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Keeping Asian carp out of Great Lakes could cost $18B; 'Electronic barriers are not enough'
date added: 2014-01-13  source:

Russia 'renews hostilities', accuses Greenpeace of encouraging Senegal to seize trawler
date added: 2014-01-12  source:

Report: Most Pacific fish safe to eat three years after Fukushima meltdown; concerns 'overblown'
date added: 2014-01-12  source:

Why farmed fish need more veggies in their diet; 'taste like chicken'
date added: 2014-01-10  source:

Canadian seafood imports targeted by U.S. environmental group
date added: 2014-01-10  source:

icefishingReality TV to film not-so-wild world of Maine ice fishing
date added: 2014-01-10   source:

California: Crash in sardine population may explain sick sea lion pups
date added: 2014-01-09  source:

'Toxic' Bali fish may have killed mum, daughter
date added: 2014-01-09  source:

Florida: Tropical fish farmer races to save millions of fish from overnight freeze
date added: 2014-01-09  source:

sailfishWatch a sailfish try to bludgeon fish bait to death with its spear
date added: 2014-01-08   source:

Canada languishes as competitors catch on to fish farming
date added: 2014-01-08  source:

Poland to ban live carp sales over 'suffocation' fears
date added: 2014-01-07  source:

Russia partially bans Norwegian fish over safety concerns
date added: 2014-01-06  source:

Jay Z, Beyonce end vegan diet by eating fish
date added: 2014-01-06  source:

National aquarium: Moving 2,500 underwater creatures to a new home
date added: 2014-01-06  source:

Scottish fishermen face tidal wave of EU red tape
date added: 2014-01-04  source:

Tokyo's iconic Tsukiji fish market to be moved ahead of Olympic Games
date added: 2014-01-03  source:

Extinction risk prompts ban on fishing for caviar-producing sturgeon
date added: 2013-12-31  source:

Ex-Alaska senator faces salmon overfishing charges
date added: 2013-12-31  source:

‘Fukushima fish ends in garbage’: Radioactive fears blight Japan’s seafood industry
date added: 2013-12-31  source:

Goldfish abandoned in ditch, with only inches of water
date added: 2013-12-30  source:

monsterblueCarolina angler lands monster blue catfish; 'I set the hook and the fight was on'
date added: 2013-12-30   source:

Giant Catfish becomes a culinary delight in Paraguay; 'It has no fat and allows many combinations'
date added: 2013-12-30  source:

Report: Carp barriers for Great Lakes are not invincible
date added: 2013-12-29  source:

Research: Even baby puffer fish may be poison to predators
date added: 2013-12-29  source:

Introducing the elusive 'Christmas Fish', living fossil
date added: 2013-12-27  source:

Vacuum pressure may someday pull salmon over dams
date added: 2013-12-27  source:

Northern Ireland: Prawn quota cut a ‘disaster’ for fishing fleet
date added: 2013-12-27  source:

Australia: Seven recreational fishermen jailed, thousands fined, in major crackdown
date added: 2013-12-26  source:

The fish you're eating might not actually be the fish you think
date added: 2013-12-26  source:

Conservation Hail Mary works: Mate for near-extinct fish found!
date added: 2013-12-25  source:

Report: Fish farms in U.S. coastal waters environmentally safe
date added: 2013-12-25  source:

10 fish weirder than the fish in the 10 weirdest fish in the world list
date added: 2013-12-24  source:

China: 800 'captive' fish ceremonially released into river, captured by nets downstream
date added: 2013-12-24  source:

Underwater carbon dioxide shows potential as barrier to Asian carp
date added: 2013-12-23  source:

radiationsymbolJapan: Media get first tour of fish radiation check process
date added: 2013-12-23   source:

Scottish fishermen 'relieved' after no cuts to days at sea agreed
date added: 2013-12-22  source:

Study: Food supplies drop in Lakes Huron, Michigan
date added: 2013-12-20  source:

Shetland fishermen land a record 300,000 boxes
date added: 2013-12-18  source:

deadlycatch'Less Deadly Catch'? New boat seeks safer fishing in Bering Sea
date added: 2013-12-18   source:

Jamaica: Lionfish invade lionfish; 'they are taking over the reefs'
date added: 2013-12-18  source:

Video: 15-yr-old angler Is pioneer in newest rage, sewer fishing
date added: 2013-12-18  source:

Florida: Reef advocates call for eradicating invasive lionfish
date added: 2013-12-17  source:

Brit MP warns of 'menace' of Spain 'hoovering up' fish
date added: 2013-12-17  source:

blindcavefishHow the cavefish lost its eyes; 'stress' impacts genetics
date added: 2013-12-17   source:

Ghana sets up committee to determine cause of whales' death
date added: 2013-12-17  source:

University researchers observe surprising bonefish spawning behavior in The Bahamas
date added: 2013-12-16  source:

Blackfish director happy over canceling SeaWorld shows
date added: 2013-12-16  source:

Kiwi national aquarium asked to stop serving fish; 'barbaric'
date added: 2013-12-13  source:

Fishing campaigners claim victory as discards to be banned from 2015
date added: 2013-12-13  source:

Greenpeace says results of Pacific fisheries meeting incredibly weak
date added: 2013-12-12  source:

Florida: Two boys charged in burglary, fish stabbing
date added: 2013-12-12  source:

deformedtroutMalformed fish exist, but they don't usually survive long
date added: 2013-12-11   source:
entrepreneuroilLiquid gold: Entrepreneur finds value in the cast-off heads of Alaska's wild salmon
date added: 2013-12-11   source:

UK weather: Thousands of fish evacuated after flooding at Norfolk sea life sanctuary
date added: 2013-12-10  source:

NZ goes to Interpol over rogue trawler fishing around Antarctica
date added: 2013-12-09  source:

Researchers: Fish 'build sandcastles to attract mates'
date added: 2013-12-08  source:

miamiseaqAmusement-parks giant in talks to buy Miami Seaquarium
date added: 2013-12-08   source:

Poacher fined after boasting about haul in YouTube video
date added: 2013-12-07  source:

Researchers find plastic in fish guts
date added: 2013-12-05  source:

gillianGillian Anderson poses nude with eel
date added: 2013-12-05   source:

Tiny leaping blenny gives big evolutionary insight in land invasion by fish
date added: 2013-12-04  source:

In the Arctic, Rich Fish Stocks Meet Energy Exploration
date added: 2013-12-04  source:

dogfishDog bonds with fish buddies over feeding time, common dislike of cats
date added: 2013-12-03   source:

Researchers: Reef fish find it’s too hot to swim
date added: 2013-12-02  source:

oarfishsandiegoRadiologists study structure of mysterious sea 'monster'
date added: 2013-12-01   source:

Untold fish catches revealed by Google Earth
date added: 2013-11-30  source:

Genetically-modified salmon eggs approved commercially
date added: 2013-11-29  source:

seahorseheadWhy Does the Seahorse Have Its Odd Head? Mystery Solved
date added: 2013-11-29   source:

Study: Namibian tuna catch plunged after oil exploration
date added: 2013-11-28  source:

Ireland: State seeks bail of 5.8 million to free Dutch ship accused of fishing regulation breaches
date added: 2013-11-28  source:

Atlantic bluefin tuna quota maintained as shark limit rejected
date added: 2013-11-27  source:

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