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Cape Cod's New Normal: Sharks Are Everywhere

Hunger is No Joke: Seagull Devours Baby Shark

Girl attacked by shark; 10th attack at this same Florida beach this year

Monstrous alien fish spotted in the rivers of Kerala after the state's 2018 floods

'At first I thought it was a sea lion, but then I saw the prop wash was kind of bizarre'

Natural causes: Reason for Perth dolphin deaths found

Dolphins in Italian waters are dying from measles-like virus as the disease claims the lives of at least 40 animals

News you can use: Don't feed that seal pup a chicken drumstick, please

Want to snap a perfect whale picture? Tips from a world-class photographer

South Africa: Stranded whale euthanized – with a bomb

Night School: We finally know why flashlight fish glow

Shark Expert Greg Skomal Explains How Tags Work

16-year-old surfer escapes shark near Makaha Beach in Hawaii

We're Bad: Japanese Whaling Is Not the Greatest Threat to Whale Conservation

Rare Sighting Of Blue Whales Off The Washington Coast

Shark 'fit-bit' throws new light on ocean predators

VIDEO: 'I am so mad': Diver shines light on garbage in B.C. lake

In Greece's Aegean Sea, Divers Find 'Gulf of Plastic Corals'

Giant Sharp-Toothed 'Monster Fish' Washes Ashore on Major Russian River

Mini Yellow Submarines Help Scientists Better Predict Hurricanes

2,000-Year-Old Shipwrecks With Cargo Discovered Off Greek Island

Owner of dog killed by gator relieved at capture of 'monster'

Canada: 3 North Atlantic right whales partially freed from fishing gear

In County Kerry you can swim with the world's oldest solitary dolphin, Fungie

Whale Songs Tell a New Story about Humpback Migrations

Amity Means Friendship: Secrecy Abounds in Government Officials' Shark Meetings on Cape Cod

Megafauna Malaise: Giant freshwater fishes are in alarming decline

'Jaws' Bruce the Shark Making a Hollywood Comeback

Playing underwater tag with sharks? FSU scientist says it's for their own good.

Monk seal rescued for second time recovers, released on Kauai

Basking sharks filmed using underwater drones

Commercial fishing to blame for planet's declining shark numbers

As whales die again in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, 'a cat-and-mouse game' is under way to save them


Fact check: Silly movie 47 Meters Down's diving & sharks are totally inaccurate

Video of bald eagle 'swimming' with fish in its claws on St. Croix river goes viral

Saint Lucia: Fisheries Department denies human remains found in pregnant shark

Jetsam: F-16 fuel tank washes up on a beach in Pinellas County

Holy mola mola: Divers encounter giant, weird-looking fish off Vancouver Island

The news cannot be good: Salish Sea's 'humpback comeback' is a good sign, but concerns remain

Scientists struggle to find reasons behind gray whale deaths; starving?

Grayfish: Training the dolphins at Gulf World; 'This is a bucket list item for so many people'

Chemicals turning fish 'gay' new threat to water safety in Malaysia

Researchers have tagged more sharks so far this year than in previous years

Both orca babies alive, all 3 southern resident pods seen in Canadian waters

Japanese urged not to see rare fish as omen of earthquakes

Meow: Cat disease is killing Māui and Hector's dolphins not just fishing

Playful dolphin is spotted 'juggling' a jellyfish in front of stunned holidaymakers in Denmark

Thailand: Baby dugong on sick watch after 'Hope' the whale dies; 'refusing to eat'

Watch as a great white shark brushes by a boat off Cape Cod; 'It definitely wasn't scared of us'

Aussie state government encourages more surfers to purchase a shark deterrent

They're here: Humpback whale parent, calf sighting south of Tokyo suggests breeding grounds expanding

Watch: Turtles can breathe with their butt underwater thanks to their shell - here's how

Florida: Man man spears off-limits fish in Florida Keys

Lake Superior shipwreck discovered after more than a century

4 people charged with stealing 40,000 oysters in Florida

New SETI project will practice looking for alien life near deep-sea vents on Earth

Malaysia: Marine police nab two for fish bombing in Semporna

Rodney Fox's stolen signed Jaws book returned after 25 years

Rescue with a porpoise: Canadian neighbors come together to save cetacean

Biologist warns it's 'past the time' to act for Southern resident killer whales

Stunning new images of long-lost World War II submarine found in Alaska

More than 5,000 sea turtle nests recorded on Florida's west coast

Hungry for answers: Do sharks attack humans for a reason?

NOAA: As the Bering Sea warms, warm-water fish are moving in

Six underwater volcanoes found hiding in plain sight

Researchers set sail on month-long voyage exploring underwater volcanoes in Coral Sea

Stranded whales force Clearwater Marine Aquarium into an early reveal

Officials: Another entangled whale in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Phuket marine experts have 'Hope' for rescued newborn dwarf sperm whale

Fish poachers targeted in Irish border operation

Shark Week: Miami man says he was 'reborn' after possible shark attack

'He's got me!' Black tip shark chomps Hatteras charter captain just in time for Shark Week

Florida aquarium: 5 whales rescued last week in deeper water, doing well

Video shows Taiwanese desperately plead with pilot whale not to beach itself

Twenty pilot whales die after getting stranded on Iceland beach; 'it was a new experience for all'

River Sheppey dead fish: Inquiring minds want to know what has caused the dead fish in the River Sheppey?









As ocean temperatures rise, photographer seeing more warm-water fish off Nova Scotia

Pitbull fights off a shark to save his fisherman friend after predator bites man's leg

Japan under pressure over past hunting of sei whales

Icebreaker Polar Star: Meet the neglected 43-year-old stepchild of the US military industrial complex

Shark fights Florida captain for fish; 'He just took it out of my hand'

Diver finds old plate in shipping channel

He didn't make it: Sad development in case of whale stranded on Oregon Coast

Photo of sharks circling a beached whale secures Australian Geographic's top nature image prize

Maine: Lobstermen say whale rules threaten way of life

Neanderthals sported 'surfer's ear,' suggesting they liked to fish

Fisherman reels in massive, record-breaking fish off New Jersey

Poached sturgeon: Two anglers fined $3K for catching endangered fish in closed season

Aussie dolphin entangled in fishing line again

Canada: The fearless rescuers who save right whales from certain death

Freed captive orca Alexandra is thriving, as are 5 of the other young killer whales

The Shark Whisperer: Diver calms giant predator with a touch of his hand

Biggest animal on earth spotted off Washington and Oregon coasts

'Slowly slipping away.' Fewest sockeye salmon ever counted at Ballard Locks

Fish tube: 'Cannon' that fires salmon over dams sends the internet into meltdown

Massachusetts woman shares video of encounter with great white shark; 'It felt like Animal Planet in real life'

Divers brave freezing temperatures during plunge in icy Tasmanian lake

Study finds fish have better memories than humans

Lessons from Alaska: How an oil spill decimated a once thriving orca population

Pressure: Chinese shop owners made to eat live fish for not meeting sales target, watch shocking video

Florida shark bite frenzy in Volusia: What's going on in the water?

Report: Woman killed by sharks tried to swim back to boat after losing arm

Rescuers free humpback whale that was 'hogtied' in fishing gear off Washington coast

Scientists say damaged underwater mountain chain near Hawaii is making an amazing comeback

Some sharks glow in the dark, and now we know why

Divers find 'gulf of plastic corals' in Aegean Sea

Man airlifted to hospital after diving on Lusitania wreck

Why do the Southern resident orcas only eat Chinook salmon?

Toxic fish: Is climate change making cod & tuna dangerous to eat?

Fish tank warning as family are hospitalized with unusual poisoning after cleaning coral

Get Out: Confirmed white shark sightings close 2 Cape Cod beaches to swimmers

Jersey Shore: Did shark ram man off bodyboard at LBI beach?: 'I saw the fin'

Born Free: The trio of captive orcas have been released into the wild

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