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Vietnam: With Undersea Robots, an Air Force Navigator Lost Since 1967 Is Found

Calls to end 'indiscriminate deaths' after report reveals NSW shark nets kill a turtle every 20 days

Denver Zoo Says Goodbye to Beloved 33-Year-Old Harbor Seal

Scotland: Highland cops warn public not to 'disturb and chase' dolphins and whales in water

Wyland wall: Artist protests planned demolition of his Laguna Canyon whale mural; 'Destroying it destroys everything we stand for.'

600 Tons of Marine Life Washes Up on Tampa Bay's Shore; 'The bay is really hurting right now'

Woman marine gives perspective on challenges of being a combat diver in male-dominated field; 'Opportunities must be given'

Engineers to the rescue! The ultrasonic mission to save the Ganges river dolphin

Florida: Shark bites fisherman on Volusia beach; County tallies 9th bite of the year, breaking 2020's shark bite total

Fin-to-Fin Contact: Sexy secret life of basking sharks uncovered in Hebrides; 'you just don't think of them doing that'

Gomorrah: Italy cracks down on 'mussel mafia'; 18 arrests for illegal fishing destroying Naples' coastline

Western Australia shark attack victim Aaron Moir accused of 'provoking' beast by jumping on its back

Elephant Island: Hydrophone Reveals An Oasis for Fin Whales in an Icy Sea

Officials: Surfer bitten by shark on Georgia's Tybee Island, taken by ambulance to the hospital

Man recovering after shark attack off Western Australia island

Spear gun slaying of Kostis, beloved Mediterranean monk seal, sparks outrage on Greek island

Australia's Great Barrier Reef should be listed as 'in danger,' U.N. body says; 'Back flip'

Red flag: Freediving, scuba activities 'may enhance' side effects of Covid Vaccine

We have the technology: AI spots shipwrecks from the ocean surface – and even from the air

What a Submarine Looks Like After Smashing Into an Underwater Mountain

Nervous: Lifeguard may have been bitten by a shark at New York's Jones Beach

Nova Scotia's shark derbies: Outdated or essential research tool?


South Carolina beach-goers push stranded whales back into ocean; vet misses chance to 'put it out of its suffering'

Secret underwater messages can be hidden in whale and dolphin chatter

Scientists study using dead fish from red tide as fertilizer

Get out: Hundreds of sharks take refuge in a Florida canal after fleeing toxic red algae along the coast

A research vessel found SpongeBob look-alikes a mile under the ocean's surface

'Iconic' southern resident killer whale in dire condition off Vancouver Island

Stranded killer whale on Prince of Wales Island frees itself on incoming tide

Fear itself: Swimming banned after many sharks spotted in surf at New York beaches

Scientists finally discover a purpose for drones: Snotbot to track whale health by hovering over blowholes

They're home: Resident killer whales make return to Salish Sea for first time in months

Researchers hope gene study will reveal new clues in right whales' rapid decline

Hundreds of hungry gannets snapped in feeding frenzy off Scots coast

Fish managers say salmon runs 'could have been worse,' after underwater video shows heat-stressed salmon

Diving into the future: Panama City-area students getting certified in underwater robotics

California teen grateful to be alive after crocodile drags her underwater at Mexico resort

Tassie dolphin rescuers take cues from whale stranding to move mother and calf to clear water

New humpback whale spotted off Irish coast for first time by Belfast marine biologist

Mermaid diving is making a splash in China; 'I think in a past life I was a fish'

A 19-mile, 12-hour swim through shark infested waters? Let's go

Iconic sardine boat restoration project larger than first predicted; 'This is going to be a total rebuild'

Blame game: Scientific consensus is there is no 'scientific consensus' on red tide impact from Florida's Piney Point spill; 'the perfect storm'

Nerves; The day after the lifeguard was bitten, a shark discovers Jones Beach

The surprising ways sharks keep the ocean healthy; 'you have to study all aspects of the ecosystem'

Why is water sprayed on Olympic pools? Explaining safety measure for diving events

Stunned animal-watchers spot a pair of rare white orcas off the coast of Japan

How synchronized swimmers keep their performance-perfect makeup intact








Diver in Scottish river finds iPhone lost over a year earlier

Divers reminded not to disturb the wreck sites of La Girona and HMS Drake

Monterey Bay and parts of Big Sur added to expanded killer whale protection

Washington's orca whale pods lose a member as oldest male, Cappuccino, presumed dead

Hunted to the brink of extinction, the return of North Pacific Right whales to B.C. waters brings hope

Meanwhile: 'Iconic' southern resident killer whale in dire condition off Vancouver Island

Louisiana government researcher says she was fired for raising alarm about dolphin deaths

Pollution and climate change threaten fish in Ecuador's Amazon region

Researchers aim to help protect US Navy divers using AI systems

Goliath grouper fishing may be allowed in Florida again after 30-year ban; 'We should applaud our successes'

Sharks looking to escape red tide are ending up in neighborhood canals

Two groups of whales evolved massive heads for different reasons

Mexico: Two dolphins rescued from Tulum waters die

'Heartbreaking' video of Marineland's last surviving orca renews calls to free her

From hake to skate: Behind the push to bring 'unknown' fish to New England's dinner table

Breathtaking drone footage captures endangered southern right whales off NSW coast

With Tampa Bay in grip of Red Tide, shrimpers turn their nets toward death; 'I thought about crying'

California teen attacked, dragged underwater by crocodile while vacationing at Mexico resort

We have the technology: Two drone sailboats set sail on Lake Michigan to collect data on fish

German court rules women must be allowed in fishing ritual

Oregon salmon license plate gets overhaul after 23 years; 'you'll see salmon eggs'

Hong Kong customs seizes HK$3.3 million worth of fish bladders from endangered totoaba species

Surprise find in Halifax harbour anchors diver's theory on 1917 explosion

The Detail: What we can learn from the death of Toa the baby orca

'Devastating grief': Georgia Aquarium mourns death of beluga whale calf

5 stranded dolphins rescued in Massachusetts, released off Provincetown

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