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Australia: Stingray kills man, shark attacks another man during surf lesson

Brit angler finds basking shark dead on Deal Beach

California: Dolphin found shot to death on Manhattan Beach; $5,000 reward offered

'Sad surprise': Amazon fish contaminated by plastic particles

Terror as sharks circle stranded Aussie divers

Snowbirds: Great white sharks tracked off North Carolina coast traveled 1,000 miles from Canada

Shipwrecked bottle of stout returns to Glasgow after 150 years

No break fast: Why famished orcas may have to wait 90 years for more salmon

No reservations: World's largest underwater restaurant almost fully booked but it's not even open yet

No where to run: Your city might end up underwater even if Paris Agreement goals are met

Math is hard: Climate contrarian uncovers scientific error, upends major ocean warming study

All wet: I spoke with scientists who directly connected surf fighting with animal behavior

With humans out of the way, humpbacks are flourishing --but so are orcas

Report: Canada's marine fish stocks are on a steady decline, with only a third considered healthy

Danish warship found in ten-year quest

Accused smugglers caught stuffing nearly 1000 shark fins into luggage at Hawaii airport

Eye in the sky: Monterey helicopter pilot might have spotted great white sharks' birthing ground

Malpractice: ZooTampa orders review after veterinarian is accused of killing manatees with shoddy care

Drone finds 'rare' shark nursery, 2,500 feet beneath the surface

Whale entanglements bring new ideas for fishing gear

As Arctic ship traffic increases, narwhals and other unique animals are at risk

Japan aquariums turn to breeding dolphins instead of taking from wild

Hawaii: Illegal shark finning probe nets criminal charges against ten international fishermen

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