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North Atlantic right whales 'could be extinct within 20 years' as krill they eat migrate away due to climate change and commercial fishing impacts their habitat

This is How the CIA Shark-Proofed their U-2 and A-12 Spy Pilots

Scuba diver demonstrates impressive underwater bubble ring talent

Dams Central Focus of Endangered Fish Dispute in Oregon

Rare pygmy sperm whale washes up on California beach with 'bullet hole in its head'

'The fight went on for 2 hours': Golfers capture video of alligator brawl on South Carolina golf course

The shark defender: 'Sharks I once saw regularly had disappeared...'

Scientists Discover A Great White Shark 'Paleo-Nursery' In Chile

Teenager finds 'rare whale vomit' which could be worth thousands

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission: If you catch a frankenfish, kill it

Revealed: The 10 Scottish lochs polluted by fish farm chemicals

'They can be oblivious': Caution urged on the water after humpback sighted in Vancouver

These Underwater Acoustic Alarms Keep Harbor Porpoises Away From Fishing Nets

Hawaii Fish Council Urges Trump To Open Marine Monuments To Fishing

Greek Scientists Record Alien Fish Species in Aegean, Ionian Seas

NOAA researchers want a look at pygmy sperm whale beached at San Onofre State Beach

'Not all heroes wear capes': Australia rallies behind 'legend' who was fined for rescuing a whale calf trapped in a net - and he won't be paying a cent

'It's still working!' Metal-detecting divers discover luxury watch worth thousands of pounds on sea bed off Corfu

Get Out: Seattle Aquarium's Giant octopus kills every shark that gets close to it in its tank in gruesome killings

Fifth gray whale washes ashore in Washington this year. What's going on?

No traces of SARS-CoV-2 detected in the first samples of sea water and shellfish analyzed

SOS: Relic hunters are given permission to cut into the Titanic for the first time since it sank in 1912 to retrieve a Marconi telegraph

Scientists on track to solve mystery of dying whales

Hello: Tourist Pets Curious Baby Whale In Incredible Video

Seattle: Fishing boat returns with tons of tuna, but there's no restaurant market -- so they're selling to the public

Swimmers advised to 'social distance' from 30-foot sharks filmed off Irish coast

Rescue me: Whale calf trapped in nets off Gold Coast

Almost 30-Foot-Long Monster Shark Shows Up Off Spanish Beach - Video

John Cole, 'Loneliest killer whale in the world', among those spotted off Irish coast


VIDEO: Patches, the West Coast's most popular dolphin, reappears off Orange County

Rare gray orca, Tl'uk, spotted with transient pod in Bellingham Bay Tuesday; 'He really stands out when you see him'

Woman walking dog rescues man drowning in Chicago River: 'There was nobody else to do it'

Diver filmed cleaning up masks after shipping containers fall overboard

Coronavirus: Struggling Indian aquarium asks people to virtually adopt fish to help them survive

Florida: Ostego Bay Marine Center's nurse shark gets new pad

California man survives hypothermia, reported shark attack

Despite outcry, gator believed to be the largest ever captured on Hilton Head Island is euthanized

Chock full: Researchers track high levels of COVID-19 in Florida wastewater

Divers from Birmingham see 'massive' great white shark off Alabama's coast

Terrifying great white shark measuring up to 20ft spotted circling boat off Italian coast

UAE divers share thrill of swimming with five-metre whale shark

See a wild underwater 'benthic tornado' whirl across the sea floor

Spiny lobsters make raspy noises that can be heard nearly 2 miles away

Alligator rumored to have been Hitler's dies in Moscow

WWF-Philippines raise funds to support Donsol's whale shark tourism workers, community

3D computer models reveal feeding habits of 'big-mouthed' fish

Heartwarming moment Spanish fishermen rescue a dolphin trapped in their net and cheer as it swims free

All 34 people killed in California scuba boat fire died of smoke inhalation before burning, coroner says

Developer threatens to destroy Wyland's iconic mural on Redondo Beach power plant

Minister: Shark deterrent technology among 77 projects funded by Australian Research Council

River Monsters legend Jeremy Wade admits he dreams of catching Loch Ness Monster

17 strangest things found by deep sea divers

Carolina boy fishes stolen safe out of Whitney Lake, helps solve 8-year-old mystery

Oregon, Washington decide no further fishing

Parents of drowned pearl diver Jarrod Hampton say industry should embrace safety crackdown

These endangered whales are disturbingly thin--why that matters

Idiots on jet skis leave their car on beach and forget about the high tide

Australia: Donations flood in for 'tinny man' to pay fine for cutting whale free from shark nets

Research: Squid and deep-sea fish dazzle potential predators with a bioluminescent flash of light that allows them to escape

Bob: Terrifying moment paralympic swimmer manages to race away from two shark while he trained off Spanish coast

Bored at home: Home photography ideas include paint eruptions underwater

James Cameron shares new photos from underwater set of Avatar 2

One great shot: Laboring mussel releases a torrent of eggs

Archaeology breakthrough: How 'pristine' 400-year-old warship was lifted from Baltic

'Frosty,' the white killer whale, pays a visit to Monterey Bay

Welsh anglers asked not to visit lakes on English border








River monster is the new largest fish on record in Pennsylvania

Investigation finds that road sediment is causing impacts to fish habitat

'I've never seen this many fish wasted': Utah DWR seeks public help in case of 260 illegally dumped bass

5 inventions that could transform the health of our ocean

Novel virus could spread rapidly among orcas

Cambodia: Puffer fish poisoning kills two in Kampong Speu province

Seal saved by volunteers after being spotted with fishing rope around its neck

Three orphaned otter pups play together at the North Carolina Zoo

New pygmy seahorse discovered, first of its kind in Africa; 'It's like finding a kangaroo in Norway'

Maine teen swims 600 yards to save father, sister after fishing boat capsizes

Fish and Wildlife officials: Alligator likely dumped at Kentucky Lake

He leaked poison into a creek, killing 1700 fish. He's stuck with the $97k fine

Britain's Got Talent escape act tries to beat Houdini's record of staying locked underwater in dangerous stunt

Georgia Aquarium announces birth of baby beluga whale

Boy, 6, cracks open robbery case by reeling in sunken safe

South Africa: Government announces review of shark fishing industry; 'flake and chips'

Ireland urged to protect sharks giving birth in unknown underwater maternity unit off Kerry coast

What makes humpback dolphins different? This Indian biologist is finding out

Florida woman finds giant megalodon shark tooth

Sky is releasing a new three-part documentary about sharks that we're ready to sink our teeth into

Marine heatwaves spell trouble for tropical reef fish — even before corals die

Australia: 'Lucky' fisherman films shark feeding frenzy in shallow waters off Moreton Island

Bowhead whales are changing migration patterns, researchers say

'Vampire fish' gorged on Great Lakes trout until the invasive species was subdued

Divers cleaning Sea of Azov bottom in Kyrylivka

Entangled humpback whale rescued in Monterey Bay

Adorable humpback dolphin named Mystique presents gifts from the bottom of the ocean to humans in exchange for a delicious meal

Video of Norwegian diver jumping into ice water goes viral, Netizens ask the temperature

Warming oceans choke fish as habitats get less 'breathable'

False killer whales spotted in Aegean Sea first time in decades

Even dolphins have to socially distance. The good news: You can connect with them online.

An endangered pygmy hippo was born at the San Diego Zoo, the first in over 30 years

Family scattering grandmother's ashes met by whales and dolphins in memorable encounter

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