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How Do You Say ‘Danger’ in Sperm Whale Clicks?

Mekong’s giant fish threatened by dams and wetland conversions

Fishing moratorium on Yukon River chinook may be 'too little, too late,' panel hears

US Government’s New ‘Manta Ray’ Underwater Drone Is Further Proof That The Future Is Now

Divers remove ancient Roman cargo from shipwreck — and find unique carvings. See them

Scuba divers launch unique underwater voter awareness campaign in Tamil Nadu’s Neelankarai

Rare Photos Show Blue Whales Performing The Largest Mating Dance On Earth

May Day: Striking sonar images show collapsed Baltimore bridge underwater

Diver buys £15 shark from Thai restaurant to stop it being eaten and releases it into ocean

Circus: Chinese zoo exhibit featuring rare dolphin with broken jaw prompts growing concern

We Brought This Fish To America. Now We Can't Get Rid Of It

Scuba diving to find oil in Solomon Islands' corroding World War II wrecks

Hopeful News As The First Patient Of Dolphin Rescue Center Has Been Successfully Released In Cape Cod

Operation Bridge Removal: U.S. Navy Captain breaks down dive team's underwater work; 'Right now they're doing some cuts'

New worry: Model Predict How Whales Struggle to Navigate In a Sea of Noise Pollution

NatGeo on why rogue orcas are thriving in high seas

Mediterranean Sea Shipwreck Mystery Teased by Divers' Helmet Discovery

After four deaths in as many months, Tasmania Police want more regulation for recreational divers

She lives: New drone images reveal orca calf trapped off B.C. coast is female; 'anything is on the table'

Drama: With whales present, California wildlife department stops crab fishing to reduce entanglement threat

Unraveling the Mystery of Sperm Whale Populations in Irish Waters

Murkada: Inside the world’s first and most expensive underwater hotel is mind-blowing

“How Is This Even Possible?” – Headless Fish Still Swimming Around Has Social Media Stumped

Steven Spielberg Says He Regrets How Jaws Caused 'Decimation of the Shark Population'

Beast mode: Is It a Shark or a Dolphin? The Internet Debates

Dive into the 4th Annual Houston Underwater Film Festival

Rarely Seen Glass Octopus Captured in Rare Footage By Underwater Robot

Free Willy: Orca calf to be airlifted out of Canadian lagoon in a bid to reunite with its pod; 'Sometimes in the sad events we gather strength'

You are there: Navy releases underwater images of Baltimore bridge collapse

Saving the world on the way out: Why some families are opting for a coral memorial instead of a funeral

We know how to save these beloved endangered whales. Yet we’re mindlessly killing them.

Officials: China's 10-year fishing ban yields promising results in Yangtze River

Insurrection: Crab harvesters refusing to fish under current pricing formula, union wants right to strike

Out of ideas: Rescuers hope AI will help reunite orphaned orca calf with pod

River Monsters: Aquatic predator with ‘bad reputation’ discovered in Bolivia. It’s a new species

British scuba instructor helps save several divers as one dies off Malta coast

The underwater hunt for the lost ship of an American slave trafficker off the waters of Brazil

Keep moving: Whatever's making sawfish spin and die in Florida waters doesn't seem to be impacting people, marine lab head says

World Nature Photography Awards 2024: Check out the spectacular winning images

'World Record' catfish caught by Italian angler

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Other News...

'Very smart' B.C. orca calf evades rescuers, forcing switch in tactics; 'we weren't able to convince her'

The whale found dead on Long Beach Island in New Jersey suffered blunt force trauma and was only 1 year old

Entangled right whale spotted off New England; rescue attempt planned

All hell: Bridges reopen after 26 barges broke loose and floated down Ohio River, damaging a marina

Pelicans, dolphin compete for fish in Florida

Insurrection: Striking crab fishers vow to resume protests at Newfoundland and Labrador legislature

Ohio teen catches 'monster-sized' 101-pound blue catfish

Charlotte the stingray: Aquarium gives update on fish with virgin pregnancy

White dolphins protected off coast of Xiamen by establishment of underwater 'sound wall'

Patience: Plan to lift B.C. orca calf out of remote lagoon still in the works

‘They’re everywhere’: Maryland seeks to reduce supply of tasty, invasive blue catfish

New e-glove could allow scuba divers shout ‘shark’ attack underwater

Panic: Time ticks down for orca calf stranded in B.C. lagoon as rescue efforts ramp up, but no set date

Toothed whales traded chewing for echolocation to evolve; 'Chewing muscles were no longer needed'

Whale with net stuck to its tail spotted off coast of Pacifica near Thornton Beach

Monk seal back in Kauai waters after ingesting fish hook

New worry: Trapped B.C. whale calf’s skin begins to whiten from water

Stranded porpoise rescued from mud flats in Humber Estuary

Jongdali: Rescuers in South Korea Mobilize to Save Entangled Dolphin Calf

Sea statins: Swapping red meat for herring, sardines and anchovies could save 750,000 lives, study suggests

Insurrection: Harvesters refusing to fish crab in Newfoundland and Labrador, saying price too low

Book 'em: Man from Boston fined in multi-agency operation to tackle illegal fishing in Lincolnshire

A shark attacks a Russian tourist in the Maldives; 'We have nothing to comment on'

Jellyfish invade Venezuelan waters, worrying fishermen; 'It is like there are flowers in'

Entangled humpback whale freed near Dutch Harbor; 'Certainly looked happy to be free to me'

Photos: Sneak peek at Mote Science Education Aquarium (Mote SEA) as construction continues

Trust us: Ohio Division of Wildlife debunks fishers' perch conspiracy theories

Ship-eating sea worm could soon be sold by supermarkets as sustainable fish alternative

Diver explains near death experiences with deadly sharks and says you need to convince them to 'not eat you'

‘Critical tool’: New whale detection technology being used in B.C. waters

‘We’re all cheering for her’: time is ticking for Canada’s stranded orca orphan

Steamy ocean means ‘a very, very busy season’ for hurricanes, early forecasts say

Monkeyface prickleback: Tillamook woman catches potentially record-breaking eel-like fish

'Drunk' cruise ship passenger, 20, jumps overboard 18-story Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas into sea off Cuba at 4am as family watched helplessly

Unexpected find solves mystery surrounding 30-year-old dolphin’s death, SC team says

Orca pods combine to hunt sea creature off California. See ‘once in a lifetime’ video

Efforts underway to help entangled humpback whale in Unalaska; 'this whale is essentially hogtied'

Underwater drone spots hundred-year-old discovery off Australian coast

NOAA: Dead right whale found off Virginia Beach had catastrophic injuries consistent with a vessel strike

'Commonsense' win as fish exports to US given all-clear

Desperation: Rescue team will attempt to feed stranded B.C. killer whale calf

Blue Whale Study spots males racing in rarely seen courtship ritual off South Australia coast

Dolphin dies on beach despite hours-long rescue attempt

6-year grey whale mass die-off declared over as scientists research potential causes

Dead endangered right whale found 50 miles off of Virginia Beach coast, NOAA says

They didn't make it: Thousands of ‘threatened’ Chinook salmon killed in transit to Inmaha River

Winston Churchill's secret battle after WWII victory - to breed tropical fish at his Chartwell country home

Underwater entrance ceremony held for new Japan aquarium staff in tank with 3,000 fish

Key Bridge wreckage removal process begins, officials reduce pressure of underwater pipeline

'Distressing' Easter rescue as entangled humpback whale freed from fishing ropes in Cornwall

Uruguayan fishing said to be “on the brink of collapse”

Sea creatures at Florida Aquarium celebrate Easter with special treats

Pakistani researchers endorse solution against bycatch related threats; ‘Ping devices help save dolphins from nets’

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More news...

Shame: Cameras reveal mass underreporting of dolphin, albatross and fish bycatch by commercial fishing industry

Florida girl, 12, hooks multiple fishing records in a few short months: 'On a roll'

Nova Scotia groups that clean up lost and abandoned fishing gear concerned about funding

People who fish in UK told to spend £7 immediately to avoid £443 fine

Teesside hero plunged into sea to save divers in distress as man, 45, dies off Malta coast

El Nino drought leaves Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba only 13% full: a disaster for people and wildlife

Great white shark caught off Hilton Head named after legendary friend-to-all Jason Flack

Isle of Wight beach sees smooth hound sharks wash up

Marine construction, diving company explains difficulties of salvage operations at Key Bridge site

Scientists use straws to protect infant corals from fish

In Java Sea, vigilantism and poverty rise as purse seine fishing continues

Get out: Salmon fishing off California’s coast banned for second year in a row

Florida: Sawfish deaths rise by 6 in 7 days; first fish rescued in emergency effort; 'It had come up to the shallows'

One of Colombia’s largest estuary ecosystems is drying up, communities warn

The Sydney Harbour shark attack that left Ashley with lifelong scars

Seizures, broken spines and vomiting: Scientific submarine testing that helped facilitate D-Day

TikTok: Video showing how caviar is harvested is making people who would never eat it never want to eat it

Tacoma seafood wholesaler pleads guilty in sea-urchin records case. Here’s what we know

Study finds schools of fish can make less noise than a solitary swimmer

Insurrection: Canadian crab tie-up means plant workers turn to income support, says Opposition critic

New Zealand: Pregnant shark caught in Kaiapoi, ‘aborts babies'

Another endangered right whale dies after a collision with a ship off the East Coast

Pacific islands chiefs grant whales and dolphins ‘legal person’ status

Tour boat spots massive sea creature tangled in ropes — then comes complicated rescue

Jaws: Beluga whale bites woman during underwater shoot at Chinese aquarium; ' clearly aggressive behaviors'

For the first time, wild dolphin observed 'talking' with harbour porpoises; 'species in the wild interact much more than we thought'

Fisherman discovers ‘ugly, frowning’ human-like fish: ‘It was looking at me’

How ribs might have been vital in the evolution of walking fish

Baltimore bridge collapse: Divers find body of third victim

Diver falls off diving board at Paris Aquatic Centre's inauguration

Inside the massive three-step cleanup of Baltimore’s Key Bridge

Group of nature lovers rescue blue heron tangled in fishing line

‘Fish get sick, too’: Study finds relatives of coronavirus and other pathogens in fish; Researchers detect 19 viruses in wild fish, including 17 never before seen

Snakehead and blue catfish are invasive to Maryland, but what do you do with them when they’re caught?

Unsustainable: Nova Scotia salmon operation in receivership after equipment failure

Bulgarian Center for Underwater Archaeology is candidate for Underwater World Heritage Centre

'Lucky' Gold Coast locals enjoy impromptu swim with sharks; 'I still can't believe it'

Tassie divers on shipwreck see spot of pink — and find rare fish that ‘walks’ on its fins

Sarasota Bay installs artificial reefs to support commercially essential fish species

Truck crash spills live salmon into wrong Oregon river

Seals rescued by RSPCA swim 30 miles inland - and eat all the fish

Wild fish spring to life in Lake Ontario, despite dams, pollution and hatchery competitors

Teen shark attack survivor Brooklyn Sauer who needed 160 stitches on 40 puncture wounds recalls how she survived the gruesome attack at Nielson Beach Bargara

$2.60-pound: Disbelief and defiance from fish harvester hero John Efford over price of crab

Rubbish warning after grey nurse shark filmed trapped in plastic ring

Atlantic Shark Institute celebrates its 30th great white shark tagged

Video shows shark’s mouth from inside at it swallows diver’s camera

Behind The Facade: Exposing Miami Seaquarium's Animal Welfare Failures

Florida fisherman singlehandedly reels in 1,200-lb, 12-foot ‘monster’ great white shark

A new hope: Tides expected to be more promising amid effort to save orphaned B.C. orca

Everywhere they look: UH researchers help uncover climate impact on whales

Endangered North Atlantic right whales lose three of 19 calves this season

Tiny, endangered fish hinders California's Colorado River conservation plan