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Did the blob drive humpbacks out of Southeast Alaska? Some scientists think so.

This fisherman was hoping for a cod off Makkovik – and so were these orcas; 'You don't know when you will run into them'

San Francisco whaling crews lived to regret it, if they lived

Big fish: French trawler nets 1-ton WWII bomb that can explode with one wrong move

Video: Scientist develops 'gills' that allow people to breath underwater

Marine heat waves threaten underwater wildlife...

Underwater romance: unusual photos of photographer from Mexico

Ocean explorers find lost WWII shipwreck that 'entombed' 70 US sailors as they slept

Underwater ancient city in Turkey sparks interest

Shark Week 2018: Overall thoughts and episode reviews

Sterile fish could help wild salmon dodge the 'gene pollution' effect

Florida diver lands record lionfish, applauded for removing 'large invader'

Get out: Shark attacks Cape Cod swimmer, leaves puncture marks; 'hoping for the best'

'Speck' , popular dolphin of research, falls victim to Florida's red tide; 'it's tragic'

Video: Dolphins beach themselves in valiant effort to catch their prey

First-ever Irish ghost fishing operation to take place in Galway in bid to prevent whale and dolphin deaths

Western Australia agrees to catch and tag shark baiting trial

'This industry is not for the weak': Earning big bucks as an underwater welder

Good news: Vastly fewer North Atlantic right whale deaths this year

'Slogging' killer whale J-50 gets live fish delivery in latest attempt to save her; 'never been tried before'

Aussie rescuers win four-day battle to save entangled whale near Portland; 'textbook'

Whale found on Scottish beach may have been killed by boat

Devon: Woman airlifted to hospital after allergic reaction to weaver fish sting

Alligator hunting is now legal in North Carolina, but it may be harder to get a permit than 'Hamilton' tickets








Get out: Whale pod herded from Icelandic fjord for second day in row

Kill 'em all: Brit anglers urging government to allow shooting of more cormorants to stop birds eating fish they catch for sport

He didn't make it: Rescuers make failed attempt to save stranded salmon shark on Oregon beach

Researchers just found a WWII shipwreck that was lost for over 75 years off the coast of an Alaskan island

Video: Amazing moment diver captures selfie with huge whale

Alien spaceship may lay off Florida coast, says Discovery Channel treasure hunter

Canada: Tour operators sue feds over whale rules; 'we need something in writing'

Humpback whales make 'incredible' recovery in B.C. waters

What a whopper! Six-year-old Millie catches huge carp while night fishing

Muja the alligator still alive and snapping in his 80s at Belgrade Zoo

81-degree reading likely sets record for highest temperature ever measured in California waters; 'hot summer sun'

Canals Interrupted: Vital conduits for the global shipping industry, though they're often stalled or cancelled over controversies

Australia: People urged to keep an eye out for Swan River dolphin entangled in fishing line

Burn: 'Cold Water Cowboys' fishing boat catches fire at Newfoundland wharf

Iceland: Large pilot whale pod leave Kolgrafarfjörður fjord, locals breathe a sigh of relief

Argh! Video shows rare white humpback whale off coast of Australia

Mysterious 'ghost ship' discovered in Crimea

Fish fry: Japan heatwave threatens famed tuna auction

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