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Dolphin 'mum comforts' before Japanese hunters move in to slaughter the family and take others into captivity

Disgusted reaction to parading of dead shark through Plymouth crowds

As Shipwrecks Rust, Oil Spills Are Imminent: decades at the bottom of the sea, thousands of corroded Second World War wrecks threaten to spill their oil

Fisherman gets shock as he reels in 'dinosaur-like' fish with huge eyes

Cape Cod Swimmers Heed Warnings One Year After Fatal Shark Attack

Diver Gets Up Close and Personal With Giant Anaconda on Riverbed

How Nine Days Underwater Helps Scientists Understand What Life on a Moon Base Will Be Like

Be Free! Trapped Florida Manatees Escape River Wall

Look Away: Celebrity fishmonger censored on Instagram for his 'disturbing' fish picture

Siesta Creeps: Last man sentenced in Florida shark-dragging case. He'll spend weekends in jail.

Highest levels of mercury ever recorded are found in blubber of dolphins in English Channel

Seaman's manslaughter? Officials Say Crew was asleep, with no watch, when fatal dive boat fire ignited

'They're adorable': Meet the Pacific lamprey, Oregon's ancient fish

'I was scared': Most powerful electric eel ever discovered by scientists

North Atlantic Right Whales, Dying from Painful Entanglements, Cannot Afford to Wait

There will be blood: Shark eats seal, terrifies Canadian onlookers

Rare, Gray Orca Calf Spotted in California

After Conception burned, law enforcement divers rushed to help; hazards, stress awaited; 'It's a difficult job'

Plastic found to be whale's cause of death, putting renewed spotlight on growing problem

'Fish Armageddon': Australian authorities planning 'Noah's Ark' rescue of thousands of fish amid drought

Endangered shark being dished up to unsuspecting customers at UK fish and chip shops

Ten minutes of terror as shark circles man spearfishing off WA coast

Freediving record holder Marese Secades bares her soul on the sport

'Dolphin snot' used to look at health of pod off Gower

Japan 'set to dump contaminated Fukushima water into ocean as storage runs out'


Footage of orca pod in Samoa could be the first of its kind

Australia: Entangled humpback whale spotted in Port Elliot

Study: Bottlenose dolphins in the English Channel have high levels of toxic mercury and chlorine in their blubber because of pollution

Wyland's first 'Whaling Wall' has been resurrected and the artist is planning a Laguna Beach celebration

Another vital forest at risk: Scientists fear warming water could be killing off Puget Sound's kelp beds

Salmon farmers defend transparency after Canada fish escape

Melon-headed whale rescued alive off Cat Island. 'This is a big break for scientists.'

Volunteer scuba divers embark on underwater cleanup expedition in St. Lawrence

Florida man's skeletal remains discovered after underwater car spotted on Google Earth

'It's unusual': Hundreds of fish found dead after UK river dries up

Commercial Fishermen smoke shark after early morning tussle; 'it tastes like chicken'

A group of black teenagers went searching for a sunken slave ship. It changed how they view slavery.

Is this fish getting bigger in New Jersey waters? Man recounts spearing fish that crushed state record by 14 pounds

It's a fish-eat-fish-world. Scientists want to change that.

Fish-friendly construction aims to help threatened Nevada trout

Salmon Tales: Sex, myth and molecular genetics of an iconic fish

Rescuers free entangled humpback whale calf off Vancouver Island

Combat dolphins, sea lions sheltered in Panama City Beach during Dorian

Bristol Bay salmon are in hot water: High water temperatures contributed to the deaths of more than 100,000 salmon

Tiger sharks in troubled waters as Queensland population plummets

Australia: Whale entanglements in NSW waters hits new record prompting commercial fishing mitigation

Going, going... Scientists spot six near-extinct vaquita marinas

Man who ate raw fish for 3 years ends up with liver filled with parasites

Spain: Divers find 2000-yr-old Roman phallus amulet

The tale of dirty, old, leaky Zalinski: It leaks oil, and more oil

He's back: Russian 'spy whale' visits Norway salmon farm again

A second freed captive orca has found her family; updates on the other released Russian whales

Lobster crowdfunding campaign: all in a good claws

Japan's yakuza are being arrested for poaching fish. Are they all washed up?

Porpoise found washed up on Brean beach died of 'several injuries'

Fit for porpoise – China races to save last Yangtze river mammal

Unsinkable US Navy boat that's been missing off the coast of Virginia for a year... washes up 3,300 miles away in Ireland









Kiwi fishing industry spin on Māui dolphin; 'lip service'

Fundy fishermen rescue suspected great white shark; 'What a massive beast'

Rescuers save 6 orcas that became stranded on Argentine beach

Man posts trophy photo with 16-ft tiger shark calling it 'catch of a lifetime', gets slammed for 'disgraceful' display

Can an underwater desert restore Jamaica's ailing coral?

Western Australia Fisheries minister pledges 1000 more shark shields

The secret behind New Zealand's beloved seafood poster

Conservationists and lobstermen add videos to the ongoing right whale entanglement debate

Free diving athlete walks a record-breaking 81 metres underwater in one breath

Adelaide Airport smuggler fined after carrying 'lucky' fish around his neck

Inflatable whales used for 'mass stranding' training exercise

Divers remove 850 kilograms of garbage from a Yucatan cenote

Fully recovered Oregon fish set to be removed from endangered species list

Sydney growing its own coral reef with help from tropical fish finding warmer waters

Myrtle Beach pier manager rescues shark caught in fishing net; 'He was worn out.'

From near-drowning to cave diving: Canadian explorer chronicles life underwater

'Flying fish' robot shoots water out of its butt

Report: India third largest shark catcher in world from 2007-2017

Coast Guard issues safety recommendations after boat fire

Confirmed whale entanglements reduced by half off California

After fire, divers worry that burst of regulations will restrain free-spirited sport

Churn it over: This beaked whale has 13 stomachs

Why is Japan still slaughtering whales?

Billion dollar haul: Seal stops drug traffickers' daring escape to freedom

Friendly beluga and seagull are spotted 'playing' together in Norwegian harbour

34 divers mourned in 'Conception' ceremony; hugs, tears, white flowers symbolized raw emotions of dive boat tragedy

Evidence: Japan's appetite for eating whales may be overtaken by watching whales

Whale watching boat has close encounter with humpback in San Francisco Bay

Largest underwater theme park opens in Bahrain

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