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Whale Wars: Three Japanese Sailors Injured By Sea Shepherd 'Piracy'
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TOKYO, Japan -- Japanese research whalers in the Antarctic have accused the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of injuring three sailors with acid from projectiles launched against the Shonan Maru No. 2.

The text of Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research press release follows:

Japan’s Antarctic whale research (JARPA II) vessels were subject from the February 11 evening to the 12 wee hours to yet another wire hawser and butyric acid attack by the Dutch-registered ship Steve Irwin and the Togolese ship Bob Barker. The Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker repeatedly deployed wire ropes and used a launcher to fire butyric-acid projectiles against the Japanese vessels.

Three Shonan Maru No. 2 sailors resulted victims of acid-splash chemical injury from the Dutch ship attack.

The Dutch and Togolese ships have been pursuing the Nisshin Maru since February 6 and 8 respectively. Following a Greenpeace-style antics display on February 9, at about 16:50 February 11 the Steve Irwin approached the Nisshin Maru port side to near-miss distance while firing a water cannon.

The research vessel Shonan Maru No. 2 too was subject to attack by the Steve Irwin which deployed wire hawsers intended to entangle and disable its rudder and propeller while the Bob Barker repeatedly fired a high-power illegal laser weapon against the Japanese crew. The Bob Barker also came directly across the bow of the Nisshin Maru deploying wire hawsers intended to sabotage its rudder and propeller.

Furthermore, the Dutch vessel deployed its rubber boats to launch-fire a number of red-dye projectiles against the Nisshin Maru. Also, the activists onboard the Steve Irwin rubber boats launch-fired butyric acid-containing projectiles against the Shonan Maru No. 2.

At about 23:00JST three of the Shonan Maru No. 2 sailors who were readying to prevent any activist illegal boarding became victims of the Sea Shepherd projectiles, receiving acid-splash chemical injury to their eyes and face.

The Dutch and Togolese ships continued for several hours their attack launching many butyric-acid projectiles and smoke bombs against the Nisshin Maru.

The Institute of Cetacean Research strongly condemns the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society dangerous and violent actions carried out in contempt of the International Whaling Commission consensus criticism and demand for self-restraint and against Japan’s whale research vessels and crews who are conducting perfectly legal research activities in the Antarctic.

The Institute of Cetacean Research urges again the Netherlands, the Steve Irwin’s flag state, Australia, the de facto home port country to the Steve Irwin, the Togolese Republic, the Bob Barker’s flag state, and all other related countries to take every means available to prevent the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society illegal and violent actions and strongly requests that these countries observe their international obligations and deal with the Sea Shepherd in a strict and objective manner.

Photographs and video of the incidents in the Antarctic can be seen at:

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Reader Comments

24 people have commented so far. cloud add your comment

Ah didums, those poor Japanese. You sink one of their boats and are now crying over some rotting butter and water cannon. As a nation I despise you, as you will continue to rape the oceans of the world until there is nothing left, you butchers ! I hope you like the taste of jellyfish because thats all thats going to be left soon.
   comment# 1   - Paul · Reading, UK · Feb 12, 2010 @ 2:14am

What complete liars the Japanese are! The Japanese attempted to fire pepper spray at the Sea Shepherd's zodiac and forgot the wind was blowing in thier faces! The video is hilarious! These idiots actually hosed themselves down!
   comment# 2   - Ronald Stark · USA · Feb 12, 2010 @ 9:33pm

Awww... Doze pwoor wittle Jap whale-butchers... Dey got owies on dem wittle faces and in dere pwoor wittle eyes frum awl dat wotting, stinky butter. Freaking WHINERS! Do you Japs really expect ANY SYMPATHY from ANYONE for that, in comparison to the AGONIZING DEATHS that YOU are bringing to HUNDREDS of vulnerable, helpless WHALES??? What the crews of the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker (Gaea bless them and keep them safe!) are doing to your whale-massacring ships and crews is NOTHING, next to what I would do, if I was in charge! Does Hiroshima ring a bell...???
   comment# 3   - Gypsy · Tacoma, WA, USA · Feb 12, 2010 @ 9:58pm

When is the Japanese government going to live up to its obligation to protect its own citizens from this moronic and violent band of eco-terrorists? The Sea Shepherd organization has been committing violent, idiotic (and from some of the comments here, racist) attacks on law abidding fishermen for far too long. It is time that this vicious group of liars and thugs be stopped.
   comment# 4   - Matt · Detroit, USA · Feb 15, 2010 @ 3:16am

Hopefully, the Japanese ships start carrying garandes, rocket launchers, and small arms to fight off these pirates of the ocean. The Steve Irwin deserves to be sunk at sea!
   comment# 5   - Brian · Syracuse, NY · Feb 22, 2010 @ 6:23am

poor paul... still using the "rotten butter" line? totally broken ages ago, yet still delivered by the brainwashed imbeciles that believe watsons drivel. ahh..ronald... pepper spray ? and who gave you THAT analysis? watson sees a puff of powder and calls it pepper spray... and you believe his every word. Unfortunately, watson is a liar.... over and over again.. lies.. remember.. "I've been shot...", "I've broken no laws...", "never been convicted..." and on and on... if his lips move, he's lying. Gypsy, how brave you are, why not use your name ? I assume you're sitting there eating you mcnuggets, and munching on your kiddy meal and you want to talk trash? Be sure to let your mommy know when you're done so she can come clean up your playpen and change your diaper. I suggest those of you that subscribe to watsons BS go other places than the sscs website and learn facts. like butyric acid is NOT rotten butter... then look up the MSDS for that substance, pay close attention to the LD50 data. You might also go look up the Internationally agreed upon rules of navigation and ship-handling. Then come back and tell everyone where ramming is allowed and NOT a terroristic tactic.Failing all that, give a lucent and logical explanation as to why someone that doesnt like what YOU do cannot come douse you in acid, ram you, burn youe house, bash your head in, etc..etc..etc... you think watson is ok do
   comment# 6   - Erik · San Diego USA · Feb 26, 2010 @ 10:43pm

All of you who put down the Sea Shepherds org. and don't like what they do, ask yourself one simple question WHY DO THE JAPANESE NEED TO SLAUGHTER 1000 WHALES A SEASON FOR RESEARCH? They are not "fisherman". Commercial whaleing is illegal and if you see the signs the Japanese hold up while they cut up a 6000 pound whale "we are taking research samples" ask yourself another question...why do they need 6 million pounds of whale flesh? It's not research it's all about MONEY. They get $250,000 to $350,000 per whale. If you can answer even one of my questions with a REAL answer I'll take it under consideration, but until then Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherds have my full support. The whales can't hire lawyers to speak on their behalf, therefore, the Sea Shepherds are doing the right thing...defending the whales aginst genacide and as a US Army Soldier who has put my life on the line more times than I care to think about for people who couldn't defend themselves, and am now 100% disabled because of it and would gladly do it all over again, I personally would do more than what they do and don't give me any crap about they are not people. I am well aware of what they are and if the killing continues the whales will be gone forever. Since you think it's OK to kill them...go take a ride on a harpoon ship and watch first hand how brutal that death is...better yet pull the trigger yourself, see & smell the blood, smell death
   comment# 7   - Timmy R. · 101st AirBourne/Air Assault, USA · Mar 6, 2010 @ 12:01am

I wonder if the whalers realize there are better jobs out there - this crap isn't really worth it in the long haul. Some Japanese even deplore the whaling act. Everyone knows it's not science focused...
   comment# 8   - Mike · Sarasota, FL - USA · Mar 6, 2010 @ 6:33pm

Yo Timmy, why dont you ask a REAL scientist what numbers are needed for a VALID STATISTICAL sample for a population of 500 K to 1,000k. The product NOT used for sampling is then turned around and processed for a good use, they COULD just throw it all overboard and feed the gulls. Your analogy of whaling being a "genocide" shows that your indoctrination has come from the sscs website. You apparently believe his words over those that actually study and KNOW. Then you CLAIM to be a "soldier, who has put your life on the line" Just WHAT did you put your life on the line for? So that SELF PROCLAIMED VIGILANTES could do as they wish on whoever they wish, WHENEVER they wish ? That's what osama does...that's what hamas does... fatah... al quaeda... taliban... ALF.. etc..etc.. and on and on and on.. you support this ? or you just like being able to pick your OWN pet terrorist. Tell me, as soon as you find out... What laws are being broken. (cite SPECIFIC LAWS, not general resolutions) Then tell us what the listed penalties are for the law(s) being violated, and lastly, remind us all which COURT has jurisdiction in setting and enforcing these "laws"
   comment# 9   - Erik · San Diego USA · Mar 7, 2010 @ 3:19pm

For all the people who get on and write about things you know nothing about and no facts to back them up why don't you go to Japan and work for the Whaling Ships if you think it's such a good idea? America is a peace loving country if you didn't know and some of you must also think that it's o.k. that we send thousands of our American men and women to other country's to fight for people they don't know except that it's the right thing to do. And I would be proud to be a part of Sea Shepherds because it takes people of integrity to care so deeply about Gods creatures, land, air and people. On the show, "Whale Wars", when ever a whale is killed the Sea Shepherds literally cry because of the brutality and lack of compassion the Japanese have for that living Breathing creature of GOD. Also I think anyone who cares about these issues shoud give there deonations to these people instead of Green Peace because they are just a corporate money machine that stopped careing about the very things it was founded on and Paul Watson, who by the way, was one of the founders who said "If you don't stand up for something you will fall for anything".
   comment# 10   - Kelly · USA !!!!!!!! · Mar 7, 2010 @ 3:28pm

Hey Erik, I don't know why you chose me to debate with, but I'm kinda glad you did. 1st it's not cool to put a Soldier's honor on the chopping block because you are not only talking about me, but every one of my brothers & sisters at arms who have lived & died in the service of this great nation. 2nd I, as a Soldier, honestly respect your opinion on this or any subject and let me tell you why. I, along with all who have served & have put their lives on the line so that you could have your opinion and say the things you said without the fear of someone coming to your home, dragging you and your family out into the street and shooting you all in the head. The constitution and the bill of rights says you and everybody else have the right to freedom of speech & in our oath as soldiers we swear to uphold and defend those rights to the death & 100's of thousands have done just that. With that said, if you want to present your facts as I asked before and don't want to put down the men and women of the armed forces you may do so. Attacking me & others for their opinion is literally what osama, saddam, hitler and so many other do as oppressors of a people who don't share the same view as you do. As long as the law says Paul Watson & Sea Shepherds are not doing wrong I will support them. I will never attack you or any one for their opinion. I would like to speak with you further about my service if you want. I am hurt for what you said n
   comment# 11   - Timmy R. · 101st Airborne/Air Assult, USA · Mar 10, 2010 @ 12:46pm

Now let me say Erik & others that I am not against taking a few whales for food. The entire state of Alaska is allowed to take 50 whales a year for food & other products & I am OK with that, but when a company kills over a thousand whales in the name of research & everybody knows better it's not OK & they also take at least 25 whales a year that on the endangered species list. If you want to know the law on whaleing go to Yahoo and type in commission on the protection of whales. That is where I read & get my statistics & information not the SCSS website.(never been to that site) Seeing is beleiving and I do watch Whale Wars on GreenPlanet. A lot of information comes from that DOCUMENTARY. Another thing is that harpooning takes about 30 mins. for the whale to die. NOT COOL. Technology is vast & they should research on other killing methods. It should be Quick. Another thing is people please don't hate the Japanese people. Their culture is very honorable and the Japanese people are a very smart and educated people & much of the worlds technology comes for them. I Don't like what their military done in WWII, but that was part of there and our history and we must learn from our mistakes. War has been going on as far back as time itself and Sea Shepherds are fighting a war for whales. Remember that in war both sides think they are right. It's just a matter of Sea Shepherds are defending their opinion and it's their right to do so.
   comment# 12   - Timmy R. · 101st Airborne/ Air Assult, USA · Mar 10, 2010 @ 1:25pm

Timmy, I chose you because YOU put forth that YOU served. served and supporting the values of FREEDOM and LAWFUL activities, You choose to support vigilantism and acts of terror. That says that you only support those that YOU choose, not those that act lawfully that you disagree with. You took the same oath that I did, I told you to ask a REAL scientist, you ignored that, you haven't bothered to look up the rules and regulations at the IWC, have you. You didn't realize that it is the SOLE AUTHORITY HAVING JURISDICTION over whaling recognized by the UN ? But you support self appointed vigilantes in attacking lawful activities ?
   comment# 13   - Erik · San Diego USA · Mar 14, 2010 @ 8:11pm

Timmy, second response. Apparently you're single sourcing your information. I suggest you look up the actual TIME TO DIE data, it's available from several sources, such as the IWC. You're going to find that the actual average is under 2 minutes... Care to know one reason it isn't faster? This info is avail at the IWC site too, larger grenades tend to destroy the very sources of the whale that are being researched. But I'm sure you already knew this and just didn't want to say. Now, why do I use the IWC data ? it is rigorously vetted through a multi-national science committee, the papers presented are peer reviewed, and the data comes straight from the actual sources, not second hand spinners. This is one reason that the UN recognizes the IWC *AS THE* authority having jurisdiction, and they still haven't given watson his shiny new red ryder sheriffs badge with 350 countersigned international warrants to serve on anyone he chooses. Lastly, if you're thinking that whale wars is a documentary... you're in more need of help than I can imagine.Defending ANY opinion does not convey any type of authority to perform physical attacks, let alone chemical.
   comment# 14   - Erik · San Diego USA · Mar 14, 2010 @ 8:20pm

Do know why the Japanese eat whale meat? They think it increases their libido!! What a waste of a beautiful mammal - the whale I mean. And to all those Japanese men with nothing between their legs I hope you all go to hell. Western men and women don't need to eat whale meat for increased libido.
   comment# 15   - DJ · Australia · Apr 21, 2010 @ 3:21am

"Research" my rear orifice. If you care enough about an animal species to run "research" on it, you don't KILL THEM EN MASSE, by the thousands, for the data!! Jane Goodall RESEARCHED chimps for YEARS and funny, but I don't recall her ever killing and eating one for DATA or otherwise! Erik are you serious, they could "throw the meat overboard but they opt to use it for food?" They are killing them for food, PERIOD. There is NO "research" going on, you dunces. It's a smokescreen and a very thinly veiled one at that. Wake the hell up, people. Even if you don't like or agree with the Sea Shepherds, you should at least still understand the FACTS: they're NOT doing research first and simply being "efficient" and "conservative" and eating the meat & making use of the other parts second. THEY ARE BREAKING INTERNATIONAL LAWS THAT SAY WHALING IS ILLEGAL. Every friggin country abides by the laws EXCEPT the Japanese! It's all about money money money, just like always. Every other part of the whale has been replaced by synthetic replacements, there is NO REASON left to kill whales except for the RICH FATCATS in Japan who insist upon keeping whale meat a delicacy. Hopefully the next generation of Japanese will do away with that defunct old "tradition" and stop insisting on whale meat being on the menu. And enough of the racist remarks! Threatening another Hiroshim
   comment# 16   - yeahright · Ripsport, Boop Island · Jun 25, 2010 @ 7:44pm

Nuke em again it's all those little bastards understand!!!!!
   comment# 17   - Gman · LA CA USA · Jul 16, 2010 @ 3:16pm

I'm with you "yeahright" and "Gman." Sea Shepherd's are willing to put their lives on the line for an ideal. That should be respected. The Japanese are going halfway around the world to kill whales so there's some profit somewhere. They have killed everything in the waters close to Japan so they need to go south of Australia to keep up the killing. The Japanese whalers are liars and they assume the world is dumb enough to be persuaded by the stories---apparently there are a couple of dummies who agree with the killing. They are killing in an internationally recognized whale sanctuary. Some teeth should be put in the laws so they can be prosecuted. Lets start with attempted murder for hitting the Ady Gil with 6 people abord.
   comment# 18   - Judy E Hewitt · Stockton, CA · Jul 27, 2010 @ 2:49pm

I don't mind that these people have " ideals" however, where does it stop? These people ( on The Steve Irwin and Bob Barker) are eco-terrorists. Are they more willing to risk human life than the life of an animal? Both parties, whalers and "activists" have been in the wrong numerous times Judy.... Respected?... not so much.. Compare the actions of the Sea Shepards with those of the pirates around the world. I for one would'nt mind seeing the Whalers put a few large rounds across the Shepards bow on occassion. Maybe that would stop them from attempting to ram and or sink them as they have with numerous other ships.
   comment# 19   - Matthew · Land Locked USA · Aug 14, 2010 @ 11:10am

my husband and I argue consistently over this issue. He just thinks the fisherman in Japan are doing their jobs, and they need to feed their families. I disagree and think the Japanese government would follow the laws, it is obvious to any intelligent human that they are not doing research. So, why not start with finding jobs for the men and women who are doing these jobs and then, they will not need to do such horrfic crimes to the whales.
   comment# 20   - Kelly -Miami FL 9/17/10 · usa · Sep 17, 2010 @ 4:02pm

I don't like the killing of these gentle and intelligent creatures for whatever reason; however, the tactics employed by Sea Shepperds are borderline terrorism and piracy. It is quite unfortunate that the more I watch their reality TV show, the more I dislike them. I actually found myself sympathizing with the frustrations that these whalers must have felt. They seem to exercise a great degree of restraint and patience. If I was in their shoes, I would have react to the tactics of the Sea Shepperds violently. Perhaps that is why they go after the Japanese. Try the same things against the Norwegian, Dane or Icelandic fishermen wouldn' t go over too well. However, it would great television.
   comment# 21   - Joey · Austin TX · Jul 2, 2012 @ 11:11pm

U people r wacked,if u think the planet cannot move forward without whales,read a book,they r useless mammals that take up space,if u want to fight,go stop all these garbage people that r overpopulating this planet,have them fixed!like u would ur dog or cat,plus whale meat is tasty,so to u all whale saving ,tree hugging morons, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
   comment# 22   - Whale meat is tasty · Mil,usa · Jul 6, 2012 @ 7:26pm

Good job, and long life for all.
   comment# 23   - jckro · Colombia · Sep 25, 2012 @ 8:07am

Im gonna build a pirate ship with cannons and everything and attack them there green peace junkies!
   comment# 24   - erik · Alaska United States · Aug 4, 2013 @ 7:50pm
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