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Bass Angler Robert Pearson Facing Tough Conditions, Daunting Odds; 'the Guys Who Are Mentally Tough Will Break Through'

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ROGERS, Arkansas -- The next few days on Beaver Lake is lining up to be some of the toughest in the career GEICO bass angler Robert Pearson.

The Walmart FLW Tour is making its annual stop in Arkansas March 3-6 and water conditions are not going to make catching bass easy.

"We're just looking for two bites a day," Pearson said. "The water is extremely cold, extremely low, and extremely clear. That makes for horrible fishing conditions."

With the water so cold, the bass stay dormant, so Pearson said he's going to have to find where they are hiding and practically drag the bait in front of their noses to get a bite.

"These fish aren't moving at all," Pearson said. "During Tuesday's practice, the air temperature was 26 degrees and the water temp was in the 30s. You usually don't catch a lot of fish in 30-something degree water. I'm going to have to figure something out.

"I feel like if I can get three bites a day I'll be right where I need to be."

At his last tournament in Florida, Pearson was landing more than 100 fish per day. He said being able to work through completely opposite conditions in Arkansas will be key to winning the tournament.

"The guys who are mentally tough will break through," Pearson said. "They'll find the big fish and be right where they need to be.

"You get realistic when you practice for three days and don't catch a fish. Nobody is catching anything. You just have to work your game plan and be prepared for when temperatures warm up, which should move some fish around."

The tournament starts Thursday and launches every day at 7 a.m. Prairie Creek Park in Rogers. Weigh-ins on Thursday and Friday will be at 3 p.m. in Prairie Creek Park with Saturday and Sunday weigh-ins at 4 p.m. at the John Q. Hammonds Center , which is located at 3303 Pinnacle Hills Parkway in Rogers.

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