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The ocean's largest mystery – why has no one seen a whale shark give birth?

Drones Capture Close Encounters between Great White Sharks and Beachgoers

Report: The North Atlantic right whale is the face of an extinction crisis

Kino Classics to Release 1916 Silent Film '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' in New 4K Restoration from Universal Pictures

Scientists Discover Remote Vast Breeding Grounds For Disappearing Bahamian Conchs

Iceland's Last Fin Whaling Company May Be Coming To An End

Fisherman Accidentally Catches Endangered Ganges River Dolphin in Bihar's Purnia, Carries it to Safety

Playful Seal Demanding To Be Pet Amuses Internet, Netizens Call It 'Underwater Labrador'

Research finds fishing gear a major source of ocean microplastics in Atlantic Canada

In Sri Lanka, the hunt is on for alien fish in native lakes

Kiwi DOC defends fisher who caught protected great white shark; 'It's not a good thing to catch'

Eating a shark heart from a Tokyo supermarket

Australia: Spearfisher killed in Fraser Island shark attack

Greek Teenager Dedicates Life to Fighting Pollution and Cleaning Beaches

The Alaskans Are Coming: Underwater recordings confirm that a new killer whale population is poking its head into British Columbia

Hemingway the Dolphin Makes Himself At Home At Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Specialist team of underwater metal detectorists reunite student with his grandfather's gold ring after he lost it at the bottom of a lake

Study Alarms: Fish worldwide are shockingly vulnerable to climate change

Alabama scuba diver hooked while diving, reeled to the surface

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Unveils Their 'Sharktivity' App

Eau de Bermuda Triangle: How a Long-Lost Perfume Got a Second Life After 150 Years Underwater


First Yangtze finless porpoise bred in captivity released into the wild

Narwhal DNA captured a survival story the last time the glaciers

Ottawa Riverkeeper: One year after massive fish kill in Ottawa and Lievre rivers, questions remain

Biologists: Biologists find 10 lineages of fish able to live in highly toxic streams

Scuba diver, metal detector hobbyist find lost ring in Iowa lake

Scientists to explore mysterious Lake Huron sinkholes

Volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean is experiencing a 'growth spurt' - adding nearly 500 feet of land in under a month

Honolulu mayor announces new 'fish-to-dish' program to help Hawaii's struggling fishing industry

Worry: High levels of COVID-19 have been found in Florida sewage, but Sarasota spill hasn't been tested

A whale lotta love: North Sulawesi residents smother beached baby orca with hugs and kisses

Research: Chinese dolphin population recovered remarkably after ferry route halt

The other red meat: Sanirajak hunters prepare to harvest bowhead whale

Bad bugs: They said they caught one fish. Cops say they had nine out-of-season lobsters

Man's best friend: 50-year-old man died trying to rescue dog from canal, deputies said

How one diver became the 'shark whisperer'

False alarm: Shark sighting at Plymouth Long Beach that closed beach might have actually been a porpoise, Harbormaster says

New Zealand: Great White shark dies after getting tangled in fishing net off New Plymouth coast

Seattle: Chinook salmon decimated, southern resident orcas are residents no more

Marine scientist: Video of 'cute' dolphin shows concerning behavior

An extinct shark's fossil tooth as big as a palm is found in Bohol

Trapped porpoise rescued by Brit lifeboat crew in Sefton

Discovery's Shark Week really wants you to know that sharks have two penises

Massive bird of prey snags shark-like fish in wild video

Australia: Rare mostly white whale Oreo sighted off Gold Coast

How do you renovate an underwater section of the Great Wall?

Electrofishing suspected of killing young dolphin in Mandalay

Study reveals how underwater volcanoes become explosive

Where are the orcas? Not in the Salish Sea, where there's no food this summer








Video: Dwarf whale escapes probable great white shark off Martha's Vineyard

To understand the future of the Colorado River, look to a frowny, eel-faced fish: the humpback chub

Minnesota fisherman reels in 200 fish over 2-day trip

Horrifying new species of walking sharks discovered in Australia

Who knows? Why more great white sharks are showing up in Atlantic Canada

Seafood fraud: why your Mediterranean swordfish might actually be shark

Bystanders form human chain to help pull diver in distress out of water in Maine

Coronavirus: 'The masks you throw away could end up killing a whale'

A Florida dolphin on the move: Nibbles

Huge fish pulls two anglers over side of boat in 'fishing miracle' tale

Two Irish brothers drown in tragic diving accident

Neighbor saves 75-yr-old woman attacked by alligator; 'good spirits, despite what happened'

Roi, the misunderstood fish: Research reveals more about disliked, introduced species

Discovery of fish never recorded in the Amazon shows richness of Brazil's Calha Norte

Why we need sharks: the true nature of the ocean's 'monstrous villains'

Kerry boatman dreads the day when Fungie the dolphin is no longer around

The world loves a BC fish called hake. Why don't we eat it here?

Fish matters: 'Racist fish' scrawled on Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen

Canadian researchers help find evidence of ancient ochre mine in Mexican caves

A new Hawaiian island is forming — but don't make travel plans just yet, USGS says

Divers found a treasure trove of Aboriginal tools on a lost chunk of the Australian continent, which sunk underwater thousands of years ago

Brazil could dynamite Amazon dolphin, turtle habitat for industrial waterway

Emergence of whale shark in Red Sea reflects marine response to clean-up campaign: Environment Ministry

Australia: Orca populations may extend beyond Bremer Bay hotspot, researchers say

Florida: Tampa family finds gator with missing limbs lying on their front porch

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