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Swamp People: Season 4 alligator price chart
date added: 2013-02-18  source:

So Long Lolong: World's Largest Crocodile In Captivity Dies In The Philippines; Ingested Nylon Cord Blamed
date added: 2013-02-14  source:

Florida: Gator with head trapped in storm sewer freed by law officers, citizens
date added: 2013-02-12  source:

croclochExpert doubts Nessie 'crocodile' fossil link; 'Crocodiles do not like our climate'
date added: 2013-02-07   source:

South Africa cops 'do not have the capacity or the expertise' to apprehend loose crocs
date added: 2013-01-30  source:

South Africa: Thousand of crocodiles escape in flood
date added: 2013-01-30  source:

Zambia: Boy, 8, survives crocodile attack
date added: 2013-01-12  source:

Florida: Alligator spotted crossing road in gated community
date added: 2013-01-09  source:

Australia: Croc bites teen boy at NT billabong; third attack in two months
date added: 2012-12-20  source:

Crocodile dumped in fish tank at Hong Kong garbage site
date added: 2012-12-13  source:

Police: Locals fed croc that killed Australian boy
date added: 2012-12-07  source:

Aussies Plan Response As Saltwater Crocs Kill Two Children In Two Weeks
date added: 2012-12-07  source:

Florida: Should hunters shoot gators with a handgun? 'A gator's head is just like a piece of concrete'
date added: 2012-12-05  source:

Shoot To Kill: Hunting A Man-eating Croc In South Florida
date added: 2012-11-29  source:

Australia: Girl 7, feared dead after human remains found inside crocodile
date added: 2012-11-22  source:

stumpyStumpy: Phoenix alligator may be 1st in the world to get prosthetic tail
date added: 2012-11-22   source:

Fears Girl, 7, Taken By Crocodile In Australia
date added: 2012-11-22  source:

Despite their thick skins, alligators and crocodiles are surprisingly touchy
date added: 2012-11-16  source:

Report: Elusive crocodile roaming the sewers of the Gaza Strip
date added: 2012-11-08  source:

delicrocGetting their act together: Delhi zoo wakes up to save its crocodiles
date added: 2012-10-31   source:

Croc monsieur: Meet the man who loves crocodiles so much he's built a zoo for them
date added: 2012-10-24  source:

Florida residents embarked on gator hunts in record numbers in 2011
date added: 2012-10-23  source:

feedingtimeCosta Rica: Tour guide in near-miss with monster crocodile at feeding time
date added: 2012-10-18   source:

Vietnam: Crocodile escape gives schoolkids day off
date added: 2012-10-17  source:

India: Suspected Man-eater Crocodile Trapped; 'I Have Never Seen Such A Huge Crocodile'
date added: 2012-10-11  source:

gatorpoolpartyFlorida Wildlife Officials Rule That Kids' Gator Pool Parties Are 'Unsafe'
date added: 2012-10-08   source:
mississippigatorSwamp People: Men Catch 697-pound Gator; Set Mississippi Record
date added: 2012-10-05   source:
mississippigatorSwamp People: Men Catch 697-pound Gator; Set Mississippi Record
date added: 2012-10-04   source:

Florida: Gator bites off woman's arm after fall into canal; 'totally severed'
date added: 2012-10-01  source:

Florida airboat captain cited for feeding alligators dog biscuits
date added: 2012-09-21  source:

Miami: Officials remove crocodile twice, makes 20 mile trek 'home'
date added: 2012-09-21  source:

largegatorSwamp People: Pair of hunters spend 7 hours subduing 350-pound gator
date added: 2012-09-17   source:

Real 'Swamp People
date added: 2012-09-12  source:

Zimbabwean poacher savaged by crocodiles; 'It is dangerous to just swim in crocodile-infested dams'
date added: 2012-09-10  source:

Crocodile Terrorizes Colombia's San Andres Island
date added: 2012-09-07  source:

Florida wants more gator trappers, but filling the jobs might be hard
date added: 2012-09-06  source:

Man bites crocodile saving fishing buddy, now he wants a medal
date added: 2012-09-03  source:

Cancun: Croc rips off homeless man's hand
date added: 2012-08-26  source:

monstergatorflMonster 14-foot alligator caught in Florida lake
date added: 2012-08-24   source:

River Monsters: (graphic) Dead man pulled from 2000-lb crocodile in Malaysia
date added: 2012-08-17  source:

Ohio: Gator Attacks Trainer At County Fair; Animal 'Will Not Be Destroyed'
date added: 2012-08-14  source:

Florida: Woman floating down river bitten in the head by alligator
date added: 2012-08-10  source:

Pennsylvania: Police take pond alligator into custody
date added: 2012-08-08  source:

Florida boater arrested for feeding gator that bit off his hand
date added: 2012-08-02  source:

Lioness battles deadly crocodile to clear the way for her family to cross
date added: 2012-07-26  source:

Swamp People: Florida teen who lost arm in attack wants alligator's head 'for a prosthetic armrest'
date added: 2012-07-16  source:

India: 'History' As Fifteen-foot Bengali Crocodile Claims King Of Jungle By Killing Tiger
date added: 2012-06-28  source:

It's official: 'Lolong' now Guinness largest croc in captivity
date added: 2012-06-27  source:

Florida officials investigate death of 'Stumpy', popular alligator; 'It's missing it's tail'
date added: 2012-06-26  source:

911 call from Florida alligator bite released; 'We're trying to determine what happened'
date added: 2012-06-18  source:

Open for comment: Australia mulls crocodile safari hunts
date added: 2012-06-18  source:

Swamp People: Attempts To Reattach Boat Captain's Hand After Gator Attack Unsuccessful
date added: 2012-06-18  source:

Florida: Three-legged gator attacks man at homeless camp
date added: 2012-06-16  source:

Alligator found swimming in a Florida hot tub
date added: 2012-06-13  source:

Australia: Monster Croc Caught At Popular Fishing Spot
date added: 2012-06-10  source:

India: Crocodile rescued from sewage plant
date added: 2012-06-05  source:

More than 100 items found in belly of South Carolina gator
date added: 2012-05-31  source:

India: One Brit Dead, One Missing During Excursion To Crocodile-infested River
date added: 2012-05-30  source:

guistbrothersMitchell Guist dies: Will brother Glenn stay on 'Swamp People'?
date added: 2012-05-24   source:

Sheriff: 'Swamp People' star Mitchell Guist died of 'natural causes'
date added: 2012-05-24  source:

Swamp People: Florida Keys mayor wants crocodiles removed from human areas; 'they eat people'
date added: 2012-05-23  source:

Zimbabwe rescuer dies as crocodile attacks friend
date added: 2012-05-11  source:

Helmet cam catches gator jumping out of water, ramming kayak; 'it whacked me in the arm'
date added: 2012-05-11  source:

Australia: 'Birthday crocodile' escapes from backyard pond
date added: 2012-05-02  source:

Aussie fisherman snags 2.5m croc with prawn bait; 'I've got a big one here'
date added: 2012-04-11  source:

hipporockCrocodile mistakes hippo for a rock
date added: 2012-04-05   source:
alligatordogRetriever: Woman saves dog from alligator's mouth
date added: 2012-04-02   source:

Florida boy says he escaped gator attack by fighting back
date added: 2012-04-02  source:

Indonesia: Crocodile attacks, kills man pooping in river
date added: 2012-03-21  source:

Poor animal: Rome bids farewell to 'Pope's crocodile' as it heads to Cuba
date added: 2012-03-20  source:

Uganda: Crocodile chews fisherman's buttocks
date added: 2012-03-18  source:

Crocodile attacks take toll on Lake Victoria's fishing communities
date added: 2012-03-17  source:

Zimbabwe: Shock As Man's Manhood Is Eaten By Crocodile; 'I Was Not Suspecting Anything'
date added: 2012-02-22  source:

snappycrocCrocodile Jordan hopes mate will snap to it; 'I've got all my own teeth'
date added: 2012-02-18   source:

Zambia: Livingstone 'terror' crocodile killed
date added: 2012-02-08  source:

New species of ancient crocodile discovered
date added: 2012-02-04  source:

alligatorpressureScientists use alligators to test jaw pressure gauges
date added: 2012-01-26   source:
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