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Florida Wildlife Commission finds no evidence of pelican abuse at Skyway Fishing Pier; No 'motives or suspects'

Florida shark expert weighs in on 2 bites in one day in New Smyrna Beach; 'a very rare occurrence'

Scientists: Surfing Is A Gray Reef Shark's Version Of A Power Nap

In the long run, we're all dead: 'Worst-case scenario' study shows coral reefs could go extinct in 30 to 50 years

Lobster Diver Q&A: Who the Man Swallowed Up by a Whale Wants to Play Him in a Movie

Boy, 10, mauled by shark reveals moment he thought 'I'm going to die'

Boaters In Louisiana Spot A Very Rare Sight, Capture A Pink Dolphin Swimming In The Waters

Why the world's most fertile fishing ground is facing a 'unique and dire' threat

Mass. Hysteria: Researchers warn beachers that four giant white sharks, including a giant 16-foot shark called Mary Lee, are heading from New York and New Jersey to Cape Cod

Scientists Think They are Saving Critically Endangered Vaquitas by Listening to Them

Cape Cod lobsterman's whale of a tale sounds fishy, experts say

Alien: Jaw-dropping video shows species of moray is the first-known fish to feed on land without water thanks to their secondary 'mouth'

Boy, 10, is bitten by a shark while snorkelling at a popular tourist beach in Western Australia

'Everything went dark'; Cape Cod lobster diver describes being swallowed by whale

It sucks: Study suggest Climate change is taking the oxygen out of lakes, less for fish to breathe

California: 'A Wake for the Whales' Marks Bay Area Deaths, Calls for New Protections

Seal spotters wanted on the River Tees - no experience required!

Turbidity current: Huge two-day underwater avalanche sent mud 1,000km into ocean

Chennai artist and deep-sea diver creates awareness about coral health

Glory Days: Aussie Diver marks navy's 110 years by sharing stories about recovering WWII unexploded ordnance

Mexican Vacation: Father reveals daughters fight for life before she was saved by twin sister; 'The crocodile put her in a death roll, turning her over and over underwater'

Norway to conduct 'cruel' minke whale sound tests despite opposition; 'The severity of this experiment is set as moderate'

New Trailer for 'The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52' Dives Deep on Its Unique Subject

The Horror: A generation of seabirds was wiped out by a drone in Southern California; Scientists fear for their future

The Horror: Dubai-based nail artist uses real fish in 'aquarium manicure', 'creativity' sparks outrage online


Holy s---!' Hammerhead shark thrashes in ankle-deep water near Florida beachgoers

Watch: Beluga whale's priceless reaction on seeing toy whale in girl's hand

Florida Wildlife Commission plans to phase out permits for sea turtle 'bothersome' volunteer rescue groups

Charlotte Harbor seagrass: 2 years recovery forward, 30 years recovery back

Huge chunk bitten out of dolphin's back is likely from shark attack along South Carolina coast

Pollutant concentration increases in franciscana dolphin, one of most threatened species worldwide

Unwell dolphin found off coast of northern Israel dies despite rescue effort

Go north: Fish are swimming to cooler waters as climate change heats our oceans

Muskrat love: What is this Metro Vancouver animal that looks so much like a beaver but isn't one?

Veteran filmmaker and marine conservationist says more effort must be made to protect sharks

Maine: Regulators are using underwater drones to enforce lobster trap rules

No Swimming: Rangers seek to ID woman filmed swimming in home of endangered fish

Sixgills: Deep-sea shark bonanza seen off remote island chain

Found: Lost humpback whale spotted in Queensland river

Humpback whale 'anchored In place' by fishing gear freed off Boston

Inquiring minds: Did a rare hybrid blue-fin whale show up off California coast?

No fish tale: Klamath Falls couple finds ring 12 years after it was lost

Alligator attack: Woman taken to hospital after gator bite in Palm Harbor

Avert your eyes: Aquarium shark receives underwater surgery for prolapsed rectum; 'defecated hard'

US Senate approves ban on sale of shark fins as Hawaii enacts shark protection act

Salmon face extinction throughout the US west. Blame these four dams

New population of blue whales are discovered in the Indian Ocean thanks to bomb detectors

Permanent crisis: New Jersey's fishing industry to get another $9.5M for COVID relief

The sex life aquatic: how moving from land to water led to the surprisingly touchy courtship of sea snakes

How the Thames Barrier protects London from being completely underwater from River Thames flooding

Microplastics found in harbor porpoises from German waters — including critically endangered ones

Drone films never-before sighting of whales 'bubble-net feeding' off Aussie coast

'No big ships': Protest over cruises returning to Venice

LEGO builder makes set underwater to raise money for charity

Turkish president vows to save sea from 'sea snot' outbreak

Scientists are finding more North American right whale mothers and babies this year

'Beloved' Gulfport aquarium shark dies after complications in second spine surgery

Diving instructor cycles underwater to raise awareness about himself and something else

Peru creates Nazca Ridge National Reserve, its first fully marine protected area








Retired airplane gets new life as underwater attraction for divers in Quebec

Huge sinkhole bursts open near underwater 'blowhole' in South Australian coast

Fearless fisherman frees great white shark caught in fishing lines

Video: Underwater cam compares restored oyster reefs vs. harvest areas

Spanish mackerel stocks under threat from overfishing, Aussie government says

New documentary recalls how Valerie Taylor played with sharks to prove a point; 'I only ever killed one shark'

Historic: Juvenile great white shark tagged in Rhode Island waters for first time

'Eating into their flesh': Malaysian reef sharks with skin disease may be the latest victims of climate change

Mexico crocodile attack: Mauled twin speaks for the first time

Panama doubles the size of its protected marine areas

Wreckage of 1965 plane crash may have been found in Folsom Lake

Cape Cod fishermen free entangled great white shark: 'I grabbed the shark by the tail'

Adorable porpoises are surprisingly good at pack hunting, drone video reveals

'Fingers crossed': Here's an update on the Erie arrival of the U.S.S. Cod, Lettie G. Howard

Aussie rescuer relives moment boy, 10, was bitten by a shark at a popular beach

Central Texas teacher makes good on promise by donning shark costume, serenading students at home

Scot fishmonger reveals man-sized fish recently caught in North Sea

Titanic discovery as divers saved 'monumental' piece of vessel: 'Never achieved before'

Teen in coma after being crushed by whale in freak accident

A grey whale makes an epic swim into the record books

Go Goliath: While looking for monster sharks, fisherman catches something much rarer in South Carolina waters

Shark Week: Viral video shows hammerhead sharks circling Florida beachgoers, but refusing to eat them; screams 'more of excitement than hysteria'

Shark Week: Oklahoma man says he caught several sharks during visit to Jacksonville Beach

Shark Week: 'Fearless' fisherman fights off three sharks trying to snatch his catch

Gone: Bye-bye, beluga as 'celebrity' whale leaves mark on small P.E.I. community

Woman sues over getting stuck in fish trap while tubing in Sacramento; 'serious emotional distress'

Past peak pessimism: We projected a fisheries collapse by 2048 -- now there is reason for hope

Police investigate allegation seal was illegally shot by Scot fish farm

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