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Mysterious Object Emerges on a Florida Beach, Setting Off Speculation

Mystery as 2,500 dead seals wash up on Russian coast

Dazed and confused: Cruise ship passenger, 28, claims he has no idea how he fell overboard Carnival Valor - but insists he was not drunk; 'lucky to be alive'

Massive Bluefin Tuna Caught in Dramatic Video: 'Epic Experience'

Who knew? Underwater Cameras Reveal Nurse Sharks Are Surprisingly Acrobatic Feeders

South Africa: Massive 27-tonne dead whale oozing fluids out carcass washes up and stuns beachgoers

Let them eat cake: Biden's lavish lobster dinner doesn't change his hostility to seafood industry, fish groups say

The usual suspects: Investigation launched as bullet shell found at Scottish fish farm

How jet propelled gelatinous marine organisms could inspire underwater vehicle design

Whole Foods slammed over Maine lobster ban: It 'hurts' fishing families

10-year-old girl fights off shark during attack at Florida beach; 'There’s a piece missing'

How The Creature From The Black Lagoon Pulled Off Its Groundbreaking Underwater Scenes

Young Orca 'Lost and Grieving' Looking for Pod After Mom Died in Stranding

Everything is bigger: See where record-breaking fish have been caught in Texas

Less: ‘Common’ Dolphins on Israeli Coastline Decreased by 40% in Last 5 Years

'Massive numbers': New Gulf oil spill study finds even deadlier impact on one of Florida's most popular fish

White sharks once again migrate into Florida’s waters, probably eating other sharks

More than 200 people rescued after being stranded on huge chunk of ice that broke free on Minnesota lake while they were fishing; 'very unpredictable'

Food insecurity: Protection of blue sharks expected to hit Japan’s exports of fins; 'extra steps needed'

World record high dive: Rick Winters’ insane effort still stands 40 years later

Malaysia: Divers upset over man in viral video riding whale shark in Semporna

Lego lost at sea has made a woman from Cornwall world-famous

Malta: Divers question choice of experts in court case over death of Christine Gauci

‘The most worthless of all fish’ survey results posted by Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

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Other News...

The usual suspects: Why are Hong Kong’s rare pink dolphins disappearing?

Thousands of needle-nosed fish wash up on Cape Cod shores

Humpback whale named Pi returns to Isles of Scilly waters after nearly two years

Likely vessel strike injures humpback whale off Maui

Regulators: Temporary ‘slow zone’ implemented off Maine to protect right whales

Buri buri: Japan yellowtail goes global, becoming No. 2 fish export

Scientists call for action to help sunflower sea stars; 'It just sort of breaks your heart'

Maui student honored for aiding shark attack victim; 'I wanted to throw up'

French coast fishing ban unites fishers and biodiversity activists

Just the facts: Shark chased scuba diver, swallowed camera, then spat it out

Rogue: American woman, 62, is killed by broken glass after monster wave hits Antarctica cruise ship and shatters her cabin window

Food insecurity: 'Fishing industry is dying' as one-third of Ireland's offshore fleet apply for decommissioning

Massive, very rare sunfish washes ashore at NC coast; huge fish preserved for museum display

Water quality: Rare eels and dog fish found in River Thames experiment

Salt life: Whale found dead on Kerry beach had rusted fishing hook in its genitals and toothbrush in its stomach

Boat strikes suspected as dead Humpback whales on B.C. coast stump scientists; 'it’s unusual'

Asprete measures: ‘Europe’s rarest fish’ numbers spawn hopes for species’ survival

Move over cigarettes: Vape pens now threatening San Marcos River

'It's like baby-sitting a 40 ton animal': Divers describe sheer joy after incredible close encounter with a 30ft juvenile humpback whale

Let them be: Rescue effort for 5 pilot whales stranded on Cape Cod put on hold, officials say

Divers dig deep to retrieve detritus from Nelson's harbor

Watch: Decaying whales are 'islands of food' for aquatic organisms

Hot, crowded and flattened: Kitesurfer runs into a humpback whale off the coast of California

Food insecurity: US court orders ban on New Zealand exports of several fish species

Fading: 'News organization' spends time to refute random claim that mass whale beaching in Australia tied to 'engineered flooding'

Dolphin found stranded on West Australian beach euthanized despite rescue efforts

Wipeout: Paddleboarder gets taken out by dolphin

Western Australia: Police issue warning after 'rare' crocodile sighting at fishing spot

Fishers in Flores Sea opt to limit harvest of overexploited sea cucumbers

Four Indonesian men found fishing for sharks in Australian waters fined almost $20,000 in Darwin local court

No kidding: Sarasota man jumps in water to save engagement ring after trying to propose

Researchers fight to save Tasmania’s giant underwater kelp forests

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More news...

Dolphins on display at Minnesota Zoo for first time in a decade

Tiger shark eating turtle alive has feast snatched from jaws by hero fishermen

Watch: Vancouver sea lion's first snowfall

Sharks spotted inside nets at Bondi reignite debate about control measures

Fisherman detangles dolphin tied in nylon rope, internet says 'Great people still exist'

We have the technology: The race is on to spy on Canada’s whales from space; 'It helps to have every kind of tool'

Wales: World-first submarine's mysterious fate off the coast of Rhyl

A diver lowered the Apple Watch to the bottom of the sea.. How did his experience go?

Moby Dick: The strange true story that inspired one of the world’s most famous books

TV the teacher: 5 lies shark week taught us, according to science

Piebald nurse shark with incredible speckled skin may be first on record

Incredible moment free-diver saved from blacking out 410ft underwater while attempting world record

Gone: 4 pilot whales stranded on Cape Cod beach euthanized

Venting: Florida Wildlife Commission proposes rule to help improve survival of released reef fish

Call for ban on eel fishing challenges UK and EU to step up on extinction crisis

Podcast: How reporters uncovered a massive illegal shark finning operation by Chinese fishing fleet

Mysterious shipwreck found full of household items near Sweden is dated to 14th century

Coastal Job: Underwater cave ecologist Fernando Calderón-Gutiérrez explores life that thrives in deep, dark underwater world

Where is Migaloo? Why haven’t we seen the white whale?

Final countdown: Carnival cruise ship passenger who spent 15 hours overboard in the Gulf of Mexico was 30 seconds from death says Coast Guard rescuer; 'He had nothing left to give'

Where the fish are: Sea lions feast on fish on the American River in California

It was written: Refloated whale restrands and dies in Golden Bay

Is fish sausage the missing link in the great bait debate?

Safety first: Alaska commercial fishing industry goes 1 year without a fatality

It’s coral spawning season in the Great Barrier Reef - watch this beautiful natural process unfold

Lumpfish: How AI may help Scotland’s salmon farming industry by sorting the bold from the bashful among cleaner fish

Colombia seizes one ton of mutilated sharks in the Pacific Ocean

Tiny sharks found in River Thames by fishermen 20 miles from London

Florida: Shark bites youngster during family trip to Hobe Sound Beach into adventure

No foul: Panama gets US aid to avoid red card in illegal fishing fight

Philippines: Stronger marine protections sought after whale shark sightings in Batangas, Quezon

Inside the life of a deep sea saturation diver, one of the most dangerous and isolated jobs in the world