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South Carolina Snorkeler's Arm Re-attached After It Was Ripped Off By Monster Alligator (Caution Graphic Photos)

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CHARLESTON, South Carolina -- A man is hospitalized in Charleston after an alligator bit off one of his arms at a Lake Moultrie recreation area.

Bill Hedden, 59, is being treated at the Medical University of South Carolina hospital. Hedden's family has told the hospital not to release any information about his condition.

Hedden was snorkeling in a Lake Moultrie recreation area when the gator attacked him about 3:45 p.m. Sunday.

Hedden stumbled into a party of picnickers with his arm missing and blood gushing from his wound.

Five nurses were among those at the gathering and put ice on his wound and kept him awake until paramedics could arrive.

Bill Salisbury with the Berkeley County Rescue Squad said Hedden's arm was retrieved from the belly of the alligator Sunday after wildlife officers shot it. The arm was taken to the hospital and doctors were studying whether it could be reattached.

The alligator was nearly 12 feet long and weighed about 550 pounds.

Alligators are indigenous to South Carolina and are found in lakes, swamps, and slow-moving streams. Experts say alligators are active year around, but they are most active in the warmer months in Georgia and South Carolina.

Although they are generally found in freshwater, alligators sometimes venture into brackish salt water.

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Reader Comments

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Another example of alligators being underestimated? After all, many a tv nature personality has snorkeled with mishap...yet. Crocs are always portrayed as much more dangerous...and yes, salt water crocs are...but alligators should not be considered docile. Like does not matter if the subject was a case of mistaken identity..a bite is still a bite.
   comment# 1   - J · mchenry, USA · Sep 18, 2007 @ 10:09am

   comment# 2   - michael · california · Sep 18, 2007 @ 11:01am

A 12ft alligator is a formidable predator. I wonder if anyone knew there was such a large gator in the area. He's lucky to be alive and maybe get the use of his arm back.
   comment# 3   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska ,Texas · Sep 18, 2007 @ 4:05pm

I can say Bill is very lucky to be alive not to many chances of surviving a gator attack of that nature when the gator is 12 feet long. I have seen a few gators myself here in FL.
   comment# 4   - Leo · Florida · Sep 19, 2007 @ 12:21pm

Poor alligator paid the price for that guys stupidity. They should have shot him instead.
   comment# 5   - Jeff · Tampa, FL · Sep 19, 2007 @ 2:48pm

poor alligator? Are you a reptile yourself Jeff. cold blooded, no feelings, you just eat and sleep and oh yeah, get on the computer.
   comment# 6   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska ,Texas · Sep 19, 2007 @ 3:35pm

It is a shame the man was attacked but at the same time humans are the outsiders when we decide to enter the water domain. Sharks, gators, crocs.. This is their land we are the intruders and we enter at our own risk.
   comment# 7   - Nicole · Tampa, FL · Sep 24, 2007 @ 2:57pm

The man got what he deserved, there were signs saying alligators present in lake he still decided to go swimming, the alligator then loses his life, because of this mans stupidity.
   comment# 8   - Michelle · Uk · Sep 30, 2007 @ 12:29pm

Nobody deserves to get attacked by an alligator. Do you deserve to get in a car wreck because you drive on the highway, or if you visit Israel do you deserve to be a victim of a terrorist attack. It was an unfortunate tragedy and the gator must be put to death because it will obviously attack anything seeing how this man was not a small man, You people whom put animal life in front of humans need to get counseling your living in a fantasy la la dream land,, get a real life
   comment# 9   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska ,Texas · Oct 1, 2007 @ 5:58pm

why couldn't they just capture it and send it to the Alligator zoo in Myrtle Beach instead of killing it? Poor guy, but he had warning signs around him. and anyway, who swims in water with heavy vegetation and lilly pads anyway?????
   comment# 10   - jan · summerville, sc · Oct 5, 2007 @ 4:02pm

smart. warning signs near area
   comment# 11   - jan g · summerville sc · Oct 5, 2007 @ 4:04pm

Where did you gator savers read that there were signs in the area? The only thing I read that it was a RECREATIONAL AREA and he stumbled into a gathering of Picnickers. Five of the people picnicking happened to be nurses. This doesnt sound like he was in the middle of the everglades or Australias out back it was a recreational area for HUMANS.
   comment# 12   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska ,Texas · Oct 10, 2007 @ 9:31pm

Here's another case of a stupid human(s) making an innocent naturally acting animal pay for the stupidity of the human. There is no good reason why the alligator should have been killed. Humans still think that they can punish animals just because they can. I say good for the alligator, boy o boy that arm was tasty. I also hope that the snorkeler was scared the whole time... thanks
   comment# 13   - shawn greathouse · usa · Oct 15, 2007 @ 7:09pm

This is the first time i have actually gotten worked up enough to post on one of these. I would to start by saying thank you Robert Rolin from Texas, apparently you are the only sane person here. I can't believe why some asked "why did they have to kill it, couldn't it be put in a zoo" for two resons i am guesing they shot it, one so that this man could have his arm back and two because if this gator attacked a man snorkeling what do you think could possibly happen to one of the handlers at that zoo?????? I am also wondering where you guys heard that there were signs????? lastly when you see someone on the street with a prosthetic limb, what do you think? I know i usually think man i give them a lot of credit for going thru life with such a disadvantage, so if they could save one person that trauma and hard ship of not having an arm why wouldnt they?????
   comment# 14   - Dan · Philadelphia, PA · Oct 16, 2007 @ 10:03am

I keep reading the same thing over and over here that the Alligator is some how bad. let me tell you somthing folks it is an APEX feeder. That means anything and everything is on the menu even us. When you make the choice to get in the water you run the risk of becoming on the menu it has and will allways be that way and it is this guys fault that he was attacked. So that does in the end regardless how anyone may feel about it make it HIS fault end of story.
   comment# 15   - Alex B. · Venice, Florida · Nov 6, 2007 @ 7:49am

Where have you read over and over that the alligator is somehow bad? I just read every post and there is not one stating that the alligator is bad. There is however a few logical comments about the alligator being a formidable predator, being underestimated, lacking any fear of humans even a large adult male and they wanted to retrieve the mans arm from the alligator. Going by your comment about it being the mans fault he was attacked by a 12ft alligator then every time someone is bitten by a snake walking in the grass it's their fault,if you are riding a mountain bike down a trail and a cougar attacks you thats your fault, it could go on and on. What a CROC. That gator will not attack anyone else , END OF STORY.
   comment# 16   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska ,Texas · Nov 6, 2007 @ 7:17pm

People it is called nature! it isn't anyone's fault what happened. But it could have been prevented. First of all there are gators all over in the lakes there he knew the risk when getting in. Get a damn swimming pool or go to a man made lake that is safe from gators and fenced off. I mean when you go swimming in the ocean allthough very rare if a shark attacks the chances of catching and killing that shark are extremely rare. is it the sharks fault for eating? thios guy is lucky it was a lake and was able to get his arm back. the gator had to be destroyed because it swallowed his arm. and time is of the essence if they were to re attach it. as far as the situation its very simple it is like throwing a gold fish into a fish tank with pirranahas. njust depends how hungry they are at the
   comment# 17   - Louie · wv usa · Nov 18, 2007 @ 9:10pm

South Carolina needs to open a hunting season on gators like several other southern states have. That's the sensible way to handle this kind of problem, because hunters tend to take the largest individuals. Cougars became a problem with humans and pets in California when that state took the ill-advised step to outlaw hunting them.
   comment# 18   - Gerald McKibben · Starkville, MS USA · Nov 19, 2007 @ 4:05pm

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth" Genesis 1:26 The alligator creepeth, man has DOMINION; supreme authority: absolute ownership.
   comment# 19   - John · Ruston, LA · Nov 19, 2007 @ 9:29pm

   comment# 20   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska ,Texas · Nov 20, 2007 @ 3:18pm

Next time I visit the South, and I see an alligator say on the road, on the golf course, anywhere on man's land, I'm going to slaughter the hell out of it. According to you alligator rights activists, it is fair since the alligator is going into human territory and it should suffice to be a target of abuse. A man goes swimming in its water, it should be allowed to attack. Right? Well, when I see one on human land, I'm going to take its arm off.
   comment# 21   - Nick · Sandusky, Ohio · Nov 28, 2007 @ 3:59am

There's room for all of God's creatures...right next to the mashed potatoes. You idiots that say he "deserved" to have his arm ripped off...I hope each of you lives a long full life with no potential for danger in it. Just stay in front of your computers. Obviously, you are disconnected from reality to say such horrible thing.
   comment# 22   - Greg K · SC, USA · Nov 30, 2007 @ 10:18am

This is my first time here, Yes the Alliagator deserved to die and God Give us power over animals to eat them and kill them. We don't have to listen to the Alliagator dinner. NO, Greg K let go in the earth and get eaten by an beast of the field, bit by the serpent or Alliagator of the dust of the earth.And AMEN to you to John Rusten.
   comment# 23   - Jim Mumford · Mason City, IA · Nov 30, 2007 @ 7:36pm

   comment# 24   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska ,Texas · Dec 8, 2007 @ 10:36am

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth" Genesis 1:26 This kind of nonsense is why I hate christianity. Respect the world you live in and you will earn its respect.
   comment# 25   - Garett · Atlanta, Ga · Mar 13, 2008 @ 2:41pm

wow sounds very impressive that man was alive....
   comment# 26   - susan buatois · novelty, ohio · Mar 19, 2008 @ 6:43am

We were boating and swimming in that lake for 14 years, and during that time 14 years, and we always saw gators on the banks, and in the lock. The U.S. Navy family camping/swimming area is right there. We would swim at the Short Stay Beach all the time. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. After all we are in their natural surroundings. Any water, pond, or ditch in the south has a gator in it. That's why you have to think, and be aware of the danger around these environments.
   comment# 27   - stephanie · ohio · Apr 4, 2008 @ 3:13pm

WOW, what human haters we have here! I guess the woman who found the gator in her kitchen should have served herself up for lunch. I am an animal lover and a trauma nurse. I'll bet if your father, child etc. was attacked your opinion would not be so boldly stated.
   comment# 28   - Tresa · destin · Apr 29, 2008 @ 8:52am

"Next time I visit the South, and I see an alligator say on the road, on the golf course, anywhere on man's land, I'm going to slaughter the hell out of it. According to you alligator rights activists, it is fair since the alligator is going into human territory and it should suffice to be a target of abuse. A man goes swimming in its water, it should be allowed to attack. Right? Well, when I see one on human land, I'm going to take its arm off." The land is neither us human's, nor the alligator's, it belongs to both (although we're the ones that did invade their territory in the first place). An alligator's gut instinct is to attack, while that's really not the situation for us humans. So to say something like that is just plain ridiculous.
   comment# 29   - B · USA · Jun 12, 2008 @ 8:10pm

I live in south GA on a river. My children and I swim in it quiet often in the summer months. If I see a gator I will shoot it. If I even see gator tracks in the sand we don't swim until my husband hunts it down and kills it. I don't think I should be a victim of an animal attack because I choose to enjoy nature. I bet most of you who say POOR GATOR they shoudn't kill it are all for the Iraq war where we are killing humans (sometimes innocent civilians) because they may or may not pose a threat to us Americans. You all need to wake up and realize that for whatever reason we are the superior beings and thats just the way things are. Thanks for reading!
   comment# 30   - Jamie · Georgia · Jun 28, 2008 @ 12:41pm

in response to robert rolin, I think in most cases man has to be blame in the tragedies that happened to him or her although most people aware that there is a danger but they still coming to it to swim in a water, just like for example in australia a man knows it that he surf in shark infested area that not supposed to be but he still going. he ignored the sign until its too late.theres so many cases in florida and africa. that people has to be blamed for such kind of irresponsible act. animals only respond to their natural instinct. the fault should not be them for for humans.
   comment# 31   - jojo · chicago,illinois · Jul 3, 2008 @ 3:05pm

Swimming in gator-infested lakes isn't smart, end of story. Swim in man-made pools instead. Lakes and rivers are places to fish, gig, and otherwise harvest edible wildlife, as opposed to being food FOR them. Gator is tasty, by the way. The tail is good eating.
   comment# 32   - sfv · Manning. SC · Jul 5, 2008 @ 4:51pm

News flash peeps.....we 'share' the planet with other creatures that have got teeth and everything!!!!! If I put myself into a dangerous situation then it's my fault if something bad happens....simple as that!! Superior species my arse.....stoopider species more like!!...lets go start a war somewhere so we can steal all their oil and mak a bigger hole in the ozone layer.......genius!!!
   comment# 33   - Dave · USA · Jul 10, 2008 @ 9:14am

News flash, with that mentality if you get hurt driving your car tonight it's your fault, period, because as you and every other tree hugging genius with this brainy idea some of which has advised us it's way more likely you'll be killed in a car wreck. Don't go outside it's way more likely you'll be killed by lightning, which would be your fault, Dave, for going outside in the danger.What a joke. By the way this was a recreational area,For humans, genius, not the outback. dAVE we didn't start the war but as always, you genius's cry about everything unless you need direct protection. Get a real life Dave try fishing
   comment# 34   - Robert Rolin · Onalaska Texas · Jul 11, 2008 @ 6:23pm

if the gator was in a park it should have ben reported and removed or KILLED! wildlife should stay in the wild get it wild----life life in the wild. things happen to all of us some point of time
   comment# 35   - curtis garrett · usa · Jul 11, 2008 @ 7:07pm

Having grown up in SC on the water, I can tell you that this guy should have known better. You have to be on your guard around any body of fresh water down there for this very reason. Why was he snorkling in Moultrie anyway? You can't see 6 inches in front of you! The gator was probably as surprised as the guy was.
   comment# 36   - JB · Atlanta · Aug 21, 2008 @ 1:09pm

i feel your pain my dog just got attacked at the hatery at lake moultrie. that dog saved me and my sons life. and the dog surrvived.
   comment# 37   - brent · knightsville · Jul 21, 2009 @ 8:16pm

It is noone's fault that his happened. The man should have known better than to snorkel there, but people know better than to speed and drive wildly. Mistakes happen, but you animal lovers want to put the rights of a wild alligator above reattaching a man's arm so that he may one day regain the use of it. They killed the alligator to help the man and to prevent future attacks. It is not the alligators fault, and its not the human's fault. It is just something that happens when we interact with nature. You people are so concerned with animal's rights, but at the expense of human rights.
   comment# 38   - Brett · Holly Hill, SC · Aug 21, 2009 @ 8:52am

I scuba dive in this lake & he had no business swimming in the swmappy area where he was atacked. I know some of the guys that responded to this emergency and they said he was grappling for catchfish. This is a sport where you reach into dark holes and pull out catchfish. Rule #1 in the lakes, streams, and rivers of the lowcountry- NEVER stick your hand where you cann't see it. I would be more worried about water mocassians than the gators. Weither he was grappling or not he shouldn't have been in that part of the lake.
   comment# 39   - Dan · SC,USA · Aug 28, 2009 @ 12:31pm

Scary!!! poor guy, i hope he lives. if he does that will be an interesting story to tell his grandchildren "i was snorkeling and an alligator came and bit my arm off, i was taken to the hospital and they cut open the alligator to get my arm out, they were able to reattach it and that is where i got this scar!." But seriously, maybe not in this case, but man is to blame for most animal attacks. I am not saying animals are innocent, they are not. But we can not blame the animals for our mistakes. Many attacks are caused by confusion. like with snakes. They don't purposefully come and bite you randomly. They hunt by sensing body heat, not by sight, and so when they sense a human it is the same as food, they can't tell the difference! And shark attacks, Most of the surfers attacked, are because a shark hunts in a kind of ambush style, they stay below their prey so while they can look up and see the fish (or seal or other things), but the fish can't see them because of their different eye placement. From below looking up, a surfer paddling out on a board can look remarkably like a seal. Those times when the Animal is at fault, it is usually because the victim was not careful. Have some common sense people. Swimming in gator-infested lakes isn't smart, period. if we try we can live together, we just need to consider them, they can be more than just animals, look at this- Weare not better than them, and we
   comment# 40   - MEG · Utah · Dec 6, 2009 @ 7:53pm

There shouldn't need to be any laws protecting killers like these or sharks either. You people that think animals are better than people are the same screwed up folks that want abortion legal. Look how and when the laws changed so we started protecting killers like this. When women started voting. We ought to put the bunch of you gator kissers in a swimming pool with a few of these hungry critters and see how much you kiss on them when they are doing what comes natural for them--eating your dumb rear orifice.
   comment# 41   - Mike Carol · Raleigh, NC · Dec 19, 2009 @ 12:58pm

Very entertaining blog. Got one of those emails that had this story connected to a golfer reaching for a golf ball. Had to look it up. Bottom line, according to Darwin, Alligator opened up a whole world of hurt on himself. He shouldn't have messed with a man. Man got friends, alligators don't. Survival of the fittest. I'm sure an alligator would go to a dentist if he needed to and could figure it out....
   comment# 42   - Pete McMullen · Canada · Jan 11, 2010 @ 11:22pm

Wow alot of commentary here.In todays world you take your chances just walking out the front door.I too had to check this out because someone had it linked to a golfer.I guess you live with the cosequences of the enviroment you choose dwell in.If I live on a flood plain or in tornado alley..guess what odds are somethings gonna happen.As far as the guy and the gator goes .The guy had a choice as to where he was going to hang out that day
   comment# 43   - ken m · warsaw ny · Jan 13, 2010 @ 11:40am

Bahahahaaa..... my god, to think I share the planet with some really dumb people!
   comment# 44   - Seth · Australia · Jan 17, 2010 @ 9:05am

Stupid people do stupid things. Fortunately, the brave nurses, police and doctors were on hand to fix the mess. The gator would not have been killed had he not borrowed the guy's arm for a victory lap. Unfortunately, the gator shouldn't have been allowed in there to begin with because of his size (600 lbs). That's like allowing ground hornets to dwell below the shuffleboard courts at the old folk's home---not a good situation! My gavel sounds in favor of Robert Rolin above--the gator has to go! Should have called Nick Saban--he's good at killin' gators. Go Bama!
   comment# 45   - Chuck · Powell, OH USA · Jan 17, 2010 @ 8:34pm

I think this gator is now my alligator wallet, checkbook cover, and money clip! And probably my 3 pairs of alligator shoes as well! Seriously though, I hope this man recovered the use of his arm. Has there been any followup on this story?
   comment# 46   - Bruce · Dallas, Tecas · Feb 4, 2010 @ 2:54pm

Very sad for the man. Even sadder for the alligator. Here in Australia, you want to swim with the crocs, your choice. Have swum with freshies, no problem, gentle, but salties and gators a no no, They are dinosaurs, enough said. Why kill the creature. Not even guaranteed that they can reattach the arm.
   comment# 47   - Karina Andersen · Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Apr 8, 2010 @ 3:40am

You cant fix stupid!!
   comment# 48   - J · USA · Jul 29, 2010 @ 8:31am

Anyway you put it, it was the guy's fault. Sure, he doesn't deserve to have his arm ripped off, but like many of you stated, he DID enter the water. If he was so 'cautious' like all these articles state, he should have been cautious enough to maybe LOOK AROUND at the signs that CLEARLY show alligator signs... a grown man should be able to realize that, if a sign has a picture of an alligator snapping its jaws angrily and stating in large, bold black letters 'ALLIGATOR SIGHTINGS; DO NOT SWIM' then he should not swim... it's just so sad that the alligator, or whatever creature, is always deciphered as the evil one, when it's almost ninety-nine percent of the time in THEIR home, in THEIR area, not ours. WE go into THEIR territory. Is it not normal to defend what has been rightfully yours since forever?
   comment# 49   - kathy · palmdale,ca · Aug 11, 2010 @ 10:23am

Wake up fools!!! I am so tired of hearing people say kill this, kill that when we, humans, are at fault. For those of you who do not get my point, here it is....alligators, crocs, sharks, have been arround for millions of years and won't see another million, I guarantee that. We build housing developments on lakes because it's beautiful landscape. We build roadways through forests and marshlands because it's convenient for us. Did anyone every stop to think of the wildlife that lives there has to go somewhere? When we continue to expand the human domain into these animal's habitats then there is going to be conflict. Very soon there will not be a "wild" animal alive because we, as humans, will have consumed every piece of liveable land on the planet and killed what was in our path. I'm not a tree-hugger or environmentalist...I'm a realist. How much longer do you think this planet is going to last if we continue to expand the way we are? Think about it. 1000's of acres of rainforest destroyed EVERY SINGLE DAY. What happens when we run out of rainforest to cut down? you, morons, that qoute the bible saying that God gave us the right to destroy everything on the planet...I hope you teach your grand children about Armageddon because we won't live to see the Earth destroyed completely, but our children's children might.
   comment# 50   - Scott Shreve · Martins Ferry, US · Sep 12, 2010 @ 12:04am

That is my teachers brother. he told me all about the story
   comment# 51   - Matt Joinveill · Lincoln RI, US · Sep 18, 2010 @ 9:00am

@Steve - I don't think that there are many sharks going to be homeless because of housing developments. The American Alligator is prospering. It's far from being an endangered species. The same goes for salt water crocs. This event was unusual because they didn't expect to have gators there. For everyone that states we are in THEIR home. Well we're all part of the same planet. It's OUR home too! It's simply a matter of learning to co-exist. BTW the doctors didn't re-attach his arm.
   comment# 52   - Bruce Williamson · Philadelphia, PA · Sep 20, 2010 @ 3:30pm

People are more important than animals. Just the basic fact that any animal that attacks a human should be quickly put to death.No matter who's fault it may be, the animal or the human.I believe that all living things have a value and a purpose.but once an animal has attached a human,that animal now becomes even more dangerous whether its in its natural environment or my front lawn. And for those of you taken up for the Gator, thank God your not on any important law making councils .Remember lesson number 1 people are more important than animals
   comment# 53   - gary · usa · Oct 14, 2010 @ 9:04am

some people are just dumb...
   comment# 54   - shannon · india · Dec 19, 2010 @ 6:24pm

This is just crazy ppl underestimate the power and ability of these animals and they mess with them and aggravate them and then when they defend theirself the person wants 2 harm or kill them. I wasnt there when this happened but I heard the man was out there pestering and messin with the alligator and well we all c what happend. Alligators facinate me if I could have 1 as a pet I would and I would keep him in my swimming pool. lol Peoples problem is they have lost respect for these animals and what they can do and then in situations like this someone gets hurt. These animals r awesome in their natural environment. I have a house on the lake and all summer I watch them every night and they are just awesone creatures. From the babies to the big ones they are just fun to watch. Hunting these animals is a different story. Hunting them for the meat is one thing or if they are causing a problem that is another but all these people that just kill the gators just because that is slack. There was a guy that stayed near my lake house last summer and he deliberately ran over tha 10 foot gator with his boat and left it out in the water. I mean really how slack is that. No disrespect to anybody but these are great animals and most wont cause any harm if you dont bother them but other cases there are victims by mistake. Just be respectful to them and know their power and capability and everyone will be okay. Keep your dogs away from the edges of the water also. Alligators love small dogs!
   comment# 55   - Kaylee Byers · Johnsonville, SC · Dec 29, 2010 @ 6:42pm

I am from this area. I would and still go swimming around this area. Everybody that lives there knows that there are alligators out there. I have been swimming with a 10-12ft alligator about 100yrds from me. I think that more signs would help for people that are not from there. Growing up we were taught where it was safe to swim and what to look out for. Please don't get me wrong, there really is no safe place but there are signs that you can tell where an alligators are at.
   comment# 56   - Travis · Moncks Corner, SC · Feb 26, 2011 @ 6:00am

until otherwise proven, humans are at the top of the food chain. If an alligator takes that guy's arm, we shoot him. If it was the other way around, they would do the same. People need to get the f*ck over it. The gator's life does not even come close to holding the same value as that man's life. Grow up.
   comment# 57   - Bob · Houston, TX · Apr 10, 2011 @ 8:35pm

Totally 100% agree with comment #5... Poor alligator..And no that doesn't make us cold hearted. It is unfortunate that his arm was bitten off but what gives us the right to take the life of another creature? The gators life doesn't mean as much as a humans life is the most ridiculous thing I have heard, it's pompus idiots like u Bob from Texas who think that we are so superior to other life forms. Yes we may be the top ofhte food chain but if we are sooo smart then why do we fight eachother hence the war in the Middle East when we have bigger problems like natural disasters to worrie about. The value placed on human life is a baised opinion bc we are human ourselves and that's not right.
   comment# 58   - Ashley · Canada · Apr 19, 2011 @ 8:53am

stupid it was.
   comment# 59   - ron · Phil · Jun 1, 2011 @ 6:26pm

First, I work with alligators and have done research with this animal. They are afraid of humans are don't attack just because we are in the water. Alligators are naturally afraid of humans. It is a shame the guy got his arm bit off and is a shame that the alligator had to die. What is really at fault is humans. Most likely this alligator has been fed by the ignorant public. Alligators associate humans with food, not that humans are giving them food. So their little mind says Human = food. So blame stupid people for feeding it. I have witnessed people swimming in alligator areas, some as big as 12'7'' and a water skier falling over an 8ft we were trying to catch and relocate. The boat picked up the skier and the alligator resurfaced 5 minutes later in the same area. They are not killers, usually, unless humans feed them. No matter what though if you see an Alligator in the water, respect it and its territory. Safer not to swim.
   comment# 60   - steve · US · Jun 26, 2011 @ 12:27am

to much blood gross
   comment# 61   - jessica laboucan · canada, chauvin · Nov 25, 2011 @ 8:15am

Why the hell would you snorkel in that lake? I come down to Charleston all the time, and spend my time in the woods and swamps in the lowcountry. I see venomous snakes and alligators every year. I love reptiles and amphibians, but I keep a safe distance from cottonmouths,copperheads, and alligators. These attacks should not happen especially when you know those beast lurk in those areas. Damn! Respect wildlife and you'll have a safe and wonderful vacation. For Gods sake fish and wildlife don't put up those signs for nothing!
   comment# 62   - Edward Jemmott · So. Jamaica NYC · Sep 15, 2012 @ 1:28pm

That gator was being unknowingly fed by Boy Scouts at an adjoining facility..this man was swimming at a designated swimming recreation area for military retirees.. he swam there regularly for a very long time. It cost him his arm..with no prejudice towards gators.. arm couldn't be re-attached..he's adapted to a different lifestyle ..go brother.
   comment# 63   - Jack · Cocoa, Fl · Apr 18, 2013 @ 9:42am

We use to ski there
   comment# 64   - Phillip rpique · Goose creek · May 16, 2014 @ 9:25pm
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