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Two Adriatic Dolphin Pods Scrupulously Avoid Each Other; Researchers don't know exactly why they're so clique-y

The Hunt for the Titanic Was Actually a Hunt for Lost U.S. Nuclear Submarines

How to Milk a Killer Whale: You need to have a relationship with the whale

Ray of hope: scientist use contraceptive to curtail 'Highly fertile' fish

State Discusses Killing Seals and Sea Lions In Washington State Puget Sound; 'Complex Food Web'

Research: Seal pups 'At risk from toxic chemicals in contaminated water'

Fish Fraud: It's very likely your supermarket fish isn't what you think it is

'Animals are not entertainment': Aussie Sea World shuts down dolphin shows after protesters invade pool

Back After 5,000 Years: Warming Oceans Are Offering a New Spot for Corals to Colonize In the South China Sea

Report: Even fish get the bends, and it's 'worse than in humans'

Expert skeptical of Washington state's Billion Dollar orca-saving proposal

Research shows dramatic impact of Australian shark culls

The orca and the orca catcher: How a generation of killer whales was taken from Puget Sound

Sea lions have enemies. Now someone is shooting them in the head.

Scientists Think An Exotic Fish Hitchhiked From Japan To California In Tsunami Debris

Urban waterways are under siege by a new invasive species: e-scooters

A 'Self-Aware' Fish Raises Doubts About a Cognitive Test

Shark embryos grow teeth and 'hunt' while in the womb. 'They're like a mini-predator'

Scientists sound the alarm on underwater blasting's effect on whales and other marine wildlife


Research: Dolphins love watching TV too, especially males

Scientists listen to the sounds of 'silence' in Monterey Bay

Exclusive: New clue surfaces in underwater hunt for conquistador's lost ships

Attention deficit disorder: Groups threaten to sue unless feds reassess how salmon fishing harms orcas

Epic: Has Tom Butler ridden the 100-foot wave at Nazaré?

Baited cameras survey Cayman's sharks

Student heartbroken, humiliated after being forced to give up pet fish prior to Southwest flight

Augmented reality: Dutch build artificial islands to bring wildlife back

Alaska fishermen hauling a bigger catch with gear they get to use for the first time

Kiwi escaped shark attack by stabbing it while a friend held the tail

Watch: Spectacular moment orca pod cruise up, shove fishing boat caught on video

Svelte porpoises eat twice as much as humans to cope with the cold

India: Actress shoots underwater to raise awareness about water pollution in Bellandur lake

British Columbia will phase out fish farms to help wild salmon; 'big step'

Report: 'Wild' salmon may be straight from the fish farm; 'consumers should be alert'

'Benny the Beluga' facing Christmas in the Thames far from home; 'it's not a fussy eater'

'Tragedy' as Maui's dolphin found dead on Kiwi beach

Once uncommon, common dolphins are flocking to Britain

Dramatic decline in shark numbers off Australia's east coast

Doomed to die: Rescue bid fails to save injured whale that dies in bloodied waters after swimming into French port seeking refuge

'One hell of a fright': Auckland couple's close whale encounter

Get out: No abalone diving allowed in California until 2021

Revealed: Dolphins suffering 'slow horrific deaths' in Australia's commercial fishing zones

Scientists want your underwater holiday shots

Pod of pilot whales stranded in Fife led to their deaths after 'helping stricken matriarch'

Reporter's diary: Shadowing the Yueyang Finless Porpoise Protection Association

Why does halibut cost so much? There are good reasons why putting halibut on your plate can strain your wallet.








New Dubai restaurant serves fish coated in 23-karat edible gold

Six fur seal/kekeno pups found decapitated; 'disturbing, brutal and violent'

After a decade, Mexico loses 'dolphin-safe' label fight

22 images of things buried deep under the Pacific Ocean

If at first you don't succeed: Shark attack was Kiwi man's second encounter with a shark that day

Leopard sharks return to 'East of Eden' Similan Islands dive site

Police searching for stolen right whale jaw bone on Cape Cod

Officials: 360,000 spring chinook die at aging fish hatchery

Dam plan: The last 92 Irrawaddy dolphins in Mekong River may not survive

How we saw it then: An era of capture, when a generation of orcas was taken from Puget Sound

New Zealand: Man attacked by shark at Northland's Matauri Bay

Matter concluded: SeaWorld says feds won't pursue action over 'Blackfish' allegations

Blue: Most fished shark in the world denied protection at UN

Archeologist: Clotilda slave ship exactly the size of Alabama wreck

Scientist says more sharks could migrate to South Florida waters in coming months

Washington State Gov. Inslee calls for billion-dollar package to save endangered orcas

Video: Diver miraculously escapes as shark bites off his mask

Scientists: Offshore testing puts whales at risk

Five Japanese nationals charged with smuggling nearly 1,000 shark fins in and out of Hawaii

Florida looks to restrict shore-based shark fishing

Aussie cave diver finds prehistoric bones in 'new room' of underwater cave network

South Africa: Crayfish poachers try to ram marine officers' boat

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