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How did they not notice? Moment a Japanese tanker docks into a harbour with a 32-foot dead fin whale stuck on its bow

Amateur divers discover 'enormously valuable' hoard of Roman coins

The Infamous 'Whaling Wall' in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is no Longer

Ocean Photography Awards 2021: winners' stunning deep-sea images unveiled

Human Whistling Languages Could be Crucial in Deciphering Dolphin Communication; 'phatic expressions'

Get out: Seal disturbances alarm as Second pup dies in Ceredigion; 'It's a crying shame, an absolute crying sham'

Brazil: Diver Finds One Of The Ocean's Rarest Shark Eggs

Fisherman battles 8ft shark off Brit coast for an hour in 'once in a lifetime' catch

Researchers: Grandma Orca Among missing, presumed dead in Puget Sound; Her son now has 3x risk for death

Volcanoes, tsunamis, underwater landslides: Scientists Imagine New Zealand's 'near-shore' threats

How Transparent, 'Vampire' Catfish May Travel Unseen Through the Amazon River

Quebec divers set world record by high-diving off two hot air balloons; 'I have been dreaming about for several years'

Croatian diver Vitomir Maricic breaks Guinness World Record for longest underwater walk

We have the technology: Australia deploys more shark-scanning drones to prevent attacks

America's Most Wanted: Irishwoman arrested in Spain faces extradition to the US over 'unlawful and careless' death of scuba diver

Grind Wave: Faroe Islands to evaluate traditional hunt after slaughter of 1,400 dolphins; 'I'm angry about this'

Heartbreaking story of dolphin named Peter who 'killed himself' by drowning after being separated from his 'human lover'

Texas: Child hospitalized after suspected shark bite on South Padres Island

Mugged: Grey seal hugs a scuba diver in the North Sea

RIP: 'Okefenokee Joe,' massive alligator believed to have been alive since WWII, dies; 'We are so grateful to have known him'

The Drive: 'Large' pod of pilot whales killed in Japan's 'Red Cove'

This zero-carbon submarine could be carrying underwater cargo from Glasgow

Aquarium-led landmark study reveals some shark species are tougher than others when it comes to surviving catch and release

Babies on board! Three endangered Northwest killer whales look very pregnant in aerial photos

Gone: Nick the Dolphin who went viral after swimming with public in Cornwall dies in Cork Harbour

Slaughter of 1,400 dolphins on Faeroes sparks debate on traditions; 'we are not alone on earth

Video Shows Jaws-like Panic As Shark Seen near Florida Surfer: 'Like a Scene From a Movie'

Florida: Shark bites teenage surfer at Ponce Inlet in Volusia County's 10th unprovoked bite of 2021

Fish out of water: Research team tags second great white shark of Nova Scotia 'expedition'

'He just swallowed my whole spear': Aussie diver's great white encounter

The end is Nigh: Research shows right whales may not survive ocean warming and human impact; 'It's urgent':

Watch: Florida divers install massive underwater flag in honor of 9/11


Birth of Jaws: Viscous shark attacks remembered by Matawan maneater mural

Get out: Scientists warn of 'toxic gases' when lava hits ocean after volcano erupts on one of Spain's Canary Islands

Students work to restore Florida's endangered coral reefs; 'acting as a steward is super amazing'

Grind wave continues: 53 more dolphins butchered in the Faroe Islands days after 1,400 were killed in beach bloodbath that sparked global outrage

Kiwi DOC was advised to euthanize orca calf Toa after spending $130,000 on its care, documents reveal; 'I think it was worth it'

'I thought I got hit by the boat': Teen survives encounter with shark off Florida coast

SeaWorld killer whale Skyla died of 'trauma' after being 'ripped' from her mum and shipped 4,000 miles away

Keep moving, nothing to see: 'Strange' northern right whale dolphin spotted off California, way further south than usual

It's all in the name: Fisherman goes deep to catch record fish

Cape Verde's 'fish detectives' try to keep extinction at bay

Killing fish to save them: Plan would use poison to restore Yellowstone cutthroat trout

How Taiwan's last 'fire fishing' boat is keeping tradition alive

Wahoo: Watch a tiny nuke throw a tower of water more than a half-mile high

Holy moly: See video of mackerel forcing whitebait fish on to the beach at St Leonards

Get out: Outrage as supertrawler fishing boats return to East and West Sussex coast

Scotland: Diving instructor fined after death of man off Dunbar coast

Covid breakthrough case: Underwater photographer Nikos Samaras captures pictures of 'seahorse dragging a mask'

Deep impact: The underwater photographers bringing the ocean's silent struggle to life

Scientists find evidence of 2 human-caused injuries to whale carcass washed up on Staten Island

New Zealand: One of three dolphins stuck in Porirua Harbour dies after showing signs of distress

Dolphinarium in Russia's Far East celebrates as baby Beluga whale is born in domestic facility for first time in history

Tasmania's salmon industry detonates underwater bombs to scare away seals – but at what cost?

Ipswich 'underwater highway' recognized for protecting lungfish in new documentary

Speciesism: Why some fish are 'junk,' others are protected. Study points to bias against native species

I tried lab-grown fish maw. Here's why it could help save our oceans

Yorkshire instructor fined after pupil dies in deep water dive to find German submarine

'Get away from me!' Florida woman pushes away large alligator while paddle boarding on Silver River

Stranded: Whale rescue by Clearwater Marine Aquarium center of new documentary

Get out: Why Canada is making it harder to go whale watching

'One in a lifetime': Dolphin spotted playing with swimmers in Hayle harbour is killed by boat

Africa's first underwater museum set to open in Kenya

Hong Kong green groups say rare porpoise threatened by construction off Lantau, gov't urged to close permit 'loophole'

Irish diver films spectacular basking shark breach; no 'sleeping giant'

Decomposing sei whale to be recovered by South Australia Museum as big 'stench' heats up

Swamp People: Human remains found inside 504-pound alligator suspected of attacking man after Hurricane Ida

Decompose: Hurricane Ida leaves around two million acres of fish kills in Louisiana

Massachusetts: Fishing group suit challenges federal review of offshore wind project

Marine experts flag new Peru marine reserve that allows industrial fishing

Florida: Firefighter swims past alligator to save a man from drowning; 'I didn't think twice about it'

Revelation: Pool of water near Dead Sea turns blood red, authorities investigating

Will fishing the goliath grouper be allowed again? Florida considers a lottery

Brit couple devastated after otter kills and eats £5k in fish; 'This problem is out of control'








Shocked woman gets photobombed by shark in wild beach encounter

Texas tech student loses diamond class ring, scuba diver helps him find it

Soldier dies during diver training in Fort Campbell, Kentucky-fifth death since 2015

Man sold carvings made from ivory of endangered whale, feds say

Secret of the whales: Ottawa biologist's whale tale earns an Emmy

'Truly incredible': Stranded dolphin rescued after it was found in shallow waters near Port Aransas

40-feet-long whale carcass washes ashore in India's Maharashtra's Palghar, locals click selfies

They're back: River otter species returns to Missouri waterways

Egypt investigates alleged shark attack off northern coast

This just in: Young elephant seals risk shark attacks on way to California beaches

Authorities warn 'urgent action' is needed to stop 39 of Australia's well-known sharks and ray species from becoming extinct

Teen surfer tells about shark encounter on Florida beach; 'It could have been much worse'

Florida's underwater music festival seeks to raise environmental awareness

Invasion of alien toxic toadfish ravages Cyprus fishing industry

'Fingers' discovered in the flippers of beaked whales

Once in a lifetime humpback whale encounter off West Cork coast; 'beyond stunned'

Philippines divers clear plastic waste from corals for World Cleanup Day

Tennessee: Hendersonville man catches another monster fish on Old Hickory Lake by accident

Cornwall fisherman questions 'absurd' tracking system for small boats

Diving after a 50-year-old mystery: Was helicopter wreckage found off San Diego the famed Helo 66?

Artist turns seafloor into art by creating underwater museums

The Philippines: Another sperm whale found dead on Boracay beach; 'I hope this is all a mere coincidence'

Creepy or cool? Deep-sea photographer shares photos of freakish seabed creatures

Catch of a lifetime as fisherman reels in two fish on one hook

Massive sea monster swallows 3-foot-long SHARK in one gulp off Florida coast

Right: Scientists spot rare, mysterious right whales in waters off Alaska

Miami's real dolphins need our help to survive; 'They live in a very challenging environment'

Close encounters of the third kind: Curious 50ft whale gently nudges woman's paddleboard before swimming underneath it

The trades: What it takes to become an underwater welder

China: Domestically developed underwater helicopter tested at a depth of 1,000 meters

A flying great white shark: Chris Fallows' best photograph

Rhode Island researchers tracking 8 young great white sharks

Nearly a dozen divers rescued after their boat was engulfed in fog near Orkney

Hope in sight for the ambassador of Chilika lake, the elusive fishing cat

'Zombie' urchin slayers are trying to save California's underwater 'rainforest'

Get out: 3 killer whales are pregnant and boaters need to stay far away, Washington officials say

Lawyer up and wait: Maine won't sue over right whale restrictions, but isn't giving up

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