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Hammerhead shark takes kayaker on 20km 'sleigh ride'
date added: 2015-01-08  source:

gatorgolferGolfer killed by 3.9-metre crocodile in South Africa’s Kruger National Park
date added: 2014-12-10   source:

Florida Judge to 'Alligator Whisperer': No schmoozing with gators
date added: 2014-11-25  source:

Video: Crocodile steals diver's camera in Botswana
date added: 2014-11-17  source:

Queensland’s most wanted crocodile finally caught in Mary River after five years
date added: 2014-11-17  source:

'Good vision' saved a man and his dog from a crocodile spotted on the side of a creek
date added: 2014-11-17  source:

Florida's 'alligator whisperer' denies harassing reptiles
date added: 2014-11-14  source:

alligatorgarSouth Dakota man heads to Texas for alligator gar; 'It's all about the fight'
date added: 2014-11-13   source:

Florida: Officials investigating 'suspicious' alligator death
date added: 2014-11-09  source:

Florida: Gator in storm drain creates neighborhood attraction
date added: 2014-11-03  source:

Swamp People: Florida duo catches 13-foot gator by hand; 'lumpy' scouted for months
date added: 2014-10-30  source:

Researcher: Crocodiles work as a team to hunt their prey
date added: 2014-10-20  source:

Wildlife expert mauled by 3-meter crocodile in Costa Rica
date added: 2014-10-13  source:

Western Australia shark attack: Surfer Loses Both Hands To Shark In Australia
date added: 2014-10-09  source:

Florida: Alligator bites worker who was diving for golf balls in Weston; 'it sure hurts'
date added: 2014-10-06  source:

gatorgapeSwamp People: Florida man catches monster, 550-pound alligator
date added: 2014-09-17   source:

Watch King Croc devour his dinner at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
date added: 2014-09-15  source:

India: Shortage of fish in Chambal turns crocodiles maneater
date added: 2014-09-10  source:

Florida: Gator kills dog during game of fetch
date added: 2014-09-05  source:

Florida: Crocodile that bit 2 dies during capture
date added: 2014-09-03  source:

Florida: Swimming and shark-fishing debate hooks town leaders
date added: 2014-09-01  source:

bluelobsterMaine lobsterman catches rare blue lobster
date added: 2014-08-31   source:

Florida: Trappers hunt crocs that bit swimmers; 'They should be relocated'
date added: 2014-08-30  source:

Florida: Man attacked by crocodile during early morning canal swim
date added: 2014-08-29  source:

Croc Watch: How can we resolve the conflict between crocs and humans
date added: 2014-08-27  source:

Operators: Jumping crocodile tours not to blame for Adelaide River fatal attack
date added: 2014-08-25  source:

Giant Albino saltwater crocodile 'Michael jackson' kills Australia fisherman; 'One in a million'
date added: 2014-08-25  source:

palawanUltra-rare crocs survive in Palawan 'Noah’s Ark'
date added: 2014-08-22   source:

Swamp People: Florida alligator hunt begins; 'A Combination Between Hunting and Fishing'
date added: 2014-08-22  source:

Alarming footage shows tourist stalked by crocodile in Mexican waters
date added: 2014-08-19  source:

Hunt for alligator that attacked Florida boy continues; 'I felt its jaw. I felt its teeth'
date added: 2014-08-14  source:

Officials: Large alligator bites 9-year-old boy in Florida lake
date added: 2014-08-11  source:

Fisherman nets alligator while fishing; 'I was super surprised'
date added: 2014-07-31  source:

Florida man diving for golf balls attacked by alligator
date added: 2014-07-29  source:

India: 12-year-old boy killed and eaten by crocodile
date added: 2014-07-28  source:

Zimbabwean tourist is eighth victim of crocodiles; 'really bad luck'
date added: 2014-07-14  source:

jawspicRichard Dreyfuss' Kids Revisit 'Jaws,' Conclude It Makes No Sense
date added: 2014-07-13   source:
twoheadedgator2-headed alligator causing a stir after photo goes viral on web
date added: 2014-07-06   source:

Gator takes bite at cadet during nuisance gator training
date added: 2014-06-28  source:

kingcrocDubai Mall adds 5-meter King Croc to underwater zoo
date added: 2014-06-22   source:

Louisiana native hunts crocodiles worldwide -- to save them from extinction
date added: 2014-06-12  source:

Aussie crocodiles find new home in Dubai Mall
date added: 2014-06-10  source:

SyFy Will See Discovery’s 'Shark Week' And Raise It A 'Sharknado Week'
date added: 2014-06-02  source:

Researchers reveal 16-foot, 900-pound ancient species of crocodile that battled with 58 foot Titanoboa snake 60 million years ago
date added: 2014-06-01  source:

Autonomous boats get disguised as crocodiles and used to study hippo poop
date added: 2014-05-29  source:

Crocodile Hunter’s Final Moments: Never-Before Seen Footage Of Steve Irwin’s Last Hours Before Shocking Stingray Death
date added: 2014-05-28  source:

Florida: Dog fights back against crocodile; 65-pound pit bull dragged underwater in canal
date added: 2014-05-20  source:

Crocodile protector in Isabela feted in worldwide Whitley Fund for Nature awards
date added: 2014-05-14  source:

Philippines: 'Hostaged' croc to be returned to marsh
date added: 2014-04-29  source:

Florida officials: 7-foot-long pet alligators at home must go; 'They got to be in a pond'
date added: 2014-04-28  source:

California: Crocodile lassoed in shopping center; 4-foot crocodile got out of cage, found wandering around
date added: 2014-04-12  source:

Florida woman caught hand-feeding wild gator; 'Puppy, Puppy'
date added: 2014-04-03  source:

Western Australia: Fitzroy River crocodile warning as dog eaten, another lunges at woman
date added: 2014-04-03  source:

Florida: Hungry crocodile bites camera; 'covered by the return policy'
date added: 2014-03-26  source:

Why 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin's final moments should be televised
date added: 2014-03-16  source:

Florida: Otter attacks, kills alligator at wildlife refuge; 'apex predator'
date added: 2014-03-11  source:

dolphin)biteSeaWorld dolphin bites nine-year-old girl during family visit to Texas park
date added: 2014-03-05   source:

Western Australia's shark cull will hit breeding stock of great whites
date added: 2014-02-25  source:

Why did the crocodile cross the road? Authorities investigate traffic hazard in Queensland
date added: 2014-02-01  source:

Australia: Boy Attacked By Crocodile Feared Dead As 'Human Remains' Are Found
date added: 2014-02-01  source:

Florida help wanted: Croc handlers, no experience necessary
date added: 2014-01-25  source:

beeralligatorSouth Florida man accused of bartering 4-foot alligator for beer
date added: 2013-12-21   source:

Florida set to go five years without a fatal gator attack; 'increased public awareness' cited
date added: 2013-12-17  source:

Zoologist: Crocodiles and alligators use twigs as tool to lure birds to their death
date added: 2013-12-07  source:

Angler claims claims crocodile catch on Brit lake, that got away
date added: 2013-11-14  source:

Saltwater croc hauled off to jail after biting villager in East Java
date added: 2013-11-11  source:

Aussie Authorities: 'Confused' Alligator Attacks Girl; A case of 'Mistaken identity'
date added: 2013-11-11  source:

Florida is set to possibly break a record, No deadly gator attacks for five years
date added: 2013-11-07  source:

walmartgatorSwamp People: Alligator Blocks Entrance at Florida Walmart
date added: 2013-10-24   source:

Rare crocodilian 'Grover' found dead at Virginia Aquarium
date added: 2013-10-19  source:

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