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Queensland Satellite-Tags Second Shark; 'Helps Us Understand The Behavior And Biology Of Dangerous Sharks'

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BRISBANE, Queensland -- 'Kirra J' is now Queensland's second satellite-tagged great white shark.

Fisheries Minister Craig Wallace said she was 2.66 meters long and weighed in at 180 kilograms when caught and tagged off the Gold Coast last week.

"Kirra J was tagged on 1 December and was named after the spot she was caught at, Kirra Beach," Mr Wallace said.

"She was caught on a drumline and tagged in rough conditions before being released three nautical miles off shore.

"Kirra J is a juvenile great white shark and a DNA sample will reveal her exact age.

"She's the second shark to be tagged as part of our shark research program which helps us understand the behavior and biology of dangerous sharks.

"By tagging dangerous species like bull, tiger, white and dusky whaler sharks, the research will help to improve shark control programs and better protect swimmers.

"We know that in less than a week, she made her way from the Gold Coast to Grafton in New South Wales, with satellite transmissions spotting her on Tuesday.

"Shark researchers are still getting lots of 'hits' from Rachael, the first Queensland white shark tagged.

"Rachael was tagged on the Gold Coast in June and the latest satellite transmissions indicated she is now mid-way between the Victorian coastline and Tasmania crossing the Bass Strait.

"Each acoustic tag shark has a unique signal and sharks fitted with satellite tags are being monitored via satellite transmission each time they surface.

"The more we know about sharks and their behavior, the better we can protect swimmers and that's what Kirra J and Rachael are helping us do."

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