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Aussie Scuba Certification Agency Releases New Certification Card Design Amid Global Push

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VICTORIA, Australia -- Associated Underwater Scuba Instructors (AUSI) has released a new certification card design; the new card became available on 1 January 2009.

Mr Steve Sinclair, AUSI’S Chief Executive Officer, said the new card design is exciting because it better reflects AUSI’s global focus and growth in the international market.

AUSI’s current policy of awarding diver certificates, in-store, at the conclusion of a course - thus eliminating the need for “interim or temporary “cards – will remain in place. However, divers now have the option to obtain a new plastic certification card via its website New plastic cards are also available to AUSI divers who wish to update their older card.

The new card provides dive operators with a photograph of the diver for positive identification as well as the vital information required to assess an AUSI diver’s ability to dive. Information includes:

  • Diver’s Name
  • Level of Certification (see table of equivalents below)
  • Date of Issue ie time of training
  • Certifying Instructor’s Name and AUSI Number
  • Training Facility
  • Training Location, and
  • AUSI Certification Number.

There is also an important note referring operators and potential buddies about consulting the diver’s log book for verification of experience.

For any information regarding AUSI Definitions, AUSI Standards, AUSI’s Free Professional Cross Overs and AUSI’s Professional Free Fee Policy go to, registration is free.

Table of AUSI Scuba Equivalents
AUSI Level I Scuba Diver - Instructor Supervised Open Water
AUSI Level II Scuba Diver - International Open Water: Daylight diving to 18m (60’)
AUSI Level III Scuba Diver - Advanced Open Water: Daylight diving to 30m (100’)
AUSI Level IV Scuba Diver - Deep Diver: Daylight diving to 39m (140’)
AUSI Level V Scuba Diver - Deep Diver + Rescue Diver
AUSI Level VI Scuba Diver - Master Diver
AUSI Level VI Professional - Dive Master/Dive Con Specialist
AUSI Assistant Scuba Instructor - Assistant Instructor
AUSI Level I Scuba Instructor - Resort Diver Instructor
AUSI Level II Scuba Diver - Open Water Instructor
AUSI Level III Scuba Diver - Advanced Diver Instructor
AUSI Level IV Scuba Diver - Deep Diver Instructor
AUSI Level V Scuba Diver - Rescue Diver Instructor
AUSI Level VI Scuba Diver - Dive Master Instructor
AUSI Level VII Professional - Instructor Trainer
AUSI Level VIII Professional - Instructor Examiner

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