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Watch as keepers raid alligator nest to save eggs from heat at The Australian Reptile Park
date added: 2021-01-07  source:

alligatortailFore: Florida golfer snatches ball stuck on alligator's tail
date added: 2020-12-23   source:

Immerse yourself; Britain's only crocodile zoo lets visitors feed the reptiles as part of a VIP keeper experience
date added: 2020-12-18  source:

massivegatorFlorida hunters have duck stolen by massive gator
date added: 2020-12-09   source:
pupgatorPupdate: New photos show Florida man with puppy he saved from alligator
date added: 2020-12-04   source:

Jaws: Florida man jumps into pond, wrestles alligator to save puppy; 'We live on a shared landscape'
date added: 2020-12-04  source:

Multiple Sightings Of Monster-Sized Alligators In Florida
date added: 2020-11-30  source:

Alligator hangs out on South Carolina porch for over an hour
date added: 2020-11-24  source:

crocfishCrocodile with fish hook stuck in mouth rescued in Uttar Pradesh
date added: 2020-11-24   source:

6-Foot-Long Crocodile Tries to Steal Fisherman's $7,000 Prize-Winning Fish
date added: 2020-11-11  source:

Gobsmacked fisherman hooks alligator out of water - and finds huge anaconda attached
date added: 2020-11-05  source:

alligatorbuddyScary moment Elvis the alligator takes a 'nibble' at Florida man's shoulder
date added: 2020-11-05   source:

Video: Obedient crocodile comes when it's called
date added: 2020-10-20  source:

Missouri zoo: X-rays find coin inside zoo's Chinese alligator
date added: 2020-10-15  source:

Rescue mission to save whales stranded on Tasmania's west coast enters second day
date added: 2020-09-30  source:

Watch: 10-foot alligator seen swimming in Hurricane Sally floodwaters in Gulf Shores
date added: 2020-09-30  source:

gatorcuffsFlorida man fights off alligator that attacked him; averts 'death roll'
date added: 2020-09-30   source:

Primal fear: Why the terrifying appeal of films about killer crocs and sharks?
date added: 2020-09-24  source:

gwstrackCape Cod beachgoers can now track great white sharks in real-time
date added: 2020-09-24   source:
crockpaw14-foot: Aussie rangers trap biggest crocodile in years near NT tourist spot
date added: 2020-09-09   source:

Rare albino alligator babies hatch at Florida attraction
date added: 2020-08-23  source:

Officials: Alligator claws man as it swims through his legs in Mississippi reservoir
date added: 2020-08-07  source:

Mom climbs into alligator pit with her child to grab lost wallet
date added: 2020-08-02  source:

Inland fisherman in Sarawak presumed dead after crocodile attack
date added: 2020-08-02  source:

Mexico: Crocodile Bites 6-Year-Old Boy's Head, Drags Him Underwater Near Beach
date added: 2020-07-28  source:

Florida: Tampa family finds gator with missing limbs lying on their front porch
date added: 2020-07-14  source:

Neighbor saves 75-yr-old woman attacked by alligator; 'good spirits, despite what happened'
date added: 2020-07-14  source:

'His head is huge': Massive 124-pound alligator snapping turtle rescued in Mississippi
date added: 2020-07-09  source:

Texas: Alligator in Fulshear swoops in and steals girl's fish right off fishing line
date added: 2020-07-06  source:

Central Florida family says their Yorkie survived backyard alligator attack
date added: 2020-07-01  source:

Terrifying moment swimmer is dragged underwater by a crocodile before his friend saves him with a selfie stick
date added: 2020-06-22  source:

Watch this baby alligator do the cutest death roll you've ever seen
date added: 2020-06-17  source:

Florida: Alligator attacks 14-year-old boy near Englewood
date added: 2020-06-12  source:

'I ripped my arm out of his teeth': St. Augustine Alligator Farm curator describes attack by alligator
date added: 2020-06-12  source:

kygatorFish and Wildlife officials: Alligator likely dumped at Kentucky Lake
date added: 2020-06-07   source:

Despite outcry, gator believed to be the largest ever captured on Hilton Head Island is euthanized
date added: 2020-06-07  source:

'The fight went on for 2 hours': Golfers capture video of alligator brawl on South Carolina golf course
date added: 2020-06-07  source:

Alligator rumored to have been Hitler's dies in Moscow
date added: 2020-06-02  source:

South Carolina woman is killed by an alligator after encountering the reptile near a small pond
date added: 2020-05-12  source:

Australian man has fingers sewn back on after crocodile bites them off
date added: 2020-05-12  source:

Florida alligator found with arrows in head, rope around snout and feet
date added: 2020-05-12  source:

Woman killed by gator on Kiawah Island was 'fascinated,' took pictures before attack; 'I guess I won't do this again'
date added: 2020-05-12  source:

Witness To Fatal South Carolina Alligator Attack Said Victim Was 4 Feet From Pond And Warned Of Danger
date added: 2020-05-12  source:

When Crocodiles Once Dived Like Dolphins and Whales
date added: 2020-04-30  source:

Zimbabwe: Brave Mom Rescues Son from Crocodile's Jaws by Sticking Her Finger up its Nose
date added: 2020-04-30  source:

Florida gator mating season is here. This is what you need to know
date added: 2020-04-26  source:

'He's a major gator': Practically 9-foot gator found in Tampa resident's pool
date added: 2020-04-21  source:

Florida: Dog survives alligator attack; 'He got maybe 15 feet from shore'
date added: 2020-04-16  source:

Alligators venture out: Wildlife emerges in South Carolina as people stay sheltered amid pandemic
date added: 2020-04-16  source:

Coronavirus shutdown sees tourists up close and personal with crocodiles in their own homes
date added: 2020-04-10  source:

alligatorgartx18-Year-Old Texas Fisherman Reels In Enormous Alligator Gar, Over 7 ft Long and 190 lbs
date added: 2020-04-10   source:

Rwandan who breached corona virus lockdown 'killed by crocodile'
date added: 2020-04-06  source:

You can virtually visit Gatorland amid coronavirus closures
date added: 2020-03-26  source:

crocsnappyEgypt's Nubians tame crocodiles for selfie-snapping tourists
date added: 2020-03-21   source:
alligatorgarpaRare but harmless alligator gar fish found in Pennsylvania pond
date added: 2020-03-16   source:

Florida family's fears confirmed: Alligator responsible for dog's death in Cape Coral
date added: 2020-03-16  source:

2 people cited for harassing an alligator in Myrtle Beach area neighborhood
date added: 2020-03-16  source:

Gathering of great white sharks moves to South Carolina. They're feasting, experts say
date added: 2020-03-10  source:

WATCH: Police find 25-year-old alligator living in woman's basement
date added: 2020-03-10  source:

Swamp People: Seminole County alligator flips inflatable kayak, stranding two boaters
date added: 2020-02-29  source:

Man escapes with serious injuries after crocodile attack in Zimbabwe
date added: 2020-01-12  source:

Crocodile shot after biting Zurich zookeeper's hand
date added: 2020-01-07  source:

Florida: Man found eaten by alligator actually died of meth overdose
date added: 2019-12-26  source:

cagatorEscaped alligator spotted crossing the road -- in Canada
date added: 2019-12-26   source:
melisamarquezAttacked by a croc, a marine researcher now prefers diving with sharks
date added: 2019-12-09   source:
gharialsResearchers Discover Secret Breeding Ground of World's Most Endangered Crocodile
date added: 2019-12-04   source:

Killer crocodiles: Why are more humans being attacked in East Timor?
date added: 2019-12-04  source:

Albino alligator enjoys bath time at North Carolina aquarium
date added: 2019-11-30  source:

Owner comes forward after crocodile found in Liverpool
date added: 2019-11-25  source:

Swamp People: Hunter attacked by gator tells how he was prepared to die in swampy wilderness
date added: 2019-11-25  source:

Boy, 15, battles with crocodile to save his sister, 12, after the beast snatched her with its jaws and dragged her off a bridge in the Philippines
date added: 2019-11-25  source:

aligatorgarTexas man reels in 7-foot, 200-pound alligator gar while out fishing on his kayak
date added: 2019-11-20   source:

Florida man is airlifted to hospital with a 'substantial' injury to his leg after being attacked 'by a ten foot alligator' in a national reserve
date added: 2019-11-20  source:

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