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Code Name Oceania: Shark Divers Announces World’s Newest White Shark Aggregation Site; 'Untamed Nature'

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SAN DIEGO, California -- Shark Divers CEO Patric Douglas unveiled the world’s newest white shark aggregation site exclusively for film and television productions today with the release of the first ever video of these animals.

“We have code-named the site ‘Oceania,’” says Douglas. “Its exact location will be kept a closely guarded secret until the first productions have captured the complete story here”.

A limited number of production companies will be introduced to the site in 2010 (January through April), in order to maintain the location's pristine, untamed nature, as well as for the benefit of the white sharks. Typically, divers are encountering up to 10 animals a day in 100-foot visibility. The site enjoys a potential for strong conservation and research storylines. "This site offers the finest traditions of exploration, research, and adventure,” explains Douglas. “The fact that it is almost 2010 and sites like these are being discovered is a testament to how little we know of the oceans and the unlimited possibilities still open to us."

“You only discover new sites like this once every 10 years," says Douglas. "Expect to be blown away.”

“As a production company looking for the next great shark show concept, you need a professional, shark-centric company to assist with the development of your ideas," says Douglas. “This is what we do: pro-shark productions with an emphasis on shark research." For the past 8 years, Shark Divers’ parent company, Shark Diver, has been innovating and supporting ground-breaking Mexican shark research at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico with U.C Davis and CICIMAR, one of Mexico’s leading marine institutions.

As for the exact location of the new great white shark aggregation site, Douglas remains tight-lipped, fearing other operators would quickly overwhelm the site. The only clue offered as of yet: it's a very remote island in the Southern Ocean.

For now, here's a preview:

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Reader Comments

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Hey Patric, If there's any chance for a loyal 2-time Shark Diver customer to get there please count me in. I completely understand and very much respect and appreciate your guarding of the site. I'll sign any gag or restraining contract you deem necessary that would allow me to sign up for a dive trip. I'll even work as a crew member if thats what it takes. If there's any chance... le'me know.
   comment# 1   - Tom Briggs · Sacramento, USA · Jul 6, 2009 @ 7:09pm

Hi Tom, You're welcome on our vessels anytime mate. The goal for this site is to tell the real story here and perhaps, just perhaps, provide some "Sympathy for the Devil". It's a sore point with me as most programs these days just want to show the predatory side of these magnificent animals. I think we can have a balance and still keep audiences interested and more importantly, informed. We have to. As you well know these animals are at risk worldwide and as we are discovering these critters are more like Salmon, returning year after year to set hot spots worldwide. These hot spots need to be protected. This year we will be introducing the site to commercial film crews, and then rolling it out to gov in the hopes for quick action. You can have fisheries protection laws for sharks, but stronger site rules and regs will help both the research community and the sharks here. These are truly Charismatic Megafauna, as such they help other species when talking about regional shark conservation. It's a unique effort. Email me offline at let's chat.
   comment# 2   - Shark Diver · California · Jul 12, 2009 @ 10:34am
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