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Shark Conspiracies: Interview With World Famous Shark Fisherman Frank 'Quint' Mundus

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SAN DIEGO, California -- The December 2007 episode of Shark Conspiracies is now available for free download. Shark Conspiracies explores shark sightings and attacks in a new way, by exposing the cover-ups and misinformation sometimes generated from tourism and conservation interests. Shark Conspiracies claims to be both "pro shark" and "pro truth."

The latest podcast features Frank Mundus, perhaps the most famous shark fisherman on earth, who claims to have invented the underwater shark cage, to have coined the term "monster fishing," and to be the very first fisherman to specialize in catching large sharks. He is also arguably an original inspiration for the character Quint, the colorful fisherman of "Jaws" fame. Mr. Mundus gave us a candid and fascinating interview from his retirement home in Hawaii.

The podcast runs about 24 minutes and is available at

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Reader Comments

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Kevin Harris bills his Shark Conspiracies site as being “pro-shark” “pro-truth”, when in fact the exact opposite is true. His sole agenda is about a) making a case that sharks intentionally prey on humans, and b) drawing a correlation between disappearances at sea and sharks being the likely ones to blame. The site is also heavily opinionated against those individuals who unlike him, have actually spent hours in the water observing and trying to learn as much about these animals in their natural element and who do everything they can to put accidents involving sharks into their proper perspective. Unfortunately, this monumental task is made even harder thanks in large part to the image that the media has and continues to ingrain in the public’s mind, that sharks are nothing more than mindless killers. Kevin’s mission seems to be about perpetuating this same ignorant mindset, based on nothing more than his own ignorance, ridiculous assumptions and how he chooses to manipulate the facts to suit his strange agenda and equally bizarre website.
   comment# 1   - Capt. Kent Bonde · Miami Shores, Fl · Nov 30, 2007 @ 7:12am

Great post Kent. Couldn't of said it better myself!
   comment# 2   - Brendan Maas · Philadelph, PA · Nov 30, 2007 @ 9:12am

Kevin has done a remarkable job in my opinion to present the facts as they are and NOT swayed by either phony ecologists, greedy business's or "shark haters". True, unbiased journalism is VERY hard to come by these days...I applaud his work.
   comment# 3   - Capt. King · SoCal, USA · Dec 1, 2007 @ 2:07pm

i don't get why people hate sharks in the first place, if you don't wanna get bit stay out of the ocean, i spend a lot of time fishing on the beach, if i get bit its my fault, people need to grow up and realize that sometimes they're nothing more than an easy meal to a hungry animal, and yeah most of these guys searching for the truth about sharks are stupid, they're big hungry predatory animals looking for a meal
   comment# 4   - Adrian · New Jersey, US · Dec 3, 2007 @ 10:11pm

Kevin Harris does a good job presenting all sides of issues concerning sharks. Just look at his guest list,Great white shark expert Ralph Collier, Famed shark photographer Andy murch, a lemon shark attack victim Al Brenneka, Randy Honebrink shark response cordinator in Hawaii and Frank Mundus famed shark hunter and now shark conservationist. These are all people of different backgrounds and experience. They all have their own views and opinions, most of them are experts in their respected fields. Unlike you fanatical greenies Kevin presents fair and balanced information on shark topics. Keep up the GOOD work Kevin.
   comment# 5   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska ,Texas · Dec 4, 2007 @ 3:33pm

Adrian: THANK YOU for your obvious yet profound statement: "If you don't wanna get bit stay out of the ocean." It's so simple, yet somehow people seem to miss the point here. WE are in THEIR territory, which gives us absolutely no right whatsoever to moan and complain when there is a scare or an attack. If we willingly use the ocean for recreation, we must also willingly assume the risks along with the benefits. We don't get to pick and choose. And when someone does get injured or killed, there always seems to be an outcry for shark track down and kill the particular shark that was (thought to be) responsible for the attack. This speaks volumes into the insight of culling proponents...they have none. Use the oceans at your own risk. Chances are, you will be fine. But in the unlikely event you do get tasted, don't even think about trying to blame the shark.
   comment# 6   - Brad · Raleigh, NC · Dec 5, 2007 @ 9:46am

I Loves 2 hunt them there shark!
   comment# 7   - Jimmy Story · Louisiana · Apr 6, 2010 @ 10:00am
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