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'Rotting' betta fish makes amazing transformation after being transferred to new tank

The Orcas vs. the Sea Lions — it's the Pacific Northwest's version of 'West Side Story'

Species battle pits protected sea lions against fragile fish

Watch this robotic fish flap its fins in Fiji's Rainbow Reef

B.C. scientists 'Horrified' as they watch 1st documented killer whale infanticide

Giant shark tank forms centerpiece of Georgia Aquarium expansion

Gone: Five Hector's dolphins killed in Kiwi fisher's net

USS Juneau, warship that sank with 600 aboard, discovered 4km down in Pacific

Dolphins Kept in Armenian Best Western Pool Sent to Iran

Why ancient deer returned to the sea and became whales

Scientists identify mysterious dead Coastal Georgia 'sea monster'

Scientists: Narwhals get confused whether to flee or freeze when subjected to human-induced stress

Climate Change: More Florida manatees died from cold stress this winter; 'One big freeze away from an ecological disaster'

Can you own a sunken island? Virginia man vows he still owns vanished NC island

Britons told: Stop eating cod and tuna in favour of more sustainable fish

Key detail thief had to know to steal 1.6 million-year-old shark tooth fossil; 'We just don't know'

Are Dolphins Mammals Or Fish? Here's What Science Says

'I screamed as loud as I could': Florida kayaker recovering after otter attack

First Hawaiian monk seals of 2018 born on Lanai, Big Island

Jakarta: Locals protest plan to capture whale shark for Sea World exhibit

68-year-old woman catches 130-pound 'monster' fish on casual trip

Fishing for krill is an eco-disaster: we must protect the Antarctic


Canada: Dolphins trapped in icy harbour freed by local fire chief; 'a big sigh of relief'

Taiwanese elementary school sets up rescue pond for stranded whale

Crocodile is shot dead after it blocked hospital entrance in Zimbabwe and attacked anyone who tried to enter or leave

Researchers: Yellowstone supervolcano may have underwater magma 'anomaly'

Underwater village emerges after dam falls to low water level in Turkey

The quest to save China's finless porpoises: One woman is trying to save them

Researchers eye the blind fish that should have diabetes, but somehow doesn't

Serial activist wants to put Washington fish farming ban to public vote

Canada: Thrill of a lifetime as Hornby Island kayaker witnesses orca attack

Mullet Mania: As the striped mullet rebounds in Florida, the fish's fall migration sparks an increasingly spectacular frenzy of activity

Gruesome slaughter of whales by Faroe Islanders may stop because the meat from the animals is toxic from mercury poisoning

45ft gray whale and her calf have a close encounter with a diver and a boat full of tourists, who touch her 'incredibly soft' skin

Rare underwater footage of minke whale captured in Antarctica

4-year-old gives birthday money to shark conservation

It's betrayal! Fishermen rage as UK agrees to transition power of EU over fishing waters

Rare footage captures the gruesome moment two killer whales attack and disembowel a dolphin off the coast of Namibia

Lolita may never go free. Scientists say that could be what's best for her

Sea otters are walled in by hungry sharks; population rebound tempered by sharks

Study: Florida university reveals positive impact with MPA's

Found: Long-sought ship that sank more than 100 years ago found in Lake Erie

Florida: Dead whale found on Marathon's bay side, it had 'quite the smell'

You can snorkel with smiling beluga whales on this Canadian adventure

1089 pounds: Giant blue marlin catch in Exmouth to break Australian record

The curious case of the porpoises and the Dutch wind farm

Video: Sharks feed on whale carcass off Georgia coast

Data: Shark nets continue to kill harmless marine life

Mum gives birth in the Red Sea with help of baby's dad

India: Nearly 14 spinner dolphins found dead on TN coasts in 3 days

Diet of the ancient mariner: An unprecedented archaeology experiment is putting historical shipboard food and drink to the test

China is trying to rein in its vessels illegally depleting fish stocks in West Africa

Drone video: Gray whales show mating behavior in Monterey Bay








Incredible photos show hungry killer whale circling trawler for stray fish

Canada: 'Tens of thousands' of fish likely killed as result of rubber duck race

Fish fights: Kiwi anglers compete with tourists for prime spots on our waterways

In Bali fish die-offs, researchers spot a human hand

Kentucky officials hope 'underwater wall of sound' will block Asian Carp

Woman buys 'dying' fish she found 'rotting away' with no tail … and can't believe her eyes a month later

DNA tests to fish out seafood fraud in Halifax; 'very little checking'

Low numbers of endangered whales spark debate about Maine lobster industry's role

Underwater archaeologists have found 30 more wrecks in Lake Minnetonka since 2014

Underwater photo of whale shark's gills shows incredible anatomy of this gentle giant

Mysterious new ocean 'twilight zone' full of previously unknown fish identified by scientists

New report finds whopping 700,000 tons of abandoned fishing gear left in the ocean every year

'Unprecedented' Aussie marine heatwave triggered huge carbon-dioxide release

Man arrested for illegally catching sharks off Florida coast

Diver films salmon blood and guts seeping into Canadian channel

Ship sunk by nor'easter 120 years ago discovered in Lake Erie

Going, Goa, gone: In state, 12th dead dolphin washes ashore in 7 months

Hawaii: 'Rainbow' rescues drowning boar at Kealakekua Bay

Japan: 'Cannonball' in hand, team looks for 1609 Spanish galleon off Chiba

Kiwi flashback: Opo the friendly dolphin remembered

Get out: Caribbean ships warned away from underwater volcano

Finless porpoise blows rings underwater to the bemusement of impressed spectators at Japanese aquarium

Nerve-racking moment an angry shark lunges at a fisherman seconds after being cut loose from fishing lines

Aussie beach bite: Injured boy says he thought he was bitten by a shark

Fisheries find shark is 'unlikely' to have attacked Perth boys, warning cancelled

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