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Alligator and Crocodile News Archive RSS

Rwandan who breached corona virus lockdown 'killed by crocodile'
date added: 2020-04-06  source:

You can virtually visit Gatorland amid coronavirus closures
date added: 2020-03-26  source:

crocsnappyEgypt's Nubians tame crocodiles for selfie-snapping tourists
date added: 2020-03-21   source:
alligatorgarpaRare but harmless alligator gar fish found in Pennsylvania pond
date added: 2020-03-16   source:

Florida family's fears confirmed: Alligator responsible for dog's death in Cape Coral
date added: 2020-03-16  source:

2 people cited for harassing an alligator in Myrtle Beach area neighborhood
date added: 2020-03-16  source:

Gathering of great white sharks moves to South Carolina. They're feasting, experts say
date added: 2020-03-10  source:

WATCH: Police find 25-year-old alligator living in woman's basement
date added: 2020-03-10  source:

Swamp People: Seminole County alligator flips inflatable kayak, stranding two boaters
date added: 2020-02-29  source:

Man escapes with serious injuries after crocodile attack in Zimbabwe
date added: 2020-01-12  source:

Crocodile shot after biting Zurich zookeeper's hand
date added: 2020-01-07  source:

Florida: Man found eaten by alligator actually died of meth overdose
date added: 2019-12-26  source:

cagatorEscaped alligator spotted crossing the road -- in Canada
date added: 2019-12-26   source:
melisamarquezAttacked by a croc, a marine researcher now prefers diving with sharks
date added: 2019-12-09   source:
gharialsResearchers Discover Secret Breeding Ground of World's Most Endangered Crocodile
date added: 2019-12-04   source:

Killer crocodiles: Why are more humans being attacked in East Timor?
date added: 2019-12-04  source:

Albino alligator enjoys bath time at North Carolina aquarium
date added: 2019-11-30  source:

Owner comes forward after crocodile found in Liverpool
date added: 2019-11-25  source:

Swamp People: Hunter attacked by gator tells how he was prepared to die in swampy wilderness
date added: 2019-11-25  source:

Boy, 15, battles with crocodile to save his sister, 12, after the beast snatched her with its jaws and dragged her off a bridge in the Philippines
date added: 2019-11-25  source:

aligatorgarTexas man reels in 7-foot, 200-pound alligator gar while out fishing on his kayak
date added: 2019-11-20   source:

Florida man is airlifted to hospital with a 'substantial' injury to his leg after being attacked 'by a ten foot alligator' in a national reserve
date added: 2019-11-20  source:

Florida: Deputy lassos gator that was banging on woman's window
date added: 2019-11-11  source:

Zimbabwean girl wrestles crocodile to save friend's life
date added: 2019-11-11  source:

Florida: 'Extremely rare' crocodile shows up unexpectedly in front yard
date added: 2019-11-01  source:

mellowrescueFlorida: Man swims with, rescues 'mellow' 9-foot gator
date added: 2019-10-27   source:

Florida: Gatorland's rare white alligators move into new home; attraction on baby-gator watch
date added: 2019-10-19  source:

Florida: Beheaded alligator found on road; 'It looked like it had been decapitated by a chainsaw'
date added: 2019-10-09  source:

Florida: Alligator hangs out at park under alligator warning sign, doesn't seem to care
date added: 2019-10-09  source:

Florida man jumps into canal to save dog from gator
date added: 2019-08-13  source:

Terrifying video emerges of a diver swimming underneath giant killer alligator in the Florida everglades
date added: 2019-08-13  source:

India: Crocodile swims through streets of flooded city sparking panic
date added: 2019-08-13  source:

Study Warns: Gators have taste for Local Florida Men
date added: 2019-08-13  source:

Florida: Alligator accused of chasing swimmers captured and removed
date added: 2019-08-08  source:

metalringJapan: Dolphin stuck in metal ring found swimming at Hokkaido port
date added: 2019-07-22   source:

'Everyone was in shock': Great white shark jerks boat around SF Bay for miles
date added: 2019-07-22  source:

alligatorspottedOfficials confirm alligator living in Chicago park lagoon, drawing curiosity seekers
date added: 2019-07-13   source:

Massive gator trapped after wandering onto Florida interstate
date added: 2019-07-01  source:

Expert help on the way: Search is on for alligator with a knife stuck in its skull
date added: 2019-06-26  source:

crocpictureAdelaide River crocodile guide Harry Bowman says farewell after 30 years
date added: 2019-06-26   source:

Eat me: Amazing photographs show the moment a python devours an entire crocodile in a murky swamp
date added: 2019-06-26  source:

alligatorheadAlligator with a knife stuck in its skull sparks concern in Texas community
date added: 2019-06-26   source:

A curious crocodile wandered right into a Florida boat
date added: 2019-06-14  source:

Yikes! 11-Foot Alligator Breaks Into Florida Home
date added: 2019-06-10  source:

Alligator captured in Pittsburgh park after trying to hide from officers
date added: 2019-05-27  source:

Fisherman is killed by crocodile that bites off his penis in Zimbabwe
date added: 2019-05-27  source:

Huge alligator strolls across South Carolina golf course: He's 'running late for his tee time'
date added: 2019-05-04  source:

Australian couple saved from crocodile swamp after writing 'Help' in mud
date added: 2019-04-27  source:

Huge alligator captured by 80-year-old Florida man: 'That thing tugged me all over'
date added: 2019-04-27  source:

Woman killed by alligator on Hilton Head Island, husband files suit
date added: 2019-04-18  source:

Surprise! Woman finds 300-pound gator in her swimming pool
date added: 2019-04-18  source:

South Carolina Officials: Headless Croc Killed Legally, Remain Improperly Disposed of
date added: 2019-04-18  source:

'Monster' alligator gives golfers a shock as it strolls across green
date added: 2019-04-04  source:

Australia: Crocodile chases fishermen away from their catch, sends them running for their lives
date added: 2019-04-04  source:

Cyclists find alligator behind Missouri middle school
date added: 2019-03-19  source:

They're here: Nile crocodiles make return to Morocco after century
date added: 2019-03-19  source:

Florida: Golfer says gator jumps up, catches ball
date added: 2019-03-06  source:

manateenumbersFlorida investigating high number of manatee deaths in Everglades National Park
date added: 2019-02-21   source:

Alligators gobble rocks to stay underwater longer
date added: 2019-02-09  source:

Video: Zebra is ripped apart by 40 hungry crocodiles... with one of the beasts swallowing a leg whole
date added: 2019-02-09  source:

dolphintapSeaWorld performs first ever spinal tap on rescued bottlenose dolphin
date added: 2019-02-05   source:

Crocodile pair fail to have babies for 50 years because male has a small penis
date added: 2019-01-31  source:

Man says emotional support alligator helps his depression
date added: 2019-01-31  source:

gatorsnoutAlligators freeze in swamp with noses above ice
date added: 2019-01-31   source:

Indonesia: Giant crocodiles jumps wall, eats scientist alive
date added: 2019-01-22  source:

crochugThe Social Network: Malay woman comes under fire for hugging crocodile
date added: 2019-01-17   source:
fabioVideo: 'Fabio' the gator snaps up the internet's attention
date added: 2019-01-14   source:
gatoreaterHilton Head alligator, Charlie, got famous after eating a shark. Where is he now?
date added: 2019-01-03   source:

Gators gone wild: 2018 was their year in Florida
date added: 2019-01-03  source:

'Girthy' 500-pound alligator in Florida captured by trappers
date added: 2018-12-31  source:

Florida: Man attacked by gator in retirement community
date added: 2018-12-11  source:

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