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Lights Out: Research says Artificial Lights at Night Hurt Corals

Endangered shark's transatlantic move raises questions for Western researchers

Boy, 15, battles with crocodile to save his sister, 12, after the beast snatched her with its jaws and dragged her off a bridge in the Philippines

Study: 'Prozac pollution' making fish less aggressive

Venice 'on its knees' after second-worst flood ever recorded

Norfolk seal colony: Pup's birth captured on film

US, Philippine troops conduct second installation of artificial habitat reefs

November 12th: Happy Exploding Whale Day, Oregonians!

Tourists in Norway will soon be able to whale watch from land

Hawaiian study finds Even baby fish are eating plastic; 'Alarm'

'Mexican Walking Fish' Regenerates its Face with a Working Eye after Losing it to Fungal Infection

Humpbacks whales 'watch' whale watchers in amazing video from Monterey Bay

Considering the Nuclear Option in Controlling Invasive Species; Rotenone: when you absolutely, positively have to kill every last fish in the lake.

NASA's Grueling Underwater Test for Astronauts: A giant swimming pool is the best place on Earth for simulating weightlessness

Sea of Sorrow: Footage of Taiji's annual dolphin hunt shows the animals being herded into a cove, thrashing around to escape

Diving Hell: Red Sea Aggressor I Sinks After Overnight Fire, Killing One Diver

New drone, underwater footage of orcas stuns researchers, gives intimate look at killer whales' family life

U.S. Navy Destroyer Sunk in World War II Is Found 20,000 Feet Under the Sea

Man eater: Severed hand and wedding ring of missing Scots tourist found inside Tiger shark's body

Rumors of Dory's Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated; Blue tangs just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

New underwater and aerial footage gives researchers intimate look at orca behavior

Vancouver's koi have looked into the face of death. It has beady eyes.

Trapped on Niagara Falls Rocks for 101 Years, Big Boat Is Finally Dislodged by Severe Storm

Incredible footage shows sharks jumping out of the ocean to snatch huge 30kg mackerel from fishermen

A Lake With Stingless Jellyfish and Hints of Hotter Seas

Fish Fraud: Investigation Finds Up To Half Of All Fish Aussies Eat Is Mislabelled

2.5 Million-Years-Old Shark Teeth Could Prove Existence of Underwater Mexican City

The one that got away: Florida Fishermen Target Great White Shark and Hook Something Big; 'Unicorn of the ocean'

New, venomous fish penetrates Med, threatening local species


Quiet please: India's Ganga River dolphins are being shouted down by noisy boats

Long metallic fish resembling '80s sci-fi' creature seen hunting off Florida coast

Half million rare fish released into Yangtze

In the Great Lakes' most productive fishing grounds, algae-fueled dead zones are eroding livelihoods

Swamp People: Hunter attacked by gator tells how he was prepared to die in swampy wilderness

Fish-killing lamprey at near-record lows in Great Lakes

Guam: Potential ban on scuba fishing draws support, skepticism

Stories about story about fish with human face go viral

Shocking footage shows extent of climate change damage on Kerry seabeds

Sturgeon may be one of the most enigmatic and endangered of fish, but Erin Stoddard aims to change that.

Research: Fish chase lasers away from their territories

Florida: Surfer bitten by shark at Cocoa Beach pier

Florida man is airlifted to hospital with a 'substantial' injury to his leg after being attacked 'by a ten foot alligator' in a national reserve

'Sad sight' as body of harbour porpoise washes up on East Lothian beach with 'propeller wound'

Release of whales from notorious Russia whale jail complete

W2 submarine the USS Grayback is found off the coast of Okinawa

St. Vincent bans shark fin fishing and parrot fish harvesting

Sheriff's dive team gets surprise underwater visit from seal

Texas man reels in 7-foot, 200-pound alligator gar while out fishing on his kayak

Alarmed photog: Sea ice is an endangered 'species,' declining rapidly in Canada's North

Critically endangered porpoise is cruelly killed after 'being slashed and strapped to two bricks before being thrown into a lake to die' in China

Submerged basilica to open as underwater archaeological museum

Kiwi ministers have the fate of entire Māui dolphin species in their hands

Fight for freedom: Last batch of belugas on a doorstep of 'whale prison' ready to go to the wild

215-foot-long cruise ship sinks off Delaware coast, the latest addition to underwater reef

Underwater eruption near Tonga creates new island - but another island is gone

See dolphins punt fish out of water to stun and eat them

Thirteen prehistoric shark teeth found in cenote, might prove that Mérida emerged from the sea

New evidence suggests life originated in deep-sea vents, not shallow pools

Ghost fishing nets 'death traps' for marine life

The swordfish you're eating might actually be shark

Hawaii: Final review of proposed dolphin swimming ban continues

Mystery fish being eaten by Australians found to be unknown to science; 'tasty' grouper

Bits of oil from Brazil spill reach whale sanctuary

Tourism industry warns Queensland against lethal shark control measures; 'unnecessarily alarming publicity'

How to respond to ill betta fish

Florida: Turtle returns to ocean after recovering from spear attack

'It's just wrong': Activist aims to stop whale watching in B.C. waters

A brief history of the US Navy's dolphins








Why this freediver stashes bottles in underwater wine cellar in Grand Traverse Bay

Makah Tribe's quest to hunt another gray whale moves to court

Owner comes forward after crocodile found in Liverpool

Viral video of a whale playing fetch isn't as cute as it seems

Shark photographer took daughter diving with great whites when she was two

Barnacles are a clock for the dead, giving forensic scientists a way to tell how long a body has been in the water

Richard Harris on his against-the-odds Thai cave rescue mission

Whale tooth a sign of gratitude - 250 years later

Researchers tagged a record 50 white sharks off Cape this year

Divers relieved after 'severed arm' found in Durban harbour not human

South Africa: New rules for octopus fishing in False Bay following whale deaths

US, Philippine troops conduct second installation of artificial habitat reefs

Sea Shepherd founder: 'no whales will be killed in international waters' this year

Can a national management plan halt Madagascar's shark decline?

Great white sharks heading to South Florida; 'we are very obviously not on their menu'

On the menu: American diver survives shark attack off Mexico Baja seaside

Scientists develop wetsuit that could protect swimmers from fatal shark attacks

Maine Lobstermen's Association won't support new right whale rules

'Fish Fence' hits Kentucky waters in million dollar move to curb carp

Man records video of shark eating seal off Plymouth; 'I wasn't scared enough to stop recording'

Parasitic and fungal infections play a significant role in porpoise strandings

Much-loved Scarborough man Andrew Jackson, diver and underwater camera man, passes away aged 60

Beluga whale plays fetch with rugby ball

Locals fear great white shark is stalking Cornish beaches after half a dolphin washed up near Padstow

Scotsman, 44, eaten by a shark off holiday isle Réunion was snorkeling in 'safe' lagoon just yards from the shore in waters less than 6ft deep

'Cocaine of the sea' — the illegal fish trade of the Mexican cartel and Chinese mafia

Group: Discarded fish gear is biggest plastic polluter in oceans

Shark helps fisherman land huge tuna

Unusually high numbers of blue whales are hanging out in Monterey Bay

Singaporean among 3 divers missing in Indonesia

How Blackbeard's ship and a diver with an 'iron hand' ended up at the Supreme Court

Diver fighting to rebuild life after horrific Caribbean attack

Maine proposes targeted exemptions to help lobster industry weather whale crisis

Blue spaces: why time spent near water is the secret of happiness

Marineland founder John Holer dies at 83, lawyer says

Florida man pleads guilty to sawing off nose of rare fish

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