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Startling: Platypuses Lost 22% of Their Habitat Over Last 30 Years

Meet The Man Who Can Hold His Breath For 7 Minutes And Freedive 112 Metres

California woman hospitalized after suspected shark attack off Maui

Thanksgiving: What do fish eat?

new research shows even small ships pose deadly threat to North American right whales

At Sea and in Court, the Fight to Save the World's Rarest Whales Intensifies; 'The next five years are critical'

Call to cull: Death by shark is at an all time high in Australia. What's happening?

The Bends: Humans get sick diving in the ocean, but here's why dolphins don't

Death By Plastic: Bay's Sea Turtles, Marine Mammals Imperiled By Growing Debris

Florida: Can corals -- stars of an underwater livestream -- survive a PortMiami cruise expansion?

drone footage captures moment hammerhead shark swims by swimmer floating on his back, and nothing happens

Scientists: Climate Change Is Sending Some Species the Wrong Way; Invertebrates defy predictions, head toward shallow, warmer water

A proposed fish farm in the Gulf of Mexico is making waves; 'It could be very good for the tourists'

Barb, Tang and Wahoo: The US Navy Has Started Naming Its Submarines After Sea Creatures Again

Jaws: Florida man jumps into pond, wrestles alligator to save puppy; 'We live on a shared landscape'

Bodyboarder killed in shark attack in Western Australia: 'We have to be careful of entering the water'

Making dad proud: Robert Irwin, 16, is pictured rushing to the aid of a melon-headed whale left stranded on Noosa North Shore

'Prognosis is poor' for stranded Sperm Whale in Mobile Bay

'The Greatest Shoal on Earth': Protecting South Africa's sardine run

Tabulating the Victims of Plastic Pollution Hundreds of sea turtles and marine mammals have been choked, snared, and hooked by plastic debris.

Pick any card: Magician completes 20 magic tricks while submerged in tank of water

Bermuda: Diver calls for probe into parrotfish killings; 'I was just horrified'

Whale of a Tale: Whale From Russia Visits SoCal With mangled Tail

New £450 Million Mega Yacht Resembles A Shark Gliding Through The Sea

Ernie Brooks Has Died; Famed Underwater Photographer Leaves a Legacy of Images

Multiple Sightings Of Monster-Sized Alligators In Florida

Underwater museum: how 'Paolo the fisherman' made the Med's strangest sight

Sea otter catches shark in extremely rare species interaction

Here's Why an Eight-Wheeled Chevy Silverado Monster Truck Went Sailing Into a South Florida Bay

Less Stress: Summer devoid of tourism traffic spurred Alaskan humpback whale study


'Like touching the souls of your ancestors': Team of black scuba divers share experience of salvaging sunken slave ships

Fukushima's radioactive wastewater dilemma: What to do with hundreds of thousands of tonnes of contaminated water?

More than 100 pilot whales - plus dolphins - die in a beaching on New Zealand's remote Chatham Islands

Fishing gear confirmed as major cause of right whale deaths

Fisherman recounts discovering whale in Alabama's Mobile Bay; 'some humps off in the distance'

Fisherman: 'It would be nice not to be villainized for once'; investigation finds no other headless seals in Kerry

Whitefish: Naughty beluga whales play with a keeper by biting flippers off his feet as he tries to clean their water tank

Scores of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins dead after Chatham Islands stranding

Mexico: Civil Protection hoping to regulate cenote divers of Tulum

Australia deploys new underwater technology to fight illegal fishing

Quiet Sound underwater noise reduction program could soon slow ships, protect orcas

Trigger warning: British man 'shocked and appalled' by fly fishing technique in The Crown

Australian girl proves a valuable fish friend in shark rescue; 'It's all right, it's all right'

Florida: Mote caring for six cold-stunned Kemp's Ridley sea turtles

Why are orcas known as the 'wolves of the sea'?

Warning: Bottlenose dolphins could disappear from Ecuador's Gulf of Guayaquil

Research: Dutch porpoise population rises seven-fold in 30 years; 'The reasons are unclear'

Mote receives federal grant to help restore and save one of Florida's iconic Coral Reefs

'Like kindergarten for divers': 45th deep-diving pool opens in Poland

I am salmon: Vancouver Island film maker has a sockeye's view of salmon spawning ground

Dolphin washes ashore in cove, students carefully chop it up; 'I've always been extremely squeamish'

Scotland: Nine divers rescued off Kyleakin after support boat breaks down

Back from the brink of extinction, blue whales return to South Georgia

Norwegian report confirms viability of Andfjord's fish sludge as fertilizer; 'we can make money from the salmon's feces'

Storm: Wreck of 200-year-old cargo ship is discovered buried on a Florida beach

Round and round: Mesmerizing footage shows 20ft wide ice disc spinning non-stop on a Chinese river due to rare natural phenomenon

Florida: Mote breaks ground on new $130M 'science education' aquarium

Race to the bottom: Sales of £2m personal submarines double

New 'fish condo' off East Providence coast bustling with activity; 'We're completely surprised'

Tampa Bay fishermen donate their catch to families struggling during the pandemic

Study supports theory that fish fins evolved from gill arches

Round and round: Some fish are likely to get caught and recaught

Yangtze porpoises born in captivity to be released into the wild

Help needed finding baby dolphin wrapped in plastic near Galveston

Environmental groups say Pebble could threaten the endangered Cook Inlet beluga whale

Tahlequah, Oklahoma celebrates 'Tahlequah', the killer whale; 'we recognize the connection'

That sinking feeling: What if Singapore runs out of sand?

Turkish freediver in pursuit of three world records in Mexico

Pittsburgh man charged with arowana , snakehead fish trafficking








How underwater mapping could preserve the future of our oceans

Wildlife crimes and human rights abuses plague Taiwanese fishing vessels, crews say

Going for gold: pet firm reports resurgence in fish-keeping

Teeth reportedly stolen from carcass of sperm whale stranded on Bali beach; 'irresponsible parties'

Tracy Morgan donates rare fish to East Idaho Aquarium

Sipekne'katik First Nation suspends lobster fishery after endangered whales spotted

Stunning photos show seal pups and their mothers amid plea to keep a distance

Thousands of dolphins 'stampede' off California coast; 'dolphins everywhere'

Bermuda: Fight against fish poachers hampered by lack of resources, says scientist

He didn't make it: Sperm whale located in Mobile Bay was euthanized Wednesday morning

La la land: Bruce, the last 'Jaws' shark, docks at the Academy Museum

New Zealand: Scores of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins dead after Chatham Islands stranding

Pupdate: New photos show Florida man with puppy he saved from alligator

Are industrial chemicals killing rare whales and familiar dolphins?

Dead dolphin caught in fishing nets found washed up on Caswell beach

Worry: Sperm whale moved again; sighted heading north in Mobile Bay

Expedition finds record number of fishes in abyssal deep-sea

Over 50,000 salmon escape into wild after 'inexplicable' fish farm fire in Tasmania

Professional mermaid reveals what it's like to be a real-life Ariel

Pink dolphins staying longer in Hong Kong waters, a sign of falling pollution levels during Covid-19

Long Island man sues PetSmart after dozens of koi fish die; 'I lost 20 pounds since all this happened'

RoboCop sets sail: A new generation of autonomous vessels is looking to catch illegal fishers in the act

Watch: Maltese divers remove abandoned nets from underwater site near Salina

Fish tales: a pandemic adventure across the US brings two anglers to Iowa

An 'extremely unusual' shark sighting on Cape Cod was caught on camera

Ecuador, a victim of illegal fishing, is also a culprit

Canada: Government agencies pull industrial tires from Chemainus Bay

Manatee poke lands Tampa boat captain in federal court

'Abnormal' spike in fin whales washed up on French shores

UK grey seal colony experiences 'baby boom', prompting new research techniques

Dog owner fined after pet attacks rare seal on Sydney beach

The rising tide underfoot: Changing sea levels are pushing groundwater into new and problematic places

Multi-link catfish skull may hold key to better underwater robots

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