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Plastics found in dolphins, seals, and whales in UK waters

Help name a whale calf: Researchers ask public to vote

Beware: Fish pedicure spas operate without oversight in Ohio; banned in some states

Boaty McBoatface Gears Up For Epic Swim Across The Arctic

go Fish: Iceland's Fishing Minister Green Lights Whale Hunting To 2023

It Breeds: Scottish fish has world's first 'virgin birth' after fertilizing its own eggs

98-yr-old and 4-yr-old scuba divers await world record status

NOAA monitoring 'life-threatening' entanglement of a whale spotted off Maui

Activists Bring Legal Challenge Against Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

Scientists decode white shark genome, finding cancer-protective mechanism

Battle to save preserved Great White Shark at abandoned wildlife park

Jaws was right! If you see a shark moving at slow speeds it is probably ready for dinner

'There was a lot of blood' - man recounts moment his friend was attacked by shark in Byron Bay, taking a chunk of his leg

Who Knew? 'They are killing the marine environment': Joy as electric shock fishing banned after Brexit

Norwegian cruise ship filmed crashing into mooring points in Puerto Rico: 'Epic fail'

Scientists warn: Plastic bringing waves of alien crabs and fish to shores around the world

Killer Whales Are Expanding into the Arctic, Then Dying as the Ice Sets In

Over: After 16 Months Of Dead Fish, Manatees And Dolphins, Florida's Red Tide Ebbs

This Stuffed Sperm Whale Penis Just Sold For $6,000 in Auction

USS Hornet: WWII aircraft carrier discovered intact on the ocean floor, and the spooky images are amazing


Toronto orthopedic surgeon's odd underwater photography featured

New report calls for greater protection of Risso's dolphins in the Western Isles

Being a dad is hard when you're a plainfin midshipman fish

'I thought I was going to die': Aussie victim tells of fear after friend's shark death

Antarctic scientist captures extraordinary footage of Orcas feeding in the Ross Sea

Florida to ban the harvest/possession of tropical aquarium species at the Blue Heron Bridge

Baby ray fish grown in sandwich bag 'hatches' in Macduff

A fish called Nasrallah: Israel hails decline of 'toxic' catfish from their waters

Kiwi photographer bags international award for underwater sharks pics

Brit restaurant boss fined for landing illegal catch in English Channel

Florida divers encounter 11-foot great white shark in 60 feet of water off coast of Jupiter

South Africa: Automated shark detection project launched

Why are hundreds of dead dolphins washing up on French beaches?

Canada: Conservationist blames fishing practices for low salmon run numbers; DFO disagrees

Scuba diving instructor films the moment she releases a tiny fish trapped inside a clear bag

Mysterious fish that looks 'half turtle, half snake' causes panic in a Chinese city after being spotted at a popular park

Lucky number 7: Seventh endangered right whale calf spotted off Atlantic coast

Girl Scout scuba troop sells cookies underwater

Property owners discover pool 'pooping bandit' on surveillance video; 'Oh, lovely'

Commercial divers: For a pay packet, they risk drowning, crocodile attacks and being hit by ships

Shipwreck diver told wife he 'felt a bit nervous' before going missing underwater off Scarborough

Kiwi freediving champion William Trubridge attempts to swim Cook Strait - underwater

WW3 submerged: How US Navy conducted secret underwater nuclear tests

Cold Water Quest: Georgia Aquarium welcomes two new beluga whales to captivity








Thriving Gangetic Dolphins 1,150 Gangetic dolphins in Bihar indicate a 'healthy river ecosystem'

You're soaking in it: Police divers training under ice

Emirates' fisherman under investigation after catching 350kg bull shark

'Shark head' found on Brighton beach

No more dumping fish guts in the ocean

Environmentalists: Will dolphins die in search for oil? Marine life at risk, legal action says

Lawmakers propose new watercraft restrictions to aid Southern Resident orcas

Killer whale spotted in the Antarctic helps confirm its toothfish diet

Kiwi man left with brain injury and unable to walk after getting 'the bends' from diving

Vancouver Aquarium to return to court over city bylaw banning whales, dolphins

Antarctic scientist captures extraordinary footage of Orcas feeding in the Ross Sea

Florida: Three dolphins found dead in eight-day stretch

Killer whales eat dolphins. So why are these dolphins tempting fate?

North Carolina: Something's killing humpback whales near the Outer Banks. Three are beached in one week.

South Carolina: 2 orange alligators spotted in Bluffton. What's causing them to change colors?

Explorers: South Korean tanker Stellar Daisy found on ocean floor 2 years after it sank

'The Darling will die': Aussie scientists say mass fish kill due to over-extraction and drought

Aussie man in hospital after being attacked by shark at Byron Bay

Florida: Are new shark regs a step towards anti-fishing?

Scientists discover 8 'amazing' new sea creatures in Costa Rica

Hunt for Shackleton's lost ship is abandoned after underwater craft is trapped in a sheet of ice

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