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World's Largest Sea Turtle Could Come Off 'Endangered' List

Ewan McGregor Slammed for 'Caring More About Sharks Than His Family'

Japan: Next whaling mother ship in the works

Sea Smoke: It's so cold in the South, the 64-degree Gulf of Mexico is literally steaming

Over: Vancouver Aquarium will no longer keep whales and dolphins in captivity; last cetacean's fate weighed

Research: Tiger shark sex life fuels sustainability risk

Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull urged to pressure Japan over whaling during security talks

542 ships accused of breaking whale-protecting speed limit in Gulf of St. Lawrence

Scientists: California's Sea Lion Population is Fully Recovered; Scientists Fret About 'New Environmental Stresses'

Mermaid Academies Are a Thing. Why You Should Be Afraid.

Study: Octopus Chokes Dolphin to Death in First-Ever Discovery; The young male, Gilligan, was in otherwise perfect condition

Tagged tiger shark clocks 37,000 miles, setting distance record

Whale saved from entanglement after 285 feet of rope removed from mouth

Zap: EU Parliament to vote on future of controversial 'Electric pulse fishing'

Quintana Roo Underwater cave is the world's biggest and 'Most important submerged archaeological site in the world'

Oregon: 'The blob' contributes to major abalone die-off, forces fisheries closure, postponement

U.S. appeals court: Captive orca Lolita can stay at Miami aquarium

A Giant Underwater Wall Could Stop the Glaciers from Melting

Sea lion attacks fourth swimmer in San Francisco Bay

Toxic Thaw Syndrome: Melting permafrost carries unknown dangers for Arctic marine life

Whale Allegedly Protects Diver From Shark But Scientists Are Skeptical of Altruism; 'I was prepared to lose my life'

Death Trap: 50 animals captured in New Aussie shark nets in the first few weeks since they were installed


Point Break: 1 in 100 waves could reach 55 feet during high-surf warning at Bay Area beaches

Alabama: 24,000 pounds of dead mullet fish make for 'truly unbelievable' sight

Florida: Stranded whale death remains mystery; 'the cause of death was basically as a result of us euthanizing the animal'

Watch: Juvenile humpback whale gets up close and personal with these Maui kayakers

Australia lifesaving drone makes first rescue; saves minutes, lives

Company to probe for minerals close to Mekong River dolphin habitat

Alligator fights python on Florida golf course

China sends underwater robots in race against time to plug leaking oil tanker

Captive bottlenose dolphin at Phuket dolphinarium gives birth

Ringed seals adapt quickly to climate change, and scientists quickly find new worries

Divers planning to rescue humpback whale trapped in fishing gear off Dorset coast

It's whale-watching season in Hawaii, and these creatures are ready to play

Dramatic photos show attempted rescue of stranded porpoise on Yorkshire beach

California: Watch a Dana Point boat crew help free an entangled dolphin during a whale watch excursion

Octopus camouflage: Rare footage shows how it changes its color to protect itself from predators

Turning water into fuel: Advances in electrolysis technology bring seawater one step closer as the fuel of the future

Ocean reveals we're not the only species to use tools

New Zealand: Rare sighting of short-beaked dolphin in Akaroa Harbour

Video: Nature strikes as jet skiers surrounded by 15 'organized' and aggressive bull sharks

Florida: Commercial fishing captain accused of dumping dozens of lobster traps

Florida: Dozens of hopefuls brave cold during Weeki Wachee mermaid auditions; 'It's not like being on land at all'

How a wayward Antarctic seal ended up on a Brazilian beach

Dolphin health and welfare to be studied at Texas State Aquarium

This Londoner works as a professional mermaid

US Navy's Guantanamo base halts diving after two cases of the bends on the same day; divers took 'unacceptable risks'

Study: Lionfish-killing contests help control them

Feds to pause killing of dam beavers after threat of lawsuit









A whale of a tale: Former troublemaker writes memoir detailing infamous Marineland break-in

Captive: Rescued beluga whale calf will not be released into the wild; 'not capable surviving on his own'

Georgia: Endangered whale's calving season peaks, but no babies seen

Pollutants in water making fish work harder just to stay alive

Australia: Our first 'grander' blue marlin should have been a celebration

Florida fishing captain develops 'fish funk' after touching fish with open cut

King Island foodies start boycott of salmon, as US surfer joins protest over fish farms

The whales that have returned to South Georgia's killing waters; 'A very vicious type of whaling was enacted on them'

3,000 Mainers hope to nab one of 11 licenses to fish baby eels

Kiwi professional fishing guides want to net rogue operators as tourist numbers soar

Researchers: Fish shrink off Western Australia reef without sharks

Florida: Missing cave diver in Marion County found dead

Oregon: Fish recovery project could empty lake for 2 years, cost between $100 to $250 million

River Monsters: Amazon fish found in Aussie river for the first time; 'Kill it humanely'

Total Recall: Japanese city placed on high alert after supermarket sells fish more poisonous than cyanide

Tagged tiger shark clocks 37,000 miles, setting distance record

Man holds funeral for pet fishes to the delight of netizens

Lucky escape: Kiwi man's fin snatched as great white shark takes 'test bite' on diver

Brit couple pull off underwater engagement at Great Barrier Reef

Belize bans oil activity to protect its barrier reef

Behind the Blubber: Harbor seals are blamed for salmon declines, but ecosystems are more complicated than some suggest

S. Korea to install additional artificial reefs near western sea border

Orphans in the wild: What the otter's trying to tell us about our oceans

Facing danger for a delicacy: China's sea cucumber divers

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