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Maui Fisherman Lands Massive 15-foot, 1,026-pound Blue Marlin; 'We Couldn't Move It'

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LAHAINA, Hawaii -- Ed Nevrivy and captain Ryan Fiedorowicz pose with a 1,026.4-pound blue marlin they caught July 18 off the Lanai coast.

Fishing with 130-test line in 230 fathoms, the fish put up a fight that lasted four hours.

“For about three hours, she was within 40 yards of the boat, but we couldn’t move it.

She finally got tired and finally came up after a little run and we secured her along the boat,’’ Fiedorowicz said.

The fish was 15 feet long from the tip of its bill to the tip of its tail. The marlin was the second-largest weighed by a Lahaina sportfishing boat since 1972. The largest was a 1,118-pounder caught by Fiedorowicz and captain Jeff Kahl aboard the Reel Hooker in August 2002.

“It’s like being struck by lightning twice,’’ Fiedorowicz said.

As part of a promotion involving marlins weighing 500 pounds or more, Start Me Up Sportfishing donated $300 to the Maui Humane Society.

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