuel. They shut down due to low fuel. On the show, it shows them pumping out the last of the fuel after the collision. If you watch the videos, the Japanese ship clearly changes course toward the Ady Gil. The Ady Gil fires up her engines, the prop wash is clearly visable ( i spent 8 yrs in the navy), and the boat moved forward. I think both captains wanted to make the pass as close as possible for dramatic effect, and it went horribly wrong. I support the sea shepards anti whaleing position, but not their methods. Their campaign, while well intended, is futile. Their "attacks" are so poorly planned, and amateurishly executed the only thing in danger are the shepards themselves! The Sea Shepards should each return to their countries, and put that energy into educating the public, and put pressure on governments around the world. Only "SERIOUS" international cooperation, and law enforcement can stop this tragedy.
   comment# 92   - jethro · kansas city, USA · Sep 7, 2010 @ 6:39pm

It is true that the ady gail was indeed carrying bows. The captian diped the tips in butyric acid or something like that and they were going to use them to shhot at the whales to ruin the meat just like if they flicked it on the deck of the shonamaru 2. Itwas just another attempt to stop them from whaleing. Plus the japanese whalers are just getting pissed off and are therefore trying to shut down the antii whalers at all costs. They evn showed on the television show that the japanese whalers ssent a letter to some place saying that three of thier deck crew were injured in thier face and eyes from the butyric acid. but the anti whalers showed evidence video of wwhen the owner of the ady gail was shotting canisters of red paint at the reseearch sign on the shonan maru 2. Three of the japanese deck crew came out with pack packs and shot something that the anti whalers thought was pepper spray. But anyways they shot some of it at the anti whalers but the strong wind picked it up and sent it back at the whalers and they all ran around covering thier eyes and running inside. So this all just the japanese whalers trying to get rid of the steve irwin bob barker and the already destroyed and sunk ady gail :'(...god bless these anti whalers
   comment# 93   - Ryan hsrhrth · st.johns nl · Sep 9, 2010 @ 4:41pm

shamu- get yur facts straight. 1st, it wasnt dark. 2nd,the maru made an abrupt turn (go on youtube).
   comment# 94   - toby · kapolei, hi: usa · Sep 22, 2010 @ 5:00pm

pretty sure they said something about use the arrows. To shot into the whales while they where transporting the whales from ship to ship with something that taint the whale meat. Some body might have alredy wrote this but i didnt read all the post.
   comment# 95   - Grant · USA · Oct 2, 2010 @ 5:44pm

Prior to the "colision" between the Shonan Maru 2 and the Ady Gil the Sea Shepherd ship was almost out of fuel. Also the Sea Shepherds pumped all remaining fuel off the vessel and on to the Bob Barker after the colision (ramming!). They had been towing the slowly sinking ship for almost a day before they were forced to abandon it. Funny that no fuel was reported leaking while it was being towed. The whalers have plenty of fuel on there ships. I wouldn't be surprised if they dumed some fuel and saied it came from the Ady Gil. The arrows were to be tiped with a substance and shot into a dead whale so it could not be prossed for consumption but still be researched on. Finally, butyric acid is only rotten butter! It has a pH les than orange juice! It is Biodegradable and does not irritate skin. It sure does stink though.
   comment# 96   - Michael · Leuis County Washington State U.S.A · Nov 1, 2010 @ 6:08pm

Ummm has anyone looked at the video? Ummmm, Gomer, put your glasses on, put in your earphones and put your face to the VIDEO! Those guys were eating sandwiches and watching the Shonan Maru cruising along at least 75-100 yards to the Starboard/Stern of the Ady Gil- Engine was SHUT DOWN and the boat slowly turned in the waves, exposing the Port side as they STILL sat there eating (Look at the Video, again- or do you have a Japanese CS5 Edited edition?) They were watching the KILLER Whalers pass as it Quickly changed coarse and Rammed into the Ady Gil. You have 2 Brain cells left and one's waivin' "Bye-Bye" to the other. So, they risk their lives, spend their $ and take time away from their Families to do wrong? Not ONE person on the Sea Shepherd, the Ady Gil nor the Bob Barker are Cruel or Unlawful Citizens. They have not "Long-Lined", spear-fished, Trapped, trawled, Killed any wild game or Protected Arctic Life the ENTIRE TIME they have been out there, nor in their Mediterranean Expeditions in attempt to slow the Yellowtail Tuna & Silky Shark over-fishing. Read more HONEST links. This is why it's called the World Wide Web. Limit your reading and your brain yearns for Dr. Seuss. Mush-Minded freaks! Eat some Lead Paint and Misrepresented Whale Steaks.Turns out the Japanese Mkts. been Busted selling Mercury-Tainted Dolphin Meat as the Antarctic Whale meat they are harvesting "Tissue Sample" from. The Dolphin are her
   comment# 97   - Laddy Ronson · Carlsbad, Ca. · Mar 15, 2011 @ 10:51pm

First of all the ady gil ran its self out of fuel. yhey only had enough fuel to cost or not be dead in the water for 3 days. Intell paul watson and the steve got there. If they tryed to power up and move out of the way of the jap whaler they would have ran out of fuel compleatly. and no chance of turning the ady gil into larger wave that could have capaized her. the jap whaler turned into the ady gil to try and take her out of the campain any one that says other than that supports japs and there whalers period. other wise stop crying paul and the sscs do what they can to help save our oceans. and if you had a brain you would help.
   comment# 98   - dwayne · pheonix usa · May 22, 2011 @ 2:23pm

The ady gil did not do none of this and hey Pete that boat was nice till it got sonk
   comment# 99   - Tate · Oxford FL · Oct 9, 2011 @ 11:15am

The brave men of Ady Gil should not have Arrows - they should have ship/ship Rockets!
   comment# 100   - schonramer · Munich, Germany · Dec 8, 2011 @ 4:57am

For the people who take this lightly I think not.These Japanese intended on hitting Aby Gil if people don't take this serious there will be a problem. Look at what has happen when people don't act on poachers certain species go extinct.I thank that the Japanese whalers should be criminally charged and pay for the Aby Gil. These people are fighting for a good cause!!!!
   comment# 101   - Brian Pierce · Kingsland,Georgia · May 7, 2012 @ 10:41pm

Hi. I always barack (support) the anti-whaler side because theyre so nerdy, except the ady gil capt. But I hate whales, they suck. Im torn when watching the show. I would very much like to eat a whale but I feel the anti-whalers deserve to prevail more than the japanese. Also the arrows were clearly shown on episodes prior to the ramming and their purpose explained to be shot at ugly whales to taint their sweet tasty succulent flesh.
   comment# 102   - daniel · sydney · May 11, 2012 @ 6:29am

hi any one knows what happened exactly to the ady gil at present time, did it realy sank or it has been pulled out into a scrapyard? if it has sink where about? any info??
   comment# 103   - ulysse · switzerland · Dec 1, 2012 @ 9:02am
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