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Moby Lick: I was swallowed by a whale while diving – I could feel the animal’s muscles squeezing me…I thought I going to die

Video of Orcas Fighting at SeaWorld Calls for Boycott; 'Misleading and mischaracterized'

Giant 14-legged armored sea creature found in waters 2,500ft deep

French officials euthanize 1800lb beluga whale during failed six-hour rescue operation; 'We are devastated'

Ego Is the Undersea Explorer That Puts Half-Naked Humans in a Bubble for Two

Meet the Woman Who Made a Historic Swim in Shark-Infested Waters: Lauren Tischendorf

Maine Question: What Lies Beneath the Water in Frankfort’s 150-Year-Old Abandoned Quarry?

Florida Officials Urge Tourists Not to Touch Herd of Mating Manatees; 'It's important to watch from a distance'

Vacation Hell: Bahamas shark attack: British boy, 8, pulled to safety after being bitten while on holiday

Diver Plunges 400 Feet Below Lake Michigan To See 1899 Shipwreck

Dolphins to the rescue: British swimmer is save from 6ft shark after brave pod of mammals form protective circle around him off the coast of New Zealand

Killer whale Nakai born at SeaWorld San Diego dies of infection; 'He’ll be remembered as a curious and quick learner'

Mysterious Seafloor Holes Baffling Scientists to Be Probed for DNA

France: Authorities In 'race against The clock' to save beluga whale not accepting food handouts

End days: Now crabs swarm the beaches: Thousands of spider crabs appear on Cornish coast - days after shark attack

Coast Guard interdicts lancha crew, seizes 40 sharks illegally caught off Texas coast

'Live to see another day': Shark caught in crab trap set free by Florida deputies

Killer Whales Chase Otter Right Onto A Boat In Alaska; 'Come on mama, you wanna go for a little ride?'

Data: World’s Deepest Underwater Cave Just Got… a Bit Deeper

Tonga Eruption Blasted Unprecedented Amount of Water Into Stratosphere; 'We’ve never seen anything like it'

War: Scientists say orca attacks on boats in Spain are only going to get worse

Live another day: Vaquita porpoises escape extinction longer than expected

Meet Titan, the world’s strongest turtle who got hit by a boat and survived 2 shark attacks

'Saildrones' in Lake Superior will study fish populations

Shark attacks snorkeler in 'very scary' incident off British coast - but victim able to walk away

Feds: Florida companies caught in lucrative shark fin trade

WWF: 90% of fish consumed in Pakistan is contaminated, putrefied, and unfit for human consumption

5 rescued after orcas sink boat off Portuguese coast

Sumo Size: Japanese scientists record behemoth fish in waters 2 km deep off Shizuoka

We have the technology: Humanoid diving robot explores shipwrecks on the bottom of the ocean

After 350 years, sea gives up lost jewels of Spanish shipwreck; 'The pendant mesmerizes me when I hold it'

Jersey Shore: Man gets selfie, then helps shark caught on the beach in Sea Isle City get back to the ocean

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Other News...

Incredible moment father-of-four kayaker, 62, captures close encounter with a 30ft whale off the coast of Cornwall

Using fish ear bones to estimate seawater temperature 

Florida woman drives SUV into pool at country club in Lakeland

Paddleboarder unhurt after second shark attack in 3 months at Bay Area beach

Huge fish caught in Mississippi River sets new state record

Blood in the water: Horror moment 13ft great white shark tears apart humpback whale three times its size in savage attack

Cambodia: Baby dolphin dies from electric shock, initial autopsy finds

Underwater and on the surface, drones study Lake Superior's small fish

Rare southern right whale calf sighting a thrilling start to NSW far south coast whale watching season

Hopes fade for malnourished Beluga whale trapped in Paris's River Seine as it eludes rescuers

Vacation story: 13-year-old bit by shark while on family vacation in Florida Keys recalls the adventure; 'Oh my gosh, what happened?'

Bones: Sharing traditional knowledge, Inupiat hunters advance whale science

Report: Dead porpoise on Isle of Man beach should wash out to sea, become a marine ecosystem food source; 'the best thing to happen to the unfortunate animal'

Video: France to give vitamins to beluga whale stranded in the Seine river

Boston: Naturalist urges fishermen to bring their lines in to avoid entangling whales

Amity means friendship: Over 20 great white shark sightings reported off Cape Cod this week, forcing beach closures

'Try Scuba in a Pool' event to benefit disabled military veterans

A shark's tail: Nova Scotia woman helps save beached blue shark; 'I hope it doesn't happen again'

Race to save Beluga whale trapped in Paris's River Seine after somehow getting lost

Caught on cam: Sharks coming dangerously close to beach shore in Jacksonville

'He has some fight in him': Young dolphin rescued from crab trap improving at SeaWorld

Third kind: Close encounter with humpback whale terrifies — and delights — B.C. family

Get out: Video shows bold manatee chasing gator in Sarasota

Dead and not done: Rare sperm whale sinks on journey to beach; 'This is not the end of the story'

Texas tangle: Search continues for young dolphin tangled in fishing line in Galveston

Bright lights, big city: Florida deputies, turtle volunteers rescue dozens of lost sea turtle hatchlings in hotel lobby, parking lot, and a drain

Dolphins make peace and love—not war—when they encounter strangers

Great white sharks are thriving in Monterey Bay thanks to warming waters, study shows

Florida: Fish farming may threaten rare Gulf whales; 'permission to pollute'

Experiments show bottle-nosed dolphins likely have episodic memory recall

Rest in Peace: North Carolina conservancy staff stays overnight with stranded dolphin to help animal in final hours

Woman paralyzed after jumping into shallow water in Florida bay; 'prayers for her recovery'

These animals’ webbed feet, hairy legs and tails make them masters of the water

New research suggests orca surf for survival, as well as for play

Aussie builds third big yellowbelly statue to reel in tourists; 'Not in my wildest dreams did I think it would turn out like this'

Brit fear: Venomous fish drawn to Plymouth beaches 'make grown men and women cry'

Coastal Job: Pirate Researcher Rebecca Simon studies pirates of the past to set the record straight today

Watch electrofishing method used to survey fish populations

Slow news day: Actor Rob Schneider feeds sharks, rays and an eel at Arizona aquarium

Eskimo ice cream and its unlikely key ingredient: pike fish; 'It does not taste like Häagen-Dazs'

Florida ‘shark guy’ hopes to turn fear into fascination; 'be respectful of the ocean'

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More news...

California: Scores of leopard sharks move towards La Jolla Shores

‘Bored’ teenage tourists wrangle alligator during vacation on Hilton Head, police say

Spanish scientists untangling the mysteries of the octopus

New York: Owner surrenders 9-year-old pet alligator named 'Zachary'

Georgia dairy farm fined for causing a large fish kill; '1.2 million gallons of sludge overflowed'

British angler, 45, smashes record after reeling-in 7ft monster halibut weighing 28 stone

Hawaii: While their families got sick from contaminated water, these Navy divers were tasked with fixing it

The horror: Moment massive 7-foot shark comes up on oblivious swimmers and nothing happens

Paralyzed scuba diver from Grantham set to attempt three world records to raise money

Humpback whale gets free after getting tangled in fishing gear in Boston Harbor

Do sharks have bones? Understanding the body composition of the ocean's apex predator

Mexico to send aquatic drone into shaft with trapped miners

Rare jellyfish with pulsing body captured on video for the first time in history

Climate change could bring new shark species to UK waters; 'we should treasure it'

PETA protesters call for release of Lolita from Miami Seaquarium

Ireland: Volunteer litter pickers dive in to keep coast clean

Should fish practice become a veterinary specialty?

More than 600 catfish seized in illegal fishing bust on Mississippi River

Bad music, hypnotizing 'tornado; of fish swirls undersea makes viral video

Hawaii’s ‘last fishing village’ gets special state designation to protect its waters

Where the board is: Scuba instructor plays chess 60 ft underwater with family

This just in: Kiwi researchers not Hector's dolphins are 'turning up' in Maui's dolphin populations; 'no sign of inter-breeding'

Researchers discover underwater crustaceans pollinating red algae

Legendary Weeki Wachee mermaid Bonnie Georgiadis has died. Her legacy lives on.

Cape Cod shark researchers tag 5 great whites, shark alerts lighting up Sharktivity app with more eyes on the water

Air jaws: California woman catches suspected great white shark's flying leap on camera

Sure: Safe to swim in sea, says expert after suspected shark attack off Brit coast

Against all odds: French sailor survives overnight in an air pocket in capsized yacht

Alligator with knife in head found swimming in Florida pond

The chemistry of shipwrecks: How archaeologists preserve vessels raised from the seabed

About $2 million worth of cocaine washes ashore in Florida Keys

Caught on camera: Hammerhead shark seen hunting for fish near Massachusetts beach

Shining example: Tampa Bay's water quality is declining after a half-century of gains

This fish evolved to walk on land — then said 'nope' and went back to the water

Rare Greenland shark found off the coast of Belize: 'Sheer luck'

Chinese food: Police investigate Internet influencer's post of cooking a shark

News you can use: What does the Indian Flag Code say about 'hoisting' the tricolor underwater?

Fishing boat hits Norwegian cruise ship traveling from Boston to Bermuda