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Japan: Whaling industry struggling after 3 years of commercial whaling; new 'mothership' planned to sustain industry

Jitters: Man possibly bitten by shark at New York beach; 'go in only with a lifeguard'

Florida: Shark attack reported; girl suffered serious injuries while scalloping

Bloke savaged by 'biggest ever' great white shark reveals crucial detail that saved him; 'There were no waves and there was no chop'

Vietnam halts scuba diving off popular Hon Mun island to protect coral

The smell of fear: What We Know -- And What We Want to Learn -- About Shark Sightings on the Cape Cod; 'I'm cautious'

Prowling Beast: Chilling footage shows shark lurking in the water ‘seconds after mauling a man to death at a packed beach’

A Pair of Killer Whales Is Terrorizing Great White Sharks Off South Africa's Coast

Catch of the day: Photographer captures moment salmon leaps straight into the mouth of Cardigan Bay dolphin

Cape Town: Beaches closed after fatal shark attack in Plettenberg Bay

Life and times: Colin Farrell reveals he battled claustrophobia while making Thai cave rescue film

Fishermen just hauled in a never-before-seen two-headed porpoise

Italy: Beachgoers pull shark out of water by its tail to pose for photos with beast

Welsh catch: Four men fined £6,000 for ‘barbaric’ illegal foul hook fishing

300 bottles of Cognac recovered from ship sunk in WWI could fetch nearly £8,000 each: French shipment ended up at bottom of the Baltic Sea after German U-boat strike

Creepy Footage Shows 'Gates of Hell' Underwater Volcano: 'Earth Is Alive'

'I could have bled out': Man bitten by shark in Pacific Grove tells his story

Fact check: Contrary to alarming report, ’There are no sharks in Lake Erie’

Diver Gives 'Chin Scratches' to Friendly 8-Foot Wolf Eel in Stunning Video

Lake Mead nears dead pool status as water levels hit another historic low; 'This is deadly serious stuff'

Just dump it: The UK is searching the sea for a nuclear dump site with huge risks to marine life

Scientists Created a Tiny 'Nanocomposite' Robot Fish That Can Collect Microplastics

Man reunited with phone lost in River Wye for 10 months, in working order; 'It was full of water'

I Went for a Dive in the Gulf of Maine and I Saw One Fish; Historically the breadbasket of North America, the Gulf of Maine is now empty

California: Shark attack in Pacific Grove seriously injures surfer

Study: Sharks May Be Closer To The City Than You Think, Don't Avoid Urban Areas

West Africa’s First Underwater Museum Highlights Environmental Issues

They're back: Great whites sighted in Gansbaai after being absent for almost a year

Zakhiku found? Mysterious ancient palace city discovered underwater after site drowned by river

River Monsters: 661-pound stingray caught in Cambodia dubbed world's largest freshwater fish

The truth is out there: Locals perplexed by sight of tide ‘going the wrong way’ off Cork coast

The fever: 100+ stingrays glides within inches of Florida swimmers; 'Oh people move'

Smacking the shark: Florida Keys fishermen arrested on animal cruelty charges

Be on the lookout: Great white shark 'with distinctive wounds' moving north along US coast

Seadragon: 330-Ton Underwater Power Generator Heading For Deployment off Japanese Coast

Lake Baikal Really Doesn’t Feel Like It’s Part of This World

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Other News...

‘Fitbit for whales’ and other tagging tech help reshape wildlife conservation

Cuckoo: No one is sure why orca pods are adopting pilot whales; 'Where did this bаby come from?'

Whale of a fight: trapped whale freed in Arctic Norway

Shrinking Lake Mead reveals World War II-era boat

Due to noise pollution, seals and porpoises 'Shout' at each other to be heard

Florida: Shark fishing tournament in Palm Beach County prompts calls for cancellation, while fishermen push back; 'Sharks are incredibly important'

Researchers successfully breed ancient endangered fish found only in Nova Scotia

Norway makes fishing vessel data accessible to the world

Florida man: Rapper 'SpotemGottem' arrested after Miami jet ski chase

Frustrations grow along Yukon River as salmon fishing remains closed for second year amid record low runs

Hooked: The Yorkshire Vet viewers gobsmacked after fish has eye removed in graphic scenes

Dad-of-four tragically drowns while scuba-diving at eerie sunken shipwreck off UK coast

Catch of a lifetime: Massive bluefin tuna snagged by SoCal fishermen unusually close to coast; ' I can't believe what I just experienced'

Rescued On Christmas Eve, Nicholas the dolphin enjoys 20th birthday at Florida aquarium

Food insecurity: B.C.'s endangered killer whales have been going hungry for years, study finds

Experts fear end of vaquitas after green light for export of captive-bred totoaba fish

Beloved SeaWorld San Antonio dolphin, Betty, dies at 44 from cancer; 'she will live on in our hearts'

Biden, NOAA announce new actions on illegal fishing; 'crafts definitions', 'drafts five year plan'

Unsanctioned: Fury as Faroes let Russian vessels fish in UK waters

To combat coral bleaching, Kenya turns to reef nurseries

Researchers: ‘Raining fish’ that fell from sky in Texas were vomited by birds

RE11-foot alligator snatches and kills man cutting his grass after rushing out of Myrtle Beach Pond

Team USA swimmer who fainted during world championships shares health update; 'Thank you everyone'

Circle of life: Pollutants from far distances found in Bering Sea animals hunted by Indigenous people

In Guatemala, dozens of turtles and dolphins found dead, probe launched

Lost: Whale washes ashore with huge chunk taken out of it

World's deepest shipwreck is found: WWII US Navy destroyer that went down in the Battle off Samar in the Pacific is discovered over 22,600 feet below the surface

Oceana scientist says protecting ocean is key to combating climate change; 'It’s just another world down there'

Fin-tastic! Growing 'mermaiding' subculture makes a splash

The drowning pool': Three-time Olympic synchronized champion calls for more checks on US swimmer Anita Alvarez as she prepares to return to the pool 48 hours after fainting

Wild moment old man fights off mammoth charging croc with a frying pan at iconic Northern Territory pub - after a beast ate his pet dog Dumb Blonde

'It's a huge party': B.C. whale-watching operator uses hydrophones to listen to whale songs

Hong Kong: Carcass of baby Chinese white dolphin stranded in Discovery Bay, 14th such case this year

From 'carp' to 'copi': unpopular fish getting a makeover because no one wants to eat it

Scotland's only underwater sniffer dog retires after 11 years

Freak fishing accident: Boy airlifted to Florida hospital after catfish stabs him in chest

India: Lakshadweep takes it deep, celebrates yoga underwater

Red Sea's Blue Hole: 'Cursed' sinkhole dubbed 'divers' cemetery' has killed 100s – and bodies still lie there

Kharkiv dolphins start performing at the Constanta Dolphinarium in Romania

Save the dolphins: 89 Irrawaddy dolphins left from Kratie to Stung Treng range

Phuket: Search continues for young whale caught in marine trash

Melting Arctic ice could open up new eco-friendly international shipping routes that bypass the Russian-controlled Northern Sea Route, study finds

Lost: Kayaker swept 4km out to sea is saved by an emergency alert from his watch

Where to watch humpback whales and southern right whales in Australia during winter

Young whale spotted caught in rubbish in Phuket

Douglas David Seifert on a lifetime of underwater photography

Barnacle scraper: Humpback whales have close brush with humans during migration along Bundaberg coast

California: Gray whale is swimming free after rescuers cut loose massive bundle of netting

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More news...

Australia: Estuary Guardians, dolphin rescue volunteers and community devastated over the euthanasia of beached baby dolphin

'Octopus boom' in British waters for the first time in 70 years

Penguins at most risk off South Africa after predator whales seize the area

How bottom trawling hurts ocean life and speeds up climate change

Study: Groups of juvenile white sharks congregating near busy SoCal beaches to avoid predators

Great white sharks being 'poached' by killer whales as bigger predators develop taste for liver

A shark 'superhighway' is being protected by fishermen

Solved: Riddle of the RAF bomber found on seabed thousands of miles from home

Hit and run: They identified the sailboat that rammed a whale in the Beagle Channel and Justice is already intervening

Unusual seal rescued by divers off Foulney Island

Fishing-gear entanglements of whales increased in Alaska, NOAA report says

Fear: Cape Cod beach closed to swimming following shark sighting

Vietnam bans scuba diving at Hon Mun Islands; ban imposed to evaluate reef's health

New Zealand: Sea lion pup killed in hit-and-run

Norwegian cruise ship hits iceberg near Alaska, set to return to Seattle for repairs

Grotesque fish caught off Australia ignites debate. 'Put it back in its space ship'

Invasive snakehead fish appear in upper Potomac River; certain to 'stir stuff up'

Sea dragons’ genes give clues to their distinctive looks

Fearless villager takes on huge 14ft crocodile with nothing but rope – and wins

California shark attack: Experts say great white was 20-feet-long

88-year-old gives young angler the fly-fishing rod he made as a teen

Man 'definitely hooked' on bowfishing after getting state record fish on Lake Taneycomo

Go fish: Danish scientists work on filamentous fungi-based seafood substitute

‘My hands were right up against its teeth’: Local fisherman reels in large shark off shore of Staten Island beach

Kiwis on the hunt for shark's teeth in Chatham Islands

Missing foreign divers: Malaysian boat company fined RM5,000

Florida: 2 cave divers who drowned may have told teens they didn't have enough air

It is written: Mystic Aquarium says whale pathology reports prove 2 beluga deaths could not have been prevented

Brit blow-up: Deflated dolphin sea rescue practiced at Thurso beach

Whaling restarts in Iceland following four-year hiatus

Colorful mandarin fish spotted in Singapore waters for first time, likely from aquarium trade

Just in case you were wondering: Group says Hawaii bottomfish fishery plays minor role in whitetips’ survival

It sucks: Reef shark rescued from Singapore oil refinery cooling inlet pipe

Myrtle Beach diver recovers honeymooner’s heirloom wedding band

Florida: Davie man drowns trying to save pet parrot that flew into retention pond; 'It was horrible'

Um, Is Migaloo Dead? Two years since the white whale's last sighting

Wildlife photographer 'in tears' after spotting killer orca whales off Scottish coast following four day search

Dopey Dick: Famous killer whale who visited Derry in 1977 to be focus of city's Maritime Festival

How our ears evolved from the gills of 400-million-year-old fish

Man catches record-breaking tope shark in Wales

Incredibly rare footage shows baby oarfish swimming on Great Barrier Reef

Archaeologists find massive marble head in Aegean Sea

Estate planning: You can be buried in an underwater graveyard in Key Biscayne, FL

Florida: Dog dragged into water, eaten by gator at park in Tallahassee

Wild B.C. salmon likely exposed to harmful pathogen when migrating past fish farms, study suggests

These young Canadian researchers are trying to protect whales from the effects of climate change

Australian scientists develop model to spot soft corals most at risk of bleaching

A fast-swimming carp in the Mississippi rings alarm bells for fight against invasive fish