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Suicide by crocodile: Missing farmhand, 44, 'waded into croc-infested river after row with girlfriend'
date added: 2011-04-22  source:

Florida: Rare Indian crocodile eggs show signs of viability; 'This is a big deal'
date added: 2011-04-21  source:

Swamp People: Father, son plead guilty to alligator-hunting violations
date added: 2011-04-17  source:

Swamp people: Louisiana gator hunters could head to Philippines to catch crocs
date added: 2011-04-13  source:

Crocodile attack survivor Todd Bairstow tells of his escape from death; 'All you feel is a little snap, a little bite, the next minute bang'
date added: 2011-04-05  source:

Florida man accused of cutting off gator tail
date added: 2011-04-02  source:

Young South African boy eaten by crocodile in gruesome scene; 'went to fetch water'
date added: 2011-04-01  source:

Crickey: 7-foot croc found in Aussie swimming pool; 'we poked it with a pole'
date added: 2011-03-29  source:

Aussie fishing tourists risking death by croc; 'you just can't do that up here'
date added: 2011-03-22  source:

Aussie Crocodile Attack Victim Has Third Lot of Surgery to Treat His Wounds
date added: 2011-03-16  source:

Sea Shepherd considers new anti-whaling campaign in northwest Pacific; 'We're an anti-poaching organization'
date added: 2011-03-14  source:

U.S. scientists recruit crocodiles to save wetlands
date added: 2011-03-14  source:

Aussie fisherman saves himself from terrifying croc attack
date added: 2011-03-14  source:

crocodilepiranhaPictured: Amazing Moment Crocodile Swallows Piranha
date added: 2011-03-07   source:

Australian state lobbies for crocodile safari hunting; 'creating Indigenous jobs'
date added: 2011-03-01  source:

steveirwinCrikey! Steve Irwin's legacy in the red as Australia Zoo crippled by debt
date added: 2011-02-23   source:

Police: Aboriginal boy snatched by croc might still be alive
date added: 2011-02-22  source:

snappyFor sale: One large saltwater crocodile that bites
date added: 2011-02-20   source:
aussiedadcrocBrave dad battles monster crocodile off Queensland coast; 'This is it, I am dead'
date added: 2011-02-15   source:

New zipline course over Florida alligator farm to open next month
date added: 2011-02-07  source:

Death Roll: South African Tubing Adventure Turns Into Croc Horror
date added: 2011-02-04  source:

Indian croc census reveals only three gharials
date added: 2011-01-26  source:

snowycrocodileEnd of road for 'Snowy', Aussie great white crocodile; 'it is really, really sad'
date added: 2011-01-26   source:
ukrainezoocellphoneUkraine zoo croc swallows cell phone; 'then the phone started ringing'
date added: 2011-01-25   source:

Another orange gator spotted, this time in Texas
date added: 2011-01-13  source:

fatsocrocodile'Fatso' the crocodile's wrestler in trouble with the law
date added: 2011-01-07   source:

Killer caiman fund protecting hundreds of bags of cocaine, heroin and marijuana in Puerto Rico
date added: 2011-01-07  source:

Croc stalks Townsville beach; 'The locals, they take it in their stride'
date added: 2011-01-01  source:

irancrocwomanPhotos: Iranian crocodile lady, Elham Abtin
date added: 2010-12-28   source:

In The Heart of Africa: Men Recall Crocodile Attack That Killed Their Guide in the Congo; 'There Was No Sound'
date added: 2010-12-26  source:

Congo: Crocodile attacks kayakers, drags guide away
date added: 2010-12-13  source:

steveirwinarmFour bells: Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's life remembered at Australia Zoo
date added: 2010-11-16   source:

Namibia: Grandmother fights crocodile as it eats girl, 2; 'I wrestled with the beast'
date added: 2010-11-14  source:

Florida nurse nabs new state-record alligator: 14 feet, 3½ inches long and 654 pounds
date added: 2010-11-11  source:

crocodileattackelephantRare pictures: Crocodile attacks elephant; 'predators make mistakes'
date added: 2010-11-13   source:

Swamp People: Florida man captures state record 14-foot gator
date added: 2010-11-03  source:

Congo Air: Panic over escaped crocodile brought down flight, killing 19
date added: 2010-10-24  source:

Ugandan president: 'Learn to eat' tormenting crocodiles
date added: 2010-10-21  source:

Experts outraged as baby crocodile brutally attacked by group in the Northern Territory; 'plain cruel'
date added: 2010-10-21  source:

Just feet away: Monster Aussie croc wows snaparazzi
date added: 2010-10-19  source:

aussiecrocrogueAussie rangers hunt rogue 4m crocodile; ' take extreme care'
date added: 2010-10-17   source:

Swamp People: 13 foot gator killed after it eats Louisiana family's dog; 'we got the biggest one in Louisiana'
date added: 2010-10-15  source:

Costa Rican fisherman frolics with 'pet' crocodile
date added: 2010-10-02  source:

Aussie Punches Crocodile To Save Mate From Bite
date added: 2010-09-24  source:

Florida wildlife officers say they found 35 poached alligators
date added: 2010-09-20  source:

jamaicacrocattackJamaican man fights off crocodile with poke in the eye; 'no me never panic'
date added: 2010-09-18   source:

One-armed man bitten while trying to rescue alligator with arrow in its head
date added: 2010-09-15  source:

handcufffedgatorFlorida gator handcuffed by quick-thinking deputies
date added: 2010-09-15   source:

Monster 4.5 meter croc swims right into rangers' trap
date added: 2010-08-25  source:

Fisherman catches alligator 'feeding frenzy' on video; 'I ain't never seen so many gators in my life'
date added: 2010-07-30  source:

nilecrocodileGoing deeper: Film makers tackle the Nile crocodile; 'this is a very unknown animal'
date added: 2010-07-27   source:

One week after Florida gator attack, local swimming hole still popular
date added: 2010-07-21  source:

Killer croc loose in Miami neighborhood, eats dog; 'I can't believe it'
date added: 2010-07-19  source:

Researchers: Global warming could make it tough for crocs to dive for food
date added: 2010-07-11  source:

Big croc stalking popular Darwin fish spot; 'It's a disaster waiting to happen'
date added: 2010-07-08  source:

crocsharkAussie Tourists 'Jumping For Joy' As Monster Crocodile Gobbles Up Shark
date added: 2010-06-29   source:

Gator attack: Man 'nailed in neck,' 911 caller says
date added: 2010-06-27  source:

Alligator attacks Florida researcher diving at theme park
date added: 2010-06-25  source:

Researchers: Saltwater crocodiles surf across the ocean
date added: 2010-06-09  source:

Crocodiles turn Ugandan fishermen into food; 'People have now disturbed the ecosystem'
date added: 2010-05-31  source:

alligatorsnappingturtleRare 'alligator snapping turtle' caught in Chinese lake
date added: 2010-05-27   source:

Aussie pull 4m rogue croc from trap near popular holiday spot
date added: 2010-05-25  source:

crocodileCrocodiles leave Kenyan villagers in tears; 'Crocodiles will finish our people'
date added: 2010-05-25   source:

Florida man attacked by alligator while swimming in lake
date added: 2010-05-18  source:

3m croc makes beeline for Aussie jetski pair; 'he was fairly aggressive'
date added: 2010-05-12  source:

Celebrity gator 'Reggie' gets new mate at Los Angeles Zoo
date added: 2010-05-10  source:

American killed by crocodile in India's Andaman Islands
date added: 2010-05-08  source:

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