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Undercover probe into Alberta fish-trafficking leads to 80 charges against 33 people; 'network of illegal killers and buyers of fish'

13-year-old surfer bitten by shark wins surfing competition

Risky work, no govt support: The seaweed divers of Tamil Nadu's Threspuram

Photographer Captures Once In A Lifetime Shot Straight Into The Jaws Of Shark

Sharks in the Gas Tank: The push to find the next best fossil fuel Alternative includes biofuel made from shark liver oil

A Day in the Life of a Whale Researcher

Gut-wrenching video of man finding plastic in fish's stomach in Spain goes viral

Raising A Sunken Submarine in the 1920s Was Dangerous Work

All news is bad: Lower number of shark bites off Florida coast may not be good news.

Flurry of gray whale sightings raise hopes after 200 stranded dead whales last year

Cookiecutter: the shark that attacks submarines, whales, and now long-distance swimmers

Elderly Harbor Seal Dies at the Smithsonian's National Zoo

Ziggy: Scientists track elephant seal's long swim home

'Dolphin whisperer': Boy's epic encounter with dolphins caught on video

Animal rights activists storm Expedia HQ demanding it 'stops profiting from dolphin cruelty'

One of four North Atlantic right whale calves spotted so far this breeding season struck by ship

Shocking moment Stacey Dooley watches a minke whale shot with a grenade and cut up for meat in Norway

Minority Report: Scientists Predict Fish Behavior from Real-Time Brain Monitoring

Slaughterhouse Shrimp: Scientists Ponder fish food from abattoir waste

'Walking Sharks' Confirmed as the Newest Addition to the Shark Family Tree


New wearable tech could help prevent drowning

How much do you really know about ice fishing in Maine?

Sarasota environmentalists: Red tide could get worse with proposed fish farming pen

Hawaii: Lawsuit pushing to halt all aquarium fishing

Florida fish farm could be bellwether, but not without a fight

Florida fisherman who sawed nose off endangered fish is sentenced to fines, community service

A breathtaking picture of newlyweds kissing underwater was a 'dream come true' for the photographer

Eavesdropping on fish could be the 'holy grail' of measuring river health

Making a comeback: the project to see more Marlborough mussels in the wild

What we learn from a fish that can change sex in just 10 days

Why are Florida's dolphins becoming resistant to antibiotics?

Why spearfisherman who lost his right leg in shark attack now fights to save the predators from culls and drum lines

Kiwi minister Shane Jones blasts Greenpeace for 'deifying' Māui dolphins in 'clever' anti-fishing campaign

Extreme low tides reveal a spectacular underwater world

India: Whale shark dies after getting trapped in fishing net

Florida: Protest ahead of EPA fish farm hearing in Sarasota

Philippine study finds microplastics inside a commonly consumed fish

Florida professor, student join OCEARCH great white shark expedition

Study: Marine parks save sharks from overfishing threat

Another rare blind dolphin found dead in Indus river near Kandhkot

The dolphin diaspora of Little Bahama Bank

Florida: Cold snap puts tropical fish farmers on edge

Relic hunters plan to retrieve Titanic radio that relayed the ship's final pleas for help

Dolphins rescued from Thames mud by lifeboat crews

Kiwi calamity: Mysterious stench of rotting fish driving people from their homes in Christchurch

Second shark found dead on same Auckland beach this month

Shark attacks 'unusually' dropped worldwide in 2019; majority of US attacks in Florida with 21 shark bites

Nova Scotian population of Northern Bottlenose Whales 'unique' to anywhere in the world








How Minnesota's only underwater archaeologists find wrecks in Lake Minnetonka

Cleaning up underwater: Volunteers remove dozens of tires, loads of debris from Honokohau Harbor

Ultrasound: Video shows baby shark fetus inside womb

Underwater robot reveals hidden base of Antarctica's 'doomsday' glacier

Timelapse video of a fish being devoured by maggots

Man finds century-old Lake Michigan shipwreck

Abandoned 100-year-old shipwreck in Australia Is reclaimed by nature

Foul play? Celebrated 8-foot shark followed by fans via satellite is missing. Experts fear worst

Researcher: Shipping noise causing problems for wildlife in the Arctic; 'making them leave the area'

Stench of rotting whale carcass overwhelms beachgoers on Lanai

Dolphin known as Big Back Notch found dead near Olympia

Extremely rare marine creature discovered off Western Australia's north-west coast

Massachusetts: Stranded pregnant dolphin rescued in Wellfleet

Glasgow diver takes incredible selfies with sharks, crocodiles and turtles during underwater expedition

Slow news day: Watch a timelapse video of new BC Ferries hybrid vessels entering Victoria

UAE: Divers removed 440 kilograms of waste from Sharjah's Khalid Lagoon

Royal Caribbean horror: Divers trace body after man fell overboard 'from 10th floor'

The biggest thematic aquarium in the world in Istanbul

Australia: Ningaloo whale sharks show sharp increase in boat collision injuries

A simple burst of bubbles is keeping this canal clear of plastic

Saudi female diver says she lived more undersea than on Earth

The dangers and delicacy of Santa Barbara sea urchins

Florida: Sheriff's divers pull grave markers from lake near forgotten black cemetery

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