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South Africa’s Missing Sharks Have Been Found; 'some were concerned that they all died'

Kiwi boat tragedy: Whale likely cause of boat capsize that killed five, skipper speaks for the first time

Clean, Drain, and Dry: Divers find invasive New Zealand mudsnail at Lake Tahoe

Unbelievable moment a humpback whale explodes and releases a sea of blood - due to gory but fascinating natural phenomenon

Disaster: Two South African Navy Divers Die Off Cape Town

U.S. drops anti-whaling wording opposed by Japan in Indo-Pacific pact

‘He swam, hooking my arm with his penis’: Inside the dolphin sex scandal that outraged a nation

We Checked in With the Scientists Who Discovered That Mysterious "Orb" Thing Two Miles Underwater

We have the technology: Underwater robots have been secured for the US’s first floating offshore wind farm

Stealth: Why Modern Submarines Are Nearly Impossible To Detect

State of fear: Are sharks becoming more dangerous?

Inflation Reduction Act: Effort to save right whales gets $82 million federal grant; 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity'

Underwater Survey Mission Documents Japanese & U.S Carriers Sunk In Historic Battle of Midway

Researchers unearth 'buried secrets' of Spanish warship that sank in 1810, killing hundreds

We have the technology: In a first, Egypt installs satellite tracking device on sharks

4 Men Rescue Endangered 500-Pound Mako Shark Washed Ashore at Pensacola Beach; 'Babe! Look at them frickin’ teeth!'

TV Teacher: 12-Year-Old Saves Man Who Passed Out Underwater, Credits CPR Learned from ‘Stranger Things’

Some Whales May Have Been Wiped Out by Medieval Europeans; 'they provide much food for men'

Court suspends shark cull in French Pacific archipelago, citing 'absence' of scientific studies

How an Orca Skeleton Made Its Way From Florida to the Smithsonian

Blowing in the Wind: Ocean scientists concerned over uptick of whale deaths on Northeast coasts

Killer Bite: Disturbing images of shark attack victim’s mangled jaw after beast bit him in the face with sickening ‘crunch’ heard

Paranoid Putin barely trusts his own security team and uses armed divers to search for assassins at seaside home

Divers find long-lost artifact from sunken Empress of Ireland in St. Lawrence River

Divers recover US airman's remains from WWII bomber wreck near Malta

Inflation Reduction Act: Grand Canyon National Park receives $258,000 funding to combat 'signs of smallmouth bass invasion' on the Colorado River

Believe it or Not: Labrador Trained to Fish For Lobsters Is Truly Man’s Best Friend

Australia: Confronting images show dolphins and seals ensnared by NSW shark nets; 'Makes your heart drop'

Data Center Heat: Microsoft used 1.7 billion gallons of water for AI in 2022

New Caledonia: French Pacific archipelago divided over shark hunt; 'we must reduce the risk'

Sharks’ Unexpected Appetite: Lured by Drug Bales?

Australia: Baby seal released into Sydney Harbour after treatment at Taronga Wildlife Hospital

Vision: Baby crocodile born without eyes in Florida

6-pound test: Fisherman lands 283-pound 'river monster' to beat 72-year-old angling world record

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Other News...

Florida: Cape Coral residents worried about dolphins’ unusual behavior and health symptoms; 'chuffing'

Watch: Fishing group witnesses orca attack, leaving otter pup orphaned

Mussel panic: Idaho Fish and Game closes access to water on public lands along the Snake River, hunters and anglers also asked to avoid the river

Florida: Manatee rescued from storm drain in Florida

'Negative' interaction': Humpback whale struck in head by boat propeller off Pilbara coastline in Western Australia

Diving for Hope: Kentucky duo works to help families find closure through water recovery efforts; 'We’re not affiliated with any agency'

Shark dies along popular beach and a shoe is to blame, photos show

Once-exposed boats in Lake Mead covered by water again, but progress is minimal amid drought

Kim Jong Un watches walrus perform exercises during trip to aquarium as he concludes Russia visit

Social anxiety: Strangers in spectacular spy-hopping whale snap all identified; 'I'm going to cherish for the rest of my life'

Lawsuit over federal flood-insurance program says rules put people, fish at risk

Expedition dining: Iris Is a new fine-dining experience in the middle of a Norwegian fjord

‘There’s nothing left’: Philippines observes massive coral reef damage in West Philippine Sea after Chinese swarming

Carp diem: Bow fisherman sets record while hunting invasive fish; ‘It was an epic night’

Whales stop singing and rock lobsters lose their balance: how seismic surveys can harm marine life

In 1991, just 5,000 humpback whales went to Hawaii. Now, they're rebounding. 'it doesn’t mean our job’s done'

Whale scientists capture the sights and sounds of a baby sperm whale birth for the first time

Woman in northeast China fishes prosperity out of cleaner Chagan Lake

Protect and serve: Northeast Ohio police officer helps 7-year-old catch 9 lbs. fish

See the ‘absolutely magical’ moment boaters spot ‘incredibly rare’ creature in Alaska

California man captures dolphin pod swimming in bioluminescent waters

Gummy: Alligator missing part of its upper jaw rescued in Central Florida

Saltwater in Mississippi River will cause Corps to build a higher underwater levee

Scientists discover massive new field of underwater geysers in the Galapagos Islands

Underwater abode for deep-sea living open to public by 2027

Lahaina residents hurting from lack of ocean access to fish; 'I show respect'

Man fishing on Sanibel beach reeled in a fish he described as 'prehistoric' looking

Sailing the high seas: two decades of counting whales and dolphins in Hawaiian waters

In Indonesia, ‘opportunistic’ whale shark fishery shows gap in species protection

Killer hunt: These orcas control the waves to hunt. It’s spine-tingling to watch.

The secret life of dolphins: What 50 years of research is uncovering in Sarasota Bay

‘Li'i needs to get out immediately': Miami Seaquarium to decide on new home for dolphin that lived with Lolita

Rare dolphin sighted off coast of Eilat again after long absence

New Zealand's vital kelp forests are in peril from ocean warming – threatening the important species that rely on them

'Bye-bye plastic!' Big ocean clean-up in Tromsø

Spectacular floating lighthouse in Massachusetts hits the market for $1.2 million - and you'll never have to pay for electricity again

Not since whaling: Researchers spot one of the largest pods of killer whales recorded in Newfoundland and Labrador waters in 100 years

They're back: Another whale spotted in Hong Kong waters

Migration of humpback whales draws tourists and prosperity to Colombia harbour town

Study: Despite dire predictions, fish stocks along Atlantic, Pacific coasts unaffected by marine heat waves; 'complicated'

Dead sea: Large numbers of dead fish keep washing up along Galveston coast

Taiwan: Court upholds NT$12.35 million fine for boat found full of protected sharks, fins

Get out: Police issue warning after reports of basking shark disturbances

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More news...

Group hooks 'overlooked' people with disabilities on fishing but needs help

Camera born in San Francisco bathtub helps to optimize fish farming

Divers spot ‘blue shadow’ in Kenya. Then ‘amazing’ sea creature appears among sharks

Noumea court suspends shark hunt following fatal attacks

Advice issued following reports of basking sharks being disturbed in Aberdeenshire

Video: Unknown shipwreck found by diver in Thames Estuary

Lummi Nation to spread orca Tokitae's ashes in Puget Sound during private ceremony

Incredible footage shows killer whale collide with dolphin in mid-air

2 San Diego ‘Bachelorette’ contestants among 5 saved after boat sinks on fishing trip; 'only thing you have out there is hope'

Get out: San Diego's Boomer, Point La Jolla beaches to close year-round for sea lions; 'potentially dangerous'

Watch: Steve-O, amateur surfer, willingly suffers wrath of painful jellyfish stings; 'Gonna need a lot of pee'

New Hampshire teen completes swim of English Channel; 'I'm super excited'

Woman forced to have all her limbs amputated after eating fish from a California market

Garship Enterprise: Details emerge on world-record alligator gar caught at Sam Rayburn

Iceland: Whaling reduces number of whales, and carbon dioxide emissions from whales

Maori leaders propose protecting whales in international waters at UN general assembly

The couple who spend their lives snorkeling with sharks off the Welsh coast

Fisherman goes viral after reeling in a 'Dr. Seuss-like' blue fish

‘Monstrous’ sea lice and jellyfish invasions blighting Scottish salmon farms

A shark on a fly rod? That's right — a shark on a fly rod

‘Is it safe to eat the fish?’ Community concerns prompt testing off Lahaina shores

'It looked almost like a shark fin' - Paddleboarder spots seal near West Pier in Brighton

'Mountain range coming out of the sea': The whales washing up on New Zealand shores

Toronto marine biologist scuba dives to seek answers for ocean conservation; 'Our field work is grueling'

Fishing trip turns into rare orca sighting for boaters off Florida coast: 'It's something you see at SeaWorld'

Australian southern right whale's entire migration tracked for the first time; 'we haven't known where they've gone'

Long Island researchers embarking on first-of-its-kind shark study; 'a pretty controversial area'

Divers push to reopen Three Sisters cave at Tantanoola after Wattle Range Council closure

No tuna: Egyptian woman loses arm in shark attack near Dahab

Claim: FEMA’s flood insurance program imperils protected Oregon fish species, federal suit claims

'It is nothing short of magic': Mermaids will soon take over the Newport Aquarium

Britain’s fish populations are in a ‘deeply troubling state’ – report

Florida: Surfer bitten in the face by shark in New Smyrna Beach

A diver has come across one of the rarest jellyfish in the world. She has only been photographed twice in her life.

Cobia: Florida researchers offering $50 to fishermen who catch this species of fish

Divers rescue juvenile shark trapped in work glove off Rhode Island coast

Hot spot: Shark bites surfer's face at New Smyrna Beach in Florida, officials say

‘Underwater dentist’: Find out why this fish is cleaning mouth of a diver

Decapitated seals, penguin, shark, birds shock New Zealand: ‘grotesque and barbaric’

Ode to Jim: Man tries to swim across Lake Michigan, stopped twice by brutal conditions; 'It was a 25-hour beatdown'

Researchers only: Eco-tourism might upset whale sharks

Watch brave farmer feed 10,000 hungry crocodiles fresh meat every day

Illinois: 106-pound catfish highlights Alton Catfish Classic

'I thought he was going to die': Florida student shark bite victim receives love, support from community