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Why Hawaii Is The Most Humbling Place in the World to Fish

Floating Gold: Why is whale vomit so expensive?

Wales School Finds Mummified Saltwater Crocodile Under Classroom Floor While Renovating

The real-life Aquaman: Brave Tongan swept out to sea by tsunami is hailed a hero after calmly drifting for 28 hours to reach safety

News you can use: Study finds whales use 'oral plug' to gulp down food underwater without drowning

Worlds' Most Expensive Search: Satellites Spot Stranded Whales from Space

Shhhh.... NGOs says shipping industry needs to do more to lessen underwater noise in Arctic

Breathtaking images from the 10th annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition

Cutting the food chain? The controversial plan to turn zooplankton into fish oil

A Freezer Full of Eyeballs (and Other Oddities) Animate the Quest to Save California’s Salmon

Even more so: Two Critically Endangered Juvenile Hammerheads Died at Miami's Frost Science Museum

Holy Mackerel, Where’d You Go? A beloved fish with a rich history has become hard to find--will it rise again?

Rare volcanic tsunamis in the middle the ocean: Why they are so difficult to predict; 'a lot going on'

Grow Big Young Snook: Researchers Explore Ways To Make Hatchery Steelhead More Like Wild Fish

Antarctica: Entangled humpback whale’s sad fate has researchers calling for action on fishing nets

Edinburgh's abandoned whale hunting station that lies deserted and access prohibited

Biologists Discovered Two New Species of Goby Fish in the Philippines

Abandon ship: Scuba diving boat sinks after bursting into flames off Hong Kong's Jin Island; 15 rescued

Rescue Orca: Not-So-Killer Whales Apparently Free Humpback Tangled In Fishing Gear

Act of God: NOAA clears boaters of blame in crash that killed a pair of endangered right whales

Feedlot: Florida wildlife experts renew rescue efforts as manatees continue to die off at record rates; 'there is no seagrass or any alternative vegetation'

‘Nothing but fish nests’: Researchers find huge icefish colony in Antarctic sea

Shark horror warning as killer predators could be heading to UK to find warm water

Puffer fish undergoes cataract surgery at Ohio zoo; 'Water was pumped over the puffer's gills'

Waxing Gibbous: Study Says Shark Attacks May Be Affected By Moon Phases

New Hampshire: Public asked to keep an eye out for pygmy sperm whale that beached, then swam away; prognosis 'heavily guarded'

Researchers: Female dolphins have a clitoris that provides sexual pleasure; 'surprisingly similar'

'By far the worst year on record': Concern grows after 2021 records 1,101 manatees deaths in Florida

And like that: Japanese Island Created By Volcano Disappears

Ex Russian Foxtrot Class Submarine for Sale, Grizzled Ex Soviet Sub Commander Not Included

Scientists Find the World’s Deepest-Dwelling Squid; 'They're really weird'

Giant Tuna Fetches $155,000 in Tokyo’s Fish Auction

More than two years after Conception dive boat fire, Coast Guard unveils new safety rules

Scientists Claim Whales Have Previously Walked In North America Coastline

Wild Gulf Shrimp Are the World’s Best, But the Future May Be in Aquaculture

Mighty Mississippi: Historical Shipwreck Keeps Moving, Revealing Dangerous Underwater Mudflows

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Other News...

Animal activist: Casino operator Hard Rock strangely silent on fate of Mirage dolphins, lions and tigers; 'This is the post-Blackfish world'

The smell of money: why locals think Peru’s billion-dollar fishmeal sector stinks

Next stop: Divers discover massive 'twilight zone' coral reef untouched by climate change

Rare coral reef discovered near Tahiti is ‘like a work of art’, says diver

Unforgettable: Hundreds of dolphins at St Ives Bay spotted enjoying 'feeding frenzy'

Have you seen this? A whale's tail slap misses diver by inches

Or else: Feds urged to save beluga whales in Alaska; no more 'take'

‘Gold in the sea’: Brazil’s booming fish bladder trade; 'They all get sold to China'

Chinese fishermen find underwater spying device off Jiangsu coast

Revelations: See 1,000 glorious fin whales feeding together, and share their comeback from near extinction

Penguin cam: watch an underwater penguin selfie video

In the year 2050: Plastic to 'soon outweigh fish' in oceans

Entangled whale spotted off Kauai; authorities attempt to free it

New Zealand: Orca filmed in Napier channel, and stingray captured on camera in Wellington harbor

A mere babe: One of the youngest orca calves to be found in Scottish waters spotted in Shetland

Jillian Morris-Brake, a marine biologist, shark conservationist, photographer, and author talks about her experience diving with the magnificent great hammerhead shark in The Bahamas

Overnight delivery: SeaWorld, DHL and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium partner to help four manatee calves in need

I Speak for the Fish: Meeting the mysterious muskie

Faux fish: Israeli startup unveils 3D-printed, plant-based salmon fillet

Rare fish discovered in Mississippi’s Pearl River, traveled 200 miles and over dam on its journey

India: ‘Make it mandatory for army pilots to undergo underwater survival training’

Just in from Canada: Noise from underwater volcanic eruption across the Pacific heard in the Yukon

The prince and the mayor and the American fish that invaded japan

Surfer drone captures entangled humpback whale heading to surf off Maui

Insanity ensues: Man transforms his room into a huge fish tank

Rhode Island: Despite challenging conditions, beached humpback whale gets a proper burial; 'You have to seize these opportunities'

Norway blows up hydro dam to restore river health and fish stocks

Dame Joanna calls for change - 'Stop blasts killing whales around UK'

Arctic warming: Climate change pushes orcas to migrate further north

Kiss of life: Man saves fish’s life by performing CPR on it

Massive diesel spill near New Orleans kills 2,300 fish and 32 birds, sickens dozens of alligators

Deschutes: Bend fly fisherman catches state, possibly world record mountain whitefish on the

Whale v. Fishermen: Advocates sue National Marine Fisheries Service over Pacific humpback whale protections

Miami officer saves dolphin trapped in fishing net; 'I got you, buddy'

Florida: A year later, rehabilitated manatee successfully released back into water at TECO Manatee Viewing Center

Hamas claims it has captured an 'Israeli spy dolphin equipped with weapons and capable of assassinating its fighters' off of Gaza

Weddell mystery: Search for Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance to begin next month

Dirty jobs: Bomb squad called after over 1,000 'explosives' found underwater by magnetic fishermen

As the tide rises, Indonesia struggles to save the living--and the dead

New atlas illuminates impact of artificial light in the ocean at night

Chaos: Scuba diving sleuths have cracked seven missing person cold cases in just two months

No cause of death determined yet for dolphin on Kratie town beach

Cambodia: Conservationists ring in 2022 with picture of new baby dolphin swimming in the Mekong River

Fore: Florida alligator carries fish across golf course

In pictures: Thailand reopens Maya Bay after more than three years of no tourism

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More news...

Springer time: An orphaned orca brought a community together — and still inspires 20 years after her rescue

Freshwater dolphin comeback in Nepal: After 10 years, dolphins were sighted last week in the Narayani River where they were thought to be extinct

Genetic testing leads to ‘surprising discoveries’ about endangered right whales, researchers say

Get out: Melbourne beaches inundated with lion's mane jellyfish after La Niña rains

We have the technology: Seasam drone autonomously follows divers and performs underwater tasks

We find what looks like an alien species at a fish market so of course we make sashimi out of it

Come back soon: 11-foot tiger shark tagged and released off Florida's Navarre Beach Pier

Bycatch: Divers find 13 vehicles in Lake Texas while searching for a man

Canada: BC company fined $75,000 for importing fins of protected sharks

The volcanic eruption severed Tonga’s internet connection, and repairs won’t be easy

Return to the scene of the crime: A shark filmed the hidden feet of unconscious surfers at the exact spot where the man died

Diver helps octopus to get rid of plastic cup, old video triggers conversation on plastic pollution

Suckers: Hundreds of invasive aquarium fish removed from San Marcos River

Australia: Rocker Brian Mannix 'is attacked by a shark' while sailing on Sam Newman's yacht

Sea change: The harpoons are gone, but whales face more complex modern threats

Abundance of something: Maui whale count may allow ‘small number’ of coastal shore volunteers at future surveys

Old man catching ‘fish’ on a building’s roof with a plastic washbasin as pond

Canada: Anti-fish farm activists kill 80 aquaculture jobs in Surrey

Tiger beach: Photo of shark found dead on the beach that left experts baffled

Killers on the loose: Orcas that eat great white sharks have returned to their hunting grounds

Texas Hold-Em tournament hosted underwater with $20 buy-in

UW-Madison expert researches cancer with sharks; 'I anticipate many fascinating discoveries'

Undersea volcano eruption puts entire US Pacific coast under tsunami advisory

Marines rescue 3 whales trapped in nets off Acapulco

'This helps them forget'; support group uses fishing to help veterans find peace

Gone: That New Orleans parking lot with a giant whale mural? It could become a new hotel

Peak pork: Crocodile goes onto the menu in Thailand

Watch 8ft alligator get dragged out of family swimming pool in Florida

Do denying it: Martin Clunes admits he had 'terrifying' close call with aggressive sharks

Dust to dust: Ashes of Winter the movie star dolphin released into Gulf

‘Diving’ for answers: Specialized rescue divers descend into ‘wet well’ to take readings of landfill

The sea lion Cronutt was cured of epilepsy after pig brain cells were implanted into his cerebrum.

12-year-old fisher sets two world records after catching a 58-pound fish; 'I just threw a bait out to see what would happen'

Loggerhead turtle with front flippers bitten off by a tiger shark is recovering at uShaka Sea World

‘We have no idea why’: Shark sightings increase in South Australia

Australia: Footage of dead fur seal sparks new debate over NSW’s controversial shark nets

Wounded warriors swim with dolphins in Florida Keys; 'it’s a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone'