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World-record-holding freediver Arnaud Jerald dives 112 metres underwater with a single breath

Throw Money At it: City Of Miami & Nature Conservancy Receive $400K Grant To Protect Biscayne Bay; 'we will not do nothing'

All Quiet Under the Algal Bloom: Florida Researchers Confirm Dead Fish, Shrimp, Dolphins Make Less Noise; 'a few lone musicians'

Japan: Unknown sumo champion-class fish species found off Shizuoka

The truth is out there: Two Swedish documentary makers on trial for illegally exploring 1994 wreck of the MS Estonia; 'Marine cemetery'

Shark attacks: Fatal shark attacks reach seven year high for 2020 ; non-fatal attacks 'extremely low'

Right whale caught in deadly tangle of fishing gear spotted off Georgia's coast; watch continues

This Deadly Underwater Lake Will Kill Anything That Enters It; 'jacuzzi of despair'

Life and Death: An Ontario Mink Has Gone Viral For His Adorable Fish-Stealing Antics

Research: Seals' bodies act like loudspeakers when underwater

Aussie Terror: Wife held shark attack victim's arm together; 'Screaming was horrendous':

Storm-tossed Maersk ship loses 750 containers overboard in Pacific Ocean; fourth incident in two months

World's largest unmanned aquatic vessel sets sail to explore depths of underwater mysteries

Australia: Man pulled to shore in Lake Macquarie after being mauled by shark

'Everybody's worst nightmare': Bering Sea fishermen on edge after COVID-19 closes second plant

Caring grandmother finds a giant fish in the road and stops at nothing to save it

Great white shark nibbles on boat in Gulf waters off Tampa Bay; 'It was breathtaking'

'One of a kind': calls to protect Alabama's 60,000-year-old underwater forest

NOAA Law enforcement reviewing floundering flounder Incident off Gloucester; died 'due to human intervention'?

How these fish-- 'tiny tanks of the Amazon' --Survive piranha bites

Selfie-taking octopus, mating crabs and more win underwater photo awards

Fishers reject claims Australians are 'eating endangered sharks' under the guise of flake; 'our whole business then is on the line'

Island Food: St Kitts Fisherman Catches Large shark

Why great white sharks are disappearing from South Africa's coastline; 'people are not even blinking an eye'

Great white sharks: Are they the new snowbirds along Florida's east coast?

Brit singer Anne-Marie admits she got 'slapped in the face' by a shark; 'I was in shock'

Research: Female Resident Orcas Especially Disturbed by Encroaching Vessels; 'they need more prime opportunities to forage'

The Netherlands: Video shows rebellious seal not easily intimidated by police

New Zealand: DoC investigating video of jet ski driving through dolphin pod

Neptune Balls: Study finds Seagrass sieve millions of plastic particles from water


Philippines: Blast fishing blamed for dolphin deaths in Camarines Sur; 'blood oozing from the mouth, eyes and ears'

Montreal's humpback whale may not have been killed by collision with boat: researchers

Amazon River tucuxi dolphins at risk of disappearing, say environmentalists

Investigation into River Sheppey pollution that killed 8,000 fish still ongoing after 18 months

No Bryde: Researchers discover new 'Rice' whale species in the Gulf of Mexico

Divers free whale shark trapped in rope: viral video

I'm a pearl diver – this is what it involves

GoPro camera recovered after six years under water in Hawaii

Deadliest catch: Thailand's 'ghost' fishing nets helps protect marine life and somehow fights COVID

Fatal shark attacks across Australia spike to 86-year high

Still #1: Florida kept its place in 2020 as the shark-bite capital of America

Tennessee man reels in possible 'world record' monster catch; 'I guess I'm an idiot for letting it go'

Watch: 'They're so majestic': Auckland fisherman's stunning encounter with orca

Total recall: Shipwrecked backpacker who swam for hours in shark-infested waters drank her own urine to survive

Phuket: 'Mother dolphin' taken into care, 'son dolphin' now missing

Covid: Undersea photography offers 'escapism' in pandemic

How climate change is reducing numbers of humpback whale calves in the north-west Atlantic

Dead 15ft minke whale is found washed up on Suffolk coast; Investigation stymied by Covid restrictions

Australia: Fish, yabbies and aquatic life dead after 'toxic' herbicide treatment in irrigation channel

'He was extremely unlucky this time': Victorian man killed in shark attack

Kiwi volunteers on high alert after pilot whale calf washes up on Christchurch beach

She fishes: Passionate local angler says it's 'not just for boys and men'

Marine archeologists discover ancient shipwrecks off island in the Aegean

Recovery efforts at Indonesian plane crash site futile, says diver; 'only chunks of remains'

Tsunami at Lake Tahoe? Researcher says it could happen again

Malaysian woman makes fish soup with pet Japanese koi, says it tastes like silver catfish

Flower Gardens: Feds triple the size of the Gulf of Mexico's largest coral sanctuary

The truth about sharks in Cayman; Q&A with Shark Project officer Johanna Kohler

The sensor is sick: The pandemic is undermining marine weather monitoring, and scientists are scrambling

Food insecurity: Fishermen fear London will deny North fair share of extra fish Brexit quota

'Elves of the Yangtze River' show up in central China

Virus prompts subsistence, recreational Hawaii fishing boom; 'there's nothing to do'

Blood-red subterranean dweller is newest fish genus discovered

Runoff: Galway fish farm no longer allowed to bathe diseased salmon in lake water

Get out: Study warns injured whale sharks are putting themselves at increased risk of boat strikes by lingering at coastal tourist 'hotspots'

Enjoy this thrilling 1960s kids' show, Diver Dan

Crikey! Crocodile named after Steve Irwin spotted 3 times in 3 weeks on Florida's Treasure Coast

Australian seafood consumers urged to stop buying flake to protect sharks

Angler paid nearly $50,000 for fishing the Columbia and Snake rivers








France's Asterix park shuts down dolphin show as debate on animal rights starts

Listen: Killer whale spotted near Fish Hoek gets chatty with South Africa researchers

Shark populations are crashing, with a 'very small window' to avert disaster

Malta: Outcry after diver find 25 dead rays in Blue Grotto

Something was killing baby salmon. Scientists traced it to a food-web mystery

Dutch make hole in the dyke to allow migrating fish through

Tragedy: Remains of missing Aussie snorkeler show he 'was mauled by shark moments after suffering medical episode' in Australia

New Zealand: Whale dies after multiple refloating attempts at Northland beach fails

Florida attraction to get glass-bottom boat for wheelchairs; 'have you read the American with Disabilities Act regulations?'

Golden carp: 'Extremely rare' fish sold at auction for $3,425

Mexican Alejandro Lemus breaks freediving world record in Yucatan cenote

Researchers unlocking the secrets of rogue waves; 'It could give a few minutes of warning'

Diver-tuned-conservationist Nayantara Jain on restoring coral reefs, swimming with sharks and Blue Planet Revisited

Swedish archaeologists take to the waves to protect Baltic wrecks

University of Southampton: Squid-inspired robot swims with nature's most efficient marine animals

Roman shipwreck filled with ancient treasures, discovered off Greece's Kassos Island

Thailand: Dolphin is stranded on the seashore and a citizen saves his life

Welcoming No. 14: Another right whale calf sighted this season off Florida coast

Archaeology breakthrough: Treasure-laden WW2 ship uncovered in £164m 'salvage of century'

73-year-old snorkeler injured in apparent shark bite off Maui

Poaching on River Trent up as people catch fish to eat during lockdown; 'cruel and illegal'

The Investigation and Kim Wall's legacy: Police and divers spent months working to convict the 'submarine killer' - his story is not the one worth telling

Gray whale population drops by quarter off West Coast

Phuket marine life experts keep dolphins in danger under watch

Lucky No. 13: Another right whale calf sighted this season off Georgia coast

California: California harbor porpoises rebound after coastal gillnetting stopped

Diving Deep: Pittsburgh filmmaker dives deep into her late husband's aquatic art and advocacy

Families say everything possible should be done to recover bodies from sunken boat

Tennessee man hauls in over 24,000 pounds of fish in one day; 'they were at the wrong place at the wrong time'

Call for new Red Sea whale studies after orca spotted off Saudi shores

Chill: Nova Scotia takes no harm, no foul approach to fish farm lease violations

Drone report: Video shows hammerhead shark hunts blacktip sharks in Florida's waters

New Zealand city closes popular street for weeks to protect sea lion and her pup

Gone fishing: Orcas return to British Columbia spot where they haven't been seen since 1995

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