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Poland and Germany’s poisoned relations over Oder River fish die-off; 'caused by human activity'

Snorkeling with sharks wish granted for Blackfoot teen battling cystic fibrosis

Rare clash between orcas, humpback whales witnessed in Salish Sea

Fifteen-year-old receives fish tank from Make-A-Wish

How do fish survive the intense pressure of deep water? 'Life as adapted'

They're back: Devils Hole pupfish population reaches 19-year high in Nevada

Marine snaps – new underwater camera prototype is powered by sound

People Too: Shark attacks can have a devastating impact on a community

'Mekong Ghost' Carp Rediscovered in Fish Market After Being Lost for 18 Years

Why Tuna Is One Of The Only Fish You Should Prepare Raw At Home

Why tracing seafood from sea to plate is the next frontier in sustainability

The big question after Plett’s fatal shark attack: Why?

Wall of Death: Whale Rescued by Divers Becomes a Tragic Lesson About the Realities of Illegal Drift Nets

'Shining light': Tributes paid to woman killed by shark in South Africa in front of husband and daughter

Study dives into surfer-shark interactions and reactions; 'Aren’t you afraid of sharks?'

No hope: Snow Cone death 'all but certain,' researchers say about entangled right whale

Cape Town woman killed by shark amid 'unusual' spike in activity around South African beaches

Fiji holiday hell: 'Our dream holiday turned into a nightmare - I thought we'd be eaten by sharks'

Megalodon Tooth Found In Phosphate Mine: Report

Constant change: Undersea volcano eruption in Tonga was a 'once-in-a-lifetime event' that could warm Earth's surface, scientists say

Gulf of Mexico’s largest coral sanctuary faces an extreme threat that’s mystifying scientists; 'I’ve got bad news'

Shoes That Are Edible To Sea Creatures Could Help Tackle Plastic Pollution, Scientists Claim

Be on the lookout: Kuwait issues warning about shark in waterways

Scientists are slathering reefs with antibiotics to stop coral disease

Buoyed by technology: New System Aims to Save Whales Near San Francisco From Ship Collisions

Alarming Level of Microplastics Found in Fish—Eating It 'A Personal Choice'

This Sarasota Duo Is Killing Invasive Lionfish in a Tiny Yellow Submarine

Can fish learn simple math? They can when a treat is involved. 'We weren’t surprised'

Beware: Bahamas Ministry ‘ensuring protocols in place’ after shark attack; calls for 'even more prominent signage'

Tourists injured as 'rogue wave' causes freak boating accident near Shark Bay

Scientists: Tiny Fish Living in Coral Reefs Gets to Decide Birthday of Offspring

Tragic scenes as at least 14 rare sperm whales are found dead and covered in blood in a mysterious mass stranding on a remote part of the Australian coast

Kalani David dead at 24: Surfing champion drowns in Costa Rica after suffering a seizure in the water while practicing

Portugal: Study calls for universal method of measuring mercury in fish

Europe moves to protect deep-sea sites in Atlantic from bottom fishing

Dump of 900,000 Menhaden in Gulf of Mexico Brings Latest Calls for Regulation; 'There should be some sort of penalty'

Portuguese Triathlete Bitten by Seal During Training Session in California: 'Seal of Approval'

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Other News...

$5.99/pound: Maine fish market shares video of hammerhead shark for sale

7,000 year old fish traps discovered in the Norwegian mountains

Video: Seal charges at a woman taking a pic in Fish Hoek

That viral video during Hurricane Ian was real. But whether it showed a shark is debatable

Weather service: Hurricane Ian's 'reverse storm surge' drains at least 7 feet of water in Tampa Bay

‘Dolphin Doctor’ Sam Ridgway, marine mammal research pioneer, remembered for ‘boundless curiosity’

73: Here’s what the latest Southern Resident killer whale census showed for the past year

Heartbreaking video captures the struggle of a mother dolphin pushing the body of her dead calf through the water in the Mediterranean

Mystery: Swedish institute says underwater ‘blasts’ recorded prior to Nord Stream leaks

How is seagrass in Wales helping fight climate change?

Hurricane Ian: Why the Gulf Coast -- especially in Florida -- is so vulnerable to hurricanes, storm surge

Turning fish grease into diesel fuel could solve Oregon’s carbon problem. Why are enviros so queasy?

Growing number of finless porpoises observed in Jiangsu, indicates eco improvement of Yangtze River

Mission possible: Humpback whale badly entangled in fishing gear is freed outside Boston Harbor

Hello ragged tooth: New shark is added to list of Bermuda’s fish fauna

Aussie surfers warned not to attempt whale rescues in shark nets

Through Hell's Gate: Whale carcasses towed out to sea after mass stranding on Tasmania's west coast

Australia: Whale freed from shark nets on Gold Coast

Galapagos park testing coral replanting to restore fragile ecosystem

They leaped at the chance to hook mahi-mahi. But L.A.’s hottest fish is hard to catch

China launches scientific survey of Yangtze finless porpoises in Hubei

Tasmanian whale rescue turns to disposal operation as researchers hope for clues to stranding tragedy; 'We'll get them out into deep ocean as far out as we can'

As missiles fly, the dolphins and whales of Kharkiv are getting used to the sounds of war

Japan: Whale boat festival returns in Mie Pref. after 21-year hiatus

Watch the incredible footage: Russian swimmer goes viral with her underwater dance stunts

Londoner reels in fish-catching record; 32 fish in 10 weeks from every district

Ailing lobster divers say Honduras fails to deliver promised benefits; 'There is no support'

Seal kisses diver in underwater encounter. Watch their adorable video

Salmon fishers in B.C. face decision of whether to quit industry via federal license buyback plan

Exploring the ocean world from north to south with Nat Geo’s Jennifer Hayes and David Doubilet

Nepal’s mugger crocs face ‘senseless’ turf war over dwindling fish resources

Mystery: Lake Huron sinkhole science and other underwater research

Watch: New island formed in Pacific ocean as Home reef erupts eight times in 48 hours

230 whales were found stranded on a beach in Australia. Only 35 survived.

Octopuses have preferred arms – just like us; 'eye and arm use is highly correlated'

Mass casualty event: Around 230 whales beached in Tasmania; rescue efforts underway

Disney's 'Super/Natural': Watch orca whales attack breeding devil rays

Food insecurity: As chinook salmon get thinner and fewer, southern resident killer whales struggle to find enough fish

Cutthroat: Climate-fueled wildfires worsen danger for struggling fish; 'There's no place they can hide'

China launches scientific expedition for finless porpoise protection in Yangtze River

Better off dead: Human study examines if human emotions cloud human judgment when it comes to whale strandings?

Born free: Baby dolphin rescued from Clearwater Beach to call SeaWorld home

Heroes rescue stranded dying dolphin from Irish beach; 'I put out a message for help on social media to say time is crucial'

Hyrdoman’s underwater performance leaves netizens stunned. Watch video

Underwater archaeologists find Roman jetty off Croatian coast

On the Colorado River, growing concern for trout and chub; 'We’re in totally uncharted territory'

PHOTOS: Pics of synchronized swimming group The Dolphinettes between 1962 and 1966

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More news...

Intruder alert: 'Undesirable' fish species found in western Kansas lake

Wreck of WW I German U-boat that sunk a century ago is found by diver

Russians are being told British military divers set off Nord Stream explosions

Vest blamed: Army says it’s making changes after drowning of Utah solider

Maryland: 'Industrial Fish Farm' proposal draws environmental criticism

Poland blames toxic algae for Oder river fish kill; industrial pollution 'the same as in previous years'

Paralyzed scuba diver from Grantham 'smashes' three world records with his biggest challenge yet

Shark seen swimming outside home in Florida as Hurricane Ian hits US state

‘She’s a natural’: 5th grader reels in fish her dad says measured over 8 feet

'Rod and Reef Slam' fishing tournament highlights critical role oyster reefs play in Chesapeake Bay

Diving Kingston’s shipwrecks: The hidden histories of Lake Ontario

Dive association urges government to reconsider further increase in Sipadan dive operators

White shark cage diving in Cape Town – plan to bring chumming closer to shore splits opinions

Catch and abuse: Young man illegally fishing at Singapore's MacRitchie Reservoir throws fish back into water with force

Underwater heat 'inferno' ravages Mediterranean corals

Sewer diver: 'We go down in full-on hazmat suits' - What it's like diving in human poo

Angler reels pending-record blue catfish from Tennessee river

Elephant seals headed to Southern California beaches must evade orcas, sharks. How do they survive?

Meet the women saving sharks off the coast of Mexico

Constant change: A massive storm destroyed fishing boats in Alaska, leading to fears of food insecurity

'Fishing can teach you life lessons': Words of wisdom from the streams of Appalachia

Isle of Jersey: Evidence of illegal fishing discovered at reef

Watch: Researchers spot strange 'blue goo' creature 2,000 ft underwater

The racism, and resilience, behind today’s Pacific Northwest salmon crisis

Man held after drift net found in Sipadan dive site

Hawaii: Man reels in massive 250-pound marlin while on kayak

Louisiana artist preserves gators through 'fish rubbing' art; 'It’s a tribute to the animal'

Florida Coral Rescue Center dedicated to saving rapidly dying coral

Archaeologists find 3,000-year-old canoe in Wisconsin, oldest in Great Lakes region by far

New fish species for the Mediterranean recorded in Malta

A man went to hospital with stomach pain. He died eight hours later after doctors found a huge fish bone had pierced his guts.

Study dives into surfer-shark interactions and reactions

Jaws references cut from name list for Cape Cod’s new ferries

Look: Woman finds ‘amazing’ rare transparent fish on Tasmanian beach

Massachusetts: 13-year-old girl reels in 591 pound fish to win tournament; 'I was very excited'

Catch and release: Increasing numbers of massive hammerhead sharks swimming off Hilton Head, captain says

All press is not good press: It's time critics stop comparing every aquatic creature feature to Jaws

Behind the monument: 'The Naked Warrior,' legendary predecessor of the Navy SEALS

Full moon fever: A look at an underwater experiment that could protect coral, but there's a hitch

Japan Photo Journal: People with disabilities stand tall in underwater photo shoot

Canada: Miramichi fish-eradication project paused for 2nd year as locals protest

Hold the sandwich: Authorities seize 9ft tuna from Massachusetts charter they say was fishing illegally in Rhode Island waters

Turning fish alien to Mediterranean from problem to resource

Why eating fish is no solution for sustainable diets

Ireland: Man recovering in hospital after being trapped in Mayo sea cave for 22 hours

It's a porpoise: Mystery animal spotted in Petaluma River identified

Death-defying antics at Kansas State Fair as divers fly from high boards into 10-foot-deep pool