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Aussie Researchers: Southern Ocean Close To Acid Tipping Point
date added: 2008-11-14  source:

Whale on the menu in Japanese port as whaling fleet prepares to set off on annual hunt
date added: 2008-11-12  source:

Killer Whales Are Discriminating Diners; Echolocation Used To Find Favorite Meal
date added: 2008-11-11  source:

Controversial Whale Wars Premiers On Animal Planet; 'Entertainment With A Conservation Message'
date added: 2008-11-10  source:

Greenpeace Calls Off Summer Whaler Chase To Focus Efforts In Japan; 'We Do Our Own Thing'
date added: 2008-11-06  source:

Captain Paul Watson Responds To The 'Ecoterrorist' Accusations From The Japanese Institute For Cetacean Research's Media Release
date added: 2008-11-05  source:

Researcher: Aussie whale calf 'killed by propeller'
date added: 2008-10-30  source:

minkewhaleFriendly subjects has Aussie minke whale project asking who's studying who
date added: 2008-10-30   source:

Researchers: 7 orcas missing from Puget Sound, presumed dead
date added: 2008-10-28  source:

Georgia Aquarium Expansion Work Halted After Beluga Whale Gets Infection
date added: 2008-10-27  source:

California man charged in sperm whale teeth trading
date added: 2008-10-21  source:

Necropsy: Baby Whale Stranded off Aussie Coast Was Seriously Ill
date added: 2008-10-21  source:

Study: Japanese who frequently eat pilot whale meat have abnormally high levels of mercury in their hair
date added: 2008-10-20  source:

'Australian bad behavior' sours rare agreement between environment groups and whaling nations
date added: 2008-10-16  source:

Trouble In The Pipeline For Grey Whales Off Russia's Coast; Sakhalin Island Lagoon At The Center Of Dispute
date added: 2008-10-16  source:

'Moby-Dick' named official 'epic novel' of Massachusetts
date added: 2008-10-14  source:

orcaformationPhotographer captures orca whale trio performing in formation
date added: 2008-10-13   source:

Experts: 'Peanut-headed' Orcas Due To Salmon Shortage; 'They Are Looking Sick'
date added: 2008-10-13  source:

Professor stresses link between U.S. Navy sonar and whale strandings; 'killing more whales than we know about'
date added: 2008-10-10  source:

Beaked whales: Your questions answered about the elusive and enigmatic creature
date added: 2008-10-08  source:

Naval sonar has been blamed for beaked whale strandings off Canary Islands; like 'the bends'
date added: 2008-10-03  source:

U.S. Navy to move controversial sonar training range to Florida coast
date added: 2008-10-01  source:

Aussie protest at Eritrea's new whaling vote; 'We do not know their views on whales'
date added: 2008-10-01  source:

Tribute planned for missing orca 'Lummi'
date added: 2008-09-30  source:

Researcher: Right whales may be adapting to ocean noise pollution
date added: 2008-09-25  source:

breachingwhaleI've never felt my heart beat so fast the day I swam with Moby Dick
date added: 2008-09-24   source:

In search of Moby-Dick; 150-yr-old novel 'remarkably prescient' about whale's fate
date added: 2008-09-22  source:

Report: Oceans are 'too noisy' for whales; 'Humanity is literally drowning out marine mammals'
date added: 2008-09-18  source:

Experts: Whale Songs Are Heard For The First Time Around New York City Waters
date added: 2008-09-18  source:

Greenland seeks whaling breakaway; 'nutritional and cultural need' to hunt 'great whales'
date added: 2008-09-18  source:

Entire Chilean Pacific coastline to be a sanctuary for whales
date added: 2008-09-17  source:

Orca shares the waves with Kiwi surfer; 'It went underneath me'
date added: 2008-09-16  source:

Scientists: 40 Million Years Ago, Whales Had Legs, Wiggled Hips
date added: 2008-09-16  source:

Charges possible in Aussie whale watching accident that injured 10
date added: 2008-09-12  source:

humpbackwhalebreachHumpback whale performs for the camera off Brit coast
date added: 2008-09-09   source:

Supersize me: Whale meat resurfaces on Iceland menus; 'Moby Dick on a stick'
date added: 2008-09-08  source:

Aussie experts rubbish Japanese claims on skinny whales
date added: 2008-09-04  source:

85 tons of imported whale meat may soon be abandoned; 'helping out our friends in iceland'
date added: 2008-08-30  source:

Japanese Study Finds worrying Loss Of Blubber In Whales; Research 'Was Only Possible By Killing Minkes'
date added: 2008-08-29  source:

Japanese whalers return home after catching 211 whales
date added: 2008-08-28  source:

Study: Oil, gas seismic work not affecting Gulf of Mexico sperm whales
date added: 2008-08-26  source:

Whaling Under Fire As Norway Catches Only 50% Of Its Quota; 'The Market Is Not There'
date added: 2008-08-26  source:

babyhumbackwhaleaustraliaOrphaned Aussie Whale 'Colin' Put Down; 'It's A Tragic End'
date added: 2008-08-26   source:

Aussie Scientists: Don't Pander To Hysteria Over Whale Calf's Death; 'This isn't a cute and cuddly world'
date added: 2008-08-26  source:

lolitaMiami Seaquarium Activists Push to Free 'Lolita' the Whale; Whole Life 'In A closet'
date added: 2008-08-25   source:

Time Running Out For Orphan Aussie Whale; euthanasia Only Option After Shark Bites, Declining Heath
date added: 2008-08-25  source:

Lost baby whale 'at risk of being eaten' by sharks
date added: 2008-08-22  source:

Experts: Wayward whale heads out of German waters, out of danger
date added: 2008-08-21  source:

Beaked whale found butchered on Kiwi beach; 'crazy'
date added: 2008-08-20  source:

In Germany, wandering whale creates wonderment; 'The whale could starve to death'
date added: 2008-08-20  source:

Scientists: Lost whales ignore 'go home' siren song; 'Nothing's off the table at this point'
date added: 2008-08-19  source:

Canadian red tide may be linked to whale deaths
date added: 2008-08-19  source:

Marine biologist: Decline of blue whale led to fall of krill; 'Antarctic Paradox' linked to excrement
date added: 2008-08-18  source:

Sea Shepherd Issues Arrest Warrant For The Japanese Whaling Fleet; 'Continued Illegal Whaling Activities'
date added: 2008-08-13  source:

Scientist: Whales Mourn If A Family Member Is Taken
date added: 2008-08-13  source:

Mystery of Arctic explosion and dead whales likely to remain
date added: 2008-08-12  source:

Scientists use naval exercises to learn more about how marine mammals react to sonar
date added: 2008-08-11  source:

'Lummi', Oldest Puget Sound Orca Believed Dead
date added: 2008-08-11  source:

Experts: Mystery As Blue Whale Songs 'Getting Lower And A Little Less Loud'
date added: 2008-08-08  source:

lolitaGroup campaigns for return of 'Lolita', captive orca; 'the horror'
date added: 2008-08-07   source:

Whale shark, possibly 'world's largest animal preserved through taxidermy', back on display
date added: 2008-08-07  source:

killerwhaleantarctic'New' Killer Whale Types at Risk From Antarctic Warming
date added: 2008-08-07   source:
humpbackwhalesExperts Stunned As Humpback Whale Seen In German Seas; 'It's a Sensation'
date added: 2008-08-04   source:

U.S. Navy sonar suspected in Hawaii whale death; 'speculative'
date added: 2008-08-01  source:

Japanese whalers deny whale meat thefts; seafarers 'cleared'
date added: 2008-07-21  source:

snootymanateefloridaIn pictures: Killer whale flips seal out of water with its tail
date added: 2008-07-21   source:

Baby albino whale spotted off Aussie coast; 'quite mesmerizing'
date added: 2008-07-17  source:

Study: Warming threatens migratory whales' feeding grounds
date added: 2008-07-17  source:

Argh! Whale Attack Leaves Canadian Skipper Shaken; 'Are We Going To Survive This?'
date added: 2008-07-17  source:

CTscanpygmykillerwhalemotesmCT scan performed on stranded pygmy killer whale 'Pete'; lesions found in lungs
date added: 2008-07-15   source:

Kiwi expert: Trailer rescue risked orca's life; 'a really tough call'
date added: 2008-07-10  source:

humpbackwhalesAussie Humpbacks: Close Encounters With Gentle Giants; 'You'll See A Spout'
date added: 2008-07-09   source:

Scientists Join Forces To Study Elusive Beaked Whales
date added: 2008-07-06  source:

Makah tribal whalers get jail for whale kill; 'They've had their whale hunt'
date added: 2008-07-04  source:

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