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Japan fights hunt ban as cooks have whale of a time
date added: 2005-06-07  source:

Indian tribe: We should not be denied our right to harvest whales
date added: 2005-06-06  source:

Lobbyists square up over whaling; 'Whale eating' a 4,000-yr-old tradition
date added: 2005-06-02  source:

Japan Pushes for Doubling of Whale Kill for 'Scientific Research'
date added: 2005-05-29  source:

Ecologists: Killer whales thinning otter population
date added: 2005-05-26  source:

Japan Vows to Continue Whaling, Will Not Yield to Foreign Pressure
date added: 2005-05-26  source:

strandedhumpbackwhaleExperts: Whales 'Led Astray by Magnetism'
date added: 2005-05-16   source:

Japanese Yet to Decide Whether to Eat or Study Dead Grey Whale Found in Tokyo Bay
date added: 2005-05-13  source:

Whale meat is back on the menu in Japan; 'Children say it is really tasty'
date added: 2005-05-05  source:

Rescuers keep 'kegging' as rising tide of ocean debris gets more whales into a tangle
date added: 2005-05-02  source:

lunaimg1Canadian natives want $176,000 to watch Luna the lonely orca
date added: 2005-04-25   source:

Japan to probe whale meat 'theft', fraud claims
date added: 2008-05-27  source:

Japan insists the whale hunt will go on
date added: 2005-04-03  source:

Secrets of Whales' Long-Distance Songs Unveiled
date added: 2005-03-25  source:

5% of All Reproductively Active Female Right Whales Have Died in Three Months
date added: 2005-03-21  source:

Washington State ferries to carry brochures discouraging whale-watch boat tours
date added: 2005-03-16  source:

whalestrandingsStudy: UK whale stranding cases double over the last 10 years
date added: 2005-03-11   source:

China to launch first survey of grey whale's breeding ground
date added: 2005-03-09  source:

mauledwhaleTwo maimed baby whales off Maui may eventually die of injuries; sharks, propellers blamed
date added: 2005-03-08   source:

Scientists: Whales use 'sound map' of sea floor to navigate
date added: 2005-02-25  source:

Gentle Giants of the Sea Return to Mexico Lagoon; Grey Whales Rebound from Brink of Extinction
date added: 2005-02-21  source:

New DNA Studies Verify Existence of Three Right Whale Species
date added: 2005-02-20  source:

Experts: Russian Pipeline May Doom Grey Whale Population
date added: 2005-02-18  source:

Hawaiian whale experts ask, 'What's going on?' after mother, calf beach
date added: 2005-01-22  source:

rightwhalesThe Right Stuff: Anatomy of a Whale Rescue; 'Obstinate, Very Powerful'
date added: 2005-01-09   source:

White whale witnesses Shanghai couple's wedding
date added: 2005-01-02  source:

'Luna' watchers hoping Orca reunites with family on his own; 'miracles could happen'
date added: 2004-12-19  source:

US Navy Under Global Pressure to Limit Sonar Use; Link to 'Direct Mortality is Very Difficult' to Prove
date added: 2004-12-15  source:

milwaukeewhalingwallArtist Wyland to Fight Milwaukee Whaling Wall Destruction; 'Terrible Precedent'
date added: 2004-12-06   source:

Scientist: 51 Whales Stranded on Kiwi Beach Part of Same Family
date added: 2004-12-01  source:

Japan's 'scientific research' whaling fleets sets off for Antarctic hunt
date added: 2004-11-15  source:

Norwegian Leader Calls for More Whale, Seal Hunting 'To Create a Proper Balance' of Species
date added: 2004-11-13  source:

Rare ginkgo-toothed whale found on Kiwi beach; 'features that only their mothers could love'
date added: 2004-11-04  source:

'Research Whaling' off Northern Japan Nets 59 Minke Whales; Carcasses to be Sold as Meat
date added: 2004-11-03  source:

Aussie humane society seeks injunction against Japan whalers; 'too many whales'
date added: 2004-10-22  source:

Puget Sound Orca Pod Grows; Whales Head South for Chum Feast
date added: 2004-10-21  source:

rubberwhaleTwo-ton rubber whale used in rescue training to reduce deaths
date added: 2004-10-12   source:

Canada's whale of a dilemma: Luna the lonely orca
date added: 2004-10-05  source:

Scientists: Right Whales Might Not Be Going Extinct; Known Population Tally Doubles
date added: 2004-10-04  source:

Alaskan scientists looking for solutions to fish-snatching whales; 'They're good at it'
date added: 2004-10-03  source:

Locals Confounded by Mystery of Three Washed Up Whales in Wales; 'We're Ruling Out Coincidence'
date added: 2004-10-02  source:

Southern Right Whale Population at 150-yr High; Reproducing at 'Maximum Biologically Possible' Rate
date added: 2004-10-01  source:

Gov't Agency: Seismic Surveys No Serious Threat to Whales
date added: 2004-09-20  source:

Necropsy: Trash bags killed whale washed up on Scottish beach
date added: 2004-09-15  source:

Toxic fire retardants turn up in Puget Sound orcas; 'we know enough to be concerned'
date added: 2004-08-31  source:

Scientists: Audio Tape of 'Feeding Vocalizations' May Lure Wayward Whale from Canadian Power Plant
date added: 2004-08-28  source:

Scientists: Like humans, each whale has its individual voice
date added: 2004-08-23  source:

Flagging demand blamed for Norwegian whale hunters failing to fill catch quotas
date added: 2004-08-19  source:

Hawaiian whale-protection measures may affect long liners; 'I've never seen a whale on a hook'
date added: 2004-08-18  source:

Scientists: Whale Took 10 Million Years to Hear Well
date added: 2004-08-16  source:

riowhaleBeached whale dies after failed rescue effort in Brazil
date added: 2004-08-13   source:

Luna Update: No Current Plans For Relocation; 'We're Learning About Bureaucracy'
date added: 2004-07-31  source:

Japan at the help of the whaling industry's most determined comeback in 20 years
date added: 2004-07-27  source:

Japan threatens 'drastic measures' if whale ban not reviewed by 2005
date added: 2004-07-26  source:

Whalers scent victory; 'Revised Management Scheme' could introduce commercial hunt
date added: 2004-07-26  source:

Scientists: 'Overwhelming' evidence undersea noise 'does harm whales'
date added: 2004-07-25  source:

whaleprowTugs pull body of 40ft minke whale from prow of ship
date added: 2004-07-24   source:

Japan harpooned at whaling talks; balance of power could still shift toward commercial whalers
date added: 2004-07-23  source:

Whale drowning refloats Aussie shark net debate; 'it's time for a re-think'
date added: 2004-07-23  source:

Deadlock looms as whale discussions begin; 'Whale meat is rich in protein, lean and tasty'
date added: 2004-07-22  source:

Agency: Whales 'face bleak future,' at risk from chemical pollution
date added: 2004-07-22  source:

Fishery Expert: Whales Do Not Compete with Humans for Fish; 'No Need to Wage War'
date added: 2004-07-21  source:

Whalers ask: When do whales die? 'Testing of reflexes... may put people's lives in danger'
date added: 2004-07-09  source:

Kauai Whale Gathering a Mystery; 'We're Worried About Nursing Moms, Young Calves and Old'
date added: 2004-07-08  source:

New whale sanctuary setup off Italy; 'biggest protected area in the Mediterranean Sea'
date added: 2004-07-06  source:

Luna Madness: Over-Friendly Orca Breaks Sailboat's Rudder
date added: 2004-07-04  source:

US Officially Condemns Iceland and Japan's Whale Hunt; 'Lethal Research Whaling... Unnecessary for the Management of Whales'
date added: 2004-06-25  source:

Whaling nations blame whales for fish declines; 'absurd oversimplification of marine ecological relationships'
date added: 2004-06-24  source:

Argh! Aussies Advised to Seer Clear of 'Migaloo,' Albino Humpback Whale; 'You Don't Want it Learning to Hate People'
date added: 2004-06-23  source:

CITES rejects Japanese call for partial end to ban on whale trade; 'research' cull to continue
date added: 2004-06-17  source:

Tribe's whalers await chance to hunt again; 'I'd like to get one more in my lifetime'
date added: 2004-05-20  source:

Study: Blue Whales Sing at Same Pitch; 'Males Are Producing the Calls'
date added: 2004-05-19  source:

Research leads to first live birth of killer whales by artificial insemination
date added: 2004-05-14  source:

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