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FEMA: Alligators stalking Katrina victims; alligators love that type of stuff
date added: 2005-09-13  source:

sputnikAussies using satellite tracker to monitor crocodile Sputnik
date added: 2005-08-29   source:

Croc scare closes Chinese beach
date added: 2005-08-26  source:

alligatorhoaxTexas giant gator photo, story only tall tail
date added: 2005-08-26   source:

Aussie town bans alcohol in fear of crocodiles
date added: 2005-07-13  source:

Forget Alligators, This Expert Wrestles Great White Sharks; 'Accidents Can Happen'
date added: 2005-07-05  source:

Croc Attacks Prompt Change in Tourism Tactics at Aussie Park; 'A Huge Job For Us'
date added: 2005-06-03  source:

Two Texans Obsessed with Hunting Giant Alligator Gar; 'It's Not Shooting Fish in a Barrel'
date added: 2005-04-24  source:

aussiecrocattackAussie grandma returns to scene of croc attack; 'You put it behind you'
date added: 2005-04-19   source:

Scientists Discover Sahara's Crocodiles Prospering in Isolation
date added: 2005-04-12  source:

CoetzerbrothersKin: Eaten by crocodile perfect way to go for nature lover
date added: 2005-04-09   source:

Giant Killer Croc Snared in Uganda; 16-Foot Beast Reportedly Ate Over 80 People
date added: 2005-03-11  source:

Florida island rethinks its alligator tolerance; the slaughter of 'Big Al'
date added: 2005-03-06  source:

Series of alligator attacks ends Florida island's 'environmental friendly' relocation program
date added: 2004-09-23  source:

Indian woman fights off 15-foot crocodile, survives death roll
date added: 2004-08-16  source:

Capture and killing of Florida gator stirs sympathy; 'I'm going to miss him. He was a friend. He was nice'
date added: 2004-07-07  source:

Florida alligator eats puppy; 'I have guns and stuff, but I was told I couldn't shoot it'
date added: 2004-06-27  source:

New life for 'Gucci,' Hong Kong's infamous crocodile; 'Our experts are satisfied she is coping well'
date added: 2004-06-14  source:

ugandacrocCroc capture offers lessons on living with killers; 'You've enraged this animal'
date added: 2004-06-13   source:

Alligator Bites Boy's Head, Drags Him Underwater; 'He Fought the Alligator and It Let Him Go'
date added: 2004-05-23  source:

whale3lanth203Stone Age art suggests whale hunting as early as 6,000 B.C.
date added: 2004-04-23   source:

Crocodile eats tent--with Aussie campers inside; 'when the opportunity arises, sometimes they'll attack'
date added: 2004-02-03  source:

Australian Man-Eating Killer Croc Shot; 'We Remain Committed to Closure'
date added: 2004-01-05  source:

Crocodile, South Africa Scientist 'Communicate' by Mobile Phone
date added: 2003-12-19  source:

Chinese Experts Set to Trap Cagey Hong Kong Croc; 'They've Got No Experience in Hunting'
date added: 2003-12-10  source:

Aussie crocs hunter leaves Hong Kong after futile week long hunt; 'It's personal'
date added: 2003-11-23  source:

Three dead in Malawi as crocodile capsizes boat; 'the crocodile took them by surprise'
date added: 2003-11-18  source:

Hong Kong Crocodile Hunt Begins; 'He's Asked For Chicken Heads, a Bamboo Pole and a Boat'
date added: 2003-11-18  source:

Tears as Aussie family's pet crocodile 'fang' is seized; 'he just grew and grew'
date added: 2003-11-16  source:

Professor studying alligator blood for 'a new class of antibiotics'
date added: 2003-11-12  source:

Crocodile snaps up, eats boy, 12-yr-old Iranian boy; 'a very rare and surprising attack'

South Africa police find baby crocodiles trapped in tree

Aussie Girl, 10, Attacked by Crocodile While Swimming in a Billabong

Scientists exploring the mystery of Madagascar's cave crocodiles

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