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Go fish: Mercury Levels in Tuna Aren't Decreasing; 'Stable'

Kiwi Navy Diver Discovers Record Cocaine Haul in Pacific, Highlights International Crime Syndicate Reach

Divers find Roman artifacts off Slovenia -- revealing the existence of an ancient port

Hawaii: 11-year-old girl recovers from shark bite in Ka'a'awa

South Africa: Scuba divers injured in seal attack in Oudekraal

Unforgettable Encounter: Snorkelers Swim with Humpback Whales Near Maui

Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Jake Bongiovi Proposed Underwater: 'We Freaked Out'

Lobster catch dips to lowest level since 2009 as fishers grapple with climate change, whale rules

Angry seas: Why encountering a beached whale profoundly changes so many people

The Cod Wars: When Britain and Iceland went to war over fish

Government at work: Bill to ban octopus farming passes Washington senate

Cape Cod researchers track white shark deep into the Gulf of Mexico

Fishes Are Getting Smaller And Japan's Seafood Industry Is Suffering; Climate Change To Blame, Scientists Say

Clueless: America's Rivers Are Changing, Confusing Fish

Brazil: ‘In Bananal, God no longer decides whether there’s water – farmers and agribusiness do’

Lawfare: Ex-President Jair Bolsonaro is under investigation in Brazil for allegedly harassing a whale off Sao Paulo

Oil from capsized ship reaches Bonaire; Oil-covered fish, birds on island's beaches

Free willy! Wildlife photographers capture first-ever photos of humpback whales having sex.... and are shocked when they realize it's two males

Narwhals and Aquariums: A Tragic Tale of Sensitivity and Survival

A Discarded Plan to Build Underwater Cities Will Give Coral Reefs New Life

Florida Keys fish kill has scientists, fisherman concerned, probing for causes

31 critically endangered right whales seen off Massachusetts in 'unusual' occurrence; 'they still surprise us all the time'

Study reveals predatory fish coordinate attacks through rapid color changes

Irish Seafood Giant Faces Trial Over Alleged Fish Weighing Fraud

Watch Florida Manatees Live on New 180-Degree Underwater Cam

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Other News...

Missouri fish hatchery to install ‘wall of fame’ for some reason

Morro Bay commercial fisherman must pay $12,000 for violating fishing restrictions, DA says; 'exceeded legal catch limits'

India: Giant whale shark washes ashore; baffled locals thing it's a ray fish

Thailand: Fisherman attacked with harpoon after he and a friend argued about which man caught the bigger fish

Canada: DFO investigating severed porpoise tail that washed up in Victoria

Aquarium worker posts nothing but beluga feeding videos, and I'm obsessed

Australia: Mandurah dolphin Wild Turkey spotted with dead calf after first pregnancy; 'It is important she is left alone and given the space'

Hundreds of thousands of salmon released in Northern California river die in 'large mortality' event

Gone: Stranded Rhode Island whale dies; 'this animal is now at peace'

New worry: Salmon study adds to evidence that pink salmon could be crowding out sockeye

Porpoise spotted in River Thames at Twickenham in west London; 'It was an incredible sight'

Utrecht's fish doorbell is back for another season

California closes Miracle Hot Spring tourist spot beloved by hippies for its 'healing minerals' after body is found floating in water

Rhode Island: Locals worried as young stranded whale struggles to stay alive

U.S. nuclear sub hit underwater mountain in South China Sea, Navy says; 'severely damaged'

Climate change: Study reveals Jazan’s Al-Qahar Mountains, 2000 meters above sea level, was once underwater

Rare black paddlefish caught in Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Report: North Koreans are used as modern slaves in China's fish processing plants

‘This species occurs only here’: Snorkeling scientists count endangered fish

Should all marine reserves ban fishing? Not necessarily, new study shows

The banging sound that kept Titan rescuers' hopes alive: New audio from sub disaster that shocked the world

Scientifically-proven way anyone can remove 90% of toxic microplastics from their tap water in minutes

Scientists discover new species of fish off Baja California coast

Did a marine heatwave cause 7,000 humpback whales to starve to death?

Splash! Beluga whale Nunavik returns to Georgia Aquarium

Rust bucket: How I’d fix that Toyota that sat underwater for 13 years

How this AP photographer captured a unique splash at the swimming worlds with an underwater camera

The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas installs underwater live action visual art piece

Study tracks calls used by endangered Alaska belugas — and human-made noise in their habitat

Huge shark kills and eats whale that rescuers had been trying to refloat, Kiwi police warn beachgoers to be wary

Florida: Alligator lunges toward cart on Florida golf course leaving driver heading for a pond as he veers off path

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More news...

'Fuel and solvents' founds as source of River Nene pollution that killed 100,000 fish in Peterborough

It's illegal to catch crabs at night in Rhode Island right now, and no one knows why. These people want to change that.

What is ambergris? £60,000 golden lumps found on UK beaches

Second dead humpback whale seen in Atlantic washes ashore in Virginia Beach

New worry: Mekong River fish face extinction as threats mount, report warns; 'an urgent wake-up call for action'

Coral researchers study how Hawaiian wildfire affected ‘foundation of life’

Scientists continue to search for what's poisoning Lower Keys fish

'It was touch and go': Wellington dog's near-death experience sparks urgent plea for fishers

World ends tomorrow: Women 'ama' divers in quake-hit Wajima City unable to go out to sea

Seal bites tourist divers at Oudekraal Beach, Cape Town: Warnings issued

New facility trains divers underwater welding for New Jersey’s offshore wind projects

Great Barrier Reef scuba diver reunites Victorian couple with mobile phone lost at sea

Research explores the cooling effects of ‘scuba-diving’ in lizards

Watch the 'astonishing' moment an orca individually kills and consumes a great white shark within just two minutes

Australia: A seal has been rescued in Victoria after tourists spotted it with a fishing hook embedded in it's lips

Scientists continue to search for what's poisoning Lower Keys fish. Another dead sawfish is confirmed

Rare megamouth shark found in east Africa for the first time – why so little is known about it

Hong Kong Customs seizes dried shark fins valued at $3 million

Florida man grabs a shark and puts a gold chain on its neck

Woman attacked by shark near Jurien Bay north of Perth

Marine expert defends use of cameras on Kiwi commercial fishing vessels

Aquaponic farm uses fish waste to grow fruits and vegetables

'Shark Week' biologist stole at least $300,000 meant for shark research from Bradenton nonprofit, officials say

Gharial conservation plan leaves Nepal fishing communities searching for new jobs

Shipwreck of historic SS Nemesis found after 120 years underwater

Aftermath: Florida lawmakers could ban digging holes on beaches a week after tourist, 7, was buried alive by collapsing pit and died horrific death

Men caught illegally snatching ‘prehistoric’ creatures from Oregon bay, officials say

One of the world’s smallest transparent fish roars as loud as a gunshot

Awaiting the count – gray whales population has been declining

Wildlife experts say low ice shelf on Lake Michigan could impact fish populations come spring; 'I’ve seen people out surfing today, which is incredible'

Secrets of the deep – how fish scales could confound counterfeiters

How one of the smallest fish makes a sound as loud as a firecracker