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Weever Warning for Brit swimmers and sunbathers as dangerous fish with toxic spines found on British beaches

After fatal great white shark attack in Maine, debate intensifies over culling seals

Girl, 30, significantly injured by humpback whale simply days after diver crushed by two whales at similar magnificence spot

The last Alaskans: Life on the ice may never be the same for the Iñupiat of northern Alaska as, warming oceans and rising seas weaken the very ground they stand on

Black Fish: Virtual event to mark 50th anniversary of orca capture

when animals attack: Snorkelers describe terrifying moment they were struck by humpback whale protecting its calf - with one woman suffering serious injuries

Shark bombshell: Novel study exposes shark populations with as little as a bottle of water

Meet the Chicago Woman Who Spent 800 Hours Swimming With Sharks, Without Leaving Home

The Ocean's 12 Megaprovinces: Scientists have determined a new way to slice and dice marine ecosystems.

Shark Week and Sharkfest's experts are mostly white men. Why? And does it matter?

Whiskey starting at $12,000? This bottle survived an infamous shipwreck 80 years ago

'We will not bite': Plan to allow floating fish farms in Gulf of Mexico struck down in court

Shark bombshell: How landmark study rewrites link between Megalodon and great whites

To oblivion and back: How sea otters are radically changing the West Coast ecosystem 50 years after their return to B.C.

She's back: Mira the whale spotted again off South African coast after three years

Shark Week: Massachusetts State Police Air Wing captures video of great white sharks swimming off Cape Cod

Media Feeding Frenzy: Here's Where Sharks Were Spotted in New England This Past Week

Leaping orcas, acrobatic rays and colossal sperm whales: Incredible sea life images by an award-winning photographer they call 'The Whale Whisperer'

Why Are Blue Whales So Gigantic? Dinosaurs were big, but these are the largest animals in the history of the planet

Editorial: Feds offer more protections to seals than us humans

Bright Lights and Dark Nights: The Challenge Facing Sea Turtles in the City

They're here: Long Island Shark Sighting Streak Hits Day 6

Russian and foreign ecologists beg not to interact with beluga whales released from the 'Whale Jail'


They're there too: Sharks found living inside active underwater volcano

Covid challenge: 13-year-old angler fishes 100 straight days

Home schooling: Shark Week's lessons learned from 20 years of 'Air Jaws'

Brits warned after increase in jelly fish stings on Wirral beaches

Why are butchered dolphins washing ashore in France's Brittany?

Giant fish, weird skeletons, sharks and other creatures seen around Welsh beaches this year

Commentary: To flourish, Sri Lanka's whale-watching industry must operate responsibly

Caught on cam: Florida tour guide saves dolphin in distress in Lemon Bay; FWC says next time, call them first

Arrested Development: A low-tech solution offers an effective way to keep sea turtles safe

Rudolph and Red: 2 deaf dolphins now call Clearwater Marine Aquarium home

Centuries-old Inca offering discovered in sacred lake

Brit agencies warn youngsters about dangers of jumping into Tenby Harbour; ' jumping is inherently dangerous'

Toxic chemicals from burning fossil fuels poison dolphins and whales on East Coast

Florida men facing multiple felonies for using illegal net to fish

Get out: Lake Michigan will dip to 'dangerously cold' temperatures in the 40s, too cold for swimmers

'SOS' in the sand saves Pacific island mariners

New proposal aims to turn Nova Scotia into an international diving destination

Malta: Volunteer divers clean over 900kg of waste from Tal-Ghazzenin Bay

He's back: Feeding frenzy as 'Boomerang' the whale filmed feeding on return to Cork

Close encounter: mother and calf whales stun surfers at Sydney's Manly beach

Washington fish trap opens October, will be largest in U.S.

Shark safety 101: Experts share tips amid growing fears

Rescue groups and fisheries officials race to save entangled B.C. humpback whales

'Incredible' encounter between group of swimmers and adult humpback whale captured in breathtaking video

Fisherman shocked as shark jumps from water to snatch fish

Shark Week: Estero man bit by 8-foot lemon shark in Florida Keys

'Can't say you see that everyday': Crew 'catches' cat stuck in open ocean during fishing trip

Scientists use drones to study great white sharks off Southern California

Greece: Ancient 'Acropolis of the sea' opens to divers, guarded by high tech

Robots reveal: Mediterranean sperm whales avoid foraging for food first thing in the morning when there is less prey around

Canada: DFO reports unusually high whale mortalities in 2020

Found: Dolphin 'missing' from Scottish waters turns up off Isle of Man

Indonesia: Pod of 11 pilot whales found beached in Sabu Raijua, NTT








Canada: Fish harvesters happy to see federal money but still have questions

Scientists mutate fish with disturbing results; 'we would starve and suffocate without jaws'

How the missing California Marines, sailor and amphibious vehicle were found

Mexico: Tourist caught on video harassing whale shark in Quintana Roo

'They just pull up everything!' Chinese fleet raises fears for Galápagos sea life

12 weird fishing lures and when they work, with underwater footage

Oh the humanity: Climate change could undermine a scientist's lifelong work of protecting fish

Philippines: Oslob resumes whale shark watching but visitors still few

Romanian alpinist fights to save the rarest fish species in Europe, contemporary with the dinosaurs

Man bitten by shark in Florida compares it to previous attack by alligator

Animal assassins and military mammals: How superpowers continue to train creatures for combat

New Zealand: Unusual beaching of large marlin in Napier puzzles experts

Fishing the L.A. River is more than a quarantine hobby. For some, it's therapy

Indianapolis 12-year-old wins national fishing competition; 'I've kinda got the bug'

Watch: Chennai man breaks world record of solving most Rubik's cubes underwater

Maine lobster industry to lose sustainability certification over its effect on right whales

'What choice do we have?' As the Arctic warms, Alaska Inupiat adapt

Bad taste: Maine theater cancels upcoming 'Jaws' screenings following fatal shark attack

Argh! Woman crushed between two humpback whales while diving at Ningaloo Reef off Exmouth coast

Whales and dolphins being 'tortured' by anti-seal scare devices at Scottish fish farms

Officials: Man cited for taking federally protected coral from the Florida Keys

A whale of a summer: research project continues in Hawaiian waters despite COVID

'Breakthrough' Atlantic project aims to track fish movement, health

Fishing for sharks off Charleston coast offers summer excitement for anglers

Shark Week: Alabama teenager recovering after bitten by shark at Orange Beach

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