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Do Less: The Netherlands is trying to do something new when it comes to rescuing 'stranded' seals

Coelacanth fish more primitive in Indonesian than African waters: Japanese researchers

Fisherman reels in 102-pound catfish with rod 'not suited for this fish'

Scientists believe they found the 'twilight zone' of Indian Ocean after 7-week mission

Wild Underwater Video Shows Giant Octopus Engulfing Diver's Head

Divers clear 'ghost nets' to save coral reefs off Miri shores

Solidarity With Starving: Woman Completes 17-Day Hunger Strike for Southern Resident Orcas

Huge alligator captured by 80-year-old Florida man: 'That thing tugged me all over'

Scientists have discovered a pretty-in-pink underwater oasis at the bottom of the Gulf of California

Blacktip shark appears to be trying to swallow another one whole off of South Africa

Dog rescued while swimming 135 miles off Thailand

Officials: No Sardine Fishing Off California This Year Due to Steep Population Decline

Weeki Wachee is looking for a few good mermaids

Three Endangered Right Whale Calves Spotted in New England Waters; Species Not 'Out of the woods'

A Geological Study Of The Titanic Shipwreck Site

How the world's deepest fish survives bone-crushing pressure

The Winter Soldier: Wounded warrior meets the dolphin that continues to inspire his journey to recovery

Seychelles president's underwater speech: Protect our oceans

Taste the Fear: What it feels like to swim with a killer whale

'Fishing is cool again': More Manitobans casting lines, but sustainability concerns surface for fisheries

Superyacht Security: The 10 Best Ways To Protect From Pirates And Paparazzi

Golden Retriever Releases Its Inner Mermaid as It Dives Deep Down Underwater

This Oil Spill Has Been Leaking Into The Gulf For 14 Years

Goliaths of the Caribbean: swimming with sperm whales in Dominica


China's baiji dolphin is virtually extinct, but hi-tech Japanese imagery is bringing a virtual version to life

Florida: Divers take aim at underwater trash and find gun on ocean floor

Denmark locals demonstrate how easy it is to catch a fish using a Mentos wrapper as bait

Exclusive clip: 'Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters' from Animal Planet

Middle schooler finds megalodon tooth on North Carolina beach

Alive: Rescuers recover UK diver who disappeared while exploring Tennessee underwater cave

Aquarium dolphins' move from Baltimore may be delayed

Researcher: Orca sighting in Vancouver inner harbour shows health of transient killer whale population

How 'seaweed sex' is restoring underwater environments

Deep diving into Israel's mermaid community, inspired by 'The Little Mermaid'

Rescue diver who saved the Thailand Soccer team is trapped in a cave in Tennessee

Lost sea creatures wash up on California shores as ocean climate shifts

Omura's whale much more widespread across the globe than previously thought

Borneo: Diver accused of sexual assault on tourists tells his side of story

Flinders Uni study sheds light on why ancient coelacanth fish's skull is 100 times bigger than its brain

There's one thing great white sharks are really afraid of; 'it's pretty humbling to see'

When Cleethorpes Marineland was home to a two-ton killer whale named Calypso

White dolphin number in southern region accounts half of its population in China

Sharks & rays caught by small fishing fleets nearly three quarters higher than previously thought

Cape Cod: Money raised for shark-detecting system returned to donors

Pakistan: Indus River blind dolphin survey reveals 55% increase in population

Commercial divers are in high demand. One of the only places to train them is in South Carolina

'We were mesmerized': Video captures orcas hunting sea lions just metres off B.C. beach

Sushi scam: The fish you're eating in London might not be what it's labelled

Third of all dolphin and porpoise killed in Cornwall had contact with fishing nets

Several dead dolphins spotted in Louisiana parish, authorities investigating; 'very unusual'

Shark resembling 'miniature version of Jaws' washes up on UK beach

Underwater drones to help Swedish authorities against poaching

Study: Squid beaks, plastic debris among contents found in Jurong Island sperm whale's belly

Florida: Possible shark attack sends 10-year-old girl to the hospital

'Gross' moment leaves baffled experts sniffing shark vomit for science, video shows

Lost: Japan Searches for Crashed F-35 Jet Underwater to Recover Debris ASAP

World's oldest shipwreck found in Mediterranean, say officials

These fishermen-helping dolphins have their own culture








San Francisco: Ship strikes likely cause of recent gray whale deaths

River Monsters to Dark Waters: How Jeremy Wade's extreme fishing got fans hooked

Plans to expand Iceland's fish farms risk decimating wild salmon populations

California: Man admits catching, killing great white in North County

What lies beneath: the German sub sunk off the coast of Fujairah

Study: 2.5 million fish are unintentionally caught each year in the Indian Ocean

Isle of Wight pet shop owner in hot water after illegally selling tropical fish

Shark-tooth hunters really want to meet 'Meg'

After a shark's bite, DNA kits could track down a culprit (or at least a species)

San Francisco: Dead whale washes ashore on bay island; sixth in five weeks

Australian couple saved from crocodile swamp after writing 'Help' in mud

Stranded seahorses washed up on Dorset beaches

Hundreds of dead jellyfish, shrimp, crabs wash up on South Carolina beach

Turtle-y amazing: Japanese cafe spends over £200,000 installing a toilet that's surrounded by a huge fish tank

Researchers sniff shark vomit to figure out what it ate before capture, video shows

New book examines the 'politics of shark attacks', politicians' fishy behavior

'Like being crash-tackled by a big rugby player': Yacht crew member relives the moment he was attacked by a 1.5-meter shark

Nature strikes: Dolphin and newborn calf chase fish off Florida coast

Florida community pays $85,000 for iconic underwater photos

Handheld DNA tester can quickly identify illegal shark fins

Large female white shark spotted off the Florida Panhandle coast

New pictures show how Bigg's killer whales are thriving, even as southern resident population declines

Follow the smell: Scientists studying Hauraki Gulf whales make startling discovery – after two-year poo hunt

Jeremy Wade exclusive interview: From Mighty Rivers to new series Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters

NOAA: Bryde's whales in Gulf of Mexico are endangered

Pace of Bering Sea changes startles scientists

Cape Town beachgoers try to save beached whale shark

Trinidad: Diver swims 44 miles to safety after shark encounter

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