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Rare Footage Captures Aging Orca’s Peaceful Last Moments

Cape Cod: Local researchers test high-tech barriers as new way to keep swimmers safe from sharks; 'It is the sharks’ realm'

Pregnant megamouth shark recorded for the first time by Filipino zoologists

Suddenly: Bull shark believed to have attacked man diving off Great Barrier Reef

CSI Australia: DNA Proves Orcas Disemboweled Great White Shark In Australia To Feast On Liver

How a Chinese Warship Injured Australian Divers With Blasts of Sonar

More than 30 dead pilot whales have been found on Tasmania's east coast

On the bright side: Mediterranean sea fish strengthened amidst Gaza War

Diver dressed as Santa Claus interacts with children at Vancouver Aquarium in Canada

Modern times: Transgender anglers banned from competing for England women - after half the team quit in a protest over a male-born team-mate, with 'hands like shovels', being picked

Mark Rober Builds Underwater Maze to Test the Inventive Intelligence of an Octopus

A shark nursery may be a stone's throw from Miami's bright lights

In search of: The Whale That’s Known Only by the Sound of Its Voice

Too little, too late: the desperate search for cod babies

Artist Decorates Underwater Sculpture Park With 25 Figures of Local Island People in the Caribbean

Colombia aims to salvage the sunken treasure of the 'San Jose', but experts remain skeptical; 'we must stop talking about treasure'

Newly Discovered Underwater Mud Volcano Found Spewing Mud And Methane In The Barents Sea

To protect orcas, group launches data collection device from Everett to gauge noise pollution

The good news is bad: Sea turtle nests break records on US beaches, but scientists fear global warming threatens their survival

Sunken Secrets: Divers Discover WWII Shipwreck with Suspected Amber Room Loot

German woman missing after shark attack in Bahamas at Tiger Beach

New worry: Deep sea mining might stress out jellyfish, starve them to death, warn scientists

Offshore wind farms, dead whales and the row that's started a green-on-green civil war; 'It’s heartbreaking'

Plastics: Experts make disturbing autopsy discovery on orca after missing obvious ‘cry for help’ — here’s why it’s so concerning

Underwater AI camera for salmon farming named among Time’s best inventions of 2023 ...

Scientist Reunites With the Humpback Whale That Saved Her From a Shark; 'If someone told me this story, I wouldn't believe them'

Irrawaddy Dolphins Get Help from an Ancient Cambodian Folktale; 'People like the story, because it shows dolphins are like human,'

Breaking news: Extremely Endangered Whales Spotted Gathering off the Maine Coast; 'It was incredible'

'Incredible animal': A Southeast Texas wildlife rescue sanctuary will be starring in a TV show about catching gators

Skincare Routine: 'Incredibly Rare' Orca Behavior Captured on Video for First Time

If You Give a Shark a Cookie: The cookie-cutter shark can make a snack out of anything—even apex predators.

Don Walsh: The man who made the deepest ever dive

Do snitches net fishes? Scientists turn invasive carp into traitors to slow their Great Lakes push

Mysterious Microbial Communities Found In Mexican Underwater Caves: Study

Where have all the sharks gone? Kiwi scientists want to know

Climate Change Hurts Coral Worldwide, But Reefs Off Texas Coast Thriving

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Other News...

Putin's dolphin warfare squadron 'is washed away by storm that hit Crimea'

Cave creature — with transparent fins — found swimming in China. It’s a new species

New Zealand: Dusky dolphin washes up dead on Hawke's Bay beach

Here's what Minnesota's new lake littering law means for ice fishing

Canada: Constitutional challenge in Indigenous lobster fishing case moves ahead this week

Wyoming teen recognized as one of the state’s youngest Ultimate Anglers

For the birds: Environmental change threatens Japan's cormorant fishing legacy

Navy divers survey massive plane after crash-landing on Hawaiian reef

Not likely: Could Europe's coastal wetlands address our climate change concerns?

California's Academy of Sciences' Steinhart Aquarium turns 100. Here's a look at its century-long history

Eyemouth photographer has spent a lifetime uncovering the mysteries of the underwater world

England's only bottlenose dolphins at risk, say researchers; 'a local tragedy'

Congo’s waters are hotspot for endangered sharks & rays, reveals data from artisanal fishers

Be on the lookout: Whale that washed up in Maine goes missing after storm; 'We don’t know where it is'

New worry: North Atlantic orcas reveal the troubling persistence of toxic ocean pollutants

Just mean: Watch as killer sea creature punts its prey into the air in ‘intense’ ‘act of nature'

Survivor contestants take on terrifying underwater challenge having to hold their breath while trapped in a cage lowered into the sea

New worry: Pollution fueling a sex imbalance among endangered green sea turtles; 'complete feminization'

Canada: 'Majestic' pod of playful orcas captivate Gulf Islands residents as reported sightings on the rise

Captive success: Decades of efforts redeemed in saving Yangtze finless porpoises

Massive underwater mountain twice the size of world's tallest building has been discovered

Atlantis: Ancient Chinese city found perfectly preserved at the bottom of a lake

Revealed: Russia and China in 'secret talks to build underwater tunnel' directly into Crimea

Do snitches net fishes? Scientists turn invasive carp into traitors to slow their Great Lakes push

Be on the lookout: More Yangtze River finless porpoises spotted in east China

'Adopt an axolotl' campaign launches in Mexico to save species from pollution

Mixed message: There’s good news and bad news about the gray whale migration

Blue whales: Ocean giants return to 'safe' tropical haven in the Indian Ocean

Unveiling the mysteries of false killer whales in Hawaii

Do something: Dominica takes action to save sperm whales

New Zealand: Orca pod temporarily halts Napier Port construction work

Steller sea lions top list of Alaska marine mammals killed by human activities

Shipwrecks offer 'sanctuary' for fish escaping trawlers

7,000 corals returned to underwater nurseries after rescue mission off Florida Keys coast; 'The silver linings were abundant'

Nonstick: Highest reported PFAS levels in world found in rare Burrunan dolphins off Australia's Victorian coast

Underwater sculptures created by Kent artist in the Caribbean

Scientists embark on first-ever underwater gliders mission in ‘treacherous’ Antarctica to observe ice mysteries

Trail of ghostly crabs leads scientists to extraordinary underwater discovery

Death metal: Sailors blasting rock music to to stop killer whales ramming boats; 'game changer'

Whale that mysteriously vanished 30 years ago is found off Canada. It didn’t end well

Everyone saying same thing after man has ‘crazy encounter’ with a humpback whale off coast of Ireland

Danger never sleeps: It's nearly winter. Jersey Shore beaches are quiet — but not enough for our whales

Permission to harpoon granted: Native American tribe is set to start hunting whales off Washington coast as federal agency to OK practice after 70 year hiatus

The horror: Along the California coast, white sharks swim among us, often unnoticed

Terrible parents, skilled dancers, fearsome hunters: A close encounter with seahorses!

Project launched in West Cork bids to save seagrass around Irish coast

Record-breaking deep sea explorer Don Walsh dies aged 92: US Navy lieutenant was the first man to ever reach the Mariana Trench

Old brown deal: Federal authorities investigate underwater oil pipeline leak off the coast of Louisiana

Divers attempt underwater turkey shooting event at Calypso Scuba in Missouri

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More news...

‘Bracing for another fish kill’: Aussie locals sound the alarm as water quality drops at Menindee

We have the technology: Robot eel reveals how the strange fish swim so efficiently

New England's decades-old shrimp fishery, a victim of climate change, to remain closed indefinitely; 'There's a hunger for more data'

Young humpback whale leaps out of Seattle bay dazzling onlookers

Florida: Captain unearths centuries-old anchor off Collier County coast; 'could have been attached to a Spanish Galleon'

Fish beware: Bottlenose dolphins may be able to pick up your heartbeat

Drone fishing in South Africa is a danger to sharks and may be unfair to other fishers – study

Philippines: Dugong rescued after getting caught in fish pen in Puerto Princesa

Baltimore: National Aquarium dolphins to retire in Caribbean, plans willing

Equipment failure kills 100,000 salmon worth $5M at advanced land-based fish farm in N.S.

Mother’s horror as her two children die using scuba tanks in friend’s swimming pool

Fu Chen: Mississippi man fined for $3.5K after illegal fish harvesting, officials say

In Alaska, preparing for tsunamis is no small feat; 'we have the capability to have a very bad day'

Everything helps: How archaeological findings off Florida's coast help future generations prevent sea level rise

Video: Vulnerable species sperm whale liberated by Pakistani fisherman

Expect more shark sightings on Kiwi beaches as summer approaches

Breaking news: 2 unique rainbow smelt populations make Lake Utopia special in Canada

China begins building underwater data center with performance equal to 6 million PCs

Scampi scam? UK retailers accused of misleading claims on environmental impact

Non-profit helps scores of fishermen with free fishing licenses

Rogue fish farmers could face prosecution in groundbreaking Scots 'ecocide' plan

‘We could see fish putting their heads out of the water to breathe’ – Ireland’s ‘unprecedented’ undersea heatwave threatens marine life

Scientific observer is Miss Scuba International 2023; 'this one is special to me'

Hong Kong customs arrests 2 at city’s airport in connection with smuggled dried shark fins worth HK$2.6 million

96-year-old scuba diver holds new world record

Probe reveals cause of helicopter crash in death of celeb crocodile egg hunter Chris ‘Willow’ Wilson

New Zealand: Pregnant sea lion finds new home near Brighton

‘Croczilla’: Massive crocodile spotted in Florida Everglades

Lost and found: US Coast Guard seeks source of some 1.1 million gallons of crude oil in Gulf of Mexico

Radioactive: Japan completes third round of Fukushima treated water discharge

2 rare baby mola fish spotted swimming together off Canada's Pacific coast

Shipwreck called the 'worst maritime disaster' in Seattle history located over a century later, explorers say

Never forget: Forty-five years on from the last day of operation at the whaling station in Albany, Australia remembered

Philippines: Bohol guv warns charges may be filed vs divers behind coral reef destruction

China rejects Australia's claim that their sonar injured navy divers

Rogue: Rescue diver Peter Faulding 'caused challenges' in Nicola Bulley search, report says

Nothing is written: Fish escapes death twice in 1 second -- from bird, lizard

Fish out of water: North American drought bakes salmon

How salmon fishing helped me embrace my Alaska Native identity

Boy, 14, survives after accidentally shooting himself through the head with a foot-long harpoon while fishing in Thailand

Australia: Fishing mentors wanted for teens who would like to learn angling but whose parents lack the know-how

Vegetarian's gory alter-ego where she cuts heads off whales and dolphins

Australia claims divers were injured by Chinese navy's 'unsafe' sonar

Limited breaths: Newcastle free diver Michaela Werner breaks underwater swimming world record in pool