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Great white sharks feed on dead whale off Myrtle Beach coast; expert critical of fishermen

Fish Brain on MC Hammer: Australian scientist maps neural activity while listening to 'You Can't Touch This'

Judge imprisons 'Scuba Steve' in Detroit River underwater drug smuggling case

Pirates of the Cari-beer-an: Underwater Beer-Aging Project Foiled by Deep-Diving Thieves

Sydney shark catch: Conservationists outraged by capture and killing of massive tiger shark

Marine group calls for stricter fishing gear rules after right whale death

A new hope: Incredible footage of breaching dolphin captured off Irish coast; 'Is this Fungie?'

Believe It Or Not: Moray Eel Undergoes Emergency Surgery In Kerala After Attack By Another Fish, Now Stable

Japan: Modest shark quietly swims into record books at Mie aquarium; 'It is an excessively light eater'

Swimmer dies in New Caledonia shark attack off beach

Drone Reporting: Footage Shows Great White Shark Moving 'At Least 20mph'

Always a reason for Worry: Despite recent births, 'a long way to go' to save Southern Resident orcas

Hawaii island couple $272,000 after illegal aquarium fish collecting incident

Afraid of the dark: Kiwi Whale Rescue Group Claims it's too dangerous to help at Night;' I'd love to be in court and expose this'

Protecting right whales: Advocates, fishermen say proposal needs more work

Diver Takes Rare Photographs Of 'Penis Fish' Underwater Off Coast Of Australia

Free-diver breaks world record for longest swim under ice

Italian Cliffside Cemetery, and Its Coffins, Carried Away by a Landslide into Ocean

Loneliest number: Only 1 of 52 pilot whales survives mass stranding in Indonesia

A Few Fixes Could Cut Noise Pollution That Hurts Ocean Animals; 'We need to get noise out of the waiting room'

The real-life baby shark! Mutant fish is born with 'a human face'

BC salmon farm closures could lead to 1,500 lost jobs, Kill 10 Million Salmon and Eggs


Louisiana: Report says proposed diversion could kill 34% of bottlenose dolphins in Barataria Bay

When Chinook salmon is off the menu, other prey will do for endangered orcas

Chinese white dolphins spotted off China's southeastern coast

A spectacular underwater look at humpback whales, their amazing learned behaviors; 'I try to get that suction cups on them'

'Giant luminous shark': researchers discover three deep-sea sharks glow in the dark

Family welcomed back to Florida with seven-foot gator in garage

The GoFish Cam lets anglers see what's really happening underwater. And it records video too

Ultra-rare Mexican walking fish found in stunned Brit family's garden pond

'Cottontail' the endangered N. Atlantic right whale found dead off Myrtle Beach coast

Vegetarians hit hardest: Marine protected areas in Oahu provide low safety to coral reef herbivorous fishes

Florida: Blue marlin seen jumping in the surf at Jensen Beach washes up on shore later. What happened?

The shady practices that plague global fishing: The owners of fishing vessels employ extreme measures to hide their identities

Sheriff office: Golfer looking for lost ball in pond might have drowned

Dammed, drugged, poisoned: Three central Pennsylvania river species appear to be in decline; 'Something's changed'

Kiwi weekend dive log: One diver dies in Northland, second diver found alive 18 hours after going missing

Florida: Alligator eats fish during golf championship broadcast

Nothing to see, keep moving: Shark sightings off Mexico's Playa del Carmen are common and without danger says biologist

High hopes: Drones join fight to save New Zealand's rarest dolphin

Florida Fish and Wildlife announce new flounder regulations for Florida

Researchers studying why sperm whale became stranded in Mobile Bay; 'He was very, very skinny'

Drone reporting: Killer whales doing barrel rolls and playing off Shetland coast

In wake of tar spill, Israeli Heath Ministry bans sale of fish from Mediterranean

Fin responder: When devastation strikes the oceans, sharks can hold the key to recovery

Thousands of turtles, rescued during last week's winter storm, return to sea

Whale sharks observed regrowing damaged dorsal fins for the first time

Harrowing footage shows devoted dolphin mum 'Cracker' refusing to let go of her young calf after it died in childbirth

News you can use: Marine biologist reveals exactly how to fend off a killer shark if you come face-to-face with one

'Pivot' the humpback whale, often seen in Gulf Of Maine, found dead on Maryland coast

You don't say: Kate Winslet thought she'd died underwater; 'Am I dead?'








Russian MP moves to ban poaching of killer whales & dolphins in bid to shut vibrant but controversial marine mammal park industry

Israel: After surviving marine oil spill, young turtles heal with fish, mayo and love

We asked men with fish pictures in their Tinder profile: Why?

Stella the sand shark is back at Mississippi Aquarium after surgery

An autonomous underwater robot saves people from drowning

After months of lockdown, Genoa's aquarium fish are happy that visitors are back

Appeal to build new dedicated seal hospital in Cornwall needs £30,000

Endangered right whale found dead off South Carolina coast

Diver finds dead sharks at sea - with fishing lines still attached

The big one! Kiwi fisherman reels in great white shark near Bowentown Beach, site of fatal attack

Scotland: Salmon farmers mothball antiquated seal deterrent systems

We're going to need a bigger boat: Aussie fishers reel in massive tiger shark

That's no dog: Coyote goes swimming in Sarasota Bay

'Ghosts of the Sea': Shark report hits home for David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes

Greenpeace builds underwater boulder barrier off Sussex coast to prevent bottom trawling; 'Everyone needs to act within the law'

Dramatic moment Scots couple are surrounded by pod of orcas who swim under their boat

What are illegal 'dark vessels' and why are satellites spying on them?

Researchers worry: Bearded seals may not be loud enough to survive noise pollution

'Huge fields of garbage': Canadian teen diver warns of growing underwater trash in Humber Bay

Kiwi diver jailed for taking 50 paua from Wellington marine reserve

Why don't whales get cancer? Cetaceans may have more rapidly evolving genes

Crew digs up 20-foot whale buried in 2018 on Outer Banks beach. The smell was awful

Filter paper can reveal underwater species: Australian study

Defrost: How Houston-area aquarium hobbyists can recover their fish tanks after brutal winter storm

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