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Scotland: Whole pod of 77 whales die in 'biggest mass stranding in decades'

New worry: Record sockeye salmon run on Columbia River is now threatened by hot water

Junk food: Study finds seagulls used to ‘urban’ diet still prefer seafood

SeaWorld Rescuers Free Whale That Had Been Trapped For 10 Days

Red Faroes: Blood in the Water, Food on the Table, Protesters on the Shore

Kiwi husband goes diving for fresh sea urchin for pregnant wife as health expert warns about raw fish

I think it’s important for humanity': OceanGate co-founder plans dive to Bahamas’ ‘portal to hell’

Kerala Woman Turn Childhood Interest into Thriving Fish Farming Career, Managing a 50,000 Liter Tank

Florida: Teen boy dives into shark and is bitten during lifeguard training camp

Panic: See where great white sharks have been spotted off Cape Cod this summer

Blood in the water: Shark at Nantucket beach spotted devouring seal close to shore; ‘Beachgoers should never swim near seals’

Man rushed to hospital after shark attack in Western Australia

Biologists surprised by 'interesting' crooked fish caught in Florida waters

‘We sell it in secret, like drugs’: Brazil’s appetite for shark meat puts species under threat

Live and let die: Terrifying video reveals truth behind famous James Bond crocodile scene; 'I have questions'

A new hope: Video shows first potential sighting in months of orca calf that was stranded in Island lagoon

Whale wars: Nature charity ship uses Dublin as base from which to disrupt Icelandic whalers

Mexico evacuates even sea turtle eggs from beaches as Hurricane Beryl approaches

CBC's Superior Morning launches popular 'Show Us Your Fish' photo contest

Malaysia: Used plastic not being turned into fish feed, says fisheries dept

Deadly 'Great White Shark' filmed off Galway coast as swimming warning issued; 'very curious'

Medium rare: At least 3 ‘extremely rare’ shark attacks shock South Padre Island coastline

Research: Artificial Light Is A Deadly Siren Song For Young Fish

More Whale Falls Found off Los Angeles than in the Rest of the World Combined

New worry: More than 100 shark species may face major population declines by 2100

China diver finds sea burial urns, relocates them to deeper water to avoid accidents

New worry: Mysterious Underwater Anomaly Resurfaces off Antarctica; 'Model Error'

Photographer Barbara Leon’s Lens Captures Underwater Mysteries

Base: Dubai students invent device that can save fish, coral reefs as ocean water changes

New fear: America Going Underwater and How Rising Sea Levels Will Transform the US; 'Double Whammy'

Internet-famous stingray Charlotte dies of rare reproductive disease, aquarium says

Scuba diver, 50, drowns in Crane Lake while retrieving sunken machinery

'Unexpected Underwater Revelation' as Russian Cannons Found in Bahamas

Researchers issue warning after mass fish killings linked to toxic tire component: 'A chemical cocktail in these tires that … is kept highly confidential'

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Other News...

Fail: St. Augustine Beach ocean pier no longer reaches ocean after beach renourishment

SeaWorld San Antonio welcomes beluga whale, Pacific white-sided dolphin calves

Not Godzilla: Largest creature in the world is seen off Massachusetts coast for the first time in 20 years as experts 'shed tears'

After trying for 11 years, bottlenose dolphin gives birth in China

China's deep-sea heavy-duty mining vehicle reaches record depth in sea trial

Get out: Hawaii bans seabed mining; 'We're putting on the brakes'

Gray whales swim into San Francisco Bay in increasing numbers

Astonishing videos show freediver squeezing through terrifyingly small holes and exploring sunken airplanes and buses

'Healthy': Scientists explain mystery of why America is becoming 'shark attack capital of the world'

Bow of Italian sub sunk by Royal Navy rival discovered after lying underwater for 83 years

Who’s stealing the catch from your fishing line? Shark theft on the rise in Florida

Get out: Kauai officials say don't swim at Hanalei Bay after shark sighting

Responder: Real-life dolphin rescue not like in the movies

Hawaii’s first humpback whale sighting captured by Oahu spearfisherman

Florida man catches 'squiggly' shark while fishing

Drones and tourist video of pygmy blue whales helps experts better understand their behavior

Frenzy: Wildlife officials reveal what happened to shark that attacked multiple people at Texas beach - after it was filmed lurking near woman it had just mauled

Man fined $70K for excavation work that killed salmon eggs on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast

Rogue beast: A single shark might be responsible for South Padre Island attacks according to Cameron Park Zoo expert

Florida: Man hospitalized after second shark bite in two days at New Smyrna Beach, officials say

Beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium celebrates 22nd birthday

University of Queensland research finds whales were less stressed during early COVID pandemic

Rare footage reveals ‘intimate private lives’ of a blue whale nursing calf for the first time

New worry: Researchers say orphan B.C. orca calf unseen since May 10 despite family sightings

Killer whale Split Fin and orca family spotted on NSW far south coast

A boy needed stitches after swimming in a man-made lake in Montreal. Did a fish attack him?

Food insecurity: Norway bans salmon fishing on 33 rivers

Gold mining could wipe out this rare desert fish. Conservationists are trying to save it

Florida: Tourist bitten by shark at New Smyrna Beach on 4th of July

Paddle boarders cut shark nets to free humpback whale after second Sunshine Coast entanglement this season

Baby delight as pygmy blue whale calf sighted off Ningaloo

Throwback: Stunned angler catches massive 48lbs fish thought to have been extinct in British rivers for 31 years

Tribe members rejoice after fish populations return for first time since 'historic' dam removal: 'It's been a long time coming'

First dive to Titanic wreck since Titan sub disaster is set to take place this month with unmanned mission carried out by firm which owns salvage rights to ship

Creepy recording of orcas imitating human speech leaves people amazed but extremely terrified

Drag: Rescuers free humpback whale tangled in 800kg of rope and fishing gear off Gippsland coast

Update: Most of 125 dolphins stranded off Cape Cod back in deep water

Mystery of tattered 'ghost ship' that washed up on Florida beach is solved - and there's a heartbreaking twist; 'It was like a movie'

Bill to protect Underwater Forest off coastal Alabama up for vote in U.S. House

Hokkaido town aims to create local specialty by aging sake underwater; 'it will make our town more widely known'

Quiet little place underwater: Chinese man transforms bathroom into giant aquarium

The hidden wonders of Mexico's sacred underwater world

Expert: Migaloo, ‘rock star of whale world’, likely still alive

We have the technology: Underwater robots used to detect North Atlantic Right Whale

World's first floating wind power-fishery integrated platform now operational in SE China's Fujian

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More news...

The sperm whale 'phonetic alphabet' revealed by AI

Marathon swim undertaken to raise money to help veterans with PTSD

New research suggests dead whales should have sea burials

New worry: U.S. fisheries could be devastated by Supreme Court’s ending the Chevron doctrine

‘Incredible’ video shows white sharks eating dead whale off N.S. coast; 'I’m as shark-crazy as anybody else, I guess'

Meet the Narwhal: Dentist Dentist Martin Nweeia has a side passion for one of the weirdest teeth on the planet—the narwhal tusk.

Insurrection: Newfoundland fish harvesters crash news conference to demand reinstating of cod moratorium

Mistaken identity: Retired police officer thinks he sees body in water, but it's a fish

Fade: California's white sturgeon fish moves closer to endangered status

Fish Hoek teacher joins record-breaking athlete to complete Robben Island swim for animals

Las Vegas: Mirage’s famous fish find new home

Ohio man bitten by shark at Florida beach describes what he felt in water; 'I saw the blood come out'

California: Dead fish at Lake San Antonio doesn't deter weekend crowds

Global migratory freshwater fish populations plummet by 81%: Report

Bad news: Rio Grande fish dodge endangered list but could still lose third of population in next decade

New England aquarium scientist warns oceangoers to be ‘shark smart’

Researchers ask for underwater help in reporting invasive soft coral species

Experts continue analyzing South Padre Island shark attacks; 'Are the sharks hungrier than normal?'

North Texas woman, husband survive 4th of July shark attack at South Padre Island; 'I'm alive'

Malta: Second diver dies in tragedy off Zonqor Point

Whale dragged 650 feet of rope and 11 buoys — until rescue off Australia, photos show

Securing a safe future for the river dolphins of Bangladesh

Sarasota researchers: Give dolphins space

‘It was unreal’: Retired Saskatchewan farmer has fishing trip of a lifetime

Small shark saved by lifeguards after washing up on Staten Island beach

Invasive 'vampire fish' is captured in Virginia river - and experts say its presence is a good sign

The new Lego Jaws set features the cutest killer shark ever

'Dive Against Debris' makes ocean safer for sharks, habitat

Upcycling: Could maggots fed on Kenya’s food waste replace wild-caught fish feed?

Amity means friendship: Great white sharks spotted off multiple Cape Cod beaches ahead of 4th of July weekend

Sharks at theme parks: Where to celebrate Shark Week in Central Florida

Greenland Shark: Discovering New Anti-Aging Secrets From The World's Longest-Living Vertebrate

Bermuda: Scuba instructor finds message in a bottle

Bay Area scientists study trend of increased whale migrations

Underwater gardeners work to restore B.C.'s crucial kelp forests; 'really large-scale manipulative experiments'

Goldfish adoption agency springs up in Horsham plant store to avoid flushing fish down toilet

Taiwan demands release of fishing vessel it says was seized by China's coast guard

Angler sets record for biggest fish — but it’s smaller than you think. ‘Made me laugh’

Walleye: Ohio representatives making waves to name an official state fish

Australia: Aquatic animals given a place to stay when traveling through the Collie River with new fish hotels

Tragic find as giant shark washes up on Ayrshire beach tangled in rope

'Fishing has always been my escape from addiction'

Malaysia: Sabah may reactivate fish-bombing eradication team

Fisherman has rare encounter with great white shark off New Jersey. coast

Diver makes sad discovery inside plastic jug found floating in ocean: 'I'm so glad you guys looked in there'

TikTok fans horrified as world champion diver ignores ‘no women’ sign on waterslide