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If you see horseshoe crabs having sex, Florida Wildlife Commission wants to know

Mob Of Sea Lions Photobomb Diver's Selfie In Once-In-A-Lifetime Moment

Study finds Pacific marine national monuments do not harm fishing industry

'Enjoy your sushi': Local man feeds hundreds after scoring massive, likely record-breaking fish

US National Marine Fisheries chief speaks out against shark fin sale bans

Incredible Moment Archaeologists Discover 200 Ancient Roman Amphorae In Underwater Cave

Florida man names shark after his wife for Valentine's Day

Swamp People: Seminole County alligator flips inflatable kayak, stranding two boaters

Antarctic Killer Whales May Travel Great Lengths for Healthy Skin; 'They called them sulfur bottoms'

Three-week-old baby seal found close to death with fishing net tangled in his stomach

Ship Traffic: Hundreds of Endangered Whales Likely Killed off California Coast Over Past Decade

End of Catfish Fishing Ban Threatens Amazon's Pink Dolphins

The news is bad: Right whales even more at risk as deaths rise with climate change

Isle of Wight: Second dolphin carcass washes up in three days -- 'they don't have the fat reserves to cope'

California: Man Thanks Lifeguards for Saving Him, Dog From Drowning at Ocean Beach

Jellyfish mucus found to be culprit of mysterious tropical 'stinging water'

'These are shocking cases': NOAA says dolphins killed off Florida coast had most likely been fed fish in the past

Cage divers see sharks 'up close and personal' in marine wildlife reserve off Mexican island

New Zealand: Sea lion and pup killed near Balclutha in hit-and-run

'It's Nessie!' Mystery surrounds gigantic 'skeleton' washed up on beach during Storm Ciara as locals say it's the Loch Ness Monster

Investigation reveals loopholes for illegal shark fin exports from Indonesia

Marlborough Sounds golfer claims to have hit thousands of balls into bay

Dolphins shot, stabbed and killed off Florida coast. There's a $20,000 reward for answers

NOAA shark tagging program provides troves of data for last 50 years

SeaWorld pays $65 million to settle 'Blackfish' suit over killer whale treatment at parks

Divers cut huge whale shark free from fishing rope knotted tight round its body in incredible underwater footage

Cluster Of Massive Great White Sharks Off Carolina Coast Remains A Mystery


New York City has a turtle problem: Abandoned pets are wreaking havoc on city parks

Past and future tropical dams devastating to fish the world over: Study

Salmon fishing closures won't save the whales, say critics

Fishmonger's finale: The Codfather's boats are sold

Dugong discovery: Large population found off Qatar

Artifacts recovered from HMS Erebus offer tantalizing links to sailors on doomed Franklin Expedition

'Elaborate' orca hunt witnessed in full at Bremer Canyon, off south coast of WA

Judge orders release of USS Thresher disaster documents

I'll have the monkeyface prickleback: Marine herbivorous fish could be the new source of protein for humans

Whales hunted to brink of extinction making a comeback, new evidence suggests

Artificial intelligence makes a splash in efforts to protect Alaska's ice seals and beluga whales

Oklahoma angler reels in record-breaking fish — but it was Friday so it doesn't count

Mystery of stolen Lake George submarine is solved six decades later; 'It's always been my personal Holy Grail'

Sunken WWII bombers discovered 76 years on

Incredible underwater rescue mission to save injured shark

Rare North Atlantic right whale mother and calf seen off South Carolina coast

Runner finds mysterious 'flat nosed' creature washed up on beach

Singapore: AI keeps an eye on barramundi at 'smart' floating fish farm off Pasir Ris Coast

Trinidad and Tobago Zoological Society: Spike in numbers of stranded melon-headed whales

Tragedy as 60ft fin whale dies on Cornish beach after rescuers battle in vain to save it

I dined alone at a fancy romantic underwater restaurant in Dubai and have never felt more awkward

Woman, 25, is attacked by a sea lion while swimming in Australia and forced to undergo operation on her leg

Texas teen catches 7 foot, 5 inch 190-pound alligator gar

'Snake ecstasy': Russian synchronized swimming champion charms fans with underwater routine

Florida: Clearwater school is second in the world to earn ocean-friendly honor

To save these threatened seahorses, we built them 5-star underwater hotels

Kentucky: Asian carp roundup opens new front in battle

Watch: Diver has close call with pregnant great white shark off coast of Florida

Diver films terrifying encounter with a shark which 'started going berserk' when he speared a fish and it tried to steal his catch

World's largest cave fish discovered in India

Fish smugglers schooled at Melbourne Airport

Marineland announces sudden death of dolphin Stan








Algae's toxin remains in dolphins livers, even when not blooming

Austrian 'Iceman' diver chases records in the deep

Maui man honored for fighting off shark, protecting group

Philippine's team of scientists discovers underwater 'Soda Springs' with record-high carbon dioxide levels in Batangas

Research: Porpoises harmed by even 'safe levels' of chemicals

Hawaii man honoured for fighting off shark, protecting group

MailOnline dives with one of the world's most dangerous sharks and gets within touching distance - with no cage

Scientists stuck cameras on 30 Antarctic whales and captured this wild footage

Florida: Shallow water shark frenzy at New Smyrna Beach

Japan's deadly fish: fugu purveyors dream of Olympic revival

Whale seen tangled in net, struggling as it swims up coast from San Diego

Human interactions continue to put Florida dolphins, manatees at risk

Plastic ruled out in death of fin whale on Prince Charles' beach in Cornwall

FOI documents shine light on collapse of Canadian seal hunt

Weddell seals return to Scott Base 50 years after they were forced to flee

Do something: Whale watchers try to save entangled whale off coast of San Diego

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton slams barbaric shark fin trade and expresses disgust

Maine says its plan to protect whales from lobster gear is better than feds think

Study: For every 1kg of usable fish, 4kg of other marine life are killed

Florida: Aquarium divers join others in pulling up 38 pounds of beads during Gasparilla cleanup

5 fathom club: Texas couple celebrates life, renews wedding vows underwater

'Massive shark tooth' found in sand at Cayman Islands linked to extinct megalodon

Horror: Brit, 27, dies swimming in Cambodia pool when holding his breath caused him to faint and drown

River Monsters disappear: The fate of Montana's freshwater megafauna is threatened by the same problems as the rest of the world's giant fishes

Video: Sharks hug Palm Beach near surf zone ... why that's a good thing

Great white sharks older than previously thought, study says

Scared residents slam fishermen for releasing huge sharks just metres away from swimmers at popular beach - and there's nothing authorities can do to stop them

'First time we've heard of this': Wide fissure opens on Arctic sea ice

Divers' shock after finding bag of 1,000 explosives in Cornish quarry

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