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Free falling: 4 Zebrafish Brought to China's Space Station Still Alive, But Show Signs of Disorientation

Aussie diver and photographer Scott Gutterson formed a relationship with a female octopus: Then she got pregnant

Florida is named the shark attack capital of the world; 16 recorded shark bite incidents in the Sunshine State last year

This soldier is taking others scuba diving for their reenlistment

Research ship sights sperm whales off east coast of Taiwan

Titan OceanGate disaster: America's super-wealthy are still risking their lives on deep sea adventures despite tragedy that shocked the world

At the bottom of Lake Michigan, shipwrecks race against invasive species

Decades ago, sperm whales learned how to raid fishermen’s lines of black cod. Now, an Alaska man is charged with killing one.

Boats that follow orca-encounter protocol may escape unscathed -- but if an orca's in a particular mood, all bets are off

Nova Scotia: Endangered Whale Found Dead in 'Gruesome' Discovery

Dead Baby Sea Lions Suddenly Found on California Islands Spark Concerns

Alaska fisherman pleads guilty to federal charges after ordering crew to shoot whale

Checking in: 18 years on, how are sharks faring in French Polynesia’s shark sanctuary?

Scuba diver discovers mastodon tusk below the surface off the coast of Venice Beach, Florida

Rare Barracuda 'Tornado' Spectacle Caught on Camera by Taiwanese Diver

Get out: Scientists find success at repelling invasive carp by playing annoying sounds at them

Diver swims below pod of giant sperm whales in stunning footage

Detroit: Local diver will retrieve anything you've dropped underwater

Shocking moment performing dolphin twitches on the ground after leaping out of its pool into seating area - before being hauled back into its pen at Belarus aquarium

Logan Williams on Combating Climate Change Beneath the Waves: A Scuba Diver’s Call to Action

The Deepest Breath - with Irish director and diver - has won an Emmy

Marine Animal Rescue: Stranded whale shark rescued in southern China's Sansha

Cynthia Byrd Connor keeps the history of her father, the first Black Navy EOD diver, alive

A new hope: Orphaned B.C. orca calf's extended family spotted near Vancouver Island

The Popular Hawaii Restaurant That's Home To The World's First Fish Sommelier; 'create an unforgettable pairing'

Historic bell recovered by British divers from sunken USS Jacob Jones wreck returned to US Navy

Researchers follow orca ‘flukeprints’ in Monterey Bay

Rare fish that lives in complete darkness washes ashore on Oregon beach

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Other News...

A river runs through it: Wealthy Utah landowners suddenly cut off access to world renowned river as they go to war with fishermen trespassing on their land

Toxic shock: At least 20 are left violently ill after being poisoned by paralytic shellfish harvested over the weekend in Oregon

Bored teenagers: Scientists solve mystery of why killer whales are attacking boats worldwide

Carolina non-profit ‘Fishing 4 Heroes’ takes veterans out on the water for a day of fishing to give back

Signs of white shark activity off Massachusetts beaches after multiple marine mammals suffer bites

Biologists find rare ocean-born fish species swimming in the Kansas River

Croatian divers clear Adriatic Sea of fish-trapping nets

Great Lakes: Mysterious ship which went 'missing' in 1909 finally found underwater after 115 years

‘Not just a Cape thing’: Scientist urges beachgoers to be aware of growing white shark population

'Holy grail' shipwreck with billions of gold and jewels remains at the bottom of ocean - but officials have just made it far harder for anyone to claim the treasure

New worry: 'Demanding' harbor porpoises more vulnerable than previously thought to disturbances from humans

Young, injured dolphin from Cardiff makes full recovery at SeaWorld

It was written: Dolphin stuck in South Jersey creek dies during rescue attempt

Drought: Sad story of the the collapse of the Amazon river dolphins

Lead sinkers: Man arrested for cheating in Louisiana fishing tournament

How scientists accidentally found out that some bees can hibernate underwater

'Persistent decline': Canada and U.S. suspend all fishing for Canadian-origin Yukon River chinook salmon

Georgia angler hooks unique-looking fish, snags state record two months after it's broken

California: Delta pumps likely killed over half a million fish in two decades. This year was extra deadly

North Atlantic right whale calf presumed dead while adult carcass found off N.S. coast

Beaked whale stranded on Scots beach tragically euthanized despite rescue team’s best efforts

Decompressing: These scientists did underwater experiments secretly on themselves making WWII D-Day a success

These sea creatures could inspire new underwater robots, study finds

New worry: Endangered whale spotted in western Gulf of Mexico faces industrial dangers

Endangered Gangetic dolphins found in most tributaries of Ganges, prompting urgent conservation

Rissobottle:Rare dolphin hybrid born at Zhengzhou Ocean Aquarium

Outrage after 'stupid' thrill-seeker, 50, is seen 'body slamming' a wild killer whale by belly flopping onto it from a boat off New Zealand as pals cheered him on

‘My favorite time of the year online’: Henry Winkler’s annual fishing trip captivates users on X

Fish deaths in England’s rivers rise tenfold in four years; 'sewage' blamed

South Africa: Environmental consultants blame Durban fish kill on municipal sewage spills

‘It is a machine of destruction’: The wels catfish threatens Spain’s river ecosystems

Plans for Coffs Harbour sea pen scrapped, captive dolphins to remain in sanctuary; 'Why pursue this?'

We have the technology: B.C. study tracks breaths of killer whales using stunning drone video

Local researchers follow orca flukeprints in Monterey Bay

Underwater photographer and dive instructor in Hong Kong on why he loves his alternative lifestyle

Diver mindblown after 'intelligent' Octopus grabs her hand and leads her to hidden treasure

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More news...

Australia: Massive great white shark circles fishing boat off NSW coast

P.E.I. kiteboarder 'lucky to be alive' after shark attack in Turks and Caicos

Former Yale swimmer from Darien sets sights on Paralympics after losing leg in shark attack

'It's like being born again': Husband hires divers to find wedding ring lost for 25 years

California: `Aggressive' shark behavior forces restriction of ocean access in San Clemente

New worry: New York’s underwater forests are disappearing due to pollution, extreme weather

Pink dolphins rescued after becoming stranded in Bolivian river

Short-finned pilot whale returns to sea after beaching in S China

USS Harder: Legendary U.S. World War II submarine located 3,000 feet underwater off the Philippines

Panic: Small sharks discovered in tidal ponds on popular South Carolina barrier island, town warns

'It's a shared experience': 14-year-old finds a father figure in Lakeland fishing charity

Owner lists property for sale after buying it without realizing it is entirely underwater

U.S. Navy divers play underwater tic tac toe in Times Square

‘I touched it!’: New Zealand man fined after trying to ‘body slam’ an orca

Great white shark bites seen on whales and seals in Massachusetts waters

Commercial shark plate nears threshold for production in Rhode Island

'Lobster situation is settled,' MP says after Canadian fishermen defy order to remove traps

Australia: Shark hooked by baited drumline captured 'thrashing around' off popular holiday Island

Flounder: Fishing boat rams pier, several boats near Seattle’s Ballard Bridge

Government at work: NOAA Recommends $240 Million in fish passage funding from 'Inflation Reduction' bill

Microplastic particles detected in fish brains in eastern Turkey

Government at work: NOAA releases new 'Dolphin and Whale 911' app to report live, dead, or distressed marine mammals

The natural: North Dakota boy first to finish state fishing challenge three years in a row

India: Artificial reefs to boost fish catch, support livelihoods

False alarm: Galway beach 'danger alert' issued as bathers report seeing 'big basking shark'

Unusual new fish makes its home in Bermuda waters

River monster: Pennsylvania man catches ‘once in a lifetime fish’

Many Japanese aren’t a fan of whale meat. So why expand the hunt?

Activists launch ‘Free Bella’ campaign to save lonely beluga whale from Seoul mall

News you can use: What to do if orcas attack your boat; 'never enter the water' and turn off your engine

Aquatic antics: Fish exhibit disorientation in China Space Station

Rescued short-finned pilot whale recovers well in S China's Hainan

We have the technology: UBC researchers use drones to study how orcas breathe