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The Jaws of death: Terrifying close-ups of a great white shark and its razor-sharp teeth show why it isn't safe to go back in the water...

Pioneering Saturation And SEALAB Diver Robert A. Barth Has Passed Away

What If the Powerful Navy SEALs Got a Specialized Submarine?

NOAA: Hawaiian monk seal population remained steady at just above 1,400 in 2019

'You are the only passenger': How I returned to an empty world from South Georgia Island

Scientists Document First Evidence of Shark Swimming Between Cocos Island National Park and Las Gemelas Seamount

New Aquatic Nature Reserve Protects Critically Endangered River Dolphins in Borneo

Big Island: Proposed Aquarium Fishing Ban Appears Dead In The Legislature

Who Will Eat All These Oysters? With the COVID-19 virus challenging the food supply chain, shellfish growers are finding a direct market for their products

For Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson, protesting is too submissive

Submarine Wreckage Detected Off Hawaiian Island of Oahu

The Ocean's Largest Shark Has a Little Something to Say

Watch feeding time with Rocky the Saltwater Crocodile from the comfort of your own home

The news is always bad: At Sea During Pandemic, Fishermen Return To Stormy Times

Divers With Clean Seas Program Remove Tons Of Marine Debris From Fragile Reefs

Russia lists Caspian seals and killer whales as endangered species after 'whale jail' controversy

Asian Woman Is Recorded Cooking A Whole Shark And Causes Outrage Around The World

In 1982, A Team of Argentinian Frogmen Nearly Blew Up a British Frigate in Gibraltar

Horror as woman in her 20s is attacked by a shark on Australia's east coast

Coronavirus turns scuba trip into 'nightmare' for Massachusetts residents stranded in Honduras

Chile: Expedition to the end of the world, where humpback whales are thriving

Rise: Watch Saudi prince's $80M superyacht resurface after capsizing in Greek port

Ocean Ramsey: the shark whisperer

Scientists Got Sharks To Bite Into Kevlar. This Is What They Found.

Fishing for Fun? It Has a Bigger Environmental Impact Than We Thought


Ask the vet: My fish is losing scales on her back, what can I do?

Epic moment a blue whale sneezes and blasts an overhead research drone with a salvo of 'snot'

Virginia: Invasive fish species discovered in the Pamunkey River. What does it mean for ecosystems?

Climate change forcing whales into dangerous shipping lanes

Fishing in the age of social distancing: Lake Erie is wide open

No ice makes it a tough winter for seal pups in Baltic Sea: researchers

Terrifying moment a tiger shark clamps its jaws around a diver's head before his friends desperately fight it off and save him

Extinction diet: Neanderthals ate mussels, fish, and seals too

Deep-sea fish seasonal migration discovered for first time

Watch as man saves rare 'pygmy killer whale' stranded on a Beaufort County, South Carolina beach

Home alone: Melbourne Aquarium is livestreaming its frenzied fish feeding today

What I learned from my month-long fight with fire coral

Beauty and the feast: When herring come to spawn

Video shows sound Cork seal appear to give fish to heron on banks of River Lee

South Carolina dolphin strandings continue, science slows because of the coronavirus

No time for caviar: Animal rights group wants a veto on Florida fish farm cash

Go fish: License requirement temporarily suspended in Missouri

Could synthetic fish be a better catch of the day?

Sperm whales snooze vertically in jaw-dropping images

Chloroquine Phosphate: Arizona man died, wife critical after taking fish tank cleaner to prevent coronavirus infection

Environmental groups: Eat fish while hunkering down against virus

Extinction watch: Its egg and meat makes it a much hunted fish

Fisherman in East Java arrested for catching protected dolphins

Castletownbere fisherman give away €4,000 worth of free fish to locals in West Cork

Canada: Wallaga Lake Indigenous fishermen revive net fishing tradition in landmark collaboration

You can social distance by fishing; here's how you can get started

Released from the 'whale jail' Beluga wintered in the waters of Nakhodka and Vladivostok

Naked seal washes up on Brighton nudist beach

Cornwall fishermen plead with people to buy their fish directly as coronavirus hits industry

Sales of fish tank additive skyrocket after studies say it could treat coronavirus

2 Utah fishermen charged with cheating in fish contest

Venice canals are clear enough to see fish as coronavirus halts tourism in the city

Fish used for sushi now carry 283 times more parasites than in 1980s

Lego plastic bricks in oceans could be there more than 1,000 years

Chicago aquarium releases penguins after exhibits close due to coronavirus








Mission Impossible: Mercy dash breaking lockdown rules as residents in race to save 6 dolphins whilst chased by cops

California: Shark bites stand up paddle board in Santa Cruz

Hawaii: Fish prices plummet as coronavirus pandemic cripples industry and idles boats

In Norway, kids are still making good money cutting cod tongues

Lockdown delight: Leopard seal found on Auckland wharf, viewers separated due to Covid-19

Rwandan who breached corona virus lockdown 'killed by crocodile'

Why do fish school?

8 greatest shark movies (and 8 that are terrible)

Ireland: Fishing representatives urge protesters to end blockade

Italian engineer uses incredible hack on scuba mask to help save coronavirus patients' lives

Illuminating find: Here's how squid talk to each other in the dark

Sharks off Rhode Island the subject of new high-tech study

New England Aquarium debuts improved right whale catalog

South Africa: Elephant seal seeking to moult harassed by onlookers in Hout Bay

Glowing deep-sea squid have a complex form of communication, new evidence suggests

Slow-evolving elephant sharks born in Japan for the first time

Jiro dreams of a cure: Pandemic takes toll on small sushi joints in Japan

Anatomy of a frogfish: New book explores world of fishes with arms, legs

Like humans, most female mammals live longer than males, study finds

Captivating: Look back at the incredible dolphin and killer whale shows at Clacton Pier in the 1970s

Gray whales return: Researchers wonder why 'Sounders' seem healthier than others

This fish is 'king of the reef.' But high-end diners may change that.

£3,000 penalty for Shropshire men who killed 28 fish without permit

Study shows changes in Great Barrier Reef fish during heat wave

Kiwi Fish and Game councillor behind 'chick scientist' comment will not resign

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