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Banned Fish Trap Returns To Columbia As Sustainable Way To Catch Salmon

Shark attack victim who had arm, hand torn off by two great whites marries the woman who nursed him back to health

From the humpback to the Antarctic blue: why do whales sing?

Study: Eilat's Dolphins Whistle 'In Memory' of Deceased Pod Pals

Menace: Sea lions continue to eat big fish near Willamette Falls

Killer Whales and Chimpanzees Have Similar Personalities, Can Be Assessed With 'Big Five' Personality Factors

SeaWorld uses playful otters, killer whales and giant sea turtles to reconnect with visitors

Saved by zero: Mathematical model may prevent extinction of green sea turtle, blue whale

Aussie Scare: Shark attacks a teenage girl as she swims; 'My flesh actually fell off'

German WWI U-boat resurfaces off French coast

A New Employee At The Texas State Aquarium Is There To Keep The Fish Happy

Japan rebuts NY Times editorial on whaling; 'It is unfair to single out Japan'

War is Peace: California sea lions killed to protect migrating fish

New plan to use Irish fishing trawlers to remove plastic from oceans

Vaquita Wars: Sea Shepherd vessel falls under assault by poachers in Mexico

Snack attack: Enormous sea lion surveys food truck for handy meal in Kamchatka

To Study Rare Sharks, Scientists Are Heading to Fish Markets

Vancouver: Vets discuss treatment options for pair of ailing endangered orcas

Newfoundland town asks for help as stranded seals block roads, cry out; 'This is disturbing for the residents'

Kiwi officials: Decapitated fur seals weren't killed by humans

Australia: Mass fish deaths at Menindee sparks viral video from emotional farmers; 'this is a man-made disaster'

Jellyfish terror takes over Australia, beaches forced to shut down

The Social Network: Malay woman comes under fire for hugging crocodile

Over? Electric ferries are cleaner and quieter. But for orcas, that might not be enough

These Whales Are Serenaders of the Seas. It's Quite a Racket.


Fish story: How a coelacanth discovery set off a flurry of science, subterfuge

'One died in front of us': More dead fish surface in the Darling River

'Drought, climate change and mismanagement': What experts think caused the death of a million Menindee fish

11 fishing horror stories that will make you want to stay on land

Incredible footage shows Kiwi divers swimming with pod of orca whales in Whitianga

How Aquaman's communication with fish has changed over the years

Freediving duo set world record for longest underwater dance

Aussie shark attack victim Sean Pollard weds woman who helped save his life

Replica of Qiqi the Yangtze dolphin on exhibit 18 years after her death

Indonesia: Giant crocodiles jumps wall, eats scientist alive

Anger after jet skiers chase dolphin pod in Wellington harbor

'Won't die wondering': NSW to deploy aerators to keep fish stocks live

Mayor of Cambridge dies after scuba diving with sharks in South Africa

Benny the beluga latest: Whale still thought to be living in Thames; 'He's a wise animal'

Hawaii's humpback whales to be counted despite fed shutdown

Houston artist takes to the depths of the ocean floor for jaw-dropping photos

Pic story: frogman's underwater work in China's Hunan

Kiwi scuba diver brothers need rescuing after boat drifts away

Dog's best friend; Man dies after saving dogs in Ocean Beach

PETA demands investigation of fish jumping out of its tank at aquarium

In 2019, how hungry is Japan for whale meat?

When killer whale 'Suzy Wong' was a star attraction at Hong Kong's Ocean Park

India: Two blind Indus dolphins rescued at Khairpur canal

Dildo fishing derby to return 3 years after salmon squabble; 'If it can't swim, you can't win'

Cermaq: Experimental 'closed-containment' fish farm coming to Canadian waters

North Carolina: State official says plastic played role in endangered whale's death

Orca spotted in Scottish waters leaves wildlife watchers 'jumping for joy'

Aussie pol Jeremy Buckingham retching over mass fish kill on Darling River

Scientists find massive ancient whale with stomach full of fish and other whales

Shark attacks surfer off Central California coast; 'stitches'

India: NGO's call plan to sink warship off India coast 'disastrous idea'

Sleeping seal harassed by so many people on Jersey Shore that it had to be rescued

Save the whales, again: Japan's whaling restart presents an opportunity for a fresh start, and a larger role for science

John Coe: Famous orca photographed off Chanonry Point








Biggest great white shark on record seen in Hawaii waters

Shark fin is banned in 12 U.S. states--but it's still on the menu

Solving the mystery of Ocean Beach's lone whale tail

Submerged mastodon may provide clues to ancient mysteries

Study: Pilot whales use different dialects and teach them to their children

How hagfish can make enough slime to clog a shark's jaws in seconds

Concerned marine divers rescue two sick seals

Report: Thai boys were handcuffed, sedated during cave scuba rescue

A 1-in-30 million find: Calico lobster turns up, is rescued from Maryland fish market

Divers find black box of Lion Air plane involved in fatal crash

Turkish free diver to join Antarctica research team

Whale watching: Researchers release photos and video of southern resident orca calf

Mexico: Dolphin strandings continue, this time at Yucalpetén resort

Hawaii: Woman performs greeting celebration for the whales; 'What we do affects them'

Australia: Minister warns of more fish deaths this week as temperatures rise in NSW west

Canadian magician to attempt underwater polar bear dive escape

Can robotic 'sensor fish' save salmon from hydroelectric dams?

Monster puffer fish! Angler hooks potential world record-breaker off Port Canaveral

A new hope: Orca calf seen among Puget Sound's critically endangered killer whales

Australia: Killer feed creates orca 'spaghetti'

How stuff works: Dolphins sleep half a brain at a time

Scientist tags shark that killed United States tourist off Cocos Island

Australia: Toadfish may be culprit in Whitsundays 'shark' attack

Canadian PM Trudeau criticizes Japan over whale hunt

Report: Man accused of eating LSU student's pet fish

'It had one of my legs in its mouth': How surfer escaped shark attack off California coast

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