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Aussie Government: Japanese Could Use Dart, Spare Whales Painful Death
date added: 2006-05-26  source:

How ancient whales lost their legs, got sleek and conquered the oceans
date added: 2006-05-24  source:

gatordogPoop-savvy pups help science unravel the secrets of whale scat
date added: 2006-05-24   source:

Ecologists Home In On How Sperm Whales Find Their Prey: Echolocation
date added: 2006-05-24  source:

Shell says endangered western grey whale numbers recover, Greens doubtful
date added: 2006-05-20  source:

Small whale stoned to death in Manila harbor after being mistaken for a shark
date added: 2006-05-19  source:

Survey of minke whales to begin off Scottish coast
date added: 2006-05-18  source:

Japanese Firm to Target Children with Sales of Whale Meat
date added: 2006-05-17  source:

Anti-whaling ship runs into diplomatic squall; 'We don't injure anyone (but) we do damage property'
date added: 2006-05-16  source:

Japan to Boost Whale Sales, Hoping to Whet Demand; 'We Just Want People to Enjoy Whale'
date added: 2006-05-14  source:

ambergrisboyKiwi boy to cash in as whale coughs up a jackpot
date added: 2006-05-13   source:

Researchers: Resurgent humpback whale population responsible for increased collisions
date added: 2006-05-11  source:

Washington state man may face whale teeth trafficking charges
date added: 2006-05-03  source:

Scientists: Navy sonar blamed for whale stranding; no other likely cause
date added: 2006-05-02  source:

Aussies, Kiwis develop satellite tag plan to help track entangled whales
date added: 2006-04-27  source:

Kiwis try diplomacy to counteract Japanese pro-whaling offensive
date added: 2006-04-22  source:

Japan Poised to Control World Whaling as Commercial Hunting Ban Likely to End
date added: 2006-04-20  source:

'Tasty' fin whale to return to Japanese menus
date added: 2006-04-19  source:

The Whale Warriors: Whaling in the Antarctic
date added: 2006-04-11  source:

Study: Troubling Finding Shows Pollution Accumulating in Whales; 'An Enormous Health Risk'
date added: 2006-04-10  source:

Five Japanese Firms Quit Whaling; Government Vows to Press On with Hunt
date added: 2006-04-05  source:

Building, farm groups challenge 'needless' orca endangered species listing
date added: 2006-03-27  source:

Researchers: Warbling Whales Speak a Language All Their Own; 'Elements of Language' in Songs
date added: 2006-03-23  source:

Mexican land boom creates commotion in whale nursery
date added: 2006-03-19  source:

Maui Pair Develops Tools to Free Entangled Whales
date added: 2006-03-09  source:

One teen's crusade to save the whales; 'I could maybe do something about'
date added: 2006-02-26  source:

Expert: Disentangling Whales Perilous; 'Interpreting What a Whale Does is Difficult'
date added: 2006-02-26  source:

Scientists set to monitor baleen whales with autonomous underwater robots
date added: 2006-02-25  source:

Researchers use beached beaked whale to test hearing and sonar sensitivity
date added: 2006-02-24  source:

Kiwi Greens: 'Whales are not dog tucker!'; Japan's scientific research program a 'fallacy'
date added: 2006-02-23  source:

Japanese Researchers Attack British Environmentalists' Claims Whale Meat is Being Fed to Dogs
date added: 2006-02-21  source:

entangledhumpbackEntangled Humpback Whale Rescued in Hawaii
date added: 2006-02-20   source:

Excess whale meat being fed to school children in Japan; 'whale meat tastes horrible'
date added: 2006-02-14  source:

Minkes for Mutts: Conservation Group Claims Japan Using Whale Meat to Make 'Natural' Dog Food
date added: 2006-02-13  source:

World First? Dive Instructor Captures Images of Divers Interacting with Killer Whales off Argentine Coast
date added: 2006-02-12  source:

Thames Whale Soul for Sale on eBay -- One Tragic Owner
date added: 2006-02-07  source:

Water Can Used on London Whale Sold on eBay for £2,050
date added: 2006-02-04  source:

Researcher: Killer whales demonstrate 'cultural learning'
date added: 2006-01-30  source:

ambergrissmRare bit of whale vomit may net Aussie family over $1 million
date added: 2006-01-28   source:
wanderingwhaleThames whale could help others; 'an ambassador for all whales'
date added: 2006-01-26   source:

Beluga Ban May Breed New Trade: Appalachian Caviar; 'There is a Huge Economic Possibility'
date added: 2006-01-26  source:

whalecansmWatering Can from River Thames Whale Rescue on eBay
date added: 2006-01-25   source:

Shock as whale spotted on the River Thames near central London; 'I have never seen a whale before'
date added: 2006-01-24  source:

Argh! Collision with whale sinks Kiwi boat
date added: 2006-01-23  source:

Reference to Sonar Deleted in Whale-Beaching Report
date added: 2006-01-23  source:

thameswhaleLost Whale in the River Thames Dies After Rescue Bid; 'It is a Sad End'
date added: 2006-01-23   source:

Official: Japan to Continue Whaling Despite Protests
date added: 2006-01-20  source:

greenpeaceharpoonsmJapanese whalers narrowly miss Greenpeace protesters with harpoon
date added: 2006-01-19   source:

Sea Shepherd Vessel Forced to Retreat from Whaling Grounds for Fuel; 'We Pushed It as Far as We Possibly Could'
date added: 2006-01-19  source:

Sophisticated media machine blows whalers out of the water
date added: 2006-01-17  source:

Boat strike suspected as right whale found dead; 'There are large propeller marks'
date added: 2006-01-16  source:

Japan: Sea Clashes Could Reduce Whale Catch
date added: 2006-01-15  source:

Expert: Japanese set up collision with whaling protest boat; 'a deliberate action to get media coverage'
date added: 2006-01-13  source:

Greenpeace vows to shut down Japanese whaling 'Death Star'
date added: 2006-01-12  source:

Defiant Japan: Killing Whales the Only Effective Means to Study Them
date added: 2006-01-10  source:

Underwater listening devices yield discoveries about endangered large whales
date added: 2006-01-06  source:

Biggest Whale Hunt in 20 Years Under Way
date added: 2006-01-05  source:

49 pilot whales dead after mass stranding in New Zealand
date added: 2006-01-04  source:

whaleridersmBlasted by Water Canons, Whale Rider Defies Japanese Butchers; 'I Could See Her Pain'
date added: 2006-01-04   source:

Whaling Wars: Japan May Send Warship to Guard Whaling Fleet; 'It Would Not Deter Us'
date added: 2006-01-03  source:

Paul Watson: Japanese whaling industry are the real ecoterrorists
date added: 2006-01-02  source:

Scientists: Mass whale strandings caused by volatile weather, unfamiliar territory and strong social support
date added: 2006-01-01  source:

Japanese: High Seas 'Violent Activities' Over Whaling Tantamount to 'Piracy'
date added: 2005-12-30  source:

Japanese, Greenpeace square off in whaling battle
date added: 2005-12-30  source:

Greenpeace defends anti-whaling tactics; 'We welcome any investigations'
date added: 2005-12-30  source:

Norway ups whaling quota to two-decade high of 1,052
date added: 2005-12-27  source:

Group: Whales and dolphins at risk from warming oceans
date added: 2005-12-23  source:

Group: Construction of Russian oil platform interfering with feeding by rare grey whales
date added: 2005-12-16  source:

Researchers: Whale shark's food foraging secrets revealed
date added: 2005-12-16  source:

orcajumpStudy: Norwegian killer whales most toxic animal in the arctic
date added: 2005-12-15   source:

Paul Watson: Has Australia surrendered to Japanese whalers?
date added: 2005-12-07  source:

UN report: Sonar threatens dolphins, whales
date added: 2005-11-30  source:

Pacific right whales to get special protections off Alaska
date added: 2005-11-05  source:

Aussie Navy denies Tasmania whale deaths; This is a bad one
date added: 2005-11-03  source:

Scientists: Orcas need cleaner Puget Sound, more salmon
date added: 2005-10-09  source:

whalesharkSecrets of the Deep Diving Whale Shark Revealed
date added: 2005-09-27   source:

Cape Town Rescue Divers Even the Score, Free Entangled Whale
date added: 2005-09-19  source:

Setback for Shell Oil as Whale Expert Quits Over Pipeline Plans
date added: 2005-09-14  source:

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