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Research: Female Resident Orcas Especially Disturbed by Encroaching Vessels; 'they need more prime opportunities to forage'

The Netherlands: Video shows rebellious seal not easily intimidated by police

New Zealand: DoC investigating video of jet ski driving through dolphin pod

Neptune Balls: Study finds Seagrass sieve millions of plastic particles from water

Washed up Risso's dolphin offers glimpse into 'whole other world' near Tofino; 'It's like a UFO crash landed'

Scientists: Electric Eels Team Up to Electrocute Fish, and It's Gruesome

Salish Sea Killer Whales Have a Surprising New Way of Hunting: The daring predators are deliberately beaching themselves in pursuit of prey on land

Scottish salmon farm suffers 'major' seal attack as thousands of fish lost

Big Fish, Big Problems: Research predicts warming oceans will hit the biggest hardest

Brit MP Jacob Rees-Mogg says fish are 'happier' now they're in British waters; 'Obviously there's no overwhelming evidence for that,'

WWII Chaplain Who Comforted Sailors in Shark-Infested Waters Awarded Posthumous Navy Cross

Taiji Horror: Minke whale is drowned by cruel Japanese fishermen who hold it underwater for 20 minutes after catching it in their nets

Aussie diver swept out to sea off Port Noarlunga thanks rescuers and praises torch that 'saved my life'

Sharks are dying in their hundreds along South Africa's coast, suffocating in safety nets

'Humans not dolphins behind drop in hamsi fish stocks': It is unacceptable to target dolphins as reason behind fall in hamsi stocks, says Turkish marine biologist

Australia's shark capital: The state where beachgoers are too afraid to swim more than 10m from shore - but even that won't keep them safe

The news is always bad: Study Says climate change is making baby sharks smaller, undernourished and exhausted

U.S. officials probe abuse of Florida manatee with 'Trump' carved into its back; 'this is very out of character for this community'


Blood-red subterranean dweller is newest fish genus discovered

Runoff: Galway fish farm no longer allowed to bathe diseased salmon in lake water

Get out: Study warns injured whale sharks are putting themselves at increased risk of boat strikes by lingering at coastal tourist 'hotspots'

Enjoy this thrilling 1960s kids' show, Diver Dan

Crikey! Crocodile named after Steve Irwin spotted 3 times in 3 weeks on Florida's Treasure Coast

Australian seafood consumers urged to stop buying flake to protect sharks

Angler paid nearly $50,000 for fishing the Columbia and Snake rivers

Canada: DFO investigating 15 dead pilot whales found on Port au Port peninsula; 'they weren't starving'

Drone reporting: Footage of an Eden's whale unique feeding strategy impresses people

Tense: Kiwi spearfisherman's close encounter with bronze whaler

At least 9 right whale pairs spotted off US Southeastern coast this season

Advocates celebrate aquarium fishing ban: Hawaiian judge says commercial aquarium collection needs environmental review

Australia: Three people interviewed in great white shark death investigation

Whale shark stranding points to silting of Indonesia's Kendari Bay

'Salmon cannon' successor automatically shoots fish up over dams

Fish migrate opposite way in Black Sea for 1st time due to global warming

News drones: Footage shows pod of dolphins warding off pair of great white sharks

In utero: View rare video of beluga whale from SeaWorld San Antonio

Mini robot fish swim in schools, just like the real thing; 'It's definitely useful for future applications'

First orca baby of the year in B.C. named Ne'nakw; 'to return home'

A dolphin double whammy: Injured dolphins are being unfriended by those in their social network

San Antonio Zoo's Aquarium Team recognized for work with endangered fish species

Get out: Nonnative fish are taking over Maine's lakes and rivers

This Thai village created a tiny fish reserve years ago. Today, it's thriving.








New study finds similarities in how fish and humans de-stress

Clueless: Kiwi diver was unaware of search operation for him; 'I do take every precaution I can'

Norway gets new museum shaped like giant beached whale

How study of dolphin airways could help save endangered whales

Australia: Alleged fish thieves arrested, accused of stealing $4 million worth of salmon

Orcas target of new technology in a bid to protect marine mammals; 'surface radar'

Plus 6: Dolphin number increases in India's Chilika Lake increases

Ping: US Navy Sonar may be causing whale beachings in Pacific: Study

NOAA: Patrick Ching named whale sanctuary artist in residence

South China Sea: Rare beaked whale sighting could be a world first for the species

Scots fishermen admit sailings to Denmark to sell their fish because of Brexit in PM protest

Hawaii: Couple pays $76K in fines for illegal aquarium fishing

Safety lapses found at Underwater World after diver killed by stingray in 2016

Humpy the East Alligator River whale eludes scientists who hope he's swapped Kakadu for Antarctica

Florida: Five manatees rescued from Brevard County nature preserve; 'high-water event'

'Curtains of death': Nets designed to protect swimmers are killing sharks in South Africa

Perth father critical after shark attack on Swan River

PCB's: Ocean pollutants 'have negative effect on male fertility'

Hundreds of gray whales dying off Pacific Coast in 'unusual' event

Dolphin caught on camera trying to shake off an ancient parasite

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