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It's alive! Study finds floating Pacific garbage patch home to anemones, hydroids, and shrimp-like amphipods

End times: Lancetfish, another rare deep-sea fish washes ashore at San Diego beach

Orcas are spreading further into the Arctic Ocean as sea ice melts

Nurdles: The ocean's worst toxic waste you’ve probably never heard of

Scientists Are Running Out of Salmon to Study: With populations withering, these researchers are heading for the Great Lakes

Scientists surprised to see large shiver of sharks at TECO Manatee Viewing Center

Toxic shock: Dutch Researchers Find 'Deadly' Bacteria In Stranded, Dead Porpoises

Bali Authorities: 'Missing' dolphins are dead; 'Several were sick but they looked healthy'

Study: Humpback whale songs are used to locate, not attract, other whales

Activists say dolphins rescued from captivity in Bali are missing; 'there should have been seven dolphins there'

Wild Dolphin, 40, Introduces His Calf to Dog Who Has Been His Best Friend for 7 Years

Paradox: Why Are There So Many Kinds of Phytoplankton?

Environmentalists worry: Shell to 'blast' South African coastline in search of oil during whale season

'Insane' encounter with great white shark caught on camera in Hawaii

Chilean Locals And Fishermen Help Stranded Whale Back To Sea

'An epidemic in Amazon': Gold rush attracts hundreds of dredging rafts to Amazon river

He sued SeaWorld to liberate the whales. Then he started getting postcards from them

Pontification: Meet the US ecologist who explained to Pope Francis why coral reefs are crucial for the planet

Photos show vast coral spawning event in Great Barrier Reef, giving divers hope for climate change recovery

Ocean Ark: Self-Propelled Fish-Farm Vessel Receives Approval

Zombie shark still hunting for prey despite being ‘half eaten’ during savage battle in jaw-dropping clip

Good luck: The Mexican government seen as last hope as vaquitas are on the brink of extinction; only about 10 remain

New Titanic expedition announced for summer 2022 will take citizen explorers to survey the famous liner at a cost of $250,000 a ticket

Fish farming: No routine checkups on welfare of fish at slaughter, officials admit

Sea Shepherd Finds Endangered Amazonian Dolphins Dead and Possibly Harpooned

Imagine: Killer Whales Are Bullies, and Humpbacks Are Bouncers; 'It was a really crazy scene to watch'

Local legend lost: A sad update on the story of Canada's Bluey the beluga

'She's moved just so many': Families travel to Clearwater Marine Aquarium to honor Winter the Dolphin

First dolphin calf born at Dubai Dolphinarium

Maya breakthrough as incredible underwater find solves 1,000-year-old mystery

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Other News...

New Zealand: Four Hector's dolphins, including three calves, found dead on South Island beaches

Local fisherman and crew free whale trapped in a net off the coast of Guatemala; 'we’ve never untangled a whale, so that was pretty cool'

Ever seen a blue whale yawn? See the mesmerizing moment creature of the deep opens its jaws

You don't say: Dolphins living off the coast of Wales have developed their own ‘Welsh accent’

Risso's dolphins perform impressive twisting dives that let them 'drill' through the water to depths of more than 1,970ft to catch prey

Cause of death of 7 penguins at Florida Aquarium remains 'forever unknown'

El Niño takes a toll on southern right whales in the Atlantic Ocean

Data storage, mining and wind: oceans seen as new frontier but at what cost?

Friends haul in 3 massive catfish on Missouri River during holiday

Bottlenose dolphins are mysterious. A professor tries to get answers.

Moby Dick: Mythic white sperm whale captured on film near Jamaica

Clearwater Marine Aquarium: Endangered right whale calf, mother identified

Why the Yangtze finless porpoise is endangered and what we can do

Sequestration: Corals may store a surprising amount of microplastics in their skeletons

Japan: Weird capsule carrying case to tote around big, live fish

Japan’s snow monkeys go fishing to survive the harsh winter

Oregon: Roving sea lion wanders through streets of Lincoln City, refuses fish, returns to ocean

Underwater archaeology reveals buried secrets of a Swiss lake

Aussie diver snubs $100,000 dive over safety concerns; company 'liked to push the boundaries of safety'

Poser: Terrifying great white shark measuring 13ft recreates iconic Jaws film poster

Vaquitas: What are the ‘smiling pandas’ of the sea and why are they going extinct?

Canada: 16-year-old diver gives us a glimpse of a legendary Fenelon Falls sunken train wreck

River monsters: An attack by carnivorous fish in Argentina leaves more than 30 injured

Advocates welcome halt to shortfin mako shark fishing, call for longer ban

Taiwan: False killer whale released into ocean after Yilan beaching

After Two Whole Years, Endangered Humpback Whale Sighted In The Arabian Sea Coast Of Bhatkal

Rescue of false killer whale successful: plans for release tomorrow off Taiwan

The deep: Rare anglerfish spotted on San Diego beach

Rescuing pilot whale stranded on Taranaki beach a 'beautiful' experience for those involved

Mythbusters: Southern right whale satellite tagging project blows migration assumptions out of water

Australia: Another Port River dolphin found dead as interim report struggles to identify a cause

'Seal of approval' - couple gets engaged at aquarium in Australia

Hector's dolphin calf thought to be 'a couple of days old' spotted near Akaroa Harbour

British nurse, 36, goes missing while on scuba dive with friend in Red Sea; 'suddenly she just vanished'

Video: Strange 'creature from the Twilight Zone' washes up on Southern California beach

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More news...

Over a hundred people turn out to assist in the rescue of stranded fish after a Montana dam failure.

Otter bitten by shark on Oregon coast rescued and brought to aquarium for help

Vietnam: Scuba diver spent nearly two decades cleaning up ocean

Maine lobster fishers ask Supreme Court to stop rules to hurt them, help whales

Puerto Rico: Surfers menaced by huge shark make mad dash for the shore in dramatic footage

'It is never easy to say goodbye': Bart, Louisville Zoo sea lion, dies at 28

Brit backpacker, 18, savagely attacked by crocodile while rafting in Africa

1 million pounds and counting: Recycling fishing nets and lines takes off in Alaska coastal communities

Oil's well: California to reopen fishing along stretch of southern coastline after offshore Orange County spill

Geneticists have identified new groups of tiger sharks to protect

Watch Emirati, expat divers carry UAE flag under the sea

Animal kingdom: Shrinking blackfish population near Killarney the 'canary in the coal mine'

Watch: Florida police diver rescues snapping turtle in 'distress' from canal

Feds ask ships to slow down to protect rare whales near New York City

Philippines: Man attacked by crocodile after taking selfie thinking it was plastic

Deep in love: A marriage proposal under the sea

Ever wonder how to draw a whale?

How a tiny pet store fish became the center of neuroscience research

2 Auburn University students win $1 million bass fishing tournament

Fears 'hundreds of dolphins will die' as supertrawlers return to East and West Sussex coast

Advocates welcome halt to shortfin mako shark fishing, call for longer ban

Mumbai: Man held for possession and intent to distribute 5 kilos of whale vomit

French fishing workers to block Channel Tunnel and Calais port in protest against UK

Pembrokeshire diver, Kate Lock of Marloes wins UK award

What should Norwalk’s Maritime Aquarium name its new shark exhibit?

A humpback whale found dead in Provincetown likely suffered ‘chronic entanglement,’ researchers say

Grenada completes a renovation of its underwater sculpture park

Florida college evicts ORCA scientists with little notice. Now the nonprofit is struggling to find a new home; 'I confess to a level of outrage'