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Crocodile attacks take toll on Lake Victoria's fishing communities
date added: 2012-03-17  source:

Zimbabwe: Shock As Man's Manhood Is Eaten By Crocodile; 'I Was Not Suspecting Anything'
date added: 2012-02-22  source:

snappycrocCrocodile Jordan hopes mate will snap to it; 'I've got all my own teeth'
date added: 2012-02-18   source:

Zambia: Livingstone 'terror' crocodile killed
date added: 2012-02-08  source:

New species of ancient crocodile discovered
date added: 2012-02-04  source:

alligatorpressureScientists use alligators to test jaw pressure gauges
date added: 2012-01-26   source:

Indonesia: Father Watches Helplessly As Crocodile Swallows His 10-yr-old Daughter
date added: 2012-01-26  source:

Uganda: Killer croc captured
date added: 2012-01-25  source:

Whale Wars: Japan Times Speaks Out Against Whaling: 'Importance Of Whaling Must Be Questioned'
date added: 2012-01-19  source:

crocodilelawnmoverCrocodile steals lawnmower at park in Australia; 'took it underwater with him'
date added: 2011-12-31   source:

90-year-old alligator attack victim shares story; 'My daddy was a alligator hunter'
date added: 2011-12-28  source:

Fluffy the crocodile survives being hit by bus in Australia; 'it got fairly cranky'
date added: 2011-12-27  source:

Swamp People: Once near extinction, Louisiana alligators thrive
date added: 2011-12-22  source:

Zimbabwe: Attacks on villagers sparks call for crocodile cull
date added: 2011-12-13  source:

Swamp People: Florida puts out help wanted sign for alligator hunters; 14,000 nuisance complaints in 2010
date added: 2011-12-11  source:

sewagedumpCrocs make comeback at South Florida power plant; 'They are very misunderstood'
date added: 2011-12-08   source:

Liz The Pregnant Crocodile Undergoes Urgent Operation To Remove Coca-Cola Can From Her Stomach
date added: 2011-11-15  source:

Expert: Philippines' Lolong Certified As Largest Croc In Captivity
date added: 2011-11-14  source:

Man to open world's first alligator hugging show; 'This guy loves hugs'
date added: 2011-10-11  source:

orangecrocAussie croc turns bright orange; 'He's still got a healthy appetite'
date added: 2011-09-29   source:
ponchocrocodileA 20 year friendship: Costa Rican fisherman and his crocodile 'Pocho'
date added: 2011-09-28   source:

Philippines: Captive Giant Crocodile Still Refuses to Eat After 17 Days
date added: 2011-09-24  source:

Swamp People: Florida teen reels in 800-pound alligator; 'I was a little intimidated'
date added: 2011-09-22  source:

Monster Croc Gets Own Park in Philippines; Even Larger Croc On The Loose
date added: 2011-09-22  source:

Thailand tourist park hunts for escaped crocodiles following flood
date added: 2011-09-16  source:

Philippines: Mayor says statements urging croc's release are 'irresponsible'
date added: 2011-09-14  source:

PETA: 'Monster Croc Will Go Crazy In Zoo'
date added: 2011-09-14  source:

Authorities: Another giant crocodile at large in the Philippines
date added: 2011-09-12  source:

Croc shock for Aussie morning swimmers; 'The chlorine is actually good for their skin'
date added: 2011-09-07  source:

Alligator on loose in Florida with 90-year-old woman's leg in its belly
date added: 2011-09-04  source:

New name eyed for 'Gaddafi' the crocodile; hopes to avoid fate namesake Libyan strongman
date added: 2011-08-29  source:

Once forgotten, Aussie fighting over Cassius the Crocodile, world's largest in captivity
date added: 2011-08-25  source:

5.5 meters: World's biggest captive crocodile held at Green Island, off Cairns
date added: 2011-08-22  source:

Swamp People: Louisiana engineers eye alligator fat for biodiesel source
date added: 2011-08-21  source:

Florida: Alligators have a bad reputation that's hard to shake; they 'eat meat... we're meat'
date added: 2011-08-09  source:

Was Pollution Responsible for Mass Stranding of Pilot Whales Off Scotland?
date added: 2011-08-08  source:

jawsofDeathThe jaws of death: Daredevil wrestler who puts his head into mouth of a crocodile
date added: 2011-07-27   source:

Malaysia: Villagers claim croc culling operation a failure as the killer is still at large; 'innocent' killed
date added: 2011-07-26  source:

brutusMonster Crocodile Picture: Real, Fake, or Exaggerated?
date added: 2011-07-17   source:

Expert: Crocodile stunts raise human attack risk; 'We're training them to come up and get their food'
date added: 2011-07-15  source:

Gator bites boy after man takes it out of pen at park 'petting zoo'
date added: 2011-07-13  source:

Philippines: Crocodile slays man in riverside attack
date added: 2011-06-24  source:

cubancrocodilesmStudy: Rare Cuban crocs breeding with American crocs, threatening their fate
date added: 2011-06-24   source:

Escaped gators have Florida neighborhood on edge; 'Everybody's just being cautious'
date added: 2011-06-23  source:

Over 6,000 gator hunting licenses issued in Florida; 'The response has been good this year'
date added: 2011-06-23  source:

escapedgatorAlligators Still at Large After Escape from Florida Farm; Dug Hole Under Fence
date added: 2011-06-23   source:

Aussie park rangers nab 14-foot croc terrorizing fishermen
date added: 2011-06-14  source:

Vet: Kissing a croc is riskier than it sounds; 'they're not very good kissers'
date added: 2011-06-07  source:

Alligator poacher's slate wiped clean by Obama pardon; 'I ain't saying a word'
date added: 2011-06-07  source:

Missouri: Police shoot fake alligator; 'There are no alligators around here'
date added: 2011-06-04  source:

In an alligator-eat-alligator world, cannibalism can mean population control
date added: 2011-05-29  source:

Faraday waves: Horny male alligators bellow with their back spikes
date added: 2011-05-26  source:

turtlecrocPicture special: Crocodile makes meal of turtle
date added: 2011-05-26   source:
swamppeoplejoetommy'Swamp People' stars draw crowd to local event; 'There's nothing fake about it'
date added: 2011-05-24   source:

Crocodiles delay voting in South Africa
date added: 2011-05-21  source:

Florida authorities target cat-eating alligator; 'you have to pay attention'
date added: 2011-05-14  source:

When croc and man lived a 'charmed' life; Sri Lankan 'Dundee' uses 'traditional methods'
date added: 2011-05-11  source:

Funeral planned for Australian fisherman taken by crocodile
date added: 2011-05-06  source:

Swamp People: Alligator bites cop's patrol car, holds on
date added: 2011-05-05  source:

Croc stalks Aussie angler; 'He was so close I could see his eyes'
date added: 2011-05-04  source:

Man vs. crocodile: Aussie fisherman used fingers to stab attacking croc's eyes
date added: 2011-04-30  source:

Florida woman finds 6-foot alligator in her bedroom
date added: 2011-04-27  source:

Headless 'safety' crocodile found on Aussie beach
date added: 2011-04-27  source:

Suicide by crocodile: Missing farmhand, 44, 'waded into croc-infested river after row with girlfriend'
date added: 2011-04-22  source:

Florida: Rare Indian crocodile eggs show signs of viability; 'This is a big deal'
date added: 2011-04-21  source:

Swamp People: Father, son plead guilty to alligator-hunting violations
date added: 2011-04-17  source:

Swamp people: Louisiana gator hunters could head to Philippines to catch crocs
date added: 2011-04-13  source:

Crocodile attack survivor Todd Bairstow tells of his escape from death; 'All you feel is a little snap, a little bite, the next minute bang'
date added: 2011-04-05  source:

Florida man accused of cutting off gator tail
date added: 2011-04-02  source:

Young South African boy eaten by crocodile in gruesome scene; 'went to fetch water'
date added: 2011-04-01  source:

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