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Commercial diver, 'The Walrus,' makes a living from salvaging lost items

Misinformation: Everything You Know about Shark Conservation Is Wrong

Fishermen battle to reel in gigantic 12ft sea monster weighing a whopping 97stone

This Book Is Here to Convince the World Sharks Matter, Literally: 'Why Sharks Matter: A Deep Dive with the World’s Most Misunderstood Predator'

Natural Solution To Malaria: India Breeds Fish To Feed On Larvae

'Sharkcano' is erupting! NASA satellite images capture a plume of discolored water emitting from the Kavachi Volcano

Koitastrophe: Singapore Family Helps Otters To Safety After Having Their Pet Fish Eaten

Can You Believe It? Viral Video Shows Person Squishing A Beluga Whale's Head

This Japanese designer turned discarded fishing containers into groovy furniture

Orcas and Great White Sharks Are About To Come Face to Face off Cape Cod

'Sickening' Image Of Dead Dolphin Vandalized On Beach Made Public

Foodies beware: Crocodile meat 'triggers fish allergies'

Go fish: Floridians challenged to remove as many invasive lionfish as possible

100 fruits: A new underwater greenhouse could reveal the future of agriculture

Accidental discovery that scallops love ‘disco’ lights leads to new fishing technique

How Hong Kong can spark a wave of recoveries in shark populations

Great White Shark Chases Down Seal Pup and Gives Spectators Ultimate Biology Lesson

Uncomfortably Numb: Our antidepressants in the water are making the fish come undone

Cookie Cutter: Aussie Fishermen Capture A Large Shark That Is Being Devoured By An Unknown Marine Critter

Iridescent Skin: New book explores role of cage diving in demystifying, conserving white sharks

Loose lips: Navy hush-hush after secret boat’s unexplained sinking; 'experimental' technology

Divers Mark 20th Anniversary Of Sinking Spiegel Grove Off Key Largo; 'I was shocked and amazed and somewhat emotional'

Outrage: Environmental advocates say Florida’s bay balloon ban doesn’t go far enough; 'allows people to litter'

How Alison Bounce Makes Underwater Photos You’ll Fall In Love With

Unusually Fast Beaked Whale Has Special Deep-Sea Hunting Strategy

Belly Flop: 14-year-old diver redefining body image on social media

Denmark: An orca that had been trapped in the shallows for a month makes a miraculous recovery

Shame, shame, shame: Florida man faces criminal charge for disposing of about 50 balloons in Biscayne Bay

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Other News...

Florida: Madeira Beach fishing charter gets rare, up-close encounter with whale shark; 'It hung out for about 30 minutes'

Long dead snake pulled from Indiana lake with fish still in mouth

Man on a hill: Humpback mothers are being squeezed from both sides from boats and deep water

Salmon at increased risk of exposure to harmful bacteria near B.C. fish farms, study suggests

A whopper of a fish tale: Couple lands huge drum on their wedding night

Sea lions break into B.C. fish farms, worrying conservationists who say they could drown

Mine bad: 'Ecological disaster' develops in Slovakia as river contaminated by orange iron

North Atlantic right whale females are smaller than two decades ago, leading to fewer calves, in new study

Philippines: Sperm whale found dead in Davao Occidental

Belize: San Pedro fisherman attacked by shark, survives

Queensland community works to save beached dwarf minke whale

'Truly alarming': Florida bonefish found to be filled with pharmaceuticals

Man knocked off boat by huge 11ft shark before scaring beast off with this weird trick

Divers end search inside sunken Hokkaido boat with no sign of missing

Even greater: Utah studying idea of pipeline from ocean to replenish Great Salt Lake

Boston: Scientists ask South Shore to help find tracking tag once attached to endangered whale

Coral World on watch as Ping the pregnant dolphin nears due date; staff 'baby proofing'

These dolphins may turn to corals for skin care

Rescuers save seven dolphins stranded off Cape Cod

Big Shark: Junk Science On Protected Species By-Catch Misleads Seafood Consumers

Dolphins can identify their friends by taste, study shows for the first time

The secretive Australian waters where whale mothers and calves quietly hide from predators

Mesmerizing drone footage captures dozens of sharks feeding off the dead carcass of a humpback whale off the coast of Australia

‘You don’t see this every day, folks’: Fishermen spot orca swimming off coast of Cape Cod

‘Mayday, mayday!’ 4 escape sinking fishing boat off coast of Cape Cod

The future: Sperm whale found dead in Florida Keys had trash in its stomach

Corals thrive, fish on the decline in Turkey’s Marmara Sea

Whale bone collector uncovering secrets of world's largest marine mammals; 'you can't have 20 blue whales in your collection '

Fishermen asked to use ‘pinger’ device to save Indus dolphin

Coastal storm washes away Outer Banks homes, leaves residents and visitors on edge; 'all our phones started blowing up'

Why is a record-breaking year of dam removals good news for Europe’s wildlife?

Thailand adds Irrawaddy dolphins to 'reserved' list as extinction beckons

Scuba divers spend a year cleaning up Lake Tahoe shoreline

Bring back the burbot! Fish not seen in the UK since 1969 is set to be reintroduced in 'rewilding' project

Hong Kong: Sai Kung scuba instructor Jowie trains 250 new divers

Clotilda exploration finishes as we get the first look at the ship wreckage; 'This wreck really actually spoke to me'

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More news...

Fish survive, some thrive at Lake Mead despite low water levels

Researchers say diving accident, not shark attack, cause of Swiss tourist’s death at Red Sea; shark 'tasted and spit out' victim

Underwater rescue: Spanish divers free a whale trapped in an illegal fishing net

20 feet: A Great White Dubbed the Canada Shark Is the Longest Accurately Measured Shark Ever Recorded

Grand Hey Man: 'Human fish' from Dorset makes history by completing 37 hour non-stop swim around Caribbean island

Sea slime away: Fish waste to be recycled, exported from Malta

Open: New diving strategy to ensure year-round scuba access to popular sites

Whale mums and calves whisper, hide from predators off Great Australian Bight, researchers say

Interactive street theatre featuring replica beached sperm whale 'washes up' on Redcar beach

Abandoned fishing gear is killing marine life and poisoning our oceans

Photographer captures adorable baby seal under the baby seal under the ice of Lake Baikal

Dive right into an immersive meal experience in South Beach

Video: Stranded dwarf minke whale is rescued and swims back to the ocean

Get out: Noisy boats over the Great Barrier Reef are cutting fish lives short

Meta: 'Jaws' child star named police chief of town where movie was filmed

Search underway for entangled North Atlantic right whale spotted in Gulf of St. Lawrence

Celtics co-owner donates $2M to protect Florida manatees

Twin trainers at SeaWorld San Antonio found passion for animals at young age

I saw: 'Like catching a unicorn,' Maine man reels in rare fish in Florida

Tampa Bay fish farm is one of world’s largest pet fish distributors

Carpe diem: 11 year old boy caught ‘huge fish’ and broke world record

Or something: This amphibious drone hitchhikes like a suckerfish

Kaboom! Study says Tonga underwater volcanic eruption in January was as powerful as Krakatoa in 1883

Freediver Fred Buyle embraces ocean photography and conservation one breath at a time

Landing ban means more mako sharks are likely to survive accidental capture: federal assessment

Deepwater divers prepare to search inside sunken Japan tour boat for 12 people still missing

Kiwi divers remove tons of invasive seaweed from Fiordland; 'marine pest'

How do you find a century-old shipwreck in Southeast Alaska?

'It was pretty epic': Texas angler reels in 12.5-foot tiger shark at Padre Island National Seashore

Argh! Shocking moment whale breaches and lands on top of boat in Gulf of California in Mexico

Thunderball: Missing diver found headless after MI6 spying mission during Soviet leader's UK visit

Veteran dies during scuba class at Joint Base Lewis-McChord; 'Safety is a top priority'

Missouri scientists eavesdrop on an ancient river giant to prevent its extinction

C'est fou: Frenchman made great white shark submarine that terrified other sharks

I’m a diving expert – these are the most dangerous things you can do underwater