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albinosailfishRare albino sailfish caught, released off Cabo San Lucas; 'a weird one'
date added: 2009-12-02   source:

Carp battle not over yet; biologist says Asian fish need right conditions to breed in Great Lakes
date added: 2009-12-01  source:

Keep Austin Weird: Texas Fish Store Owner Goes Topless In Titillating Black Friday Promotion
date added: 2009-12-01  source:

New Maui bill would regulate aquarium fish harvest; 'inhumane treatment is inherent in the trade'
date added: 2009-11-30  source:

Now seeing is believing as spitting archerfish caught on camera; 'They have very good eyesight'
date added: 2009-11-30  source:

Taiwan aims to become Asia's leading aquarium fish exporter
date added: 2009-11-29  source:

Charges possible as 28 tons of dead fish found on Swedish dock; 'a bit of a mystery'
date added: 2009-11-28  source:

Sushi DNA tests reveal fraud: Is it an endangered species, a fraud or a health hazard?
date added: 2009-11-27  source:

davelamoureuxCatching tuna and hanging on for the ride: Dave Lamoureux has a taste for risk
date added: 2009-11-27   source:
juvenilechinookBiologists save fish after landslide; 'The fish need help too'
date added: 2009-11-25   source:

DNA From Asian Carp Found 7 Miles From Lake Michigan; 'Last Line Of Defense' Breached
date added: 2009-11-25  source:

Eel fisherman concerned Sydney harbor dredging will affect his livelihood; 'no one is talking to me'
date added: 2009-11-23  source:

youngcoelacanthJapanese Aquarium Snaps World's First Photos Of Young Coelacanth
date added: 2009-11-22   source:

Fish Kill: Nanosilver mutates fish embryos
date added: 2009-11-19  source:

Chefs serve salmon with warning on fishes' future; 'a rare and special commodity'
date added: 2009-11-18  source:

Illegal 130km-long ghost net horror revealed as gillnet ban looks likely
date added: 2009-11-17  source:

United States pushes for strong measures to protect bluefin tuna; status quo 'neither sustainable nor acceptable'
date added: 2009-11-17  source:

Marine scientists to investigate effect of Gulf Of Mexico 'dead zone' on fish populations
date added: 2009-11-14  source:

U.S. commissioner: 'Last chance' for tuna authority
date added: 2009-11-12  source:

Goliath grouper love nest yields valuable information
date added: 2009-11-10  source:

lionfishFight against lionfish could land it on menu; 'It's not a far-fetched idea'
date added: 2009-11-10   source:

Catfish wars: Alabama bans catfish over unapproved antibiotics; 'Personally I would not eat it'
date added: 2009-11-09  source:

guppylookingsmResearch: Guppy females take risks to avoid harassment; 'sex matters'
date added: 2009-11-09   source:

Scientists: Research On Zebrafish Moves Step Closer To Unlocking The Secrets Of Body Part Regeneration
date added: 2009-11-09  source:

Sushi salvation: Startup sees future of fish farms in giant Kevlar spheres
date added: 2009-11-08  source:

Intrepid Kiwi fur seal 'chases fish' 100km inland
date added: 2009-11-07  source:

IUCN: 1,147 Fish Species At Risk Of Extinction; 'Highly Threatened Wherever We Looked'
date added: 2009-11-07  source:

Scientists, fishermen wowed as marlin travels 2,225 miles in 94 days
date added: 2009-11-06  source:

North Atlantic fish populations shifting as ocean temperatures warm; 'the fish appear to be adapting'
date added: 2009-11-05  source:

Research: Bullies evict little fish as the reef warms; 'could have far-reaching effects'
date added: 2009-11-05  source:

Somali Pirates: Western Boats 'Loot' Somali Fish; 'Many Countries Are Fishing Illegally'
date added: 2009-11-05  source:

Scot environment secretary calls to change 'unacceptable' fish discard rules
date added: 2009-11-04  source:

Regulators: Tuna Ban 'Justified' By Science To Save Stocks
date added: 2009-11-02  source:

Study reveals first ever method to genetically identify all 8 tuna species; 'there will now be no trace of doubt'
date added: 2009-10-30  source:

Study: Ocean acidification may contribute to global shellfish decline; longer larval stage 'frightening'
date added: 2009-10-30  source:

Hawaii regulators approve first U.S. tuna farm, world's first facility to raise bigeye
date added: 2009-10-29  source:

Here's the catch: Aussies love seafood to death
date added: 2009-10-28  source:

Greenpeace: 25% Of Top Restaurants Serving Fish As Endangered As The Giant Panda
date added: 2009-10-27  source:

Fish farm fears as destructive mauve jellyfish spotted off Scot coast
date added: 2009-10-26  source:

Big fish: Consumers should view Monterey Bay Aquarium's 'super green list' with skepticism
date added: 2009-10-24  source:

Benchmark Monterey Bay Aquarium report finds future of global seafood supply at a turning point
date added: 2009-10-24  source:

Indonesia deploys warships to protect fishing waters; 'it sets a good example'
date added: 2009-10-23  source:

Warning of 'inconvenient truth' over Trident sea disaster 35 years ago
date added: 2009-10-23  source:

Experts list seafood that's sustainable and extra-nutritious
date added: 2009-10-22  source:

Fish vision discovery makes waves in natural selection; 'a critical amino acid was deleted'
date added: 2009-10-22  source:

Singapore creates world's first semi-cloned fish
date added: 2009-10-21  source:

Monster Fish 'Swallows A Whole Green Turtle'
date added: 2009-10-21  source:

TimSmithIrish Angler Survives Crocodile Attack To Land 249lb Nile Perch
date added: 2009-10-19   source:
ocellatedwrassesmScientists: For Mediterranean wrasse, being a cuckold makes evolutionary sense
date added: 2009-10-14   source:

Rare Tropical Fish Caught In British Waters For First Time; 'One Of The Few Benefits Of Global Warming'
date added: 2009-10-14  source:

Rewards sought for Scot fishermen adopting conservation measures
date added: 2009-10-10  source:

Canadian biologist calls for judicial inquiry on salmon decline; 'I am extremely worried'
date added: 2009-10-08  source:

Fish farmers, scientists investigate how to train a fish
date added: 2009-10-06  source:

A new chemical method for distinguishing between farmed and wild salmon
date added: 2009-10-05  source:

Research: Warming Water Makes Fish Cranky
date added: 2009-10-04  source:

Study Finds Popular Weed Killer Atrazine Hurts Fish, Frogs
date added: 2009-10-03  source:

Seafood wholesaler sentenced to prison in conspiracy to illegally harvest rock fish; 'sends a message'
date added: 2009-10-01  source:

Research: Single gene makes fish less colorful, less attractive to members of the opposite sex
date added: 2009-10-01  source:

Electric fish plug in, fluctuate special cells to communicate; 'like stepping on the gas in a car'
date added: 2009-10-01  source:

Russian Ecologists Say All Fish Dead In South Aral Sea
date added: 2009-09-30  source:

Same fish in New York pet shop for 41 years; 'We feed him twenty-five goldfish every other day'
date added: 2009-09-29  source:

Flatfish support Darwin's evolutionary theory; 'long-standing riddle in vertebrate evolution'
date added: 2009-09-28  source:

Onlookers 'devastated' as 'hundreds' of fish, eels, turtles gasp for air on Aussie pond
date added: 2009-09-24  source:

Mediterranean nations defer EU decision on bluefin tuna trade ban; 'blinkered attitude'
date added: 2009-09-24  source:

The Coelacanth: Veteran broadcaster Sir David Attenborough recalls how a fish caused an international incident
date added: 2009-09-24  source:

Tuna Town in Japan Sees Falloff of Its Fish; 'Too Many Entrenched Interests'
date added: 2009-09-23  source:

Fishing for prehistoric quarry: North America's largest freshwater fish, the predatory alligator
date added: 2009-09-23  source:

Report: Measures to protect Mediterranean tuna are failing
date added: 2009-09-21  source:

Taiwanese boat owner settles illegal fishing case for $500,000
date added: 2009-09-20  source:

Boondoggle: Aussie fish ladder cost $8 million per lungfish
date added: 2009-09-19  source:

Prehistoric coelacanth fish found again in Indonesian waters
date added: 2009-09-18  source:

Cambodia bans betting on fish fighting; 'it is not as serious as card-playing'
date added: 2009-09-18  source:

Hermaphrodite Fish May Signal Environmental Problems; 'More Widespread Than Anyone Anticipated'
date added: 2009-09-18  source:

Rescued Newfoundland Fisherman Describes North Atlantic Sinking Terror; 'Everybody Was Freezing'
date added: 2009-09-18  source:

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