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Bass Fisher Christiana Bradley's Weekend Hinges On A Lot Of Variables

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WOODBRIDGE, Virginia -- The LAPR Bass Series presents a different kind of fishing for GEICO pro angler Christiana Bradley.

This weekend's LAPR event is a one-day tournament that launches from Leesylvania Park on Sunday, which doesn't give Bradley much time to come up with a comprehensive game plan to boat the big ones she'll need to earn a paycheck.

"This is a body of water I have many tournaments on a year, and I've been fishing it for several years," Bradley said. "I've already got a game plan in my head, but weather, water temperature, clarity, and wind will always factor in to what we're doing, and we don't know what we'll have this weekend until we get there."

After recently fishing a tournament in North Carolina where she dealt with near freezing temperatures and high winds, she certainly is hoping for one thing to work in her favor: "I'm dreaming it will be a nice warm day for me, at the very least."

At multi-day tournaments, anglers get several attempts to hit the water and explore areas where the big bass may be lurking. Bradley said in this weekend's situation she will get just one day of prep before fishing for the money.

"There's a different approach to this, but luckily there aren't a lot of the unknowns that I face in other tournaments because I know the lake pretty well," Bradley said. "I'll use Saturday to nail down my game plan and narrow things down based on the water's clarity and temperature and just go from there.

"Without a week or two on the water devoted to finding the best patterns, this is the best I can do. Hopefully my past experience in these conditions will produce good results."

The LAPR Bass Series stop on the Potomac River launches at 7 a.m. Sunday from Leesylvania State Park. The boats will return at 3 p.m. for weigh-in.

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