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New Disney Cruise Dock Threatening Popular Miami Underwater Reef Cam

USS Thresher: Navy documents reveal officer flagged 'dangerous condition' before deadliest submarine disaster in U.S. history

Mystic Aquarium dive team helps with underwater proposal for Rhode Island couple

How the scuba community is navigating the pandemic's uncharted waters

Grim experience for Australian authorities, euthanizing and disposing of some 400 whale carcasses

Florida: Pensacola man survives Hurricane Sally on his sailboat; 'You really aren't afraid'

Desperate race to save last 25 whales beached at a Tasmanian harbour as heartbreaking images show the aftermath of Australia's worst-ever mass stranding where 380 animals died

Little Action from Canadian Government as Deadline to Remove Salmon Farms Looms

Seychelles: Flip-flops, fishing gear pile up at Aldabra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Get out: Spain bans yachts from stretch of sea after orcas damage boats

Australia's infamous 'shark arm mystery' in the '30s: Shark or not?

75 Hours Floating: Ocean survivor Rob Hewitt says you 'never want to give up'

'My Octopus Teacher': The incredible tale of a South African diver who formed an unlikely bond with an octopus

Diver returns camera, memory card submerged in Hiwassee River for more than a decade

Massive rescue operation continues to save 270 whales stranded off Australia's coast – with at least 25 already dead

Coming to America: NOAA Approves Plan to Bring Captive Belugas to Connecticut

Arctic ice melt doesn't boost sea levels, so do we care? 'exposes dark ocean'

Dolphin survives after being dragged 9 miles inland by Hurricane Laura

Man bitten by shark in Florida keys airlifted to Miami trauma center Snorkeler; attacked 'almost immediately' after getting in water

Could Marine Mammals Contract COVID-19? Scientists say it's possible

Party Sharky: Cal Poly students use artificial intelligence, drones to 'forecast' shark encounters

USS Grenadier? Divers in SE Asia may have found US submarine lost in WWII

Innovative New Whale Detection System Aims to Prevent Ships From Striking Animals

Get out: Northern Ireland: surfer chased from water by pod of killer whales

Orcas Swam So Close To These People In BC That You Can See What They're Eating


Open wide! Incredible image of a whale shark with its mouth full of fish takes the top prize in Scuba Diving Magazine's underwater photography contest

Georgia company scans gold mines untouched for 100 years with flying and underwater drones

All your base are belong to us: Chinese fishing flotilla nears Peruvian waters, prompting US-Beijing spat

Florida: Local artificial reef weathers storms and attracts fish

Two anglers caught the same 10-foot shark 13 months apart from each other at Texas beach

Spain: Dolphin seen pushing her dead calf in silence after not eating for five days

No reported deaths, entanglements for North Atlantic right whales this year

A tall tale about big fish leads to felonies in Utah; 'it angers a lot of people'

Cuvier's beaked whale spends almost four hours underwater - in record-breaking dive

Pregnant wife dives into ocean and saves husband from a nine-foot bull shark after it 'latches onto his shoulder' while snorkeling in the Florida Keys

Tragedy as around 90 pilot whales die in Tasmania after largest mass-stranding in a decade - with 25 saved as rescuers battle to free 155 more

Watch: Dolphin rescued from pond 9 miles inland after hurricane

'Illegal' Canadian crab traps, fishing gear seized in U.S. waters near White Rock

Idaho dad and daughter duo set four state fish records

U.S.-China fight over fishing is really about world domination

Sea turtle gets tumor the size of a basketball removed

Plan to use fish killer rotenone in Canadian lake, river delayed by environmental assessment

Israel fish deaths linked to rapid warming of seas; study 'part of the canary chorus'

Humpback whale free after swimming out of crocodile-infested river in Australia

Two Southern Alberta fishermen charged in illegal fishing case

Inside the 'shipwreck paradise' where hundreds of vessels are perfectly preserved

Researchers attach cameras to Pacific Northwest orcas, revealing a marvelous underwater world

Carcass of 'garotted' minke whale is removed from beach near Whitby for autopsy

New York: Impressive images of rail cars being dumped into water for artificial reef

Hawaii Five-0: Seven men face numerous charges for illegally fishing in Waikiki waters

NOAA study shows evidence of killer whale predation on bowheads

Mass fish deaths, early releases at Oregon hatcheries as fires raged; 'emergency response'

Florida man fights off alligator that attacked him; averts 'death roll'

Watch: 10-foot alligator seen swimming in Hurricane Sally floodwaters in Gulf Shores

Filmmaker captures stunning footage of a huge great white cruising for prey in the shallows of Australia's deadly 'shark alley'

Beached sperm whale has its jaw hacked off with a chainsaw by suspected poacher who was after the mammal's ivory teeth

Facing disability, dolphin invents new way to breathe

Fishing company and skipper on trial for alleged unlawful trawling in Tasman Sea








Experts' examination of Whitby whale carcass suggests lobster pot line caused its death

Helensburgh sailor describes terrifying killer whale yacht attack off coast of Spain

Louse: One tiny sea parasite survives 200 times atmospheric pressure

Invasive sea lampreys in Great Lakes, and the lake trout they prey on, puzzle scientists

A new hope: Second new orca baby spotted with J-Pod in less than a month

Miami: Tribe returns to Seaquarium for annual quest to bring whale home; Lummi Nation believes its time Lolita retires

She leaks! Whale blowholes don't keep out seawater

Kill fish to save fish: Behind Colorado's effort to revive the Rio Grande cutthroat trout

Wisconsin: Visitor's wallet recovered from lake in 'miracle'

Nurse shark with special needs returns to Newport Aquarium after completing rehabilitation

Wisconsin's first-ever invasive carp case linked to illegal fish dealer from Platteville

New tool alerts ships when whales are near. But will they slow down?

Seal euthanized after being found choked by fishing wire on Ravenscar beach

Nonprofit group removes thousands of pounds of trash from Lake Tahoe, Donner

Utah men convicted of cheating in bass fishing tournament

Tagged basking shark from Irish waters spotted in Scottish seas for mating

Vietnam: Off Quang Ninh coast, divers plunge the depths to electrify island

Rescue mission to save whales stranded on Tasmania's west coast enters second day

Oceanographer develops algorithm to 'remove' water from underwater photos

Study: Hawaiian reefs lost almost half their fish to pollution and fishing

Study: Commercial fisheries regularly catch threatened, endangered species

Malaysia: Fish market in Kota Kinabalu openly sells shark meat, but should it be legal?

Open-ocean fish farm proposed off San Diego coast could be first in federal waters

There's some fin in the air tonight! Danny the Dolphin leaps from the sea next to startled jet-skiers off the coast of Weymouth

Bugs: Canadian fisheries minister asking sides to meet to de-escalate lobster fishing tensions

Fish fear: Terrifying moment a massive frenzy of sharks gathers just 500m from a popular beach

Free falling: Planes used to stock fish in alpine lakes

News you can use: What a diver looks like on fish finder sonar technologies

I want to believe: Mystery pufferfish circles discovered in Australia's north-west

Calm: Rare pink dolphins return to Hong Kong waters after coronavirus lockdown halted ferry traffic

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