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Meanwhile: Blind, elderly Central Florida dog pulled from pond as alligator swims toward her
date added: 2018-12-07  source:

bleedgatorChina: Crocodile Left Bleeding After Zoo Visitors Threw Rocks At Him
date added: 2018-11-13   source:

Florida man jumps into crocodile pit at alligator farm, gets injured
date added: 2018-11-13  source:

chubbsFlorida: 'Chubbs' the massive gator spotted at Palmetto golf course
date added: 2018-10-22   source:
gatordogbiteFlorida: Dog injured by 9-foot gator; 'I immediately thought he was dead'
date added: 2018-10-10   source:

Danish tourist slammed by wildlife official for jumping on crocodile
date added: 2018-10-03  source:

Otter family fights a tailless crocodile--who wins?
date added: 2018-09-25  source:

Australia: Terror as huge crocodile attacks boat
date added: 2018-09-21  source:

alligatorwhiteRare white crocodile reappears in the Adelaide River
date added: 2018-09-21   source:

Florida man describes being attacked by gator; 'he came out of the water and just slowly grabbed my leg'
date added: 2018-09-21  source:

Florida: 11-foot alligator bites man who was playing disc golf in Clearwater
date added: 2018-09-18  source:

gatornoodleFlorida crocodile spotted using pool noodle to cross canal
date added: 2018-09-03   source:

South Carolina: Woman is attacked and killed by an eight-foot alligator while walking her dog
date added: 2018-08-29  source:

Muja the alligator still alive and snapping in his 80s at Belgrade Zoo
date added: 2018-08-22  source:

thaihandlerThailand: Reptile handler's lucky escape after crocodile attack
date added: 2018-08-07   source:
gatorgirlModels manage to pose underwater for photoshoot with crocodiles
date added: 2018-08-03   source:
crocmassacreHundreds Of Crocodiles Massacred In Vicious Revenge Attack In Indonesia
date added: 2018-07-24   source:

Florida: Teen gets trapped in tree after being chased by aggressive alligator
date added: 2018-07-10  source:

gatortheft43 gators and crocodiles killed in building arson, another rare gator stolen
date added: 2018-07-03   source:

Video shows Florida man catch python as it strangles gator
date added: 2018-06-30  source:

Sacred snappers: The village where crocodiles are welcome
date added: 2018-06-26  source:

psychiccrocBurt, the psychic croc predicts huge Aussie upset at World Cup
date added: 2018-06-22   source:
bigturtleOklahoma fishermen catch massive alligator snapping turtle
date added: 2018-06-19   source:

Report: Warning issued days before Florida woman attacked and killed by alligator
date added: 2018-06-19  source:

Feisty Florida gator head-butts trapper in escape attempt
date added: 2018-06-12  source:

Crocodile kills Ethiopian pastor during lake baptism
date added: 2018-06-12  source:

gatorencounterAlways get the shot: How one photographer captured a close crocodile encounter
date added: 2018-06-08   source:

Hey Cairns, our crocs are bigger than your 'maybe monsters'
date added: 2018-06-08  source:

spinnergatorVideo: 14-foot-alligator mesmerized by fidget spinner
date added: 2018-06-08   source:

Missouri man lets alligator found in nearby pond live with him
date added: 2018-06-05  source:

Video: Florida alligator is no match for trio of sandhill cranes
date added: 2018-05-23  source:

gatordog110-pound dog snatched, eaten by alligator in Alabama
date added: 2018-05-16   source:

Five days after crocodile attack rips of Her arm, Zimbabwe bride marries as planned
date added: 2018-05-16  source:

South Carolina woman didn't want an alligator to eat her dog. Her next move cost her $8K
date added: 2018-05-16  source:

As predators rebound, you're more likely to see alligators at the beach; 'I was being stalked'
date added: 2018-05-16  source:

Alligator suspected in search for missing Florida teen: Boy yelled, 'It bit me,' witness told deputies
date added: 2018-05-16  source:

They're here: Wave Of Huge Alligators Wreaking Havoc Across Southern States
date added: 2018-05-13  source:

steveirwin'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin receives posthumous Walk of Fame honor
date added: 2018-05-06   source:

South Africa: Drunken tourist, 21, had his arm ripped off by three crocodiles who attacked him when he jumped into a pool on a night out
date added: 2018-04-10  source:

Florida: Gator in backyard pool as reptiles warm to spring
date added: 2018-04-08  source:

Crocodile is shot dead after it blocked hospital entrance in Zimbabwe and attacked anyone who tried to enter or leave
date added: 2018-03-30  source:

Photos: Florida man finds 8-foot alligator in his pool
date added: 2018-02-13  source:

Australia: Tourists wade through crocodile-infested waters after spending night atop car in floodwaters
date added: 2018-02-08  source:

crocodileRussian police discover crocodile in basement during weapons raid
date added: 2018-01-25   source:
alligatorsnakeAlligator fights python on Florida golf course
date added: 2018-01-23   source:
icegatorIce, Ice, Gator? Alligators poke nose through ice to survive
date added: 2018-01-13   source:

Experts: Splashing dolphin shown in Facebook video is fine
date added: 2018-01-02  source:

Baby alligator helped across busy road thanks to Florida deputy
date added: 2017-12-12  source:

feedcrocMan feeds scraps of fish to huge crocodile after it swims up to his house in Borneo
date added: 2017-12-09   source:

Watch: Crocs, sharks go on whale feeding frenzy
date added: 2017-12-01  source:

They're here: First alligator snapping turtle in decades spotted in Illinois
date added: 2017-11-19  source:

8-year-old boy catches 11-foot gator; 'I'm just shocked'
date added: 2017-11-19  source:

India: Farmer wakes up at night to find crocodile under his bed
date added: 2017-11-19  source:

Yelp: Gator kills pet dog playing with owners at Florida lake
date added: 2017-11-16  source:

Queensland beaches: Crocodile, shark sightings on the rise
date added: 2017-11-14  source:

'Idiots of the century' seen playing in crocodile traps
date added: 2017-10-29  source:

Australia: Crocodile attacks tourist at popular NT waterfall
date added: 2017-10-22  source:

Scientists document 'opportunistic' alligators eating sharks
date added: 2017-10-19  source:

flalligatorAn underwater ballet: Up close with Florida alligators in the Everglades
date added: 2017-10-17   source:

'I'm bleeding all over the place': 911 call released in Florida alligator attack
date added: 2017-10-05  source:

Incredible photos show 14 crocodiles feeding on dead whale carcass
date added: 2017-10-04  source:

Mystic with 'power to control crocodiles' dies after being 'dragged underwater by the creatures in horrifying attack'
date added: 2017-09-25  source:

Florida police fish 'disoriented' alligator out of family's pool
date added: 2017-09-19  source:

sharkpoolnyNew York: 7 live sharks, 3 dead ones found in home's basement pool
date added: 2017-09-11   source:
alligatorpoolFlorida: Alligator takes a dip in Lithia resident's pool; 'he's big'
date added: 2017-09-07   source:

Texas flood: Big gator found in home near Lake Houston
date added: 2017-09-07  source:

gatorcountryTexas flood: Beaumont's Gator Country 'focused on containing our gators'
date added: 2017-09-03   source:

Villagers discover gruesome remains of missing camper inside an alligator near river shore in Brazil
date added: 2017-08-22  source:

Swamp People: Florida man allegedly stabs alligator to death, tries to sell the meat
date added: 2017-07-31  source:

Report: Alligator 'Ate toes off' of Florida man who bathed in pond
date added: 2017-07-31  source:

Astonishing moment a crocodile returns the body of a man it killed a day earlier after it is 'summoned' by a witch doctor
date added: 2017-07-26  source:

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