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Croc Attacks Prompt Change in Tourism Tactics at Aussie Park; 'A Huge Job For Us'
date added: 2005-06-03  source:

Two Texans Obsessed with Hunting Giant Alligator Gar; 'It's Not Shooting Fish in a Barrel'
date added: 2005-04-24  source:

aussiecrocattackAussie grandma returns to scene of croc attack; 'You put it behind you'
date added: 2005-04-19   source:

Scientists Discover Sahara's Crocodiles Prospering in Isolation
date added: 2005-04-12  source:

CoetzerbrothersKin: Eaten by crocodile perfect way to go for nature lover
date added: 2005-04-09   source:

Giant Killer Croc Snared in Uganda; 16-Foot Beast Reportedly Ate Over 80 People
date added: 2005-03-11  source:

Florida island rethinks its alligator tolerance; the slaughter of 'Big Al'
date added: 2005-03-06  source:

Series of alligator attacks ends Florida island's 'environmental friendly' relocation program
date added: 2004-09-23  source:

Indian woman fights off 15-foot crocodile, survives death roll
date added: 2004-08-16  source:

Capture and killing of Florida gator stirs sympathy; 'I'm going to miss him. He was a friend. He was nice'
date added: 2004-07-07  source:

Florida alligator eats puppy; 'I have guns and stuff, but I was told I couldn't shoot it'
date added: 2004-06-27  source:

New life for 'Gucci,' Hong Kong's infamous crocodile; 'Our experts are satisfied she is coping well'
date added: 2004-06-14  source:

ugandacrocCroc capture offers lessons on living with killers; 'You've enraged this animal'
date added: 2004-06-13   source:

Alligator Bites Boy's Head, Drags Him Underwater; 'He Fought the Alligator and It Let Him Go'
date added: 2004-05-23  source:

whale3lanth203Stone Age art suggests whale hunting as early as 6,000 B.C.
date added: 2004-04-23   source:

Crocodile eats tent--with Aussie campers inside; 'when the opportunity arises, sometimes they'll attack'
date added: 2004-02-03  source:

Australian Man-Eating Killer Croc Shot; 'We Remain Committed to Closure'
date added: 2004-01-05  source:

Crocodile, South Africa Scientist 'Communicate' by Mobile Phone
date added: 2003-12-19  source:

Chinese Experts Set to Trap Cagey Hong Kong Croc; 'They've Got No Experience in Hunting'
date added: 2003-12-10  source:

Aussie crocs hunter leaves Hong Kong after futile week long hunt; 'It's personal'
date added: 2003-11-23  source:

Three dead in Malawi as crocodile capsizes boat; 'the crocodile took them by surprise'
date added: 2003-11-18  source:

Hong Kong Crocodile Hunt Begins; 'He's Asked For Chicken Heads, a Bamboo Pole and a Boat'
date added: 2003-11-18  source:

Tears as Aussie family's pet crocodile 'fang' is seized; 'he just grew and grew'
date added: 2003-11-16  source:

Professor studying alligator blood for 'a new class of antibiotics'
date added: 2003-11-12  source:

Crocodile snaps up, eats boy, 12-yr-old Iranian boy; 'a very rare and surprising attack'

South Africa police find baby crocodiles trapped in tree

Aussie Girl, 10, Attacked by Crocodile While Swimming in a Billabong

Scientists exploring the mystery of Madagascar's cave crocodiles

Connecticut man wants his evicted alligators back; no dog: 'an alligator bites you to eat you'

Study: supercroc's jaws were super strong; bite 'like being trapped under the weight of a Mack truck'

Fake crocodiles saving flamingos from deadly lake

Desert-Adapted Crocs Found in Africa

Rogue alligators: 'When they eat your dog, they're not so cute"

Gators use jaw 'ESP' to sense prey

British tourist killed by crocodile in Borneo

Uganda launches program to cull killer crocs lurking in Lake Victoria

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